Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-6

In this situation, Choi YuSeong’s harsh remark was unexpected for anyone.

Honestly, it’s not something that couldn’t be done at all.

Choi YuSeong showed something different in just one day, but he was Choi YuSeong in the end.

The family’s good-for-nothing, ruffian, master of abusing power.

Wasn’t it always Choi YuSeong’s specialty that couldn’t hide, no, didn’t hide anything he should or shouldn’t say?1There’s a kind of wordplay here. 가리지 못하는 and 가리지 않는 것이. I’m actually kind of confused… But nevermind.

However, the current opponents were the first people to experience Choi YuSeong’s remark.

Choi MinSeok’s face hardened noticeably.

There was no difference in the expression of Park JinHyo, the person who was cursed.

His red face was like an active volcano that was about to burst.

However, Choi YuSeong’s rough rhetoric did not stop there.

“Hey, gorilla. Kneel and apologize right now.”


In the corridor, everyone’s astonished gaze turned to Choi YuSeong.

“Can’t you hear? Get down to your knees.”

The voice was strangely small, but the dignity thickens.

‘It feels shit for some reason… ‘

Park JinHyo felt that way in the sudden change of atmosphere, but he tried to turn it away.

The opponent was only Choi YuSeong, who was a fool at best.

Even so, Park JinHyo should not try to do anything to a Choi.

His gaze naturally turned to Choi MinSeok.

“Choi YuSeong, stop being cheeky and come over here.”

As if responding to Park JinHyo’s expectations, Choi MinSeok gestured toward Choi YuSeong with an arrogant expression.

Then, purple energy that flowed through Choi MinSeok’s palm penetrated Choi YuSeong like vapor.


Jin YuRi, who could not cope with the surprising situation, looked at Choi YuSeong with a short groan.

His eyes had already been clouded and the purple color warped it like a smeared dye.

He was caught in hypnosis, Choi MinSeok’s best skill.

There was no way that Choi YuSeong could get rid of the hypnosis of Choi MinSeok, a rank D level 60 Awakener.

No, the effect was great for Choi YuSeong who had a weak mental power.

In the end, as always, Choi YuSeong would be hypnotized with despair from the rising nightmare then kneel in front of Choi MinSeok, begging with tears and a runny nose.

It was when Choi MinSeok’s lips, who were imagining the near future, were crooked.

The purple light that had encroached on Choi YuSeong’s eyes disappeared like a lie.

Choi YuSeong, who had sparkling eyes, stared at Choi MinSeok afterward.


Choi MinSeok’s gaze was flustered.

“Choi MinSeok.”

Choi YuSeong called him in a calm voice.

“You, what’s just now?”

He was the ass-kisser2알랑방귀, the literal meaning is “flattering fart”. Choi YuSeong, who always called Choi MinSeok ‘hyungnim hyungnim’3A polite form to call older brother. to look good even just a little.

But now he called his name so proudly.

Even if everything was rather bewildering, this couldn’t even be understood.

“Do you have the confidence to come to someone else’s house like this right now and make a riot?”

Choi YuSeong’s continued voice was low and thick.

Choi MinSeok tried hypnosis again with shaking eyes.

Choi YuSeong’s gaze once again glimmered at the illusion, but he forced to ignore it.

“No way. It’s such a stupid story if you think I got Awakening Stone in my hand was just luck…”

Choi YuSeong’s gaze pointed to Choi MinSeok sharply with a fishy laughter4It’s a weird term, right? It just means an unpleasant laugh. So sometimes the smile had a double meaning. .

A moment of doubt passed by in Choi MinSeok’s gaze.

‘Yeah, there’s no way this guy can be like this without relying on anything.’

There seemed to be someone he relied on.

The problem was that he couldn’t guess who it was.

It was obvious that he would not answer when asked, looking from the outrage.

‘In the first place, I didn’t even know if it’s a trap…’

Choi YuSeong laughed deeply inside, watching Choi MinSeok’s eyes rolled around. But on the outside, he just shot his gaze and pretended to be cold.

As if he would not lose to him, Choi MinSeok also glared at Choi YuSeong.

“I don’t know what you relied on, but are you really confident? Do you dare to rebel against this hyungnim?”

He didn’t know what Choi YuSeong believed in, but Choi MinSeok also believed in someone.

Because of him, he thought he had no reason to be pushed into the staring fight.

Although he was clearly hypnotized, Choi YuSeong’s gaze didn’t shake at all.

He wasn’t scared or nervous.

It was like he seemed to not know what was fear.

Choi YuSeong gritted his teeth as his heart pounding with unpleasantness and terrible pain under hypnosis that disturbed his vision, but he did not express anything outwardly.

‘From the beginning…’

This fight had no victory for Choi MinSeok.


No matter how much Choi MinSeok was a member of the Choi family, who had pretty good growth potential, he was only 21 years old college student at the moment.

Besides, he had been raised like a flower in a greenhouse even within a dungeon thanks to the singularity of being a mental type Awakener.

On the other hand, what about Choi YuSeong?

Although in another world, he grew up as an orphan then went through all different kinds of hardships enough to settle in a corner of society.

To put it another way, it was a fight between a plant in the greenhouse and a beast raised in the wild.

Even Choi YuSeong, who had similar feelings, had felt it without having to be caught in the hypnosis skill.

‘Choi WuJae.’

It was just a day ago.

Choi MinSeok’s hypnosis was practically ridiculous compared to Choi WuJae’s momentum, which was like a swamp that swallowed up his whole body.

In the end, Choi MinSeok’s eyes carefully turned to the other direction first.

His momentum passed.

At this point, Choi YuSeong decided to use the secret weapon that came to his mind.

“You are secretly doing a business…, what would father or the second nunim5Polite way to call older sister say if they knew it?”


Choi MinSeok and Jin YuRi’s wide gaze turned to Choi YuSeong at the same time.

‘How does this guy?’

The one who was surprised more than anyone else was Choi MinSeok himself.

Very few people knew the truth that he was distributing drugs in the Gangnam club area.

‘Who’s it?’

His head began to spin rapidly.

The hypnosis that was triggered unaffectedly began to disperse slowly, but Choi MinSeok could not even afford to care about it.

“Think carefully. Is there anyone else who can tell me this except someone in the family?”

Choi MinSeok, who almost hooked and rebutted Choi YuSeong’s unknown words, bit his lower lip tightly.

There was only one in the family who knew that he was a drug distributor.

‘No way, the sixth hyungnim…? That’s not possible.’

The sixth of the Choi family, Choi ByeongChan, was the figure that Choi MinSeok followed more than anyone in the family.

Such Choi ByeongChan betrayed Choi MinSeok.

He even joined hands with one and only Choi YuSeong.

He believed it was impossible, but it couldn’t be helped his head got complicated.

A sneaky smile came from Choi YuSeong’s lips while looking at him.

‘Originally, this took another year after Choi MinSeok’s continued illegal drug distribution and sexual entertainment.’

This was a fact revealed by the returnee Kim DoJin in the original work of The Master Who Return to Modern Times while dealing with the gangsters that Choi MinSeok secretly handled, and this brought a considerable blow to the Hyesung Group.

In fact, it was one of the biggest incidents that made Choi WuJae cracked along with the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong’s act.

‘At this point, he may not have started the sexual entertainment yet.’

There would be a lot of stabbing just with illegal drug distribution.

Also, since he even had doubts about Choi ByeongChan, whom he believed in, there was bound to be a limit even if Choi MinSeok tried to pretend to be cool.

‘The hypnosis is released.’

Finally, all the terrible sights that messing him up in front of his eyes were gone.

Immediately afterward, Choi MinSeok, whose thoughts were complicated, turned his gaze to Choi YuSeong as if he would do the last struggle.

Choi YuSeong did not hesitate and raised his momentum once more.

Their eyes collide intensely in the air.

In this situation where even the hypnosis was released, there was no way Choi MinSeok could handle him.

The tension as if he stood in front of a beast.

‘What the hell, what is this?!’

Choi MinSeok wanted to scream.

The fact that the other person was only Choi YuSeong, the one he got pride from, did not even allow him.

“You… who the hell are you?”

Choi MinSeok, who couldn’t even feel the fact that his heart was beating hard and his forehead was sweaty, asked as if he was in denial.

‘You can’t be that idiot Choi YuSeong!’

Even though it was different from Choi YuSeong he knew, he was too different.

“Can’t you see? If I’m not Choi YuSeong, who is Choi YuSeong?”

Choi YuSeong, who had fully relaxed, shrugged his shoulder and asked.

“That’s a lie.”

Choi MinSeok tried to deny it, but there was nothing that would change the reality.

Perhaps he would take this reality as a dream.

It’s the only best way to tried and suppressed the unbelievable feeling.

However, no matter what anyone says, there was no reason to doubt the identity of Choi YuSeong.

‘How would he know?’

Choi YuSeong, a reader of a novel from another world, possessed the Choi YuSeong from this world.

Choi YuSeong would not have believed it if he had not experienced it himself.


In the end, at the moment when Choi MinSeok, who shed an empty cough, couldn’t stand the gaze’s momentum and stepped back, Choi YuSeong stretched forward and struck the floor excessively.


Choi MinSeok was surprised by the sound and jumped back.


Jin Yuri laughed.

Park JinHyo looked at him in confusion.

What became the climax was a message that emerged from the corridor, clearly visible to everyone’s eyes.

-The Oldest Hunter looks at the Awakener Choi YuSeong with interest. 5 Karma Points are sponsored.

-The Oldest Hunter laughs at the Awakener Choi MinSeok.

The emergence of a god.

A message sent by the one who could be seen as the greatest supporter that any Awakeners in this world wishes for.

One of the incomprehensible beings who showed no interest unless they were a quite eye-catching Awakener was interested in Choi YuSeong, who had just awakened and even sponsored him.

Although it wasn’t a big sum, the meaning itself was incredibly deep.

This was really, very rare.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was worth millions, no, tenths of millions.

At the same time, he even laughed at Choi MinSeok on the other side, and the message was clearly visible to everyone in this position.

He also opened his eyes to a different meaning of God.

When the two situations were overlapped, it was safe to say that it was an unprecedented6 전무후무前無後無, the meaning is “not having happened before and not going to happen in the future”. I simplify it so it’s smoother to read. situation.

Choi MinSeok, whose face turned red, was filled with shame that he experienced for the first time in his life.

Because of this, Choi MinSeok could not show any more casual appearance.

He just shouted in anger.

“Park JinHyo! Catch that bastard and kill him!”


“Because I’ll be responsible, kill Choi YuSeong right now!”

Park JinHyo’s gaze hesitated for a while.

If he killed Choi YuSeong, he would take responsibility?

It’s easy to say.

It was only from a Choi’s position that he could somehow manage it and would not die.

However, Park JinHyo killing Choi YuSeong was a different story.

If needed, Park JinHyo and all people around him might lose their place to stand.

The bloodshot eyes of Choi MinSeok, who felt the hesitation, got even redder.

“Park JinHyo! Who is it that made your sister join our company?!”

In the subsequent outcry, Park JinHyo bit his lower lip.

‘That’s right, it’s the same thing to die one way or another.’

Park JinHyo had not yet experienced Choi WuJae.

In reality, the person he was most afraid of was Choi MinSeok.

Choi MinSeok knew everything about Park JinHyo.

His corruption, sin, family matters. All of it!

In other words, Park JinHyo also knew most of Choi MinSeok’s weaknesses, but only with such information, he could not confront the Choi family.

If dying was the same in the end, it was better to avoid the close fist first.

After such a conclusion, Park JinHyo did not hesitate anymore.

He turned his waist and swung his fist at once.

However, even after looking at the fists flew in, Choi YuSeong didn’t even lift his eyebrows.

He rather raised his head upright and lightly said.

“You’re killing me? Try it.”


The widely swung fist was blocked with a blunt sound of hitting.

“If you can, I mean.”

In front of Choi YuSeong, who spoke with one hand in his pocket, Jin DoYun, who had turned into a fierce wolf, stood with Park JinHyo’s fist blocked with one arm.

“If you touch even one strand of Young Master’s hair, I’ll kill you.”

A voice that sounded like a wolf’s low cry.

Park JinHyo’s body trembled at his fierce momentum, although he was full of scars and blood.

‘What kind of look…’

It was not just Jin DoYun.

The eyes of Choi YuSeong, whose eyes were hardened behind him and only his mouth were smiling, was also very cold.

He was afraid.

It felt like he could see why Choi MinSeok was scared and resigned.

Unknowingly, cold sweat started flowing behind his back.

‘This, this is the Choi…’

They were said to be at the level of competing for second or third place in the Korean business world right now because of the management crisis at the time, but it was the dignity of the family that would eventually be evaluated as a king.

There was a fear at Park JinHyo’s gaze, who experienced a different aspect of Choi YuSeong, that he believed was only a silly good-for-nothing and a coward.

He wanted to get rid of his hand right now.

He wanted to dodge and run away.

“Park JinHyo-!”

Choi MinSeok’s voice shook Park JinHyo’s mind.

His mind flashed.

Frightened, but he would die anyway if he withdraws from here.


Park JinHyo poured out his power, arousing an ocher aura.

His muscles swelled and the veins rose thick, but Jin DoYun, who blocked his fists, did not move at all.

‘Because the level is different in the first place.’

It was expected.

“You can’t, right? Mr. Musclehead Gorilla.”

Park JinHyo was a rank C level 50 Awakener.

Considering his age, he was a person with great growth potential.

It could be said to be the right arm of one of the Choi family members.

However, from the beginning, he was not even a subject of comparison with Jin DoYun, who also clashed with Kim DoJin, the strongest person in the world’s future at the beginning of the original work.

‘Jin DoYun is a rank B level 70 Awakener right now.’

Literally, the status was different.

On the back of Jin DoYun, one of the few real allies in this world, a fierce smile emerged from the lips of Choi YuSeong.

“Jin DoYun, shouldn’t we return the same thing? Don’t worry, I will take responsibility.”


Jin DoYun’s rough palm, who answered with a voice mixed with the cry of a low growling beast, raised Park JinHyo’s chin as if waiting.


After rising high into the air then sprawled on the floor, Park JinHyo’s eyes turned over.

Fainted with a single blow.

‘Because of course, the status is different.’

Choi YuSeong’s gaze with a comfortable smile turned to Choi MinSeok this time.

“Choi YuSeong, do you think you will be able to do this? What about the back management7Not sure the English term for this. “Back management” in here refers to the deal behind the back to clean the mess and cover-up things.…”

A cold energy touched under Choi MinSeok’s neck who had his eyes turned upside down.

Choi MinSeok, whose body freeze without knowledge, turned his gaze right next to him then locked on Jin Yuri, who brought something cold and hard under his neck.

“I think you should be the one who worried about the back management. Young Master MinSeok?”

“You… Are you trying to kill me here?”


The sound of Choi MinSeok swallowed and the sound of pressed button was heard at the same time.

“Eii, why am I killing Young Master MinSeok?”

A familiar voice comes through after the eye smiled Jin YuRi’s voice.

【Park JinHyo! Catch that bastard and kill him!】


【Because I’ll be responsible, kill Choi YuSeong right now!】

The conversation between Choi MinSeok and Park JinHyo was recorded.

“But the Chairman hates brothers and sisters killing each other openly… Don’t you know what will happen if he heard this?”

“Euh, uuh…”

A stuffy groan flowed from Choi MinSeok’s mouth.

It was not an illusion that the tape recorder felt like a choppy knife.

“Can you just go through what happened today quietly without anyone knowing?”

Cho MinSeok’s head nodded shortly after biting his lips.

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