Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-7

After Choi MinSeok’s sudden incident passed.

Jin DoYun woke up after only one day and returned to his daily life.

Indeed, it could be said to be the resilience of a physical Awakener with anthropomorphic ability.

Jin YuRi asked Choi YuSeong’s opinion on what she should do with the recording file she had.

“First of all, we only have that. It is difficult to get good results if I sloppily go around with just that much. Won’t they call me an incapable adult or silly bastard who can’t solve problems himself?”

Also, to insert a knife, he had to stab it into the heart at once.

“The punishment for Choi MinSeok for that is a bit scary at best. And although that bastard is not a beast, I know that he will run faster if he gets hurt. So save it first, and collect more information. When it’s the right time, strike with a sharper knife enough to cut out the heart. And lastly, you don’t need to test me like this. You’re thinking about it too, right?”

Jin YuRi sparkled her eyes at the last words of Choi YuSeong and nodded her head silently.

‘He’s definitely different. And also very clever.’

If it was the past Choi YuSeong, he would have shown a choice between two.

Excited about the fact that he caught the weakness of Choi MinSeok, who harassed him, he would boast Choi WuJae right away enough to tell his shortsightedness. Or, he would be scared and withdrawn even in this situation.

However, Choi YuSeong, who showed that something had changed for a while now, was now acting with a distant view of the future in mind.

This wasn’t something to dismiss as simply a coincidence.

‘Seriously. How far are you going to surprise us…’

In this way, there were times when they had conversations that renewed Jin YuRi’s feelings. But except for such times, Choi YuSeong kept sleeping for quite a while.

Still, he opened his eyes in the middle and ate meals on his own that relieved Jin siblings’ worries.

Just that far.

Choi YuSeong did not dare to overdo it. He tried to forget the accumulated worries after being transferred into the novel.

‘Sufficient rest is also important.’

On the first day, there had been so many things that had happened since transferring.

As he had rushed an eventful day like a storm, he needed to resolve the aftereffects to some extent.

If he kept moving forward, Choi YuSeong would eventually be exhausted no matter how strong-tempered he was.

3 days passed like that.

After finishing his self-determined rest, Choi YuSeong made a strange expression looking at the translucent window that only visible to his eyes.

「Name: Choi YuSeong

Age: 20

Type: All-Rounder

Rank: E

Level: 1

Specialization Skills: Star Quality E, Fusion E

Normal Skills: Stylish F, Duplication Eye E

Current inactive skill slots: 5」

“It’s tough.”

First of all, he was chosen as an all-rounder type among the groups that largely divided into the physical type, the flair1Previously mistranslated as “sense”. The Korean word means “special ability” but isn’t right in this context where all types are special abilities. So I look up similar words. And I got this. Please don’t judge my bad word choice~ type, and the all-rounder type.

This was how the all-rounder type was explained in the original, The Master Who Return to Modern Times.

‘If you do well, efforts paid off. If you can’t, it’s a mixed result.’2It’s a bit hard to translate this sentence, so maybe I’ll review and edit this in the future.

Oddly speaking, out of the Top 10 rankings in the world, there was only one all-rounder type.

Even the position was on the bottom.

Nevertheless, Choi YuSeong was not disappointed.

Didn’t he think from the beginning that it’s a loss if he just invested in an Awakening Stone?

Besides, more advantages stood out rather than the type.

‘Two specialization skills and two normal skills.’

In general, the initial skills of super rookies, the genius Awakeners who often surprised the world, went beyond at least seven.

In this situation, it could only seem somewhat regrettable that there were only four initial skills.

However, as mentioned before, Choi YuSeong undoubtedly recognized the merit that stood out from seeing his information.

‘First, there are two specialization skills.’

No matter how great an Awakener, they only had one specialization skill.

It couldn’t be helped.

A specialization skill was literally a skill that expresses the uniqueness of their own human nature.

Therefore, even if this specialization skill grew or changed, no one possessed 2 skills in the entire original novel.

However, only Choi YuSeong had two of such specialization skills.

‘Star Quality and Fusion.’

Considering that even Kim DoJin, the protagonist of the original, had only one specialization skill, it was a very odd situation.

Originally, his job on Earth was as an employee of a game company. And in a little more detail, Choi YuSeong, who was a leveling designer3From what I understand, a leveling designer here means someone who designs the skill tree(usually in RPG) and related things like level-up quests. Meanwhile, a level designer means someone who designs an entire level or stage in a game. So it’s kind of different for me., could understand the reason for the current situation without difficulty.

‘A peculiar phenomenon that occurred because of the original Choi YuSeong’s body was possessed with my soul.’

As a result, the awakening system recognized not one but two natures in Choi YuSeong.

It was kind of a bug. Or to put it nicely, it was a Hidden Piece.

Probably because of this, the pain at the time of awakening was also exceptionally terrible.

It wasn’t something that didn’t make sense.

‘As expected. A novel with many plot holes, The Master Who Return to Modern Times.’

As he had already thought at the first meeting with Choi WuJae. The Master Who Return to Modern Times, a mass-produced fantasy novel that could be seen from the title, had a huge number of settings that went beyond incomplete or buried roughly except for the main character Kim DoJin.

Since he was transferred into the world of such a novel, it wasn’t strange if this weird phenomenon occurred.


A feign laugh came out by itself.

At the time of reading, it was somewhat ridiculous about such a lax setting, but now Choi YuSeong’s spot had a greater benefit.

The first of those benefits, at any rate, was that there were two specialization skills.

There was even a saying in this world that one specialization skill was better than a hundred normal skills.

As such, the specialization skill was often powerful or efficient.

In addition to that, secondly, Choi YuSeong undoubtedly recognized the fact that there were gaps in this world.

‘It means that if I use it well, I can get a lot of unexpected benefits.’

Substantive benefits and useful information were obtained at the same time.

Laughter was bound to come out by itself.

Of course, to utilize information in the future, it was important to understand the skill itself in detail.

Fortunately, this was the most confident field for Choi YuSeong, who was a game designer.

‘First, let’s look at Star Quality.’

「Specialization Skill, Star Quality E

The more you receive people’s attention, the level growth speed is accelerated. If attention exceeds a certain number, additional abilities are unlocked (0/100).

Current acceleration value +0%」

Choi YuSeong, who checked the explanation with a confident expression, had a kind of absurd feeling in his eyes.

‘They want me to be an attention whore?’

Star Quality was a skill that gained effect when he became an attention whore and satisfied the attention-craving.

Did he have to try to get attention from others?

As he was busy surviving, it was not something that Choi YuSeong had ever thought of in the first place.

He was embarrassed because of this, but expectedly of a specialization skill, the effect itself was so good.

‘The original setting says that the higher the Awakener’s rank, the greater the experience required to level up. So, the efficiency will be tremendously better the further I go?’

Choi YuSeong’s starting rank was E.

Past the common standard of rank F, so it was a very good starting point.

However, the rank wasn’t very important.

‘Because if you maxed out the current rank’s level, you can go up to the next rank anyway.’

Of course, there were many cases in which those with high start rank had excellent skills in the first place, but it was not an irreversible unit.

And Star Quality completely covered up the shortcomings of such a low starting rank and had the possibility of further development.

‘Only on the conditions if I can get a lot of attention.’

Choi YuSeong’s eyes sparkled.

The ways to do it was overflowing.

To be precise, the position itself was very good in the first place.

The ninth son of Hyesung Group.

A good-for-nothing conglomerate.

How much of an issue people would like?

For this reason, the spotlight for Choi YuSeong often came without even trying.

For reporters who wanted gossip, there weren’t many people like Choi YuSeong.

To put it all, Choi YuSeong was a famous person in the first place.

And now that he had got Star Quality as a skill, he would be able to use it very well.

‘It’s a little embarrassing, but I can bear it for efficiency. Come to think of it, it does look good. Specialization skill, Star Quality.’

Was it because he had been shunned and reprimanded at home since childhood?

The original Choi YuSeong was a child-like character who longed for the attention of others.

He couldn’t think of it before because there were too many plot holes, but there was a memory about a setting that said he was crooked.

‘That dream of attention whore, I will make it come true.’

And the second specialization skill, Fusion.

Choi YuSeong’s eyes looking at this shined even more than when he looked at Star Quality.

「Specialization Skill, Fusion E

Excluding the initial skill, fusing 2 normal skills and transform it into a new skill.

The content of the resulted skill may change slightly depending on luck.

The skill cannot be reused once used as a fusion material.

Provides 5 additional inactive skill slots.

Each time the skill ranks up, an additional skill slot is provided.

Only skills that listed as possible to fusion in the additional inactive skill slots can be deleted or overwritten.」

‘Isn’t this taking advantage of my original characteristics?’

The possibilities were endless.

It was a skill that Choi YuSeong, who was a leveling designer while working at a game company, couldn’t be helped but to like it.

The downside was this Fusion alone had no meaning.

After reading the detailed explanations of the 2 normal skills, Stylish and Duplicate Eye, Choi YuSeong’s face was full of anticipation.

‘Isn’t my skill composition really good?’

When he thought about it, he could start right away.

How to survive as a loser good-for-nothing villain in the novel.

The second way.

‘In this world full of threat, become strong enough to endure.’

Choi YuSeong immediately left his seat and headed out of the door.


What Choi YuSeong did outside the room was to announce a job posting.


In the background of the announcement with somewhat provocative phrases, Choi YuSeong’s face was stuck.

Then this announcement was hung as an advertisement on the portal site with the most users in South Korea.

In less than an hour after that, stimulating articles just from the titles burst out from each media outlet.

※ Hyesung Group Ninth Son, Choi YuSeong, Job Posting With Unknown Purpose?

※ Choi YuSeong, What He Is Up To This Time?

※ Choi YuSeong, There’s A Lot Of Money So How I Spent It Is Up To Me

※ Now I’m An Awakener Too! Interview with Choi YuSeong?

It didn’t matter if the content of the article was real or not.

The most important thing was the reality seen before the eyes. That you would get 1 million won to show the skills below the E rank once, the provocative phrase that it would receive 100 people on a first-come, first-served basis, and that such a job posting was posted on the main billboard of the largest portal site.

As said before, the name Choi YuSeong was no less than a star by now.

However, there were overwhelmingly more antis than fans.

Such Choi YuSeong did something that could not be understood with common sense.

Of course, the reaction was not very good.

– Choi YuSeong always drinks and messing around, and now he is doing all the star shows.

– Job posting suddenly? Hyesung Group just watching that from the side?

– Tho it’s probably the company’s money not his own money, isn’t that embezzlement?

– But its easy money4They used the word for “honey”, but I don’t really understand the slang too so…. There’s no word it must fighting skills to show right? If you just go without any threat and show your skills, it’s a million won?

└ That’s why I apply directly.

└ Honestly, I agree5인정, literally acknowledgment. Usually used to agree on something on the internet. Similar to upvote or +1 or other things. it’s a cinch.

└ What easy money, it’s either a con or joking.

└ There’s people deceived over here?

– But there’s an article saying that Choi YuSeong became an Awakener, is it real?

Various complex emotions quickly passed by on the face of Choi YuSeong, who sat down on a chair and looked at the comments posted on the internet article.

‘Seriously world these days, even the chimney also smokes.’6This refers to there’s smoke even without fire.

In the first place, it was true that he made a job posting and poured in advertising expenses. But in the meantime, Choi YuSeong never met anyone and talked anything about himself.

In other words, the story that he became an Awakener or that he would use money however he wants were stories that reporters made up.

There were a lot of other stories according to those, but Choi YuSeong didn’t care.

‘It’s a fact I knew because their perception of me isn’t good anyway.’

He just had to change it gradually.

Choi YuSeong, who grew up as an orphan and rooted in a harsh society, was strong enough to not be scared of malicious comments.

Rather, Choi YuSeong focused more on the translucent window that appeared in front of his eyes.

「Specialization Skill, Star Quality E

The more you receive people’s attention, the level growth speed is accelerated. If attention exceeds a certain number, additional abilities are unlocked (20/100).

Current acceleration value +30%」

In just one day, there was a noticeable change in numbers.

‘The unlocking of additional ability is filled by 20%, and the experience point acceleration was also increased by 30%. Totally a cinch7The word used is 개꿀, a slang for something very easy. If followed by another word can also mean just “super”..’

Wasn’t that proof that he was getting attention just for himself?

As such, it didn’t matter whether they swore or demean him more.

Choi YuSeong was having so much fun with the actual figures in front of him.

‘I don’t have to ignore it.’

Anti-fan was also a fan.

Celebrities didn’t say that for nothing.

On the other hand, the expressions of the Jin siblings who were looking at the article comments together were not very good.

“Young Master, this cannot be like this. I will request information from the portal and sue all of these people…”

“Because Oppa is slow, don’t. I’ll do it myself. Now, I’m in a very bad mood.”

“It’s okay, so leave it alone. You just decided to trust and leave it all to me.”

Choi YuSeong swished his hand.

There was also a plan of its own.

Since he was a person, it was better to listen to praise rather than swear.

‘It will be fun to change the perceptions.’

To do that, he needed to be patient even if he was feeling bad right now.

“All right. First of all, there are already more than 200 applicants. Do I cut 100 people according to the advertisement, first come, first served?”

Choi YuSeong shook her head to Jin YuRi’s question.

“No, just call all 200 people.”

The more skills he saw, the more advantageous it was to make a good leveling graph.

There was no need to save money.

‘Because there’s a lot of money anyway.’

There were many comments on the internet saying it was embezzlement or household money. But to make this announcement, Choi YuSeong did not borrow the power of his father, Choi WuJae.

‘They can’t even imagine.’

Choi YuSeong had to question his eyes for a moment when he checked the balance of his personal bank account to figure out how to organize his plans.

He had too much balance than he thought.

It was too much to say that it was the allowance that Choi WuJae gave to his child.

Would it be enough to give up after counting the number of zeros?

There must be a reason why Choi YuSeong had so much money.

However, even in the original novel, they simply skipped it without explaining properly.

‘I told Jin YuRi to find out, so I’ll know sooner or later.’

When asked why, it was said that the Jin siblings, who were as close as one’s closest ally, knew for the first time that Choi YuSeong had such a lot of money in his personal bank account.

It was an opportunity to remind himself of how much the main settings missed in the original novel.

In any case, Choi YuSeong posted a job posting because there was no reason not to use the weapon of his own tremendous money, and it was very effective.

“When should I tell them to come?”

In response to Jin YuRi’s question, Choi YuSeong answered calmly as he stood up from his seat.

“Tell them to come tomorrow.”

What was already started, was there any reason to drag it on?

Those who couldn’t come because they didn’t have time of course were forced to drop out.

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