Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing 1-1

Choi YuSeong was an orphan.

Since the beginning of his memory at the age of 4, he was an orphan without any blood relative so the truth of having no parents was not awkward.

But that’s not mean he didn’t know the reality.

He rather knew it too well.

Could it be said the little guy was clever?

He escaped at the age of 12 from the orphanage because he was fed up with absurdity.

And he grew up brilliantly. He graduated safely until college with the money he earned alone and he joined NX Soft, a game company that was said to be the cream of the crop in South Korea at the age of 28.

Those were achievements that were accomplished thanks to the efforts made without concern for the orphan’s disadvantages.

People who knew Choi YuSeong often referred to him as a strong-tempered1A very strong-tempered person. It’s actually a single term, but I couldn’t really think similar word in English., but it wasn’t wrong.

At the age of 13 when they were still playing in the arms of their parents, he had already devised how to fight society and put it into practice.

It was not easy at such a young age.

Thanks to that, he was able to create a life that would make the title of an orphan felt less burdening.

It was a life he was proud of.


In the mirror, an awkward smile emerged from the mouth of Choi YuSeong, who stroked the cheeks of a handsome young man who looked ten years younger than the original image he remembered.

It was awkward but definitely familiar.

He wanted to deny it, but the young man he saw in the mirror for the first time seemed to be Choi YuSeong himself.

“…Why did it suddenly change?”

That was the first question that came to mind.

‘Let’s think about it.’

Choi YuSeong recalled the memories of the night before.

He was certainly working overtime ahead of the opening of a new game. Because he was so drowsy, he went to the break room for a while then enjoyed coffee together with the latest episode of the web novel ‘The Master Who Return to Modern Times’ which he usually read after having coffee.

And, he seemed to have fallen asleep.

However, when he opened his eyes, it was not the scenery of the familiar company’s break room. It wasn’t even his residence, a studio with a little less than 10 pyeong2Room size used in Korea. 10 pyeong = 33 m2 = 356 ft2.

Choi YuSeong, who took his gaze away from the mirror, looked back then checked the room once more and his mouth strangely twitched.

‘It would be a decent living room for a middle-sized apartment tho?’

Just one bedroom was this big.

It was awkward, but he thought it wasn’t strange.

‘Choi YuSeong. 20 years old. One of the children of Hyesung Group, a leading conglomerate company in South Korea.”

Looked back on his memory, it was easy to know who he was.

Thanks to this, he experienced terrible pain when he opened his eyes in the morning, but anyway it was better than he could not recognize anything.

In particular, there would be nothing more difficult than if he did not even know who he became.

Therefore, Choi YuSeong became the second generation of a conglomerate with the same name that was as different as the heaven and the earth than the background of an orphan that he had just last night.

“Hmm…, life is reversed.”

Choi YuSeong shook his head with a short groan and laughter.

That was easy to say, but he was bitter.

It was certainly a lonely life without any family.

He was hit by the boss every day if there were not enough profit, and he was swept away by overtime so there were many struggles.

Still, he was confident that he had lived hard in his way, it was also a satisfying life where he achieved his goal.

But that kind of life had gone in one day.

Just because the economic environment had improved, he couldn’t just be happy.

Besides, there were more serious problems.

‘Let’s see. This year is October 21, 2029. 10 years ahead of 2019 that I remembered.’

Unlike the earth where Choi YuSeong originally lived, being seen in movies or novels such as monsters, cracks, and Awakeners existed in this world.

In a way, it could be seen as a completely different world, but to Choi YuSeong the worldview including all the words was quite familiar.

“……Because that’s the background of The Master Who Return to Modern Times.’

It was something that he could know by recalling his memories a little without having to worry for long.

He thought over and over again while confirmed himself because he wanted to be certain of an unbelievable truth.

It was something that happened like in novels or movies.

And the protagonist of the play was Choi YuSeong himself.

To accept this fact, Choi YuSeong struggled for two hours while sitting.


Then he burst into a big smile and nodded his head.

After he accepted all the facts, the conclusion was simple.

“It’s a big deal!”

The role of Choi YuSeong in the novel was a villain who harassed the weak as the family’s good-for-nothing, and a pushover who was thrown away after being used by the main character.

Now he had possessed him, he was really established in a very excellent position.3That means the novel CYS’s position as villain was very firm with those cliché villain settings.

The simplest way to keep all those terrible situations from happening was already in place.

‘Don’t get close to the returnee, Kim DoJin.’

But what to do?

This good-for-nothing bastard had already become very close enough to have a good relationship with Kim DoJin a few days ago.

The incident had already erupted at the instinctive moment itself.4Not sure how to translate this. Probably refer to the incident happened following the original plot.

‘If this is the novel, then in volume 1 episode 15…’

If he had started just 10 episodes before, he would be able to break the relationship, but it was already a spilled water.

The returnee Kim DoJin wanted to kill the enemy who killed his father as a child, Choi WuJae, the head of the Hyesung group and the father of Choi YuSeong.

And he chose Choi YuSeong as the bridgehead.

Choi YuSeong, the good-for-nothing who knew nothing, was excited and fell in love with Kim DoJin’s speech that seemed to understand him.

‘I have to keep the distance with Kim DoJin somehow.’

He was a dangerous person the more someone gets closer.

He couldn’t think it lightly.

Wasn’t it just a life-threatening thing?

He wanted to hit his head when he remembered that he thought it was a cider5Cider in Korea refer to sprite. The term for refreshing. In this case “satisfaction and freshness that someone feel when injustice situation is solved” when the novel’s Choi YuSeong was used like an idiot and thrown away.

‘If you’re easy to control, you will die.’

That was why he had to somehow cut off his relationship with Kim DoJin.


Quite a few ways immediately came to mind.

The first thing that came to mind was the option of using the money and power of a conglomerate to kill the returnee when he had not yet recovered his power.

‘Someday the Demon King will come to this world.’

And according to the contents of the original novel, Kim DoJin was given the role of stopping the Demon King and saving the world.

If he didn’t exist, then who will stop the Demon King?

‘The destruction ending is a no-no.’

Therefore, the most realistic and the best option for Choi YuSeong had already been decided.

‘You can just turn away.’

He wouldn’t care whether he called or came to find him.

It was to widen the distance between Kim DoJin and himself as wide as possible from this time on.


After his thoughts were sorted out, a sigh flowed out.

It was Choi YuSeong, who had been criticized for being relatively clever and cold-hearted since his orphanage days, but it was quite difficult for him to think and accept the word of his death.

‘It would be nice if it was the way you want, but…’

If not, the next best way and the third method should be prepared.

Choi YuSeong thought that he had never been so grateful for his innate calmness.

“If you’re in a hurry, you won’t be able to get out.”

Kim DoJin, the returnee who appeared to be young on the outside, was actually a snake6Not literally. A term for wicked person. in his 50s who spent more than 30 years in another world.

If he did something wrong, he would get caught up and backstabbed.

‘Stay calm, let’s back away one step at a time.’

In addition to that fact, problems were scattered here and there.

Choi YuSeong, the ninth son of the Hyesung group.

Even if it wasn’t for Kim DoJin, his position could never be considered safe.

There were many complicated things in many ways.

It could have been seen as completely different from the time when he had to work just as much as he needed and received a salary, but the big frame did not change at all.

To add a little more positive aspect, for some reason the contents of the original novel, ‘The Master Who Return to Modern Times’ came to mind in fine detail. As if he was reading the novel currently.

‘It can be a temporary phenomenon, so let’s write it down on the handphone’s memo as much as possible.’

Regardless of what he thought, the greatest weapon Choi YuSeong currently had was the future information known through the original novel.

He thought that not recording information because he was afraid of someone peeking it was nothing different than not going out on the street because he was afraid of a car accident.

‘Let’s leave a lot of information while most of the memory is still alive.’


‘Because I have to survive.’

Suddenly the circumstances changed, his appearance transformed, and all the lives he knew had disappeared, so he did not want to die.

In those days when he ran out to society alone at a young age, and even now when everything changed, Choi YuSeong wanted to live.


After an hour or so of agony and prepared a plan for his survival, Choi YuSeong called his direct secretaries, no other than the siblings, to the room.

“Jin DoYun.”

“Yes, young master.”

A young man in his early twenties, with a thick line above his eyes that gave off a manly impression contrasting to his slim body, nodded his head with a blunt expression.

’22 years old. Rank B level 70 strength type Awakener. The estimated maximum potential is S rank. He was one of two people who were on the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong’s side in this family.’

Jin DoYun was a loyal person like a bamboo who would not bend.

A talented person who couldn’t bloom and gone while protecting the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong, who by chance made an accident without even trying, until he died.

The good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong, who could not recognize Jin DoYun’s loyalty, hated him quite a bit for interfering with his affairs.

Of course, the current Choi YuSeong looked at him as quite reliable.

There was no way to stop the very favorable gaze that flowed by itself.

Next, the gaze turned to the small woman who stood next to Jin DoYun and looked a little over 160 cm tall.

‘Jin YuRi. 20 years old. Rank A level 20 flair type Awakener. Her estimated maximum potential is S-class or higher. Jin DoYun’s younger sister.’

He raised his head and looked at her eyes twinkled with curiosity about what was the reason for Choi YuSeong’s sudden call, similar to when he looked at Jin DoYun yet with a different feeling,

‘Similarly, although she is a loyal person who protected the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong until the end… The type is different.”

She was a different person from the upright Jin DoYun and had more potential than her older brother.

She knew how to bend in moderation and was quite good at handling people.

Maybe that’s why the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong, although did not know her well, was inclined to follow Jin YuRi’s words.

“Jin YuRi.”

“What is it, that you suddenly setting the mood like this?”

She tilted her head, blinked her eyes, and asked back at his call.

These were what she could do because she knew that Choi YuSeong was somewhat weak to her.

The other women in the house usually didn’t want to make eye contact with Choi YuSeong.

Although they were two completely different polar, he thought that their response would be the same after hearing the words of Choi YuSeong that would follow.

‘They won’t believe it, right.’

Because of that, Choi YuSeong took a break in talking by shifting his breath then conveyed his will slowly and clearly.

“I’m thinking of seeing my father.”


At that moment Jin DoYun asked if he thought he had heard him wrong.

That came out of someone that usually silent, then it was an unimaginable matter.

“Get prepared, so please send the news to the main family. It’s 10 am now, so around 6 pm would be just right for dinner time?”

“YuSeong oppa7Woman’s way to call older man. Can be used to call boyfriend and brother too. Tho, YuRi is same-aged, the oppa used to call YuSeong probably mean to charm and look cute to him., are you serious?”

“Huh. What would I get for lying.”

At first glance, someone might think it was a normal occurrence of a son going to see his father, but it’s not.

Parent-child relationships were by no means common in this family.

Was it because of that? Choi WuJae, the head and father of the Hyesung Group, was an idol that most of his children adored and on the other hand was also a subject of fear.

Of course, there had never been a case where the good-for-nothing Choi YuSeong, who usually caused accidents, said he would see him first.

Someone would know he lived with a lot of things to be scolded just by looking at his face.

However, this time, Choi YuSeong said he would see Choi WuJae first.

“What kind of wind is blowing suddenly?”

“I want to ask for something.”

Choi YuSeong calmly answered Jin YuRi’s next question, and the faces of the two siblings became harder and stiff easily.

He would ask for a request from Choi WuJae.

As already mentioned, this family differs a lot from the normal parent-child relationship.

He would ask for something without doing anything well to the head that held wealth and honor in both hands, who only distributed some to the children he like when he’s happy? It was better to find the tiger’s den than that.

The two siblings exchanged eyes in confusion and tried to read the intention of Choi YuSeong, but it was unknown.

The Choi YuSeong they remember was originally a loose cannon character.

“What, I asked you to get ready?”


“I’m the one who will call.”

The two siblings, who reluctantly nodded to Choi YuSeong’s nag, went outside the room.

Choi YuSeong, who remained in the room alone, opened the memo he had written for the last hour on his smartphone.

How to survive in the novel as the possessed pushover good-for-nothing villain.

The first way.

“First of all, I should start by making a lot of people on my side.”

Isn’t YuRi so cute? Heheheu~
Btw, I haven’t compared this to the webtoon’s translation, so there are differences in translation. I’ll use the same translation for some terms I like, but I’ll differ in other cases. I’ll sometimes edit previously released chapters, so don’t be surprised for sudden change.
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