Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 54

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#054 China is shocked, and the U.S. is moved

“Yes! Brother!”

an involuntary frown

I don’t care who Kim Gu Reum goes out with or what he does. It felt strange to be dating an acquaintance of mine acquaintance.

‘… hmm.’

First of all, Park Do Jin is tall and has a good physique. The work is also clear, and there has never been a single trouble in the past few years.

The only thing that bothers me is my job.

However, I heard that the Korean media has been doing quite well since the establishment of a strong back, and that Park Do Jin has been promoted in recognition of his contribution to the establishment.

To put it bluntly, pretty girls would line up to like that spec, but why are they dating such a dirty person?

You didn’t approach him on purpose, did you?’

Looking at his embarrassed expression or his nervousness in the middle, he seems to have no idea that Kim Gu Reum and I were family.

It was a moment when I understood Kang Tae-yang’s mind even a little. Kim Gu Reum and I are like this even though we’re almost friends.

“What the hell happened to you two…”
“Who are you?”
“You’re going to pretend you don’t know?”
“I’m not pretending, I really don’t know.”
“You must have a lot of pockets these days”.
“We’re going to get about 100 million hearts today.”
“With that skill?”

Kim Gu Reum glared at his eyes. If it were normal, I would have started cursing. Maybe because of the eyes of the people around him, he’s trying to calm down.

“Calm down, you two. People are watching.”

Kang Ba Da stopped us.

For a moment I forgot that this was on stage. Looking sideways, the audience at the scene was staring blankly at us.

On the other hand, the huge chat window floating on the monitor to check the response of netizens was very chaotic.

: (Laughs)
: What? Are they real siblings?
: Looking at their expressions and reactions, they’re 100% real siblings. There’s another legendary meme.(Laughs)

Through the reaction of me and Kim Gu Reum, people who predicted that we were in a family relationship started chatting. The news spread, and the number of viewers increased exponentially.

: Who’s next to Loki? I hit a visual ant;;
: Isn’t she the empress?
: What? The princess was Sylvie?
: The empress was a witch? Oh, my.
: Long live the empress! Hooray! Hooray!

As the number of people increased, people naturally recognized the face of Kang Ba Da, and the flow of the chat window began to change.

: Then is the guy next to you a type addict? The empress is your girlfriend? That’s why you wrote “Life after marriage is awesome” as the title?
: Chewy little punk!
: Get him out of there now!
: Starting today, the boycott of novels begins.

Most of the writing was criticizing me, but I didn’t feel bad at all because it was actually a compliment that envied me.

: But isn’t the goddess of blood good too?
: Agreed. Honestly, I thought it would pop out just by watching you play, but you were really a goddess.
: Genes are really a renegade. You’re two brothers and sisters. Hell Chosun RPG is a balance game no matter how you look at it. Han Seop Youngja, please give me the patch!

Perhaps thanks to his hard work on the show, there were surprisingly many people who called Kim Gu Reum a goddess according to his nickname.

“…It’s not a mess.”

Jealous writing for me.

an article praising Kang Ba Da

Even writing supporting Kim Gu Reum.

All of this was mixed up and the chatroom went wild. The server made with up to 100,000 people in mind was about to explode because of its strong firepower.

At this point, the MC, who received a call from the PD in charge, quickly stepped forward to clean up the situation.

“Now! The atmosphere that gets heated just by the appearance of the two teams!” I’m so nervous. Let’s hear from each team.”
“On the subject of a retirement a few years ago. Do you know how high the level of gamers has been?”
“When I fought, there was nothing special.”
“How can you be so proud of yourself for studying abroad?”
“Who lost 337 times to Yangmin?”
“Hey! You punk… “Ugh!”
“Writer! Please play a fun game!”

In the end, when Kim Gu Reum, who couldn’t hold back her anger, was about to scream, Park Do Jin quickly covered her mouth and dragged her to the stadium.

Kim Gu Reum, who is being dragged away unexpectedly. It was a very shocking sight for me. If he’s the younger brother I know, I would have done a flip-flop by now.

“Hahaha! Even before the game started, a very interesting scene is being created. Then, Rocky Team, please move to your seats.”
“Yes, sir.”

Thanks to the agile MC, we were able to move to the stadium naturally. On the move, Kang Ba Da asked in a subtle tone.

“You thought you two looked good together, didn’t
“…I don’t know.”
“Whoa. Ha Neul is also very shy in front of your family. How cute.”

I coughed in vain because I couldn’t think of anything in particular. In the meantime, I arrived at the stadium, and it was a spacious room blocked on all sides.

If you see the player play in person, the sense of immersion will decrease, so it seemed to show the audience only the scenes in the VR game.

“Please put on your device, Mr. Kang sea.”

The first thing to play is Kang Ba Da. According to the match list, they were going to compete 1:1 before the team game. The opponent is Kim Gu Reum.

“Beware of Jokbal Dangsu.”
“I mean… Watch out for sudden drop kicks. It’s Kim Gu Reum’s specialty.”

It’s a possible advice because I’ve actually been hit a few times. Due to the nature of soul fighters, there are few kicks, but Kim Gu Reum may not know.

“…Is that possible?”
“First of all, it’s possible because it’s a full tracker. If you have that crazy personality, you’ll have enough to throw yourself, so be careful.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”

After that, I sat in the waiting seat provided in the room according to the referee’s instructions. It seems that all advice is prohibited when the game starts.

It’s going to be a tough fight.’

It is true that Kang Ba Da’s skills have risen to a frightening extent recently, but I know Kim Gu Reum’s physicality better than anyone else after many years of direct fist-fight.

A decent man is easy to eat. I’ll never hand over the initiative from start to finish.


But I still believe it.

Because she’s none other than the “sea of Kang Ba Da’.

* * *

‘…No way! It’s been less than a month since they started playing games.’

Kim Gu Reum expressed his astonishment in his mind.

This is because Kang Ba Da’s skills were much better than expected. This is by far the best among rankers who use guns as their main weapon.

“It wasn’t like this at all!”’

According to Park Do Jin’s analysis. He said that Kang Ba Da’s skills are only close to the high ranker. I myself agreed with that opinion.

Of course, I can’t believe it’s my first time playing a game, but I thought that was it.

The record of 49 consecutive wins was dominated by Rocky’s overwhelming performance rather than her.

“Cloud, are you going to keep thinking about something else?”


Kim Gu Reum turned his head in a hurry. By a hair’s breadth the bullet grazed her cheek.

Crack, crack, crack.

Kim Gu Reum’s reason began to break off. I’m not weak enough to fall for such a simple provocation, but it was because that tone and expression looked very similar to someone else.

“…Did the new sister get colored in a while?”’

Kim Ha Neul.

What the hell did that evil chief do? Not too long ago, she was a step sister who was pure.

“You’re not going to make excuses later, are you?”


Finally, all the strings of reason were broken, and Kim Gu Reum decided to leave himself to his instincts. Instinct recognized that it was ‘Kim Ha Neul 2’, not her step sister.

Kim Gu Reum quickly approached Ba Da by avoiding incoming bullets or cutting them with a sword.


The attack by Kang Ba Da, which calculated the angle of the crucible, was definitely threatening. It failed to reach Kim Gu Reum, who raised his concentration to the limit with his tenacity to beat Kim Ha Neul.

The street is just around the corner. If it goes this far, the person with the sword is more advantageous.

“Unni, do you have any personal feelings…!?”


Kim Gu Reum quickly turns to the vibration felt behind him. Thanks to this, a bullet that was flying for the back of the head was stuck in the shoulder.

“How in the world…!”
“I bumped into Dottan and Dottan, so I turned the angle again. It was originally a technique I was going to use to deal with Ha Neul, but I didn’t know you’d avoid this.”
“How can such a ridiculous thing be possible……………………”

a shrugging sea of rivers

The appearance of putting down the gun completely as if the last attack was the last resort. Kim Gu Reum breathed a sigh of relief without realizing it.

Deep down.

At that time, an arrow from somewhere penetrated Kim Gu Reum’s neck. It was an arrow fired from a trap that may not have been installed at any time.

“I don’t have any personal feelings either. You know that, right?”

In the blackening vision, Kim Gu Reum only saw it. The evil smile of Kang Ba Da that is worthy of the name “Witch.”

“[email protected]#$”

Cloud’s will was filtered automatically.




[Current score 0 : 5 (win)]

1 game Kim Gu Reum vs. Kang Ba Da (win)

2 games Park Do Jin vs Kim Ha Neul (win)

3 games Kim Gu Reum vs Kim Ha Neul (win)

4 games Park Do Jin vs Kang Ba Da (win)

Team Kim Gu Reum vs Team Kim Ha Neul (win) in 5 games.

Due to the overwhelming difference in skills, not only the scene but also the chat window froze. Many people expected Rocky’s victory, but no one expected him to win every game to Kang Ba Da.

: Crazy. They’re both monsters.
: Is this the end of the game?
: I can see why Loki quit the game.

The game has been decided in the individual match.

Even more disastrous results came out in the fifth game that followed regardless of victory or defeat. Team Kim Ha Neul played a perfect game.

In the event of an unexpected incident, officials entered an emergency meeting, resulting in a proposal to the Rocky team.

“Would you like to fight 12 vs. 2, including 10 high-rankers gathered for the event match with the cloud team?”
“What if we win?”
“We will hand over the advertising shares allocated to Soul Fighter to you two.”

There are 12 high rankers.
The game company made unreasonable conditions without ever thinking that the Rocky team would win.

In response, Kim Ha Neul seemed to have a conversation with Kang Ba Da for a while, but gladly accepted the proposal.

“We have enough to receive now, so let’s go for a beautiful donation to the nursery.”
“We’re grateful.”

Second Rocky & Sylvie Reid that took place like that’s how it happened.

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da eventually won the victory after a bloody fight, and the video spread around the world, making the world buzz.

* * *

“Are you the devil”?
“… hmm.”
“Are you a witch?”
“Yes, yes.”

After all the games.

When Ye Na asked me and Kang Ba Da scratched my head. People openly shouted our nicknames, but it’s weird not to know.

In addition, the last event match was so much that it looked like the devil himself, so he had nothing to say even if he had 10 mouths.

I wonder if Ye Na would be disappointed.

When I was thinking about how to explain it.

“You’re the best!”

Ye Na was embraced by Kang Ba Da. She looked up at us with her ever-bright eyes and began to talk excitedly

“Ye Na wants to be like you!”

(Singing “Fan ID”!

Ye Na shoots a finger gun in the air and imitates the character’s motion. Looking at the scene, he seemed confused whether to like Kang Ba Da or not.

“Ye Na, I want to draw!”

In the end, Kang Ba Da nodded, unable to overcome Ye Na’s momentum. Watching the scene, I quietly drew a smile around my mouth.

Well, as long as you’re happy.’

I also decided not to think deeply. Whether my nickname is the devil or the warrior, if Ye Na is happy, that’s enough.

“Congratulations on winning!”

Then Italy stepped forward. She continued, stroking Ye Na’s head naturally as if she were used to it.

“It won’t be long before we release a fairy tale.”
“Ye Na’s working speed is incredible. I thought I just needed to clean up your characters, but I got a feeling today. Right, Ye Na?”
“Yes! Ye Na got a feeling!”

…That feeling, I’m a little nervous.

It was very ominous to say that I had a feeling now, but I couldn’t stop it now.

“When do you think it’ll be finished?”
“Hmm. I’ll have to draw it, but I think it’ll take about a week to catch enough.”
“Don’t overdo it.”
“Of course. I’ll take care of Ye Na, so don’t worry about her!”
“Yes, I’ll trust you and leave it to you.”

So we went back to our daily lives with people’s congratulations, and time began to pass again.

And finally.

China was appalled, Japan begged, and Americans shed tears of emotion. Ye Na’s first fairy tale book was completed.

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