Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 65

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#065 You were kidnapped.

“Sea? What’s going on all of a sudden?”
“Is there a reason why I shouldn’t come?”
“It’s not like that…”

Come on.
Kang Ba Da, who recalled the SNS comment he saw before coming, carefully looked at Kim Ha Neul’s house, but it was not much different from usual.

“It’s usually time for you to be at work. He immediately sent me a message that he was going to work this morning.”
“…That’s what happened. Is there anyone else at home?”
“Someone else?”

Kang Ba Da was close to him and sniffed. I thought it might have the scent of another woman. Fortunately, there was no doubt.

However, Kim Ha Neul’s body scent, mixed with sweat, subtly stimulated his nose, whether he was exercising until just before. It’s a good smell that makes me want to hug you.

“What’s wrong with you today?”
“I’m nervous.”
“I’m nervous because other women are hugging you on Ha Neul’s SNS. I send hearts that I don’t use either, and say I love you……”

Kang Ba Da pouted her lips and confessed honestly. Then Kim Ha Neul, who was staring blankly at her, burst into laughter.

“Oh, really?”
“I’m serious right now!”
“Hmm. But isn’t that the same for Ba Da?”
“If Ba Da’s SNS was worse than mine, it would have been worse, but it wouldn’t be less.”

That’s true.
It’s because I turned off all the notifications and didn’t read them, but there are many stark love confessions in comments and messages, regardless of gender.

“…There are many people who send strange pictures.”

As Kim Ha Neul said. The reason why Kang Ba Da is so anxious now was because he had looked into the abyss of the world himself.

After a few big hits, the legal team checks and processes messages and comments first.

“…Ha Neul, were you jealous, too?”
“Did you get jealous when you saw other men’s comments on my posts?”
“Of course.”

Kang Ba Da’s body flinched at the answer without hesitation. It was all the more so because he had never expressed anything like this before.

“Ba Da is not only pretty in my eyes, and I’m also a person, so of course I’m jealous.”
“…sorry. I had no idea.”
“Well, it’s something I didn’t tell you. I think Ba Da is amazing.”
“I didn’t expect you to be so honest. Were you so worried that you came running from work?”

A playful smile hung around Kim Ha Neul’s mouth. It was only then that Kang Ba Da began to understand what he had done.

The reason, which had been paralyzed for a moment, began to return. The face of Kang Ba Da, which was aware of its actions, turned red. She got up in a hurry.

“Where are you going?”
“C, I have to go back! I came out secretly……”
“I think it’s too late for that.”
“No! Not at all!”

After finishing the answer, Kang Ba Da quickly turned and ran toward the front door. Then, Kim Ha Neul quickly follows behind.

Kang Ba Da paused for a moment at the huge hand of Kim Ha Neul, who was blocking my way.

“…Why, why are you doing this!?”

Whoosh- thump!
Ba Da turned around without realizing it. Then Kim Ha Neul blocks even the other side.

Trapped between Kim Ha Neul’s arms, she was stranded and hardened. Soon as she looked up, Kim Ha Neul’s mischievous smile caught my eye.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!
The heart of Kang Ba Da began to beat wildly. He ran so fast that his nose was about to burst because of the backflow of blood all over his body.

“Do you think you can run away?”

Kim Ha Neul’s low voice made the heart of Kang Ba Da. My legs trembled because I had exceeded the lethal dose.

In the meantime, Kang Ba Da closed its eyes tightly to the face that was approaching closer.

Kim Ha Neul whispered in a low voice in her ears, which had completely hardened.

“You’ve been kidnapped.”
“Huh? Ba Da ssi?” Ba Da ssi!”

At that moment, the body of Kang Ba Da, which was relaxed, flowed down the wall. Flustered by this, Kim Ha Neul quickly supported her, but only limped like a broken doll.

Thus, the two’s hitting the wall ended without a sound.

* * *

“Do you like it?”
“Yes! Thanks to you, I’m going to live a little.”
“There’s a lot, so take your time.”

Kang Ba Da chewing pasta with a happy expression. Watching him made me laugh.

I think the most enjoyable moment while cooking is when someone eats my food deliciously.

Come to think of it, who has been cooking for Kang Ba Da since Kim Mi-jung disappeared? I think he’d hire a new housekeeper.

“How about the new guest?”
“Hmm? Haven’t you hired a housekeeper yet?”
“Oh, that’s…”

Kang Ba Da avoided noticeably. Apparently, Kim Mi-jung’s vacancy has not been filled yet.

“Is something wrong?”
“…I don’t want to let someone else into the house.”
“…Ah. I didn’t pay attention to that part.”
“You don’t have to worry so much! You’re doing well on your own!”

That’s a hell of a lot.
You’ve never done any housework before.

At least you can leave the laundry at the laundry, but how else are you solving cleaning and food? It was hard to imagine.

“Do you eat delivery food?”
“Not often.”
“How many times a week?”
“… Once a day?”
“It’s something you eat very often.”

A sigh came out naturally. No wonder the skin of Kang Ba Da seems to be glowing recently. It’s because you ate a lot of greasy food.

Come to think of it, it seems that the flesh has risen slightly. It’s cute in its own way, but it’s a clear red light for health.

“Children from rich families are more sensitive.”’

Children like me, who grew up eating dirt when they were young, don’t get sick if they pick up anything roughly, but the case of Kang Ba Da is different.

Definitely, Kim Mi-jung must have selected and fed only foods with balanced nutrition and taste, so eating a large amount of salty food such as delivery food will make you sick.

“Are you working out properly?”

Come on.
Kang Ba Da that gently puts down the spoon avoiding the gaze. The obvious body language sighed again.

“I can’t do this.”
“Come to my house after work for a while. Let’s eat together and work out.”
“You don’t have to do that…”
“There is.”

I resolutely cut off the words of Kang Ba Da. It’s only for a moment that healthy habits break down. It should be corrected before it is too late.

“You’ve been sleeping late a lot lately, right?”
“How do you…?”
“It’s weird that I contact you every day before I go to bed and after I wake up, but I don’t know.” It’s all snowballs that started with dinner eating habits.”
“Hey, that’s too much.”
“No, Ba Da ssi, you’ll be in big trouble at this rate.” It seems that the nanny used to set a life pattern. I’ll help you for the time being.”

Kang Ba Da looked a little fed up. I thought it felt familiar, but Kim Gu Reum’s expression was just like that when he was being nagged.

“I enjoyed the meal. I’m going back now!”

When I stared at him without any response, Kang Ba Da, which was looking at me, sat down again.

“…However, it is impossible to come every day. “If we live together in the same house, I don’t know.”
“Then shall we put it together?”

Maybe I didn’t think I would accept it gently, but Kang Ba Da opened its eyes wide.

However, it is this side that is rather absurd. Isn’t it the future that was planned from the moment I decided to be Ye Na’s family?

“Are you serious?”
“It’s been a while since I submitted a marriage report, so what’s new? I think I’m rather late.”
“No, no matter how much…”

Kang Ba Da closed its mouth while trying to say something. Maybe she was thinking, too. It’s because the timing is ambiguous.

I do care about Ba Da’s family.’

Especially Kang Taeyang. the strong sun
It’s been strangely quiet lately, so I’ve been more concerned. I was going to visit you once because of the strong mountain, but while I’m at it, I should make sure about this part.

I don’t think we’re against dating itself, so shouldn’t we compromise moderately considering the current situation?

“More than anything…”

I didn’t know what to say, so I caught my eyes on the restless sea of Kang Ba Da. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t leave her like this.

Aside from the housework problem, Kang Ba Da, who was betrayed by her nanny, must be in a psychologically unstable state. It’s dangerous to leave home alone in many ways.

“It’s the rainy season soon.”

The trauma of Kang Ba Da I saw last time was quite serious. Until now, Kim Mi-jung would have stood by her side, but now there is no one to do so.

It may look fine on the outside, but the inside will be festering more than ever. You need to take care of the trauma before it gets worse.

“Do you want me to come? Or do you want to come, Ba Da?”
“Let me think for a moment…”
“No. Decide now.”
“What kind of forcedness is that!?”
“Here you go.”

I didn’t budge from Kang Ba Da’s defense. Surprisingly, she’s not good at making decisions in this field.

It was obvious that if we didn’t push it, it would be delayed by days, months, or years. Speaking of which, I had to push.

“I think Ba Da’s house would be nice. It’s too small here, so if there’s one more person, we’ll have to hug each other and sleep.”
“You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”
“First of all, let’s decide on Ba Da’s house in a rough way. Next weekend would be a good day. I don’t have a lot of luggage to move anyway… “
“Oh, really!”

Kang Ba Da sprang up from my seat and pinched my lips. She glared at me with her cheeks dyed red.

“I see. I see. I see.

Kang Ba Da sighing resignedly When I pulled up the corners of my mouth exaggeratedly, she flinched back.

“… Don’t do anything strange instead.”
“Something weird?”
“Don’t ask me knowingly.”
“I really don’t know.”

I leaned toward Kang Ba Da, shivering as if I really didn’t know. Then she hurriedly steps back.

“Hey, don’t do that!”
“Why? You don’t like it?”
“It’s not that I don’t like it, but… Anyway! I’m not ready yet. S, I want to move forward as slowly as possible for physical contact-“

At the end, I couldn’t hear it well because it was almost a crawling voice, but I roughly understood what Kang Ba Da was saying.

My wife is very shy.’

First of all, I’m a man, so I’m “Off Coles Wyatt” right now. It must be different from the perspective of Kang Ba Da.

– It’s fascinating when you look at it.
– About what?
– I used to live with my back to Ba Da with men. In the past few years, I’ve never talked about men first while leaving my hair to me, but these days, I only talk about Ha Neul.

Ryu Yeon Hwa’s hair salon is now a favorite place for me. Every time I went there, I heard a little bit of information about Kang Ba Da that I didn’t know.

– But please take your time to get rid of the skinship progress. The ocean is scared of men.
– I didn’t feel anything like that.
– Of course, I won’t show it to Ha Neul. Is the beach pretty? It’s a truck just by collecting the man’s business cards I’ve received. Maybe that’s why there were a lot of things that happened before that he was a stalker or a hidden camera criminal.
– Well… I see.
– Honestly, when I was introduced to Ha Neul for the first time, I thought men’s membranes were just charms. But what is this? Hu Hu Hu.

as Ryu Yeon Hwa said
Rather than falling down while trying to go in a hurry, it would be better to wait for Kang Ba Da to be fully prepared.

“It’s a wedding.”
“I can’t stand it after that.”

This was the most patience I could offer. To be honest, if I live with Kang Ba Da, I wonder how long I can keep my promise.

But I’ll have to try.’

She nodded cautiously, as if her heart had been conveyed to Kang Ba Da, and her ears were completely red.


The figure is very cute.
This is already dangerous.

I stood up quietly. Then Kang Ba Da looking this way with innocent eyes.

“…Why are you getting closer?”
“Why is Ba Da running away?”
“Because Ha Neul is approaching!”
“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.”
“It’s not your expression at all!”

My chin.
Kang Ba Da, which was stepping back, was blocked by the wall. She looked perplexed, and I smiled as gently as I could.

“It’s okay up to here, right? Because I’ve done it once before.”
“What, what!? What do you mean…”
“Pretending you don’t remember.”
“Now, now, wait! “At least brush your teeth…”

Before Kang Ba Da opened its mouth further, I covered her lips.

Kang Ba Da trying to push me away in surprise. As I gently gripped her wrist, her hand gradually lost strength and soon clasped her fingers.

Her lips tasted like sweet pasta.

* * *

“How have you been, brother?”
– I can’t believe your side contacted me first. Are you in a hurry?
“Yes, I need your help.”

I admitted frankly.
Kang Tae-yang will know all the situations on this side anyway, so the winning rate will be higher if he hits it head-on rather than clumsy push and pull.

– a shameless fellow by any means

Kang Tae-yang’s empty smile came over the phone. Judging from the tone of his voice, he didn’t seem to feel particularly bad mood.

“Where should I go?”
– Send someone over there.
“Yes, thank you.”

The conversation with Kang Tae-yang was enough. I took a deep breath looking at my face reflected on the blackened screen.

Let’s pull ourselves together, Kim Ha Neul.
Kang Tae-yang is by no means a formidable opponent.

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