Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 51 

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#051 Let’s start with the contract.

“That sounds a little difficult.”
“We’ve never been a model, so let’s put aside our lack of professionalism, but I won’t let my agency do it.”
“…You’re an agency?”

Italy turned to me as if that were true. There’s not much I can tell you, though.

‘Cause I don’t know.’

It’s the first time I’ve heard that Kang Ba Da has an agency. However, my intuition, which has been built up after many years of life, says.

This is blotting.

In other words, it’s a lie.

“That’s because Ba Da is an influencer with a million followers. All the photos are uploaded under the strict supervision of the staff.”
“…I can’t believe it.”

Italy’s mouth opened wide when we matched the words in modestly. Maybe he really wanted to model the two of us, but he didn’t even seem to have time to hide his expressions.

In the meantime, when I looked at the side, a small smile was hanging around the mouth of Kang Ba Da.

Anyway, blood can’t fool you.’

I guess someone is from a Korean group. In the meantime, he grasped Italy’s inclination and took the advantage with a little lie.

I guess I did this because I was sure that I would talk to you. It was a moment when Kang Ba Da’s outstanding judgment and bold determination stood out.

“It’s a good idea to go first here.”

It is not us who are in a hurry.

This is to the extent that I want Italy to be illustrated ‘as much as possible’, because it doesn’t mean there’s no alternative but her.

Italy, on the other hand, has no choice but us.
It’s a Kang Ba Da, to be exact, but Italy is ‘tucked’ by Kang Ba Da anyway.

As a person in the same art field, I know very well that there is nothing to see in that state.

“…Well, what can I do?”


Waiting for coffee without a word, Italy spoke first. The urgent person has no choice but to move first.

“Is it that bad?”

I had a question for a moment, but I was convinced when I saw Kang Ba Da. She’s an impeccable subject as a model.

Right now, I was so into it that I only drew her paintings for three days and nights, but if it was my major, I would feel a lot stronger desire than I do.

“By the way, what kind of picture were you going to draw with us as models?”
“…I have to slowly prepare for my graduation work.”
“Are you a college student?”
“Yes, I go to Daeyejong.”

Korea National University of Arts

It is a place commonly called Daeyejong for short. It is famous for its practical classes and good connections with seniors who are currently playing.

It is also one of the schools run by Daehan Group. The sound of the corners of Kang Ba Da’s mouth twitching seemed to be heard all the way here.

You were a college student.’

This was also a fresh shock.

Of course I thought you were a professional freelancer. You’re a college student who hasn’t tasted the bitterness of society yet, so the response is this strong.

– What should we do?

– As you please.

I exchanged glances with Kang Ba Da for a moment. They say couples resemble each other. It was very nice that I had to discuss it with her because my thoughts crossed my mind.

“Phew- I don’t want you to say that.”
“I’ll give you as much money as you want!”
“How much did you have in mind?”
“Eh… I mean……”

Italy spread a finger carefully. When I noticed the meaning of it, I said, stiffening my face as if I was in trouble.

“10 million won?”
“Hmm. That’s not a good price.” Do you know the average advertising cost of a million influencers?”
“…I’m not familiar with this field.”
“At least two.”
“Two, two, two…”

Italy starting to tremble at my words. I’m sure it is. The amount she had in mind would have been a million won at most.

It usually costs 100,000 won to 500,000 won to get a model for the general public. Would you have thought Italy was worth up to 2 million won?

But that’s for the general public.

Kang Ba Da is a influencer with 1 million followers. I’ve never put up an advertisement, so my followers are very loyal.

If you really want to entrust her with advertising or modeling, you’ll be crazy with the two previously mentioned cards.

Above all, Kang Ba Da has a lot of money.

There is an awful lot of that, too.

I picked the wrong person.’

On the other hand, he is a college student.

Even if they are at the top of the illustrators, it is difficult to make a lot of money because of their structure. The output is quite small compared to the time we spend in the room.

Furthermore, college students cannot concentrate entirely on their work. Considering her average number of orders, about six to seven works a month are limited.

Even if you get enough 150 won per sheet, you have to work nonstop for a month to barely exceed 10 million won.’

How long will there be left except for the tax, tuition, and materials, monthly rent, food, maintenance, transportation, entertainment, etc. that go into class?

Of course, there are more than ordinary office workers, but they do not have the ability to pay tens of millions of won each to use a model for graduation works.

“I want to help you because you’re a college student…”


At that time, Kang Ba Da sounded gloomy as if it was worrying. Perfect acting from eye contact to vocalization. You’re playing the role of a cheat.

“Well, I’ll do anything!”
“Yes! Just let me draw!”

Kang Ba Da looked at me as if it were going to do something. Italy’s desperate gaze naturally follows it. The moistness around the eyes was about to burst into tears.

“…I can’t help it.”
“Are you helping me!?”
“Instead, we have conditions.”
“Just say anything!”

I took out a pen and paper straight away. After writing the word “contract” at the top of the white paper, it stuck out toward Italy.

“Then write a contract with us first.”
“A contract?”
“It’s just a formality.”
“No matter how much…”
“If you’re uncomfortable, you can just pretend it didn’t happen.”
“Oh, no!”

As I tried to take the paper back, Italy, who sneaked a glance at the face of Kang Ba Da, grabbed the paper in a hurry.


Me and Kang Ba Da smiled quietly as Italy drew up the contract.

* * *

After all the contracts are finalized.

Italy left first, saying it had to go to a part-time job. Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da talked while looking at the contract.

“It’s easier than I thought.”
“It’s all thanks to Ba Da ssi.”
“But aren’t you being too generous?” Looking at the response, I think he would have come over even if I called him half and half.”
“Well, that’s true.”

— <Employment Contract>—

Employer Kim Ha Neul (hereinafter referred to as ‘A’) and freelance Italy (hereinafter referred to as ‘B’) sign a contract as follows.

1. ‘B’ shall not be commissioned by a third party without the consent of ‘A’ during the contract period.

2. ‘A’ must guarantee ‘B’ a request worth 7 million won or expenses every month.

3. “Party A” may be entrusted to “Party B” in order to guarantee their studies. This shall be determined by “Party A” and “Party B” in consultation.

4. “B” must comply with the designated delivery date, and “A” can raise an objection if it is deemed that the completeness of the delivered work is poor.


The contents of the contract that continued after that.

It was too much work to write by hand, so from the middle, I wrote it again on my laptop and printed it out and signed it.

“I think this is a reasonable level. Unless we’re going to change jobs as a couple fraud group.”

Kim Ha Neul knew the hardships of poor college students better than anyone else. How life is impoverished by a vicious employer.

Therefore, even if the other person was a college student who was ignorant of the world, he did not intend to hit the unit price. You have to be treated according to your ability.

“This is rather cheap.”
“Yes, because he’s worth it.”

Italy is at the top of the list of existing illustrators. The quality is high and the hand is fast, so the preference is high.

That’s how much reservations will be constantly flooded. If you could monopolize her, you could try a lot of different things.

This means that it is much more efficient to build a good feeling and keep it with you for a long time than to skip it in the short term.

“If Ha Neul ssi says so, then so is it…”
“Don’t worry. I don’t have to pay for everything.”
“Just in time, our proud representative of Korean Media is looking for a competent painter.”

Kang Ba Da opened its eyes wide when it realized what he was talking about. Kim Ha Neul said with a smile around his mouth.

“I’m going to entrust Mr. Italy with the webtoon of <Life after marriage>.”
“Is it possible? Webtoons and illustrations are completely different areas.”
“You said you were in the animation department, so the foundation should be enough. Of course, we’ll have to watch and check the exact workload or speed for the time being.”
“Money is provided by management and platform?”
“I’m sure they’ll welcome you with double eyelids, too.”

Ba Da shook its head in bewilderment. He just laid a plate lightly, but he looked much further at Kim Ha Neul and offered a contract.

Through this, Italy has secured a stable source of income, and if you take over the webtoon in the future, you will receive the profits accordingly.

There is no reason to refuse Manage because it can recruit illustrators who are popular enough. It is a contract in which all three parties benefit.

“It’s up to you to see if you can win it.”

According to the report received through CEO Choi Jin Cheol, it is a truck that has already submitted an application, saying that he wants to be in charge of “Life after marriage.”

Since the novel became a mega hit, of course, webtoons are bound to become a hot topic. Even if they reduce their profits, many people have jumped in to promote their name value.

There is no way Kim Ha Neul would not know this situation. He knew all the circumstances and offered Italy very generous terms.

‘…I can’t really hate it.’

RiverBa Da understood that it was not an act of liking for Italy, but of generosity towards ‘my people’.

Soon, Italy will realize how much consideration Kim Ha Neul has.

Looking at Kim Ha Neul’s side face with a soft smile, Kang Ba Da quietly resolved in her heart.

‘I’m going to protect him.’

So that Kim Ha Neul can remain like that forever. It was her who thought she should support better next to her.

* * *

“You’re Ye Na, aren’t you?

A few days later we met again at the nursery.

When I briefly explained to Italy how I came to make a fairy tale, she asked me to see Ye Na in person, so this happened.

Ye Na was hiding behind Kang Ba Da as always, and as if she had expected this, she held out a piece of cloth Italy was wearing on her side.

It was none other than a canvas. The size was so large that it covered all the Ye Na.

“This is your drawing. Do you want to see it?”
“… painting?”
“Look at this”.

Ye Na answers the word “picture” Accordingly, Italy removed the cloth and presented the painting to everyone.

“What do you think, do you like it?”

Not only Ye Na, but also me and Kang Ba Da, who were watching it from behind, gave admiration. It was a very familiar painting for us.

“Isn’t this an imperial painting?”
“That’s right. I kept thinking about it after digital work, so I ended up with the paint.”
“It’s different to see you like this.”
“Of course, the texture is completely different.”

Italy has redrawn the illustration of the empress, which was used as a cover, in a watercolor version, and the completeness was so high that I wanted it.

Moreover, Ye Na is completely out of her mind.
She nodded her head constantly, alternately looking at the picture and the face of Kang Ba Da.

“You can touch it yourself if you want.”
“Of course.”

Immediately after the permission was given, Ye Na excitedly began to touch the painting, and Italy watched it closely.

Where did the smile that he had been smiling a while ago go, Italy looked serious enough to make the viewer solemn.

“…I thought you were the chief.”

Just. Just.

After a while, Italy began to bite her nails. When Ye Na showed her drawing, she was doubtful, and now she realized her talent.

“Can you tell from this?”
“Of course. Usually, children of Ye Na’s age touch their faces first when they say they can touch paintings. The painting is often ruined because it’s careless. But if you look at Ye Na now……”
“You’re touching the background first.”
“To be exact, it’s the part I painted over. You can’t really see it with your eyes, so you can feel the texture by touching it yourself. Where the hell did this monster pop out of?”

Italy, which had been uttering exclamations without realizing it, quickly bowed to us. The word “monster” must have bothered him.

“I’m sorry! I was so surprised that I couldn’t help but stop…”
“It’s okay. I didn’t mean it in a bad way. Did it help you draw an illustration?”
“Of course. In that sense, there is one thing I would like to ask the boss.”

Italy, which has been calling me the boss ever since I signed the contract. Even if I told him not to, he seemed to have no intention of fixing it, so I gave up moderately and opened my mouth.

“What is it?”
“Can I work with Ye Na?”
“Yes, I think it’s going to be a very interesting picture.”

Before I knew it, Italy’s face had that strange desire for courtesy. At first glance, it was similar to the expression Ye Na showed when she looked at the picture.

I think geniuses have something in common.’

After thinking for a while, I nodded soon. This is how the collaboration between the two geniuses began.

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