Trapped in a Webnovel as a Good-For-Nothing Prologue

In the middle of a quiet pub, Choi Yu Seong stared quite sharply at the man tilting his beer mug who sat across from him.

The first impression needed no explanation.


It wasn’t enough to describe his elegant jawline as pretty even if it was obviously a man’s, and he had deep immersive dark eyes that would bring many women to tears.

And how about his body?

Firm broad shoulders, a solid chest, and abs from exercising were works of art despite him only wearing a tight leather jacket.

But what was the reason for this much interest toward another man?

That couldn’t be helped.

‘Kim Do Jin’

This handsome friend, even just from his name, was the protagonist of ‘The Master Who Returned to Modern Times’, a web novel that Choi Yu Seong had been reading very interestingly until a few nights before.

And the protagonist of that novel was now personified, alive and breathing in front of him.

It was impossible not to be interested.

What did this mean, you ask?

This was also an ordinary and common story.

‘It means that I possessed a novel character.’

His role was a good-for-nothing that was used and thrown away by Kim Do Jin, the handsome returnee in front of his eyes. He would be asked to cooperate in killing his own father and then suffer the unlucky fate of being abandoned by his family and becoming prey to Monsters inside a Rift in the aftermath.

That said, it was a pretty obvious story.

However, he was going crazy because he belonged to that common position.

‘… How should I solve this?’

Sighing in his heart, Choi Yu Seong recalled a few days ago when he possessed the good-for-nothing’s body.

The start of a bromance(?)!
I’ll try to update this 2-3 chapters/week, probably Mon, Wed, Fri because I’m not sure if I can keep up with a schedule. Btw sometimes I worked on translation while being confused in 3 languages, so you can suggest corrections to improve the translations. Then, have fun reading~ ( ^・ω・^)ฅ