Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-3

Choi WuJae was different from ordinary people in many ways.

Beyond the fact that he was simply the chairman of a conglomerate group, his thoughts were not bound by the common-sense framework.

As a representative example, Choi WuJae had more than five wives.

Of course, not all of them were current wives.

Five in total, former and current.

He had six wives, including Choi YuSeong’s mother who unfortunately passed away, and had children from all of them.

Therefore, there were currently only 10 persons officially recognized as Choi WuJae’s children.

There were many stories that there might be more hidden children.

For this reason, one side of the press used to criticize his morality, but Choi WuJae’s attitude was always the same.

What about being a good person?

No matter what the media said or insulted, Choi WuJae’s unyielding face was not cracked at all.

There was no even the slightest change in his behavior.

Thanks to that, when the death by Kim DoJin came in the distant future, Choi WuJae smiled and said.

Even if I die, Hyesung will be tied with my blood forever, so you will have to live your whole life in trembling anxiety.

Kim DoJin dismissed Choi WuJae’s words as the same lines of a third-rate villain and cut his breath at once. Afterward, until the end of the first part seen by Choi YuSeong, Hyesung Group actually remained as one of the rivals that hinder Kim DoJin’s actions one after another.

‘To think that out of the 10 children, except for Choi YuSeong, most of them are guys that have their own expertise… ‘

Kim DoJin remembered Choi WuJae’s last words later and tried hard to reach them, but he could not destroy Hyesung Group, which had firmly established its defense after Choi WuJae’s death.

The biggest reason they could not be completely destroyed was that they were an established company which has become the biggest pillar of the South Korean economy.

In any case, Hyesung Group’s scenario as the biggest sweet potato1Interpretatively means as “the biggest villain”. The actual slang means stuffy or conflict situations that caused frustration. The counter slang of “cider” in chapter 1-01. in the “The Master Who Return to Modern Times” caused dissatisfaction from many readers.

‘One way or another, it’s important that Hyesung group is a group that can interfere with the returnee.’

And the person who could be considered to have laid the foundation of Hyesung Group was Choi WuJae.

In fact, it would have been impossible for Kim DoJin to assassinate him unless Choi YuSeong was used like an idiot and opened the way to Choi WuJae.

That was Choi WuJae. The person who all the children of Hyesung Group, that would constantly torment Kim DoJin in the future, feared and respected.

That kind of Choi WuJae thought the top priority assets was neither money nor corporate influence.


He said that only excellent humans were assets that cannot be exchanged for anything. That was what he revealed as the reason why he had 10 children.

‘Ten were also too little. He said he would like to have a hundred if his ability permits.’

With that, he would make his most outstanding children as his successor and wanted him to keep the group.

There was also the narcissistic aspect of Choi WuJae as the basis of this course of action because he believed that his lineage was the symbol of the most capable human being.

In a way, it was not completely wrong.

As mentioned before, except for Choi YuSeong, most of the remaining 9 children boasted a side that bothered Kim DoJin.

‘There is also something in this ugly guy too. Because talents like Jin DoYun and Jin YuRi have been attached to him.’

Faced with anger, Choi YuSeong, who struggled to ignore the voluntary rampage of his heart, re-established his thoughts on the character of Choi WuJae in his head.

He likes capable and greedy talent.

Also with a lot of narcissistic aspects that he thought should be the case for any person born with his lineage.

So it was not difficult to pick the third pitch.

“After getting used to the work, I want to follow the chairman.”

To put it, it was a breaking ball.

However, it was not a ball that went out of the strike zone.

Rather, it was a ball that hit exactly the center of the zone.

As if to prove him, Choi WuJae’s thick grayish-white eyebrows wriggled greatly.


Choi WuJae clicked his tongue loudly then his mouth twisted.

At first glance, his distorted expression seemed to express great anger.

But some of the emotions in his eyes had changed for sure.

‘Anger and… ’

He could not read it.

Choi YuSeong gulped his saliva and clenched his fist.

In the first place, he didn’t think he could read all of Choi WuJae.

60 years old, a giant of the era, a rank S level 80 Awakener among a few that could be counted in one hand in South Korea.

From the beginning, he was a different figure from the current Choi YuSeong.

“You want to follow me? Do you mean to know what it means?”

“Yes, I will even risk my life.”

Somehow, it would not have been conveyed lightly.

‘Because I truly risk my life.’

As previously said, Choi YuSeong was the only person in the family who could be considered incompetent.

And the majority of the brothers and sisters hate and ignore such Choi YuSeong.

Given this situation, there were many problems even aside from the returnee Kim DoJin.

Actually, it was the harassment of the brothers and sisters that caused Choi YuSeong to become more and more skewed in “The Master Who Return to Modern Times”. If he just stayed still henceforth, he would suffer it directly himself.

Of course, Choi YuSeong even now had no intention of being fooled like the character in the work.

Because of that, he came to Choi WuJae.

He came to the front of his father, who was feared even by the other brothers and sisters, and showed a desperate will.


Choi WuJae now asked the reason toward Choi YuSeong.

He could no longer read any emotions in both of his eyes.

Choi YuSeong could only perceive the fact that the air became much heavier and dull compared to the settled air just before.

His shoulders could not handle the weight, and his knees seemed to be bent.

Even now, he was filled with a feeling of wanting to run out of this room immediately, saying it was a joke.

But it was clear that he should not do that.

“Because I want to live.”

The fourth pitch was a fastball.

As a result, Choi WuJae’s eyes were bent strangely.

“You mean someone will kill you?”

“If I just stay still, will I not die from a mere choke? It was because brothers and sisters will not just wait and watch.”


Choi WuJae stroked his chin.

“And the incompetent me will be overwhelmed, unable to find any way to refute. I had thought about running away for a while… But after all, an ant can not escape from human fingers, isn’t it?”

This was the feeling that the original Choi YuSeong had.

The reason why he wandered as a good-for-nothing. That was a chance to rely on Kim DoJin who recognized himself as one-of-a-kind, although it was a lie.

It was the essence of Choi YuSeong, who was not recognized in the house and could not withstand the tightening pressure.

He thought it was impossible Choi WuJae did not know this.

But Choi WuJae still had doubts.

It seemed that he was aware of the fact that the good-for-nothing and incompetent Choi Yooseong, could not easily change. He tried to read through his insides with his deeply sunken eyes.

“You made the habit of living your own way, and now you want to change it?”

Choi WuJae snorted and shook his head.

“People don’t change easily. If you are born with the wisdom of an ant, the following is easy.”

In response to the affirmation of the judge made by Choi WuJae, Choi YuSeong’s body hardened like a rat in front of a snake.

His words were sharp like a viper’s fangs.

His eyes emitted light like those of a predator with prey in front of them.

Choi YuSeong was afraid of such Choi WuJae.

‘This is a test.’

However now he could see the fact that his words weren’t serious.

He was surprisingly cold-hearted to others, but he has a kind of belief like faith in his blood.

It meant he was not actually telling Choi YuSeong to live like an ant.

At this point, Choi YuSeong decided to throw the fifth pitch that he thought was the last.

He had to completely change the other person’s mind with this.

If Choi WuJae’s suspicion was the batter, he had to pull him completely out of the batter’s box.

“Who decided that my destiny is as an ant?”

Choi WuJae’s thick eyebrows wriggled once again.

“If I’m the one?”

“I will change it.”

“You dar… ”

Choi WuJae’s voice that flowed out unconsciously was not very heavy, unlike the words.

Rather, it had a deeper sense of fascination.

“By what means? You are incompetent.”

“For now it is like that. However, there is no reason to be incompetent for life. Chairman, no, father have lent me a lot of things. Among them are soldiers, weapons, and even food. If life was a war, it was only myself that I lacked. It can be changed. I will not live as an ant. And if it’s like this…”

YuSeong, who took his breathing somewhat unconsciously, released his feeling with a deep breath before he spoke the words that would follow.

“I want to become a giant, not an ordinary human.”


The flames spread unknowingly in the eyes of Choi YuSeong who threw the fifth ball.

Born as an orphan, he lived with little satisfaction in his heart, but that wasn’t the end of the human being called Choi YuSeong.

As he faced Choi WuJae and spat out his thoughts one by one, Choi YuSeong felt like realizing himself that he did not know.

Even in the past, he wanted to fully satisfy big ambitions, not small ones.

When he thought about it, he had never lived without that obsession.

However, there was no opportunity.

“Hh… ”

Choi WuJae laughed.

It was very low and small, but it was obviously a laughing sound.

Afterward, the air that seemed pressing down inside the office disappeared in an instant.

The tight breath and his dizzying head quickly stabilized.


At the same time, a long sigh reaching the floor poured out of the mouth of Choi YuSeong unknowingly.

He did not know, but his whole body was already soaked as if he had been bathed in cold sweats.

He never thought that his hair was damp and the clothes were sticking to his body.

Choi YuSeong, who was surprised after realizing his condition, quickly managed his expressions. But Choi WuJae seemed not to care much.

“I have no intention of looking forward to empty words. Go out.”

Was it a success? Was it a failure?

Faced with questions looking for an answer from the dismissal2The word used is harsher actually. 축객령, an order to expel customers or guests because they hate them., Choi YuSeong had no choice but to leave the room with his head down.


After washing his sweat-soaked body and eating the rice3If you haven’t realized that yet, it’s not just rice. It’s rice and the side dishes. prepared by the nanny, a middle-aged man in a suit approached Choi YuSeong as he was about to leave the front door of the family home.

Of course, Choi YuSeong knew who he was.

‘Kim PilDu.’

He was the head secretary of the chairman’s office at Hyesung Group and could be seen as the right arm of Choi WuJae.

Excluding the children, he was also a person who was judged to resemble Choi WuJae the most.

He held out a wooden box the size of the palm of an adult male toward Choi YuSeong without any pleasantries or greetings.

“It is a gift from the chairman.”

That was it.

Kim PilDu entered the house, Choi YuSeong, Jin DoYun, and Jin YuRi were sent off by the nanny and completely left the family home.

Choi YuSeong’s heart was beating constantly until he got into the car and on the way back to his house again.

‘Father gave me a gift.’

Choi WuJae’s praise was very rare.

And the gift he gave was harder to get than that.

Choi WuJae was a greedy person, and he did not easily share what he had because they were his child.

That kind of Choi WuJae gave him a gift.

It was the first time for Choi YuSeong.

‘In fact, all the things I’ve enjoyed so far can be taken away anytime father wants.’

Therefore, in his conversation with Choi WuJae, Choi YuSeong expressed that he borrowed what he had.

However, the gift was different.

The goods given by Choi WuJae as a gift were completely attributed to Choi YuSeong.

Even if the worst situation came, Choi WuJae would not take away the gift he gave to Choi YuSeong.

In short, the wooden box has become the only property of Choi YuSeong at this moment.

Choi WuJae’s attitude was still cold enough to not see his face even once when Choi YuSeong left the family home.

However, it was not without any hope.

The present he received was the proof of that.

‘In that case… I shouldn’t disappoint his expectations, right.’

Was he confident?

‘If I explained again, my mouth will hurt.’

A smile spilled from Choi YuSeong’s mouth as he stroked the wooden box he received as a gift.

Did the footnote decreased…?