Successful Life After Marriage Chapter 2

Successful Life After Marriage

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I yawned long. I decided to sleep after writing moderately, but I ended up staying all night because of the ‘feel’ that suddenly came.

The amount accumulated like that is a whopping 3 episodes.

Normally, it would have taken me all day just to fill in 5000 characters, which is the length of one episode. The writing came out so well that I wondered if I had godsend inspiration today.


‘…Is it because I feel more at ease?’


It is often said that if you want to become a web novel writer, get a main job first. If a stable income is not supported, the writing will not come out well due to pressure.

I couldn’t sympathize when I read such posts in the community, but when I experienced it myself, I felt it.


‘Done setting the upload.’


Usually, I revise the writing after some sleep, but it feels good today, so I only did simple typo corrections.

Well, it already indicates that monetization is water under the bridge anyway. I just need to finish this episode neatly, so probably there won’t be a big problem.


‘I’ll have to prepare and go out soon.’


I got up from my seat, scratching my head with disheveled hair. First, I removed the cans piled up on the desk and finished taking a shower.

Though I’m tired from staying up all night. I had enough stamina to last the day, so I moved my body without complaints.


‘Clothes are…’


There was nothing particular to worry about.

Because I have certain clothes decided for each season. I’m not going to wear a suit, so I just wore a plain black T-shirt and jeans.


Creaack, clack-!

I got dressed and opened the door. A door that was older than me screamed and moved away from me.


‘It seems I’m going to say goodbye to this guy soon.’


Before coming out of the door, I looked around the room for a while. An old and shabby 10-pyeong one-room apartment. A space that feels desolate because there’s no space to decorate or the money to do it.

Maybe that’s why. Even though I’ve lived here for more than three years, it wasn’t a place I could feel affectionate about. I shut the door without a word.


– This station is Apgujeong Rodeo, Apgujeong Rodeo station. The doors will open on the left.


I double-checked that the name on the navigation matched the name of the station and then got off the subway quickly.

People poured out before and after me. A space full of people with no gap to set one’s foot. I could barely catch my breath after exiting the station.


‘…My energy is already sucked out.’1So relatable! The life of an introvert is like this. Short-life social battery. Please understand if you take us out to play.


Students in school uniforms.

Old people in hiking clothes.

Even office workers wearing suits to work.

This place, where all kinds of people were mixed, was a very suffocating place for me who is an outsider2아싸 (a-ssa). A shortened form of ‘outsider’ in Korean. A term to call people who’re a loner or a nobody. Just imagine a circle of friendships. Those who are popular and friendly to everyone are called ‘insiders’ as they’re inside that circle, while the loners are outside the circle so ‘outsiders’. . Where are all these people going.


‘Hm, I think it’s okay to use this as a novel’s intro.’


What would it be like if I pick one of the countless people here and make a story. Who stands out the most here.


‘That grandfather for sure, right?’


The colorful colors reminiscent of traffic lights. That free outfit, which is inconsistent from the hat to the shoes, attracts everyone’s attention.

After turning on my phone notepad, I recorded the grandfather’s simple characteristics. Although he’s a hard character to use because it’s so unique.


‘How about putting him in Apocalypse?’


Maybe everyone is afraid.

Because it will be the outfit of the commonly referred to as an ‘old player’3고인물 (go-in-mul). The literal translation is ‘stagnant water’. This refers to someone who dwells in a field so long and so deep, so they usually have extensive knowledge or expertise in that particular field. Mainly used by the games community. .

If a grandfather dressed like that appears in an apocalypse story, he could definitely be used as an essential character4감초 캐릭터. Licorice character. Refers to an essential character that does not fall anywhere, even if it is not an important role. Like those popular supporting characters. .

Adding the setting of kkondae5꼰대. A Korean slang word that’s difficult to translate, but it generally refers to a stubbornly conservative person, set in their ways, and resistant to change or new ideas. This sentence especially refers to how kkondae loves to blabber about his past ‘glory’ days. to him will also serve as a role that explains the complex worldview easily. He’s definitely a great character when I think of it that way.


‘Hm, and also…’


After filling the notepad satisfactorily, I looked around again and found a woman who caught my eye.

A tall and well-proportioned figure.

The clothes she was wearing had a sense of unity in color and texture, but they were matched with accessories to give simple points.

Although her eyes were not properly visible because of the sunglasses, they couldn’t cover her gorgeous appearance by themselves.


“…Woah, is she an actress?”

“Even everything she wears is luxury goods.”

“Is she waiting for her boyfriend? Whoever he is, I damn envy him.”


Perhaps it wasn’t just in my eyes, I also could hear people around me whispering. Even those who passed by her turned their heads to take a look at her.


‘Like a female lead in a novel.’


Looking at her, I was troubled for a moment. That type is rather hard to describe in the novel.

It’s a pity to just describe her as ‘pretty’ and it seems too insincere to say ‘perfect’. Even though there’s no word to describe her more than that.




Then, suddenly, she turned her head. I had been observing her all along, so we made eye contact with each other. Then she tilted her head.


Just because I like the name~♬[mfn]Beating Heart, Just For Your Name by Autumn Vacation. You can find this on Spotify! It’s a cheerful love song that will remind you of your first love. I listened to this repeatedly while translating. [/mfn]


A phone call came in suddenly. The name on the screen is ‘River-Sea’6강 (kang). Also means river in Korean. . It’s my precious customer whom I promised to meet here today.


– What are you doing there?



When I raised my head again, she waved her hand at me. Really to my surprise, I finally noticed that the person I was observing was Kang Ba Da.


‘I remember she said she doesn’t watch dramas.’


Well, it’s understandable she wouldn’t be interested in fantasy if she lived like that. Her existence itself is like the female lead of a drama, so there’s no need to feel satisfied by vicarious satisfaction.


‘I’m like a supporting role who was swept away by the main character’s narrative, perhaps?’


The future is bleak.

The main character’s path is always accompanied by hardship. By overcoming adversity and winning, they will be reborn as a true main character.

Of course, the main character does not die in the process. The only ones that are dying are the numerous supporting roles around. The problem is that the supporting role is ‘me’.


“What the, doesn’t suit at all.”

“No way, is he the boyfriend?”

“Eii- No way. Isn’t he just a bodyguard?”


I slightly raised my hand and walked toward her. Then the eyes of the people naturally shifted toward me. The starkly different temperature difference.

Well, of course, this would be the reaction.

It was something that I expected to some extent, so I passed it over. I’m also the type who doesn’t care about the evaluations of people around me in the first place.


‘…Ba Da ssi family is the problem.’


Currently, it doesn’t matter because it’s the evaluation of people passing by anyway. But if things go on like this, her family is likely to oppose the marriage.

It’s dangerous if I don’t prepare for it surely because I have to satisfy them to earn 5 million won per month.


“Honey! What are you thinking about?”


I was thinking about the future direction when Kang Ba Da suddenly crossed my arms. Then bewildered sounds were heard from the surroundings.



“I didn’t hear it wrong, did I?”

“For real… Wow, did the man hit jackpot with coin?”


Still, it felt like they were whispering among themselves earlier, but now they don’t even seem to be thinking of hiding it. I hear a lot of things openly.

However, I couldn’t concentrate on any of those words. This is because Kang Ba Da put her whole body against me, so I felt a very awkward feeling on my arm.



“There are a lot of eyes around.”


Kang Ba Da whispered quietly just enough to be heard by me. The surroundings went wild again as they saw us exchanging whispers, but thanks to it, I came to my senses.


‘Yeah. This is work.’


The ‘eyes’ that Kang Ba Da refers to are not just about the people gathered here. It must also mean the people who are in the hands of her family.

It was a matter of course that Kang Ba Da knew all about my personal information and the investigation of my surroundings. Who else would have taught her that.


‘I’ll work as much as I get paid.’


A full-fledged marriage life has not yet begun. From her perspective, someone like me can be replaced at any time.

When that happens, money is no longer the problem. Because it’s unknown how she would deal with someone who knows her deep secrets.


‘You can’t know what’s in someone’s mind..’


While researching data to write a chaebol story one day, what I was sure about was clean chaebols couldn’t exist in the first place.

Kang Ba Da is also smiling naturally, but unless I know if she will send someone to put a knife in my back. I have to do my best to survive.


“Euht-!? Wha, what are you doing…”

“You just told me to do it properly.”


I lightly untied my arms and then joined hands with Kang Ba Da. When we put our fingers together, it became a pretty plausible look.


“Isn’t arm-in-arm better?”

“…That feels a bit excessive.”


Although there was a clearer reason.

I didn’t dare to explain it.


“…Is that so?”

“Sure. By the way, did you not bring your car on purpose?”

“Yeah? Oh, well. That’s right?”


For some reason, Kang Ba Da’s reaction was a bit ambiguous, but it’s probably because she was nervous. To be honest, I’m also tense because I think my life depends on it.

How long did we walk like that. We were finally able to arrive at the hair salon which was our destination.


Omo, Ba Da is here?”

“Hello, Chief Ryu.”

“Huhuh. It is my first time seeing this gentleman. My name is ‘Ryu Yeon Hwa’, and I am the chief of this place. Nice to meet you.”

“I am Kim Ha Neul.”


Chief Ryu’s eyes fell on me. A quick scan up and down. However, it didn’t feel bad.

Something is different from those people on the street. Pure curiosity in those eyes. No, there was obvious goodwill in it.


‘What’s it?’


I didn’t know why right away, but at least Ryu Yeon Hwa and Kang Ba Da. I can see that the two are close enough to surpass simple customers.


“Ha Neul ssi, you can follow that person. Our designers will take care of you. Ba Da comes this way.”

“Yes, thank you.”


After nodding, I moved along with the designer. I looked at the internal structure while walking, and the overall design is very sophisticated.


‘Is this the hair salon where rich people go.’


The size of the entire building was considerable and there were a lot of employees at first glance. On the other hand, there were few customers.


“May I ask you something?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Is the atmosphere always like this?”


I can’t ask if these are the only customers they have, so I tried to express it a bit indirectly. Then the designer, who understood the meaning, answered with a small smile around her mouth.


“It is your first time at our shop, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I followed my girlfriend today so…”

“We operate on a 100% reservation basis, and we always try to provide a pleasant atmosphere for our guests. It’s a similar atmosphere as usual.”

“Do celebrities come often, too?”

“Hm… No. Membership registration is only possible by recommendation, so not just anyone can come.”


I see.

It’s a place where only people who express celebrities as ‘anyone’ can come. No wonder I couldn’t see a price list no matter how hard I looked for it.


“Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.”

“Ah, that is fine.”


My mouth kept itching, but if I ask more here, it might give Ba Da ssi a bad image because of me.

I tried to act as naturally as possible, taking in the surrounding scenery.


‘I should use this next time.’


I’ll be able to make a living without writing web novels if this marriage succeeds, however, I didn’t want to put down my pen completely.

To put it bluntly, it’s hard to tell when this kind of life will end. It’s a dangerous choice in many ways to rely entirely on Kang Ba Da.


“Then I will proceed to wash your hair.”


As soon as I sat on the chair as instructed, a soft fluffy sensation enveloped my entire body. It was an unbelievably comfortable seating experience for a hair salon chair.


“A volume perm, right?”


“That’s what’s written on the reservation. Perhaps, if you have changed your mind…”

“Ah, that is fine. I’m here for a volume perm.”


It seems that Kang Ba Da has already said something. She seems to have an eye for fashion too, so it’s better to follow the expert’s eye here.


“Then please wait a moment.”


The designer left for a moment, and I leaned back completely in the chair. The coziness was like someone hugging me from behind. Honestly, I think it will be more expensive than the bed in my house.

At the extreme comfort, the tiredness due to staying up all night flooded in like a tidal wave. I pushed open my eyelids desperately.


‘Don’t fall asl…’


I fell asleep before I could finish my thoughts.


*  *  *



Ryu Yeon Hwa skillfully trimmed Kang Ba Da’s hair. Although there was not much to touch since she had gone this morning, it was to have a natural conversation.


“Is he perhaps your boyfriend?”

“…For now.”

“For now?”

“We’ll get married soon.”



Ryu Yeon Hwa’s hand stopped. She had been in charge of Kang Ba Da for years, but she, who had never talked about men before, suddenly said she’ll get married.


“It’s a bit sudden. Originally, you never had much interest in men.”

“It still is. Because I just want to concentrate on research.”

“But why get married?”

“Wouldn’t it calm down a bit when I put on a wedding ring?”


Kang Ba Da smiled bitterly. Ryu Yeon Hwa also had suffered similar hardships, so she gently stroked Kang Ba Da’s hair.


“Well, that’s not necessarily the case in my experience…”


“Still, I think Ba Da would be fine.”


Who would dare to flirt with the youngest of Daehan Group. Even if they generously overlooked them as courtships, it’s a different story if she were to get married.

Whether a guy with a crazy lust for sex.

Or having strange tastes.

Either way, they won’t approach Kang Ba Da hastily unless they get a screw loose.


“So. What do you like about that person? I don’t think you’re just marrying him as a talisman against men or anything like that.”

“Tha, that’s…”

“Chief Ryu, I am sorry. But, I have something to say…”


Ryu Yeon Hwa’s brow wriggled slightly. This is because it is pretty much forbidden to interrupt the conversation with the customer. Rather, that’s why she has no choice but to listen though.


“What’s going on?”

“The customer who came together fell asleep…”




Kang Ba Da, who heard the story together, widened her eyes. She put on a dazed expression for a moment and then burst into laughter.


“Seriously… Can’t be stopped.”

Omo, does this happen often?”

“It’s not like that. But I ordered him around a bit too much yesterday and today. I thought he looked tired, but he must have stayed up all night working.”


A gentle smile crept across the face of Kang Ba Da. Watching that appearance, Ryu Yeon Hwa’s lips also slowly curled up.


“All of these are individual compartments, right? Unnie, I’m sorry…”

“Oh, my. You only call me unnie at times like this.

“Sorry, can I ask you a favor?”


An awkwardly smiling Kang Ba Da.

Ryu Yeon Hwa shrugged at her.


“Instead, tell me honestly later, okay?”


“Miss Park. If we leave it as it is, the customer’s neck will hurt. Put something under the head carefully. And let’s get in touch and ask customers who are available first.”

“Alright, ma’am.”

“I’ll be back after adjusting the schedule, so wait for me.”

“Thank you, Unnie.”


Ryu Yeon Hwa left her seat.

Left alone, Kang Ba Da picked up her phone. She turned on an app like a habit and checked her favorite works.





Realizing that her prediction was right, Kang Ba Da let out a light laugh. There was an updated one among her favorite works.


[(New!) Successful Life After Marriage / Type Addict]


Type Addict was Kim Ha Neul’s pen name.

After confirming the cause of the current situation, Kang Ba Da shook her head and clicked on the novel. Afterward, she could not take her eyes off the novel until Ryu Yeon Hwa returned.


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