Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 59

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#059 East Sea water and Mt. Baekdu

“We’ve arrived.”

The accommodation where I arrived comfortably in the car that the manager was driving. It was quite far from the city center, so overall, it felt quiet and comfortable.

The place we were staying was a two-story building with a unique design that was not common in the city center of the city. A well-trimmed garden and a neat swimming pool stood out.


Ye Na also seemed to have liked the accommodation, and she constantly exclaimed, alternating between the building and the garden.

To be honest, I felt the same way as Ye Na. How much money do I have to pay per night to stay in an accommodation like this?

“It’s my little sister’s villa.”
“Your punishment?”
“Yes. It’s usually a place where we lend it to VIPs from abroad. When I said I was going on a trip with Ye Na, my sister willingly lent me.”

No wonder the design was unique.
Most of the guests of Gangbyeol must be art-savvy, so they seem to have paid considerable attention to the accommodation.

Even if it’s a family, I don’t think they’re willing to give it away I guess it was just an apology for the rainy season.

“Please say thank you later.”
“Yes, I will.”

While we were chatting, Ye Na was crouching in the garden and observing the flower garden carefully. I think Ye Na likes the dorm too.

“Shall we unpack first?”
“Leave it to us.”

The manager, who was waiting next to me, talked to me. When I turned around, the bodyguards were taking our luggage out of the trunk and moving it into the accommodation.

I was feeling a little burdened. Suddenly, the manager held something out toward me.

“Why is this a walkie-talkie?”
“Our team will be waiting a little further away so that we don’t disturb your rest. If you need anything, please contact me with this.”
“Can’t you just call me”?
“There are radio breakers installed around here to protect the privacy of guests.”

That’s illegal, man.
I managed to swallow a horse up to the top of my neck.

Anyway, because of the radio breaker, you have to use a landline phone inside the building and a special radio outside.

“If you need anything, service, or need to go outside, please feel free to contact us.”
“Yes. I’m still on shift at dawn, so feel free to contact me.”
“…I understand for now.”

I got a walkie-talkie from the manager and hung it around my waist. Then, bowing his head, he moved away from view with other bodyguards.

Seeing that they are scattered in perfect order, it seems that there is a designated security point. At that point I decided to give up thinking normal.

‘…If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it?’

Since it’s like this, let’s empty our brains and rest comfortably. I’ve made enough reservations for novels, so now you can just rest without thinking.

“Ye Na, shall we go in now?”

So I took Ye Na and Kang Ba Da into the house. It’s been an afternoon flight, so the time was a little vague, so I was going to eat a simple meal first.

“Nice to meet you. Young man.”

A mother-of-pearl greeted us. At first, I thought he was in charge of this place, but Kang Ba Da willingly stepped forward.

“This is my nanny. I’ve told you this before, right? There is a mother-like person who raised me since I was young.”
“Oh, it was him. It’s a great pleasure to meet you. My name is Kim Ha Neul.”
“I’m Kim Mi-jung. I’ve heard a lot from you. You’re as handsome as I’ve heard. “Every day, the young lady talks about you…”

Ba Da quickly shut her up. In response, Kim Mi-jung smiled as if she was used to it and greeted Ye Na.

“This is Miss Ye Na.”

Ye Na hid behind my legs after receiving Kim Mi-jung’s attention. Since then, she greets her with her head sticking out.

“As I heard, you’re a shy personally shy. Aren’t you hungry? I’ve prepared it separately because I heard that Ye Na lady likes pork cutlet.
“Pork cutlet?”
“It’s a special pork cutlet that I specially prepared for you. It’s really stretchy because it has a lot of cheese in it.”

Indeed, where the parenting experience does not go, and the ability to handle children is at a high level. Ye Na’s alertness is already abating.

“You two must be hungry because you’ve come a long way. Would you like to have a simple meal first?”
“Yeah. I was hungry anyway.”
“I ask you too.”
“Then shall we go to the living room first?”

We followed Kim Mi-jung to the table. There was so much food that could never be described as ‘simple’.

Starting with various palate fruits, fresh seafood pasta and pizza filled the table.

You made it on time for us to come.’

I felt the warmth of the food with my eyes. I think they cooked it while listening to our location in real time through Chief Jang.

The delicacy gave us a taste of the food when it was warm and delicious.

“Have a seat at your convenience. If you wait a moment, I’ll serve today’s main dish, pork cutlet.”
“Pork cutlet. Pork cutlet!”

As if meeting Ye Na’s expectations, Kim Mi-jung came to the table with pork cutlet. I paused for a moment at the familiar visuals.

“This can’t be…”
“I heard that you have a good taste in cooking, but you recognize it right away. [Voiceover] Right. It’s ‘yandon pork cutlet’.”

Yandon pork cutlet.
It is pork cutlet from a TV program run by Park Joo-bu. Park Joo-bu, who has never praised more than 100 episodes, praised the food for the first time.

There were so many people in the store that it became a legendary dish that you had to wait in line all night. I didn’t expect to see this here.

“I heard that the owner of this store has such a firm philosophy that he doesn’t cook for you separately.”
“As the young master said. That’s why I learned how to cook from the owner of Yandon myself.”
“There were a lot of conditions, but as a result, I got a recipe. Of course, there was no illegal process, so you can eat comfortably.”
“…I see.”

In Korea, there will be a number of things that Daehan can’t do. Perhaps there was a complicated transaction that the general public could not know.

Above all, I felt that Kim Mi-jung’s sincerity, who came to Jeju Island to learn how to cook to provide us with delicious food, was truly great.

“The recipe is the same, but since it’s not for sale, all the ingredients are made of the highest quality. It’s probably more flavorful than the main store.”
“Thanks to you, I’m eating something precious.”

Kim Mi-jung’s words, which made me feel proud, naturally nodded. That kind of confidence is not something anyone can have.

Best ingredients and recipes. And the efforts of the chef. It is the confidence that can only come out when these three beats are evenly matched.

“Can I eat it?”
“Sure. It’s hot, so be careful.”

Ye Na, who had been drooling for a while, quickly picked up the fork. Without any hesitation, she dipped into the pork cutlet.

After a while, Ye Na’s eyes opened wide, pushing pork cutlet into her mouth. She pursed her mouth eagerly with a shocked look.

“How is it, Ye Na? Is it good?”

Ye Na focused only on eating, forgetting to even answer. I quickly picked up the pork cutlet at the great reaction.

You have to enjoy cheese pork cutlet with your eyes.’

To the left.
I grabbed my chopsticks and pulled the cheese in the pork cutlet. Cheese that stretches to the front of your eyes without interruption.

As it was sucked like eating ramen, the flavor of savory cheese spread throughout the mouth.

“…It’s an amazing taste.’

Even though I only ate cheese, half of my brain was already filled with happiness. For the remaining half, they shouted to try the skin.

I couldn’t bear to overcome that desire. Forgetting even the eyes of others, he pushed the whole pork cutlet into his mouth.

Crispy fries contrasting with soft cheese. In particular, the unique texture of bread crumbs satisfied my tongue 100%.

“Oh, yes.”

An exclamation sprang out of my head. It was the best pork cutlet I’ve ever eaten.

Kang Ba Da, which was watching my expression while delaying the tasting, swallowed dry saliva. To the extent that her eyes were colored with curiosity.

“How is it, Ha Neul? Is it good?”
“…Try it yourself. I can’t explain this in words.”

At my words, Kang Ba Da also picked up the pork cutlet, and after a while, he looked the same as me. Kim Mi-jung’s face also smiled.

“I’m glad you like it.”
“Can I learn it, too?”
“I heard you like cooking, so I prepared it. You don’t have to pass it on to anyone else, or just open a restaurant.”
“Thank you!”

The cooking process is quite cumbersome to make and eat at home. This is because I really wanted to give this taste to my parents at home.

“Ye Na, I want to paint.”
“I got a feeling after eating pork cutlet!”

…It tasted like that.
Ye Na, who had emptied the bowl neatly before she knew it, shined her eyes. Then, Kim Mi-jung carefully hugged Ye Na and dropped her off on the floor.

“I prepared an atelier in advance in case this happens. I’ll go with Miss Ye Na.”
“Then we’ll also…”
“No, it’s not that difficult. You two finish your meal first. Oh, we also have a swimming pool ready outside, so you can use it comfortably.”
“Hurry up…”

Ye Na seemed to have fully acknowledged Kim Mi-jung with one pork cutlet. Maybe the ‘pil’ will disappear, it’s a rare sight.

In response, Kim Mi-jeong bowed to us for understanding, and headed to the studio with Ye Na.

Suddenly, the male atmosphere became a little awkward only for the two of us. We couldn’t bear to look at each other, just scratching our cheeks.

“Did you finish your meal?”
“Yes, yes! What are we going to do now?”
“Ye Na works for hours once she holds a pen, so we have to postpone going out until tomorrow.”
“I see.”

The sun was already going down because it was a late flight. After Ye Na’s work, the evening will go by easily, so I have no choice but to spend it at home today.

“Shall we take a look at the swimming pool as Auntie said?”
“Okay. Then I’ll change into my swimsuit…”

We shut up at the same time, as if we were squeezing. This is because the weight of the word “swimsuit” was heavier than I thought.

– Bikini is just waterproof underwear!

As a Confucian BJ’s scathing cry passed by in my head for a moment. Without realizing it, I imagined Kang Ba Da in a bikini.

Go get ready first, Ba Da. I’ll briefly organize this place and go.”
“Let’s organize it together.”
“No, go ahead.”

Kang Ba Da looked at me with questionable eyes, but I couldn’t get up from my seat for a while, so I maintained a thorough poker face.

Kang Ba Da tilted its head, but eventually got up first and entered the room. I breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of the back.

“Until the East Sea and Mt. Baekdu dry out and wear out…”

I stood up from my seat, trying to console myself through the national anthem. Thinking that this might be the most dangerous moment of my life.

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