Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 30

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#030 Would you like to wash up first?

– It’s pretty.
– He’s very considerate.
– Everything looks pretty to me.

What the hell are you talking about?’

Kang Ba Da’s head was complicated by the unexpected consecutive at-bats home runs. My face has become so hot that I can feel it myself.
Of course I know it in my head.
That’s a prepared line.

“But was Ha Neul that good at acting?”’

That’s not true.
Kim Ha Neul is definitely noticeable when he lies. No matter how much I think about it, I think the current statement is mixed with sincerity.
What bothers me is.
Kim Ha Neul’s acting skills soared when he made a bet with another person or played mischievous pranks like now. So I couldn’t make a hasty decision.

“I started it first, but…

It was a little bit of a joke, a little bit of a serious story. I didn’t expect such a counterattack. I didn’t expect that at all.
Sometimes, people are indifferent enough to think that they are doing it on purpose knowing their feelings. Thanks to you, my heart fluttered like crazy.

“We used to be like that, too.”

At that time, Kim Ha Neul’s father, “Kim Joseph,” evoked the atmosphere. He continued, nodding his head as if he were okay.

“In the past, my wife and I were young. Looking at the two of them reminds me of the old days.”
“Why are you bringing up the old story? You miss us, old story for the kids… “
“I want to hear it!”

Kang Ba Da opened its mouth without realizing it.
It was because I needed time to calm down my pounding heart, but I really wanted to hear the story of them.
However, my head is still overloaded, so I couldn’t think of what to say next.
Looking at the hesitant Kang Ba Da, Kim Ha Neul’s mother, “Jeong Maria,” smiled benevolently around her mouth.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never told my children either.”
“You didn’t tell me when I asked you before.”
“That’s it.”

Jeong Maria’s head turned to Kim Gu Reum’s question. At the end, Kim Yo-sep, embarrassed and sneaked away his gaze away.

“Your father told me never to tell you.”
“My, when did I!?”
“Oh, so I can tell you everything, right?”

It was Kim Joseph who turned the word “no” around, but Jeong Maria didn’t even work. With a smile around her mouth, she slowly opened her mouth.

“We first met at the temple.”
“A bow?”
“Yeah, it’s already been 30 years. When I first saw him, he didn’t have any hair.”
“They’ll misunderstand if you say that!”
“Would you like to just go into the room?”

Instead of answering, Kim Joseph only turned his head with his mouth closed, and Jeong Maria, who once again swallowed a smile, continued.

“At that time, your father was a monk. Did he say that he ran out because he didn’t like the family that forced him to do everything from one to ten?”
“What a monk Joseph. Oh, my God.
“The legal name is different.”

Kim Joseph refuted, but everyone did not seem to care much. Rather, I was curious about the next story.

“The next thing is obvious. “When I saw myself coming to the temple, I fell in love at first sight and reverted.”
“You seduced me first!”
“Who did you think would come over so easily?”

Jeong Maria does not deny the fact that she seduced her. A gentle smile spread to other people’s mouths as the two squabbled.

“But why did you go to the temple?”
“Your mom was just like me.”
“They both got out of the house because they were sick of the house, so I should say that I felt a kind of homogeneity.”

Jeong Maria nodded silently at Kim Gu Reum’s eyes, which seemed to ask if that was true.

“Oh my God, Joseph and Maria meet at the temple. Isn’t the name a born belief? It’s religious unity. “
“I always say this to you, but you don’t have to follow the life your parents have decided.”
“Yes, we will be your fence.” I don’t want to be an iron bar.”

As if they were in sync, the eyes of the two turned to Kang Ba Da at the same time.

“So do you. A bird.”
“Yes, yes!”
“When you’re having a hard time, talk to me anytime. You’re my family now.”

The words filled with sincerity made Kang Ba Da speechless for a while. I hesitated because I didn’t know what to answer, but Kim Ha Neul willingly stepped forward.

“We haven’t even had a wedding yet. If you keep doing that, Ba Da will feel burdened.”
“Look at him taking care of my girlfriend first after raising his son and son.”
“That and this are different.”
“It’s a compliment. It should continue to be.”

As Kim Ha Neul tilted his head, Kim Yo-sep opened his mouth with a rather serious look. Everyone’s attention was drawn to the unprecedented weight.

“No matter what anyone else says, you two have to trust each other. That way, it won’t shake.”

Yoseph is usually playful, but he does it when he does it. Everyone could feel the sincerity of the words.
After a moment of awkward silence.
Before the atmosphere became heavier, Jeong Maria took the lead in changing the subject.

“How long have you two been seeing each other?”
“It’s been about a year since we officially met.”

Kim Ha Neul answered quickly.
This was the part where the words were matched with Kang Ba Da beforehand. To prevent mishaps when family or friends ask.

“Well, it’s older than I thought.”
“I didn’t notice anything at all.”
“I know. I thought it was about two months ago.”

Kang Ba Da tried to swallow her scream at Jeong Maria’s sense of accurately pointing out the period she met with Kim Ha Neul.

“Sae, please understand. We were told we were getting married out of the blue. I have no idea what time the two of them spent together.”
“It’s all right! Ask me anything you’re curious about.”

When Kang Ba Da was bravely spoken, Jeong Maria raised the corners of her mouth. The moment I saw the smile, Kang Ba Da was captivated by a strange sense of wonder.


As Kang Ba Da spent a lot of time together recently, he was able to read Kim Ha Neul’s expression. That he always had that look on his face when he was making mischief.
Tensions have risen because they have been subjected to quite a lot without knowing. In response, Kang Ba Da took a sip of the tea to calm down.

“You two didn’t have a baby, did you?”
“Cough! Oh, sorry. Cough! Coughing!”
“Oh, are you okay?”
“It’s okay. Cough!”

Kang Ba Da, embarrassed by the sudden question, was choked. Kim Ha Neul quickly got up and took care of her.
As the condition of Kang Ba Da improved a little, Kim Ha Neul turned to Jeong Maria.

“I’m sorry to surprise you. It’s because a child who never had a girlfriend suddenly brought up marriage, and I’m worried as a parent.”
“No matter how much…”
“Well, it’s all right. Ha Neul ssi.”

Before I knew it, Kang Ba Da, which had cleared its face, stopped Kim Ha Neul. She cleared up her thoughts by putting together her disheveled clothes.

I was too careless.’

They are Kim Ha Neul’s parents.
As I knew his formidable personality, I had to pay attention to my parents who would have been the background.
This is a battlefield.
The opponent could be the worst enemy or the best ally depending on his or her move. We should not forget that fact.

Wake up, Ba Da of Ba Da.’

You can never get what you want by just relying on Kim Ha Neul. That’s why I’m disqualified as a member of Daehan.

“There was nothing your mother was worried about, so you don’t have to worry too much. I’m still very careful and this person is also very careful.”

Of course, it was not that I didn’t think about “I want to have a child” while looking at Ye Na, but it was still premature in many ways.
Jeong Maria nodded when she noticed the meaning of the words. She was spoken to with a soft smile around her mouth.

“Don’t get me wrong. I just asked because I was really worried. As I said earlier, we have no intention of getting involved between the two of you.”
“… mother.”
“Of course, it is true that I want to see my grandchild who looks like a new baby, but I don’t want to burden her because of that. Let’s discuss it among ourselves and make a decision.”

At that moment, Kang Ba Da felt a warmth that could not be described by writing. It was because I instinctively realized that what she said was true.

“I’m on the same page.”
“Your father?”
“It’s not something to say to those who haven’t raised their esophagus yet. Enjoy yourself as much as you can. The time to make memories between the two is surprisingly not long.”

Kang Ba Da was a little confused.
How many cases did you look up on the Internet before you came here. If it’s related to parents-in-law, I looked at all the dramas, novels, and communities.
Of course, of course.
Most of them were bad stories, and among them, the part related to pregnancy was the part where the conflict with the parents’ generation reached its peak.

I didn’t expect this reaction.’

I never came here with the intention of fighting, but I thought there would be a difference of opinion on this part.
However, when the unexpectedly warm answer came back, Kang Ba Da had no idea how to react.

“Father, do you regret giving birth to me?”

Kim Ha Neul intervened for the troubled Kang Ba Da. He caught the attention of his family in a playful tone.

“It used to be.”
“Until I met the new baby.”
“Your father’s family is me”.
“Ask your in-laws carefully at the meeting. Do you want to change it? Well, I’m sure you’ll be rejected.”
“Wow, you’re so mean.”

The rich man’s joke eased the mood. Then other families naturally intervened in the conversation, making the table noisy.

“If I give it to you and get Ba Da, it’s a huge benefit.”
“You don’t have any more pocket money.”

[Laughing out loud.
Kim Ha Neul family members exchange jokes and laugh. Kang Ba Da realized that the untimely gong-t was to relieve her tension.
…They are all good people.
A smile spread around the mouth of Kang Ba Da.
* * *

“Thank you for your hard work. Ba Da ssi.”
“Ha Neul had a harder time in the middle.”
“Would you like to wash up first?”
“Oh, no! Ha Neul, go ahead. I’m going to rest here a little bit!”
“If it’s inconvenient, even now…”
“I’m fine!”

Kang Ba Da quickly pushed Kim Ha Neul’s back. He mumbled several times to see if he had something to say, and eventually left the room.
The door closed, and Kang Ba Da, left alone in the room, covered his face with his hands. What the hell is going on now.

How did you end up sleeping in Ha Neul’s room?’

The incident originated in Jeong Maria.
This is because when Kim Ha Neul went to the bathroom a while ago, she asked in a subtle tone.

– Sae-ah, are you going to sleep over?
– What!? That’s…

– Actually, I don’t have much time to meet my son. I don’t know when I’ll see you again after today. It’s raining and windy outside, so why don’t you stay up tonight?
What kind of daughter-in-law can refuse when her mother-in-law talks like that with such sad eyes? It was Kang Ba Da that nodded without realizing it.
However, there was a trap hidden in Jeong Maria’s remarks, and Kang Ba Da only learned the truth later.

– Sister, don’t pay too much attention to what mom says. Of course, he doesn’t come home often, but my mom misses food more than her face.

– What?
Kang Ba Da, which did not understand the meaning, tilted its head. Kim Gu Reum shrugged his shoulders and continued to talk as if he were insignificant.

– You tried it before, right?
– Don’t tell me…

– My parents wanted to eat breakfast made by Kim Ha Neul. Maybe.
I got caught.
However, too much has already been said. Kang Ba Da sighed, swallowing its miserable feelings.
The important thing now was not what your mother intended. As a result, the situation in front of us should be resolved first.
Men and women sleep in one room.
Just the two of us.

“I’m not ready today!”’

Of course, as long as you have your family in the next room, it’s hard to do something. Still, you don’t know about people.
Kang Ba Da managed to withstand the scream of bursting out. At the same time, I tried to recognize the situation in front of me as objectively as possible.

“Wake up, Kang Ba Da!”

Today, I was only dragged around by the Kim Ha Neul family.
This is something that can never be allowed as a member of Daehan.
There is no turning back what has already happened, so we should take the maximum benefit from it. After the calculation, the eyes of Kang Ba Da flashed.

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