Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-5

That was the end of the thought about ​​the future and the genius scientist who would change the entire history of the world.

The future, which would be at least 5 years and 8 years from practical use, was literally a distant story.

‘First, I have to survive until then.’

In the original work, Choi YuSeong would die without being able to withstand the next year, let alone 8 years.

It meant that he might not even see the future in the first place.

‘You have to be lucky.’

In the eyes of Choi YuSeong, who picked up the Awakening Stone placed in front of him, laid a strange sense of tension.

As said before, if there was an Awakening Stone, even ordinary people could become an Awakener.

But being an ‘excellent’ Awakener was another story.

‘Starting grade is not a problem.’

It would be nice if he had the talent to start at rank E, where the starting point was a bit quick. But considering the roots of Choi YuSeong, who was a villain that was thrown away even in the original novel, there was a high possibility that it was too much expectation.

So it was okay to start with the lowest rank F.

‘Because you can raise the rank anyway if you level up to the max.’

This was one of the somewhat unique settings of The Master Who Return to Modern Times.

If someone hit the highest level of the specified rank, they were given the qualification to move on to the next rank.

Of course it wasn’t free.

‘Because you have to solve the rank up quest.’

It was a unique setting of the system commonly referred to as Promotion Screening1The term might change when I compared it with the webtoon TL or further story., but no one knew what the content would be because each individual had different tasks.

However, even this was a problem for later.

‘The important thing is the skill for sure.’

The types of skills that were given to the Awakener were so diverse and vast.

The kind was so wide, there were even cooking or cleaning skills that would be useful in everyday life.

Of course, it’s up to him to utilize that and he could be an amazing Awakener. But that wasn’t the kind of what Choi YuSeong wanted.

‘I wish for very good skills, but…’

If it’s not possible, it was enough to give him just useful skills to protect his body.

Choi YuSeong, who stroked the Awakening Stone three times as if stroking a magic lamp, let out an earnest voice.

“Please, I ask for a favor.”

That prayer was enough.

He should not take a long time.

If he hesitated with the precious treasure of the Awakening Stone, his greedy brothers and sisters would not just be watching.

So without hesitation, Choi YuSeong swallowed the Awakening Stone that wasn’t small with the water he prepared and his eyes opened wide.

Soon, an unexpected pain came forth.


A loud scream burst out without his knowledge.

It felt as if his whole body was stabbed with needles!

Nevertheless, Choi YuSeong could laugh.

It might be a bit superstitious, but there was a saying from the setting of The Master Who Return to Modern Times.

The more painful the awakening, the better the reward.

Also in the novel, all the very active characters were said to have experienced hellish pain at the time of awakening.

‘Like now.’

Because of that, Choi YuSeong, who couldn’t stand made a fuss by screaming and rolling on the floor, was able to laugh deeply looking at the stunned faces of the Jin siblings who rushed into the room.

‘Don’t worry. Guys.’

Somehow, it felt like he won the lottery.

With that thought, Choi YuSeong lost his consciousness.


Half a day had passed since Choi YuSeong suddenly screamed while rolling all over the floor and lost consciousness.

It was an embarrassing and surprising situation, but it looked different in the eyes of the Jin siblings who had already experienced an awakening.

At the last moment of losing consciousness in the contradictory situation where Choi YuSeong was suffering and joyful inward, bright blue light poured out of his body for a short time.

It was clearly a sign of awakening.

So, what the two could do was to wait for Choi YuSeong to wake up after his awakening.

In front of the door of the room where Choi YuSeong was asleep.

Jin DoYun stood in place with a restless expression, constantly patting his lips, looking at the firmly closed door, reaching out his hand and putting it down repeatedly.

“What are you doing? Oppa.”

Jin YuRi, sitting on the side of the window in front of the door and looking at Jin DoYun, opened her mouth with a rather pathetic gaze.

“It’s been too long since young master does not wake up.”

The time of half a day was too long obviously.

Generally, most people came to their senses within an hour after awakening.

However, since Choi YuSeong had been sleeping for several times longer than that, it was not unusual to be worried.

“Oppa also didn’t wake up for about 3 hours.”

Jin DoYun, who awakened before Jin YuRi, also screamed then lost his consciousness, and he slept for exactly 3 hours without moving.

“You’re the same. But 3 hours and half a day are different.”

Jin YuRi also knew.

“It’s different. It’s not common, but some beings are always above average.”

It was nothing strange to say that the time of losing consciousness as the difference in the level of awakened ability.

“Do you mean young master is an Irregular?”

Jin DoYun asked with round eyes at the cold words of Jin YuRi.


It was usually a word used for a rather unusual being, but there had been only one case in which a term like this was used in the world of Awakener, where special people were already gathered.

The Awakener of the Awakeners, a sense of reverence for those with transcendent power.

So far, none of those who had survived since revealed to be Irregular had not made a name for themselves.

“The probability is quite high just by looking at the time he is asleep.”

Jin DoYun bit his lower lip at the cold Jin YuRi’s words.

An Irregular would surely become stronger once they survive.

But, the assumption that one survives was difficult.

As an example of the current situation, the problem was from the first gateway.

“… 80% of the Irregulars can’t open their eyes forever after awakening.”

“I know.”

Jin YuRi was not a fool.

Rather, she was much smarter than her brother Jin DoYun.

Jin DoYun, who knew the fact well, clenched his fist and asked.

“Objectively, what is the probability that the young master will open his eyes?”

“In a probability game with only two answers, the answer is always fixed. 5:5. What to ask?”

“How can you be so cold…”

Jin DoYun’s mouth, which continued to talk, closed tightly.

It was certainly a silly question.

Jin YuRi’s eyes, who seemed to talk coldly, were trembling so much that it cannot be hidden.

She was like Jin DoYun.

How could she just coldly throw away Choi YuSeong?

They were the two who stayed by his side even in the days when he was called good-for-nothing and human trash in the family.

Choi YuSeong, who had just started changing, died so vainly?

It was something they did not want to imagine.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s not like I don’t understand oppa’s feelings.”

Jin YuRi, who apologized while shaking her head briefly, stopped her movement.

At the same time, the expression of Jin DoYun who turned his head also hardened.

Two presences suddenly appeared across the long corridor.

The figures that appeared were too familiar and unpleasant in this family.

Even currently it went without saying when the stability of Choi YuSeong was the top priority.

“Bitch.”2The direct translation is “dog-like”. I’m not that proficient in English curse words, so please suggest some new words to add to my dictionary.

Jin YuRi spat out curse sincerely.

Jin DoYun also didn’t say anything, but he firmly clenched his fist with a determined expression.

Looking at these two people, a young man with a relaxed expression and a somewhat arrogant glance drew a smile.

“Young master Choi MinSeok.”

Jin DoYun stepped forward, called the man, and bowed his head lightly.

He, who was 21 and had just taken off the label of a minor, lifted his left hand lightly and asked as if he had become Choi WuJae.

“That’s enough, where is Choi YuSeong?”

Choi MinSeok was the person who visited Choi YuSeong more often than anyone else in the entire Choi family.

It was not in a positive way obviously.

He was the typical ‘weak against the strong and strong against the weak’.

He made Choi WuJae’s feeling uncomfortable because there was a quite common talk about the bully game even in middle and high school days.

Still, he was scared of Choi WuJae like the other brothers so no incident caught the eye, but the essence was not going anywhere.

Choi MinSeok was the only one among his family’s blood relatives who enjoyed tormenting Choi YuSeong, who was weaker than himself.

There was no other reason.

He was the most troublesome that everyone talked about in the family, besides Choi YuSeong.

A lump of inferiority that just wanted to make sure that he was not the bottom of this house.

From the perspective of the Jin siblings, he was also the most resentful person than anyone else.

Unable to overcome his inferiority, he severely obsessed and tried to torment Choi YuSeong more.

He tormented, trampled until couldn’t say anything, and got a sense of malicious satisfaction by witnessing the scream of Choi YuSeong, who no one cared about in the house and was less than himself.

Choi MinSeok who was like that suddenly came to Choi YuSeong.

He didn’t show up for a while saying he enjoyed college life, but the timing was not good.

At this time, Choi YuSeong was on the moment he needs absolute stability.


Jin YuRi’s stare blatantly faced Choi MinSeok’s gaze toward beyond the door.

It seemed relaxed, but it was overflowed with desire and greed in his round brown eyes.


Choi MinSeok had known that Choi YuSeong received an Awakening Stone as a gift.

The majority of Choi’s family things belonged to the chairman, Choi WuJae.

But none of the brothers and sisters coveted Choi YuSeong’s properties that Choi WuJae lent.

It was expected.

To covet Choi WuJae’s objects meant the same thing as wanting to disappear from this world.

Then how about the gift from Choi WuJae?

Completely Choi YuSeong’s possession.

It didn’t matter if they rob him out of greed.

Even if the child who took away Choi YuSeong’s item visited Choi WuJae and boasted the Awakening Stone, he would not blame them at all.

Rather, it was fortunate if he didn’t laugh at Choi YuSeong, who had been robbed of a precious gift.

Choi MinSeok also came to this point without hesitation because he knew that.

Of course, someone would have leaked the information.

It was not Choi WuJae.

He didn’t like to go directly into these childish pranks.

‘Kim PilDu.’

Jin YuRi, whose heart fell, opened her mouth.

“It has been a long time. Young master Choi MinSeok. If you are okay, can I talk to you for a while?”

“Jin YuRi.”

Choi MinSeok, who frowned at Jin DoYun that sneakily intercepted between the door and him, turned his glance to Jin YuRi.

“When I see you talk to me like this, it seems that the story I heard is true. Where’s Choi YuSeong and the Awakening Stone?”

“Awakening Stone? I hear it for the first time… How do I know what high-ranking people have done?”

“Don’t put up the pretense. I’ve already heard confirmed information, so how is the Awakening Stone?”

He talked about the subject with conviction rather than doubt as if his guess was correct.

It was quite annoying, but Jin YuRi calmly continued.

As Choi MinSeok said, lies were already meaningless.

Even for just a very short moment, it had done its meaning by dragging time.

“There is no more.”

“Choi YuSeong that coward already swallowed the Awakening Stone?”

Whether great or small, the moment of awakening came with pain nonetheless.

Because of that, Choi MinSeok thought that the weak coward Choi YuSeong could not easily make a decision and had the item.

Choi MinSeok’s eyes changed.

“I tried to solve it with words, but that’s not the case.”

“There is no way to reverse what has already been absorbed.”

“If you split the stomach, you’ll know for sure.”

“What do…”

Jin YuRi’s mouth slightly opened and closed at Choi MinSeok’s cold words.

What did she expect?

A negligible little affection3우애, specifically means affection and love between brothers or friends. that might exist between brothers?

It was nonsense.

Choi MinSeok was the only one in the family who was afraid that the situation would change due to the awakening of Choi YuSeong, who was worse than himself.

That was why he tried to take the Awakening Stone, and if he couldn’t take it, he was trying to kill him.


Jin YuRi’s mind began to rotate rapidly.

She had to come up with a way to stop Choi MinSeok while not troubled Choi YuSeong.

Choi MinSeok, who looked at her coldly, approached the door with a light snort.

Jin DoYun, who blocked the door, shook his head.

“You can not go in.”

“The dogs raised in the house should not bark at their owner. Move.”


“You know that if you don’t move away, the results won’t change right?”

“Please go back for today.”

“Pheew… Park JinHyo.”

At Choi MinSeok’s words with a sigh, Park JinHyo, who possessed a large figure standing behind his back, stepped forward.

He was one of Choi MinSeok’s thugs, a strength augmentation type Awakener similar to Jin DoYun, who was almost 2 meters tall and boasted large muscles.

“Move away.”


“It’s an order from the young master.”


Park JinHyo, who had a threatening momentum, looked at Jin DoYun and gave strength to his eyes.


At Choi MinSeok’s words with a deep sigh, Park JinHyo swung a fist the size of a human head.


Jin DoYun’s head turned to the side with a big hit and he wobbled.

But his firm foot was not pushed by even a millimeter.

Jin DoYun, who stole the blood flowing through his mouth with the back of his hand, turned his gaze to Choi MinSeok who stood behind Park JinHyo.

“Currently, young master needs stability.”

“That’s not your decision. Puppy.”


“Not budging until the end, that’s it? It looks like there’s more body to get rid of. Park JinHyo, it’s okay to kill so don’t look at the circumstances.”

“Yes, sir.”

At the words of Choi MinSeok, who smiled coldly, ocher energy from Park JinHyo’s body began to rise like a haze.

It was a phenomenon that appeared when an Awakener used the skill.

The fist, which began to make a much louder and harsher noise than before, began to hit Jin DoYun’s whole body.

The foolish Jin DoYun did not evade any attack.

Even though he was also an Awakener, he just received them without using any other skills.

If he evaded, it could affect Choi YuSeong who was sleeping in the room.

Or, when Choi YuSeong woke up, it might be an excuse for Choi MinSeok to attack him.

A cold light flowed from the eyes of Jin YuRi who bit her lower lip.

‘If we kill Choi Minseok here… ’

Big problems would arise.

It might not be for Choi YuSeong, but at least the two siblings would find it difficult to step into this society again.

It wasn’t Choi WuJae to just overlook the fact that a dog raised at the home bitten and killed his child.

But it wasn’t time for them to endure anymore.

It was better than all of them dying here.

In the end, just before Jin Yuri’s toes fell with determined eyes.

There was a sound of someone running urgently.

The eyes of Jin YuRi and Choi MinSeok went beyond the closed door at the same time.

From the other side, a loud voice came.

“Evade, idiot!”


At that moment, the continuous hitting sound passed through the air with a low tone.

A smile flowed through the mouth of Jin DoYun, who leaned over and avoided the attack.

“Young master.”

The tightly closed door opened rapidly when the low and very small self-talk that couldn’t be heard ended.

Choi YuSeong.

He stood in front of the door with messy clothes as if he had just woke up, and looked at Jin DoYun smiling covered in blood.

Afterward, a burning gaze was shot at Park JinHyo who had a confused expression.

“You gorilla bastard. Dare to touch my person?”

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