Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 64

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#064 Hurry up and stamp it.

“……Kim Ha Neul, you crazy punk.”
“But the response from the community is okay”.
“Thanks to you, we’re going to die. How much stockpile do you have?”
“I know.”

Choi Jin Cheol and Park Do Jin burst into a despondent laugh as they watched the community’s

[Title: 50 years of experience]: What’s up with Won Ki-ok? What are you, Son Goku? (Laughs) People might think it’s a new release. No wonder he only played one series a day, unlike a type addict.

└ It’s my first time seeing a firearm take the first place.
└ real-time, daily, weekly Is it going to be monthly too?
└ If we see the number of viewers going up, will it be possible?

[Title: Is today the day to reveal the concept art?]: How many cards did you pick for him? The main characters are almost out. The quality of the male characters is crazy; I’m becoming a fan from today.

└ It would be nice if you could release a separate illustration book.
└ Every 15 episodes, I put in a sheet lol.
└ My cookie?
└ The Imperial Girl! Salute!

Kim Ha Neul’s bomb drop had a bigger impact than I thought. It was mentioned in almost all communities and SNS, and even reporters joined in with tremendous firepower.

Perhaps thanks to this, more than 1,000 episodes were piled up, and “Volcanic Miracle,” which was treated as a wall that could never be overcome, retreated to second place.

Thanks to that, the media was also distracted. This is because all kinds of inquiries were made through the phone.

– Is there a book coming out?
– Don’t you release an illustration book?
– CEO, do you remember me? one’s next work…

Not only readers but also writers who wanted to sign contracts flocked, and their work was almost paralyzed. It was natural that Choi Jin Cheol’s lips were caught in his ears.

“You really don’t know anything about people.”

Oh, my.
Choi Jin Cheol burst into laughter again as he saw the busy employees walking around. Who knew that a company that was on the verge of collapse would survive like this?

“…I know.”
“What? What’s wrong with your reaction?”
“It’s nothing.”

Park Do Jin sighed as he recalled the identity of “Rocky” he encountered last time. I didn’t know Kim Ha Neul was Loki.

My eyes were still wide open considering that 100 million won in prize money was lost in front of my eyes, but the bigger problem was his girlfriend Kim Gu Reum.

– Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You have a lot of money! I’ll make sure to apply it next time!

Originally, he was Kim Gu Reum with a cool personality rather than friendly, but since that day, there have been more stories related to Kim Ha Neul.

“You’re kind of evil.”

From the standpoint of dealing directly with Loki, it was more of a devil. I just picked a person’s weakness and stabbed him/her.

If that wickedness applies equally to the flesh and blood. I could fully understand Kim Gu Reum’s anger.

‘… Is this really okay?’

Park Do Jin, who imagined becoming a family with Kim Ha Neul, unknowingly shivers down his spine. He shook his head quickly to shake off his thoughts.

“Don’t play tricks. I can’t use half the day today.”
“Listening to that, I want to use it more.”
“Never mind. Just check it out.”
“Writer, SNS?”
“Yeah, what’s the wind all of a sudden?”

Park Do Jin skillfully manipulated the computer to display the SNS screen. Then, Kim Ha Neul’s SNS account, which was newly opened this time, came out.

“… What, you decorated it pretty well, didn’t you?”
“I think I asked an expert.”
“Composition, Photoshop, and even tag. It’s not something a beginner can do. My followers have already exceeded 5K in a few hours.”
“Is it something amazing?”
“1K is 1,000 people.”
“Well, that’s great.”

Park Do Jin nodded. When he was a college student, I could tell because I had touched SNS quite a lot. This is just a blatant professional touch.

From the moment I was awarded the grand prize in the contest to the scene where I won the ‘Soul Fighter Final’. I chose the highlights of my life.

Even if it was edited with photos taken by reporters. The composition and angle, as well as the resolution, looked great to Park Do Jin.

“But what’s wrong with him all of a sudden? He used to live with things like this.”
“I know.”

Kim Ha Neul is very insensitive to the eyes of people around her. No, I heard from Kim Gu Reum that he’s rather uncomfortable with that.

– Why are you suddenly participating in live broadcasts when you don’t usually come out of your house?

Even now, Kim Gu Reum’s scream seemed to resonate in his ears. Of course, since Kim Ha Neul is also a person, there may have been a change in his feelings along with the eyes of others.

“Well, you must have your reasons.”

Kim Ha Neul, who he knows, was not a person whose behavior changed depending on the value of his name. There must be a good reason for that.

“Brother? When did you two become so close?”
“It just happened.”
“If you take out Kim Writer, you’ll lose.”

Park Do Jin shook his head at the sincere warning. Kim Ha Neul was the one who raised the Korean media, so the CEO’s overreaction was also likely to be the case.

“Wow, but the speed of followers going up is amazing. The number changes every time I refresh, right?”
“The name mentioned the most in the community today is ‘Type Addict (Kim Ha Neul).” You didn’t hide yourself, and you look neat. It’s going to be the right flow.”
“Hmm. That’s amazing.”

Choi Jin Cheol smoothed his chin. It feels like I’m watching my child on TV.

I knew that Kim Ha Neul looked pretty good after being together for the past few years, but when I decorated it in earnest, I became a total celebrity.

“What’s the blue Ⓥ mark on your ID?”
“That’s a certified badge. Famous people have a lot of impersonations, so the company recognizes them.”
“Then is he really ‘White Rose’?”
“Oh, that’s right.”

Among the accounts that follow Kim Ha Neul, I saw an ID called “White_Rose.” He is the main actor of a famous drama with a viewer rating of 15 percent recently.

“If it’s 3M…” Is it 3 million?”
“That’s right. But why did he follow you all of a sudden when he was one of the best followers?”
“I guess our Ha Neul liked it.”
“If anyone hears it, they’ll think it’s the CEO’s child.”
“It’s a child I gave birth to with my heart. Dude.”
“Would you like it?”
“Never mind. Let’s stop working now. The laser is going to come out of the children’s eyes.”

When Park Do Jin secretly scanned the office, the eyes of employees staring at this side with a phone on their shoulders caught my eye.

Normally, I would flinch and avoid eye contact with myself. Everyone cursed with their eyes, perhaps because of the heavy workload today.


Park Do Jin sighs at the back of Choi Jin Cheol, who has already fled far away. He shook his head and resumed his work.

“Bro. You’ve done a great job today! Oh, a webtoon? I was going to ask you this. The portfolio that I showed you last time …”

As soon as the work switch went in, Park Do Jin turned into a friendly figure who was good at social life.

* * *

“I’m so jealous of you, Ba Da!”
“I saw the picture on SNS this time. I thought you were a model.”

the usual lunch break Kang Ba Da, which stopped by a coffee shop with fellow researchers, tilted its head at a sudden sound.

Regardless of her questions, however, female employees who found interesting topics began to make a fuss.

“Oh, I saw that, too! The picture of me riding a boat is my dream, right?”
“I’m holding a trophy.”
“Oh, my God, I created an account this morning and I already have 10K followers. “What if a million couples are born?”
“I know. Big time.”

First of all, it’s good that people compliment Kim Ha Neul. It was a very confusing Kang Ba Da because I couldn’t figure out what had happened.

“There’s no way Ha Neul would do SNS.”’

It was unbelievable for a Kang Ba Da that knew his character. I looked it up quickly because I was wondering if there was an impersonation.

“…It’s true.’

There were also some pictures taken during this trip to Jeju Island, so it could never be impersonated. Unless someone hacked the phone.

What the hell is this?
While Kang Ba Da was agonizing, a female employee with high experience suddenly talked to her.

“By the way, Ha Neul is also a romanticist.”
“Ba Da is the only follower I have.”

Oh, my.
Kang Ba Da burst into a sigh. As she said, Kim Ha Neul followed only “1”. That was his account.

It’s been a long time since Kang Ba Da turned off all the notifications, so I just found out.

“Ha Neul, you’re also…

If you had mentioned it in advance, I would have followed you right away. Kang Ba Da quickly pressed follow, trying to catch the corners of her mouth wriggling.

Regardless of why he suddenly created an account, it was a pity that he lost his first follower to others.

“I envy you. I envy you. I wanted to date someone like that. The reality is that marriage information companies are snooping around… “
“Oh, I also brought up marriage from my boyfriend this time, but you know, he’s changing the subject, right?”
“Marriage is very difficult these days. Is there a guy like Ha Neul? If you show up in front of me, I’m confident that I’ll do everything for you, including rice and laundry.”
“Me too!”

I’m surprised.
Kang Ba Da flinched at the words of its colleagues. Fortunately, people didn’t seem to notice, but she broke out in a cold sweat alone in her mind.

Since my nanny left, I was realizing how disastrous my life was.

I should have learned how to cook.’

The house was already in a mess. He said he would organize it in his own way, but it was absolutely impossible to be as neat as when there was a nanny.

The most serious one was cooking.
The problem seemed to be that the only thing I’ve ever made with my own hands was cup noodles.

Why do I keep failing?’

Obviously, something was not delicious even though it was cooked accurately with the number of grams. Thanks to you, my self-esteem has decreased a lot.

In the end, as the number of people who worked on cooking decreased, they were continuing to eat roughly with delivery food.

Kim Ha Neul’s lunch box is the only joy of life.

‘…I need to find a user.’

Since I learned of the nanny’s betrayal, it has become more difficult to trust anyone else. Especially, I didn’t want to have a stranger around me.

As a result, the aforementioned problems began to pile up in the house. It was Kang Ba Da that even made me feel a bit of disgust at his appearance.

At the same time, I came to imagine how nice it would be to live with Kim Ha Neul. Then we can eat delicious food together every day.

“Okay, Ba Da ssi?”
“Yes, yes? What?
“Hurry up and stamp it with Ha Neul.” You’re pretty, of course, but you know new women are the most dangerous for men, right?”
“…a new girl?”

The female employee pushed her phone again. It was a comment window on a post posted by Kim Ha Neul.

[Muscles are so cool]♥][Please post more pictures!][I Love you, oppa! ◟( ˘ ³˘)◞ ♡]

A comment box full of hearts and confessions of love. Where did they hear the rumor from, not only Koreans but also foreigners were in a lot of trouble.

I love you.
After checking the screen, the eyes of Kang Ba Da became cold. The surrounding area was so quiet that the female employee coughed and quickly collected her phone.

Anyway, when you look like you don’t know what to do because you like Ba Da like now, you should never miss it.”
“It certainly is.”
“Right? So first of all… Where are you going?”
“I’m going to use half the day today. Please tell the warden for me.”
“What’s that, Ba Da ssi?”

Kang Ba Da, who made up his mind, left the cafe without hesitation. Grabbing the taxi right in front of her, she shouted without hesitation at the studio village where Kim Ha Neul lives.

“Driver, please go here. As soon as possible.”
“Madam, that’s a big deal these days.
“No, money isn’t the problem……”
“Please fasten your seat belt.”

A taxi carrying Kang Ba Da began to run without hesitation.

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