Successful Life After Marriage Chapter 1

Please Marry Me.

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“Please marry me.”

“I do not want to.”

“I will put 3 million won in your bank account every month.”


Does she want to buy my life with money? I also can earn about 3 million won a month. Although I will lie down with serious health problems the next month after that.


Aside from money in the first place, this is the second time we’ve seen each other’s faces. So, I didn’t expect her to come up with such a proposal all of a sudden. I think there’s a screw missing…



“After tax?”

“Of course. I will give you an extra allowance every time you participate in a family event.”

“Other conditions besides that?”

“You just have to live as usual. Just do not get photographed by reporters when meeting a woman just because you have money.”


So, she just told me to serve the in-laws1딸잡이. A quite hard word went here. This word refers to the practice of having a daughter-in-law who helps take care of her husband’s parents in their old age. This is because Korea has a patriarchal culture. But since in this case the woman has a higher social “class”, the reverse happened. for the rest of my life.

It’s not a particularly difficult task. Anyway, I had no intention of dating, let alone getting married, and my circumstances couldn’t support it even if I wanted to.


‘This… Is too good to be true, right?’


I can’t believe that I’ll get 5 million won every time just by continuing to be half-unemployed that I normally do. It’s an unconventional condition that won’t come twice in life.


However, the word ‘marriage’ came heavier than I thought, making it difficult to accept.


“Ah. And I will move Ha Neul ssi father to the VIP room at the hospital run by our group. Of course, free of charge.”

“Did you do a background check on me?”

“Of course. I am not a crazy bitch asking just anyone to marry me.”


So, you’re not.

I managed to swallow the words that almost came out of my mouth.


No matter how much I listen to it, there’s nothing to lose for me. If I just build a wall with women the way I’ve lived so far. My life. No, my family’s life will be different.


‘Aiming insurance money… Of course not.’


The youngest of Daehan Group.

Thanks to the love of her whole family from birth, she already owns more than a billion shares as a newborn baby.


It’s not a metaphor.

Literally, as soon as she was born, she received a billion shares from his grandfather. By the time she was an adult, there was another zero after her.


Although I can’t imagine it at all because I’ve never even touched 100 million in my life. Anyway, my insurance money doesn’t even amount to this woman’s allowance.


“But why is it me?”


I know it’s a stupid question, but it is also a necessary question at the same time.

If she just opened the phone book right away, there would be a lot of men from ‘prestigious families’ who are more handsome than me, have a lot of money, and are rich for generations.


“Aren’t you a web novel writer? Unpopular.”


Is there a need to say the last word.

I feel like she lacks consideration for the other person.


Anyway, it wasn’t wrong, so I nodded lightly. Then the other person went on.


“When was the last time you went out?”


“Except for today and going out to buy necessities. Something really worth calling ‘going out’.”


When was it.

At least not this month.


The fate of an unpopular web novel writer means that if you don’t serialize every day, you won’t even earn a minimum amount of living.


Besides, I currently have completed my previous work and am enduring the indefinite process of monetization. My work is free, but everything is monetized when I go outside.


‘····I can even count on one hand the number of times I went out last year.’


At that point, I think I know why this woman chose me. She must mean that there is less chance of causing an accident because I never go out in the first place.


“I understand.”

“That aspect is also nice, as expected.”

“Because you do not have to explain?”

“Yes, and…”


Suddenly, Kang Ba Da reached out and took off my glasses. Afterward, she slowly nods as she brushes my shaggy bangs to both sides.


“It is because you are unadorned, but your face also looks fine. The basic physique is also quite good.”


No female friends.

No criminal history.

No outdoor activities as hobbies.


In addition to those, my strengths described from her perspective are listed one after another. She seems to know me better than I do.


“What’s more, you are from Seoul University right?”

“For now.”

“My parents and I are also from Seoul University. Here, you get an additional 3 bonus points.”


Proud of you, me of the past.

It was a moment when I became proud of myself for studying even while working part-time day and night. Even when I was in school, I earned quite a bit of money for tutoring.


“…In addition to this and that, the total score is 95 points. I chose you because you got the highest score among all the candidates.”

“What are the 5 points for?”

“Because you are not my type.”

“Oh, then I will give 10 points.”

“What does it mean?”

“Because we got along well.”2A more literal translation is probably “Because our minds/hearts match well”.



The opponent stares at me silently.

At times like this, I realize appearance is really a bully. Even though she is definitely looking at me with a bad feeling, I don’t feel so bad.


“So are you going to do it or not?”

“Everything is good, but let’s revise the terms of the contract a little bit.”

“If it is a request for physical contact, it is absolutely no-no.”

“That is a bit of a pity as a man.”



She flinched and took a step back. I think her face got a little red, too. It’s quite refreshing to see the reaction that only comes out of comics in real life.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem immune to jokes like this. I wanted to tease her more, but we haven’t stamped the document yet. It’s not good if Miss Customer changes her mind before that.


“There is no need to pay extra allowance, but please participate in our family event too. I do not want to upset my parents.”

“Sure. That will be better off when thinking of perfect disguise.”


Having readily accepted my offer, she took a wad of paper from her bag and held it out to me.

The front page is a marriage registration form.

After that, there are various contracts.


“It is a contract that you do not claim property division in case we ever get divorced. The rest is a cohabitation contract, also this and that.”

“I see.”


The documents were full of personal information about me. Thanks to this, I was able to sign them after only a brief review of whether there were any errors.


“····Did you read it properly?”

“I have read them all.”

“Please do not lie. How can you read the contracts so quickly?”

“I have read a lot of books since I was young. Naturally, my speed reading skills have improved.”


I really love to read, but there were so many things to see in the world. Thanks to that, I trained myself to read everything as fast as possible from a young age.

Naturally, concentration has improved significantly, and short-term memory will not get pushed anywhere.


“Books and contracts are different.”

“Then you can ask.”

“Number 1.”

“Party A (Kang Ba Da) and Party B (Kim Ha Neul) manage their respective profits. However, common profits are negotiated.”

“…Number 5?”

“Meeting or having sexual relations with other people is prohibited during the contract period.”


After that, we exchanged questions and answers several more times. And ‘Kang Ba Da’ eventually recognized my speed reading skills.

After putting the signed contract in her bag, she readily reached out to me.


“Well, I look forward to your cooperation. Husband.”

“I also look forward to your cooperation. Beloved wife3마누라 (ma-nu-ra). An affectionate and respectful nickname for a wife. .”


When I answered appropriately and took her hand, she frowned.


“Beloved wife is a bit too much!”

“Missus4여편네 (yeo-pyeon-ne). Wife. A more casual and colloquial term. Sometimes carry a connotation of the wife being under the husband’s authority. Mostly used when joking or angry. ?”

“Are you doing this on purpose?”

“Then shall I call you honey?”

“Just ‘Ba Da ssi‘ is enough.”

“All right. Ba Da-Sea5FYI, Ba Da means sea in Korean. Meanwhile Ha Neul means sky in Korean..”

“Is that a joke right now…”



Kang Ba Da stared at me as much as possible and gave a lot of strength to the hands being held. It was a warm hand suitable for the late spring weather.


*  *  *


I came straight home. After a simple home training and shower, I lay down on the bed.

When I checked my phone, there was a KaTalk message from Kang Ba Da.  It was a schedule that listed a simple future plan for the marriage.


“····She’s good at work.”


I tend to be rather spontaneous, but she was quite the opposite. She even made an Excel table that lists the time, date, number of people, etc.

If it was between a normal couple, it would be nerve-racking, but I felt rather comfortable thinking of it as a job. Because all I have to do is follow it.


Burr burr-!

Suddenly, the phone vibrated. The unique vibration alone let me know that a notification came from the banking app.



Woojoo Bank – Kang Ba Da

Deposit 5,000,000 won.



“····It wasn’t a dream.”


It was only when I saw my bank account that I realized. That there are days when there are so many customers on my pay platform.


‘Is it like winning the pension lottery?’


These days, the pension lottery receives about 5.5 million won after tax, so it’s a little less than that. But there’s a difference that the pension lottery is ‘only’ for 20 years and mine for a lifetime.

In addition, the probability of winning the pension lottery is about 1 in 5 million people, which is 0.00002%, which is a probability that will even make Korean gacha games6Maybe some of you know that South Korea is pretty hardcore for games. So, games made by Korean companies tend to have absurd probabilities for gacha to rack in gamers’ money. Btw, I hope you already know what gacha is. cry.

Therefore, I was just grateful.

Literally, a ‘golden’ opportunity has come.


‘I should tell my parents first.’



I called my mother right away. The basic ringtone rang several times, and the opponent answered the phone.


– Huh, son.

“Mother. Did you eat?”

– I did. You?

“I ate too.”

– Did you eat convenience store food again? You’ll really ruin your health if you keep doing that. Should I send side dishes?

“No, I had steak today.”

– Steak?


The place where Kang Ba Da called me today was an upscale restaurant with private dining rooms. Thanks to that, I enjoyed the food that I only saw in the movie to my heart’s content.


“It was nice there. I’ll take you next time.”

– You don’t have the money for that.

“I won the lottery.”

– Five thousand won?

“No, five million won.”

– Whaat-!? Oh, I am sorry. I am sorry.


I heard my mother’s startled scream and a series of apologetic voices over the phone. She will be in Father’s hospital at this time, so she seems to be apologizing to those who share the same hospital room.


“Sorry. I didn’t expect you to be so surprised.”

– Do I look like I won’t?

“I’ll send it to your account as it is. Add them to living expenses.”

– No need. Buy some more steak.


I knew it would be like this.

She has spent her whole life taking care of children, but she said she won’t accept a penny from them even if she dies. Even though she’s struggling to cover the hospital fee and living expenses.


“I knew you’d be like that, so I already sent it.”

– No, you’re really!

“If you send it back, I won’t see Mom anymore. Just know that.”


Mom was silent for a long time.

When she opened her mouth again, there was a slight tremble in her voice.


– …Thanks, son. I’ll use it well.

“Yes. Oh, and.”

– Huh?

“I’m getting married now, Mom.”



The call was suddenly cut off. After a while, I called again, but this time Father answered the phone instead.


– Why are you making someone else’s girlfriend cry?

“Is Mom crying?”

– Yeah. Just what did you say for her to be like that.

“Hm… I just said I’m getting married?”



The call was cut off again.

…It seems my parents were more shocked by the fact that I was getting married than by saying that I had won the lottery.


‘Well, I’ll tell them this again later.’


When I checked my phone, my message box was unusually on fire. The culprit was none other than Kang Ba Da.


: Excuse me.

: Hey there.

: Knock knock.

: You have a new gift and message. Check them out now!


The last one is not a real gift, it’s just a written sentence. Does she really think I’m going to fall for something like that.


: Wow, you just checked.

: Are you really going to work like this?

: (Throwing phone sticker)


I glanced at the clock.

The time was just past 11. I realized the downside of this job once again. It seems to be a place where there are no day and night or work hours.


‘····It seems I can’t help it for the time being.’


While I was thinking about this and that, countless messages were flying in. I called before more misunderstandings piled up.



– W, why are you calling me all of a sudden? Surprising me.

“Because Ba Da ssi looks a bit in a hurry. What’s going on at this hour?”

– …I’m sorry for contacting you so late. Still, we have schedules starting tomorrow, but I can’t confirm them. Did you see what I sent?

“We meet at 8 a.m. to go to the hair salon, and then go to the reserved restaurant at 11:30 a.m. After that, go to the department store and buy clothes. That schedule, right?



A flustered tone was heard. I guess she thought I wouldn’t know.


– Anyway, I’m taking a long-awaited vacation to go out, so do not be late!

“All right.”

– ……

“If you have nothing more to say, I will hang up now.”

– …Yes, good night.

“Ba Da ssi too.”



The call was cut off and a deep sense of silence came. It’s a familiar silence, but it felt somewhat unfamiliar today.

I was lying on the bed blankly when my gaze suddenly reached the computer.


‘…It seems I can’t write tomorrow either.’


Today is the last stockpile. Now that the money problem has been solved anyway. It would be better to quit the ruined work as soon as possible.


[Please continue to write.]

[I’m reading it well.]

[I’m enjoying it.]


But, because there are still readers who are reading it.

I’ll have to go as far as I can.

I took out a piece of chicken breast that was piled up in the refrigerator and bit it with my mouth. After that, I sat in front of the desk and began tapping the keyboard.

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