Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-8

There were some empty rooms left in Choi YuSeong’s spacious house.

Inside one of them were a long desk and three chairs, and Choi YuSeong sat in the center.

Unsurprisingly, Jin YuRi sat on the left and Jin DoYun stood with folded arms on the right.

“…You’re not sitting?”

“If I sit down, the reaction will be delayed.”

Jin DoYun said with a determined expression as if the person who came to the interview shoots a gun, he would block the bullet with his bare body.

Choi YuSeong looked at such Jin Do Yoon and tried to say something, but closed his mouth.

Because he knew very well that he wouldn’t listen to anything he said.

“By the way, YuSeong Oppa. How is your condition?”

“Very good.”

Choi YuSeong raised his thumb.

“Active-type skills appear as if there is no limit, but it definitely consumes mana. You probably don’t feel that yet, but if it’s too much, you have to give up in the middle. Got it?”

All skills basically used mana.

And until the absolute amount of this mana was measured, he couldn’t figure out the standard limit he had.

‘Even if I measure it, it doesn’t mean that I will get perfectly accurate results.’

It was understandable that Jin YuRi sent a worried gaze toward Choi YuSeong.

Choi YuSeong had already told Jin siblings honestly what skills he gained and how he would use them before any incident happened.

There was nothing difficult.

As said before, if there’s anyone in the world that Choi YuSeong could trust and rely on upon without a single doubt, there were only Jin siblings.

Knowing the truth that they didn’t betray him even at the moment of death, what’s the need to hide it?

Rather, it was better to reveal things properly and get their help.

Therefore, despite Choi YuSeong’s misbehavior, which was difficult to understand, the two siblings came to this point together without opposing much.

The strict Jin YuRi couldn’t have just let it go if Choi YuSeong couldn’t properly explain the reason, no matter how much money he had.

‘Because I don’t have a never-ending inheritance.’

It’s good if to had a lot of money.

Somehow it would be used.

Although right now he could spend about 200 million won in a day without batting an eye, but if he spent it recklessly without countermeasures, he would see the end someday.

Therefore, it should be used very efficiently.

In that sense, neither Choi YuSeong nor Jin siblings thought this matter was a losing business.

‘Rather, it’ll be a very profitable business.’

Before Choi YuSeong’s delightful smile was the floating translucent Awakener Information Window that displayed his skill contents.

Among them, it was the second specialization skill Fusion and Duplicate Eye, followed by Star Quality that caught his gaze strongly.

Star Quality was also a very good and wonderful skill, but from Choi YuSeong’s point of view, he thought these two abilities were closer to his nature.

To be precise, should he say that he was confident that he would utilize them more skillfully than Star Quality?

‘Let’s check it out again.’

Choi YuSeong’s gaze quickly looked through Fusion then settled for Duplicate Eye.

「Normal Skill, Duplicate Eye E

Fusion is not possible.

Duplicate a skill with a lower rank than the skill’s rank.

The number of uses and ability coefficient of the skill duplicated are applied differently by grade.

Once duplicated a skill from someone, Duplicate Eye cannot be used for 3 months on the same person.

Reduplicate a skill with the same name also requires a 3 months free period. 」

In fact, when Choi YuSeong first saw his skill composition, he wasn’t that curious about Duplicate Eye.

‘Because it’s a skill I originally knew.’

Duplicate Eye was the ability of a villain, Jack the Clown, which appeared in the early and mid-second parts of the original novel. The readers at that time called it an unlucky skill that could not become an OP1The original term used is ‘munchkin’! Rooted from Munchkin, the dwarfs in Wizard of Oz. It’s used in TRPG to call the gamers who do not cooperate with other characters by rules, solve everything by themselves, and interrupt the game process. You know, OP characters just broke rules everywhere with their plot armor (´꒳`∗) due to the excessive penalty.

‘It’s certainly a cheat to duplicate the opponent’s skills as they are.’

Especially when dealing with strong players like Kim DoJin, the effect was doubled.

The problem was, as mentioned, that it was such a cheat skill that too many penalties were imposed.

There were too many problems, including the limitation of the number of uses, the limitation of the ability coefficient, and the difficulty of using Duplication Eye to one person.

‘The Duplicate Eye used by Jack the Clown was a grade B.’

The coefficient to duplicate the same B-rank standard skill was 70% and could be used up to 10 times.

In the case of Choi YuSeong’s E-rank skill, it would not be much different.

‘Fusion and Duplicate Eye.’

The two skills were somewhat similar.

Looking at it, those had great potential but also had as many disadvantages.

In a way, it was a wild apricot with good color.2Don’t judge things from its cover. In this case, it looks good on the outside but the inside isn’t what it seems.

After confirming both of those skills, Choi YuSeong made a plan.

‘You can’t do anything with Fusion alone. The assistance of other skills is essential. And fortunately, I have Duplicate Eye.’

However, skills duplicated by Duplicate Eye were imposed with a big penalty, such as limiting the number of uses, weakening the coefficient, and inability to reduplicate.

To put it another way, the essential problem of Fusion was solved by Duplicate Eye.

But how to solve the shortcomings of Duplicate skill?

The principle was simple.

‘Put together duplicated skills with penalties by Fusion.’

What if this eliminated all of the various weakening and limiting penalties that the Duplicate skill had?

There was nothing to say.

‘It’s very amazing.’

The ultimate combination that even the OP protagonist Kim DoJin might admire and applaud would be born.

Choi YuSeong called Jin siblings right away yesterday morning for confirmation.

Afterward, he asked them to show two skills that remained in the grade E, which were abandoned because they were not used often.

And the result.

Choi YuSeong’s eyes finally turned to the ‘fifth’ skill that did not exist until yesterday morning.

「Gorgeous Dance F 3Temporary name as I haven’t compared things with webtoon TL.

Fusion is possible.

After the skill is activated, a flash of light is added to all movements for 5 minutes.」

‘I hit the jackpot!’

The reward of the hellish suffering he had tasted at the time of awakening was certain.

‘There is no limit on the number of uses.’

Also, there was no information that the skill coefficient had been deducted.

Even re-fusion was possible.

In other words, all the shortcomings of Fusion and Duplicate Eye had disappeared.

Choi YuSeong had acquired infinite possibilities through this.

Because of that, he unwittingly clenched his fists and even cheered on the spot where Jin siblings were watching yesterday.

“I was really surprised yesterday. I didn’t know there was such a gap in the awakening ability…”

As Choi YuSeong smiled and stared into the air, Jin YuRi smiled a little miserably next to him as if reading his actions and thoughts.

Her gaze at Choi YuSeong was full of admiration.

“I was lucky.”

“It’s not luck. If it were me, I would not have thought the same things as Young Master.”

Choi YuSeong shrugged his shoulders and tried to shake the humility of embarrassment due to the subsequent praise by Jin DoYun.

Along with the sound of careful knocking on the door, the voice of the housekeeper lady who prepared Choi YuSeong’s meal every day was heard.

“All of the applicants have gathered, sir.”

“Oh, tell them to come in.”

Today, the housekeeper lady’s role was the guide.


The interview, no, the work of duplicating the Awakened Skills of grade E or lower began at 10 am.

“Welcome. I look forward to your cooperation.”

Choi YuSeong firstly greeted the incoming Awakeners in a calm, but moderately friendly manner.

Most of the Awakeners who walked into the room with a somewhat worried and tense look on their faces looked a little embarrassed at the greeting and soon showed a small smile.

It was going to be like that.

Originally, the Choi YuSeong they know was a snob.

They didn’t know what caused such an odd incident, let alone polite greetings, they thought it would be fortunate if he didn’t criticize with a sarcastic tone.

Still, the thoughts of those who came to this place were consistent.

You could easily earn 1 million won without any trouble and hard work.

It’s cheap to get cursed once.

Therefore, those with high pride and strong abilities did not even come.

In the first place, it was meaningless for Choi YuSeong, who needed grade E or lower abilities.

And, for the Awakeners who came to visit after putting down their pride, today’s Choi YuSeong was someone whose appearance they saw a lot in news and newspapers.

“Thank you so much for showing your valuable skills.”

Choi YuSeong greeted once again when they left after showing their grade E or lower skills, which were not that difficult.

Even if they thought it was a really insignificant skill, Choi YuSeong’s attitude was not different.

People’s reactions differed individually.

“It was nothing.”

“Well, it’s something that is paid.”

“If you want to see it again, please call anytime.”

If there was anything in common, it was that they showed favor toward Choi YuSeong even in a small way.

By the end of the morning, Choi YuSeong met many people, and very few of them grumbled or looked doubtful as they went back out of the room.

“Everyone please have lunch, then continue after that.”

Said Choi YuSeong.

His house was very spacious and even had a yard. It was also not difficult to prepare a buffet with hotel chefs there.

The Awakeners who gathered since earlier had questions at the appearance of the chefs early in the morning, but they did not pay much attention.

To be precise, the majority thought he was crazy spending4돈지랄, spend money crazily. Consisted of the word 돈(money) and 지랄. 지랄 usually used as a curse word too FYI. on useless things from the morning.

In conclusion, that wasn’t wrong.

“You can have lunch in the yard. Young Master said you won’t be charged for meals, so please eat comfortably.”

Laughter blossomed on the faces of the Awakeners who were bored waiting for their turn to come and gathered at the words of the housekeeper lady, who was fully in charge of the role of a guide today.

“These crazy spendings are all for us?”

“Oh my gosh, how long has it been since I can binge like this.”

Nobody complains about the meal prepared in consideration of taste as many people gathered, including barbecue that was sizzling on the fire, grilled shrimp, grilled skewers, sweet yet stimulating kimchi stew, and well-cooked seafood.

Many of them came here together to show their skills first and wait for their colleagues’ turn next, but after a light beer, their mouths became busy.

“Hey hey. Choi YuSeong, didn’t he just like suddenly turn a new leaf?”5If this is bad grammar, please let it be. I want to reflect on the actual text.

“Turn new leaf bullshit. It’s awkward because that’s out of nowhere when he usually does foolish things.”

At the remarks of young man A who was in his early 20s, young man B who was similar in age and stood next to him responded with a slight sneer.

“For that, there’s a different feeling from the person himself. I went in first, right? Should I say that the atmosphere has changed from what I saw before. Ah, what should I call it. Charismatic?

“Poof, what charismatic.”

“Ah, it’s real tho.”

“Why are you being over. Even if you praise like that after enjoying a free meal, you won’t get paid more. Well, I like it too though. Showed my insignificant ability once, get paid, and eat delicious things like this. Heuheu…”

“Ah, you make me so frustrated.”

Conversations similar to above were unfolded all over the place throughout the mealtime.

Most of the former were the ones who came out after seeing Choi YuSeong in the morning, and the latter were the ones who still waiting.

Of course, as similar stories were heard everywhere, strange doubts arose in the minds of the people who were still on standby.

‘Seriously, something has changed about Choi YuSeong?’

No way.

Young man B, who smirked, poured a cool draft beer into his throat.


Right after the lunch break.

Young man B was the fastest turn in the afternoon schedule to enter the room where Choi YuSeong was waiting.

The feeling when he entered was somewhat strange.

‘Did something in Choi YuSeong really change?’

Half anticipated, half worried.

‘Ei, if it’s overreacting what’s there to it.’

In the first place, it’s where he came to get cursed once and earn 1 million won.

The expression of young man B, who entered the room with a light heart and showed his ability, was somewhat blank when he went out.

Young man A, who came to his side naturally, asked.

“Hey hey, how’s it. Am I right? Isn’t something different?”

Young man B slowly walked forward and nodded his head, as if something possessed him.

“Is it because he’s handsome? To the extent hardcore fans will fell just by looking at his face. Maybe the reason is something about that.”

Young man A eagerly explained the feeling that was quite different from the good-for-nothing seen on TV and news.

However, young man B had already summarized the identity of the atmosphere emanating from Choi YuSeong in one word.



“I don’t know why either. Anyway. I can feel the elegance…”

“What are you saying?”

“In simple terms…”

Young man A and B.

The two friends looked at each other’s gaze and said with strange laughter.

“He’s cool even to the same man.”

“It’s dope.”6쩔어. The same word with BTS’s song ‘Dope’. Meaning freaking awesome.

Even though small, there were goosebumps on the skin.


After the afternoon schedule began.

Jin DoYun’s mouth twitching as he listened to the conversation that took place outside the door with his arms folded.

‘Feeling good that much?’

A smile was also drawn on Jin YuRi’s mouth that looked sideways toward Jin DoYun who had a rather silly-looking expression.

Choi YuSeong, who was still in grade E, might not be able to hear it but the conversations of the applicants who were going out the door were heard vividly again and again in the ears of the two quite high ranks.

Naturally, their ears were tilted one after another.

Actually, it was not a big deal. But sadly, Jin siblings had never heard of praise for Choi YuSeong.

Until yesterday, no, until this place was created, what others said to Choi YuSeong were always the same.

A good-for-nothing ruffian.

An incompetent snob who had the backings of his family.

It was understandable.

They didn’t dare to count the bottles that Choi YuSeong broke.

The same goes for the number of quarrels with bars, clubs, and police officers that had been thrown upside down.

One day when anti-Japanese sentiment reached its peak, he suddenly smashed a Japanese car with a baseball bat saying it’s unlucky while passing the road.

‘Is it strong patriotic or is it just venting out.’

Someone called it cider because it was a good act, but it was hard to say that it was a sane act.

Thanks to him, Jin siblings suffered hard times.

Such Choi YuSeong began to show changes.

Jin siblings, who were closer than anyone else, were feeling the change greatly. And now it was being passed on to others.

The perceptions changed.

It was a big difference not only for Choi YuSeong but also for Jin YuRi.

‘If it goes like this… I think I can revise the plan a bit.’

A light smile emerged from the lips of Jin YuRi, who was drawing a picture of the future with Choi YuSeong’s survival as a top priority.

It seemed like a peaceful day.7Such a jinx.


Was it the calm before the storm?

An incident occurred when everyone was somewhat excited, drunk in a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.

Inside a spacious room like an interview room.

A man with an unparalleled atmosphere, who was no match for other Awakeners who gathered together in three or five, came into the room with his head raised.

Thick but long black eyebrows and double eyelids.

A cold, calculating gaze analyzed the surroundings quickly.

He opened the captivating red lips that twitched slightly in the end, despite belonged to a man.

“Choi YuSeong.”

Not in memory or delusion. Although it was the first time he saw the appearance and heard the voice tone in person, it was impossible to not know who he was.

“…Kim DoJin.”

The Master Who Return To Modern Times, the original work’s protagonist and a handsome returnee from another world.

“Why aren’t you answering my calls?”

He looked at Choi YuSeong and asked with a sharp voice.

Some fanboys for YuSeong…? Heuheu…
I really suspect that the author wrote BL or at least romance under different name. How DoJin was described here is really nice for my taste. (´,,•ω•,,)♡
Meanwhile GOB’s author is… Hm… He is rough to the bone.
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