Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 29

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#029 You’re mine

“Thank you for the food!”

The family sitting around the table immediately started eating. Various foods prepared in advance attracted people by stimulating their eyes and nose.
Steamed ribs with luster.
a thickly sliced stir-fried pork
Even kimchi pancakes with crispy ends.

“Yes, this is it!”
“As expected, home-cooked meals are the best.”
“Eat slowly. I’m going to have an upset stomach.”

Despite Kim Ha Neul’s words, the family did not stop using chopsticks. Kang Ba Da, who was curious about this, carefully picked up his chopsticks.

“… Smile no matter what!”

Kim Ha Neul’s family’s fierce reaction, and even though his mouth is not short. Still, I couldn’t help being nervous.
There’s a possibility that the food might not suit your taste. In this case, even if you are in pain, you should endure it and show yourself eating deliciously.

“First, stir-fried spicy pork.”

At first, I chose the most simple food. Unless you burn the meat, it’s really hard to fail.


As soon as I pushed the meat in, the eyes of Kang Ba Da opened wide. This is because the flavor of the savory oil filling the mouth was so sweet.
Kang Ba Da chewed the meat reflexively. Then, the texture of the meat, which is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, spreads throughout the body.
In the meantime, Ba Dasoning was so well soaked, and the slightly spicy and sweet taste lingered around my tongue for a long time.

Is this really stir-fried spicy pork?’

That’s how shocking it was.
Even a nanny with all kinds of cooking certificates is never bad at cooking, so I’m sure I’ll never win.
The moorings of Kang Ba Da wobbled. As if possessed by something, she quickly moved her chopsticks toward the braised short ribs.

‘…That’s ridiculous.’

This was a nostalgic taste again.
It tastes surprisingly similar to the taste of braised short ribs that I once ate at the Shilla Hotel. To the point where I wonder if they used the same recipe.

No, this side is more mellow.’

This is no longer the level of ‘home-cooked meals’. Kang Ba Da, who was busy using chopsticks, barely came to his senses after emptying two air.
Later, when I looked up, I saw Kim Ha Neul’s family looking at him with a happy face.

“Do you like the food?”

Kim Ha Neul’s mother asked with a generous expression. Kang Ba Da, who remembered his action a while ago, received a word with a little blush.

“It was the best food I’ve ever eaten. Enough to hire an exclusive cook. Oh, this isn’t about wanting to do that to your mother… “
“Hoho, I understand what you mean.”

Kang Ba Da where words were twisted in embarrassment It was that much distracting food. Even now when my stomach is full, my mouth is watering when I imagine it.

“I see, heaven.”

The name of Kim Ha Neul, who was suddenly called, was embarrassed by Kang Ba Da. Then all the family members smiled mischievously around their mouths.

“Don’t do that, everyone. Ba Da ssi is embarrassed.”
“Oh? You’ve been keeping your mouth shut until now because you were curious about Sae-ah’s evaluation.”
“That’s it. What is it?”

Kim Ha Neul scratching his cheek.
As Kang Ba Da, who could not grasp the situation alone, looked around in embarrassment, Kim Ha Neul sighed low and continued.

“I did it.”
“I cooked all these dishes.”

Kim Ha Neul pointed on the table and said, Only then did Kang Ba Da, which understood what had happened, shut up its mouth.

“… a lie”

Kim Ha Neul cooked all these fantastic dishes? Does that make sense? It’s hard to believe even if you called a chef from a five-star hotel to cook.

“This is Ha Neul’s dish?”

Why, why, how?
Questions continued to pour out, but nothing was solved. When he looked at Kim Ha Neul with a complicated heart, he opened his mouth with an embarrassed look.

“The main character of my first paid work was ‘Star Chef.’ At that time, I visited ‘Park Joo-bu’ myself and learned a lot of this and that.”
“If it’s Park Ju-bu…”
“Maybe the person who came to mind right now is right. 5 million YouTubers. The person who consults restaurants on TV sometimes.”

He was so famous that most Koreans knew him. A leading culinary researcher who is recognized by everyone in the industry.
How did Kim Ha Neul come into contact with such a person? The answer to this question could be heard from Kim Gu Reum.

“This person was originally a game junker. After quitting my job, I was crazy about playing games for a while. Was it some kind of ranker?”
“I was the captain of the attack team with the only ‘first kill’ record in Korea.”
“…Yes, you are good.”

Kim Ha Neul nods with a proud face despite Kim Gu Reum’s sarcastic remarks. He seems genuinely proud.

“Anyway, that name is also in a strange guild…”
“It’s the <King of the Semi-Underground> attack squad.”
“Anyway! Park Joo-bu belonged there, too.” But this person suddenly quit playing games because of his current life, and he told me to work in his store.”
“He was a good man.”

I heard that at first, I was going to order a store manager, but as I was teaching him, he was better at cooking than I thought, so I offered him a chef position.
Kang Ba Da was speechless in its absurdity. Why on earth is this person writing? Isn’t this a waste of talent?

“Hey, but this crazy person turned it down! Oh, my God. Why would you refuse when you say you’re going to give a building to a semi-unemployed?”
“Kim Gu Reum.”
“No, isn’t she ridiculous, too?” If my brother had sat in the chef’s seat at that time, he would be in a pile of money by now …”

Kim Gu Reum, who was glared at, pouted his lips. In the meantime, Kang Ba Da asked questions that she was curious about.

“But why did you refuse?”
“I thought it would be hard to work with a web novel writer at the same time.”

It was indeed Kim Ha Neul’s reason.
Not only Kang Ba Da but also the whole family shook their heads at the answer, which showed no hesitation or regret.

“It’s not a skill to brag about anywhere else.”

No, you can brag about this!
Ba Da managed to swallow a horse up to the top of its neck.
When I think about it while calming my excitement, it is very good news for me.

“If you live with Ha Neul, you can eat this kind of food every day, right?’

The corners of Kang Ba Da’s mouth wriggled as Kim Ha Neul, who was an unlisted stock, saw the value of Kim Ha Neul, which was frightening.
Is it okay to have this kind of existence in the world? It felt like I was facing a legendary Pokemon.

Kim Ha Neul, you are mine.’

Keep that in mind.
You’re mine.
* * *
After the meal.
My family, including myself, sat around comfortably and talked. I felt better when I saw everyone’s satisfied expressions.

“Thanks to my son, I’
“I’ll do better from now on.”
“Never mind. Just live happily ever after.”
“My happiness is when my mom smiles.”

My mother let out a silly laugh at my words. He looks as if he is being ridiculous.

“Who’s not a writer? The horse is smooth.”
“Right? He’s a really good at talking.”

Kang Ba Da, which was listening quietly, intervened in the conversation. I don’t think that’s acting.
When I glanced at him, Kang Ba Da turned his back on me and began to talk rakugo with my mother.

“I’m sorry. My son is like my father, so he’s a little slow-witted, right? It must be very frustrating.”
“He’s that cool, so I have to take it.”
“…Unnie, I think the bean pods are too much. What’s good about him?”

I didn’t stop my brother this time, as if my mother was curious about it. On the contrary, he even looked at Kang Ba Da with anticipation.

I’m gonna have to stop this.’

If Kang Ba Da roughly glosses over, it will persistently dig into it due to the nature of my mother and younger brother. It’s not good to get caught here for nothing.

“Why do you ask me that?”
“It’s all good.”

Everyone’s head turned to the answer of Kang Ba Da. Even his father, who had a calm expression on his face, even made his ears flutter.
While my brain stopped for a while in a sudden situation, Kang Ba Da continued with a playful smile around my mouth.

“First of all, you’re handsome.”

In response to Kang Ba Da’s answer, the parents quietly raised the corners of their mouths, and the younger brother nodded reluctantly while frowning.
That’s probably because I look exactly like me when I remove my makeup. The moment you deny your face, you spit in my face.

“Also, it’s fun to be together.”

That’s it, I guess so.
According to the story, Kang Ba Da has only repeatedly lived between school and home until now, and now that it has become an adult, the school has only been changed into a laboratory.
Kang Tae-yang once controlled the club and other night culture. Even if you don’t show it on the outside, you’ll be very wary of other families.
In the meantime, I went to an amusement park and participated in MT. The life of Kang Ba Da has become much more dramatic than before.

“More than anything, he’s nice.”
“Unnie, I really don’t think that’s right.”
“Have you ever heard of ‘Hanam Bloodbath’?”

Kim Gu Reum looked at me with a mischievous smile on his lips. What nonsense is he trying to say? The moment I tried to shut him up.

“Oh, I know that.”
“From what I heard, Cloud was bullied by a senior at school and tried to save it…”
“Wow! Argh!

Kim Gu Reum was shocked and blocked the mouth of Kang Ba Da. Then he glares at me with a fearful eye. He looks like, “Did you even say that?”
This only gave me a shrug. I’ve never told you about my school days. Rather, I am more surprised.

How far do you know?’

I knew from the beginning that I had investigated this side’s past, but I didn’t know you were even aware of the situation that Kim Gu Reum was taken out of the bad circle.


I know all about your past, so it’s a subtle pressure not to tell unnecessary lie.
At that moment, the appearance of “The Imperial Princess” in the novel and Kang Ba Da overlapped, making my spine cool.

“How is your son?”
“Don’t you have to reply to the new baby, too?”

an arrow that came back out of the blue
Everyone’s eyes are on me.
Now, everyone seemed to be thinking about how to tease the two of us, without paying attention to the food as if they were full.

“It’s within my expectations.”

From the time I arranged the first meeting between Kang Ba Da and my parents, I have compiled a list of expected questions and answers. This basic question is not even a crisis.
Having done image training and reading actual scripts, I was able to bring up the answer without any hesitation.

“Because you’re pretty.”

A heavy silence fell.
Exactly what I calculated.
If the person goes straight like this, the person who asked the question will be embarrassed.
Both the vocalization and gaze processing that I practiced to speak this line without wavering were perfect. All I have to do is hit the nail on the head on the head.

“Ba Da is very considerate.”

It’s not exactly an empty word.
Kang Ba Da usually enjoys expensive coffee or course dishes, and always goes to inexpensive places such as snack bars when I buy them.
Other than that, just looking at how you respect my work and how you treat my family. Kang Ba Da is a caring person.

“I like babies, too.

My body is so comfortable that I feel a little sad when I go to the nursery with Kang Ba Da. Because all the children cling to her.
Even though he may be tired, he never frowns and plays with the children. I heard from the director that he often stops by and plays with Ye Na even when I’m not around.

“He works hard at his job.”

Thanks to the separation of men’s and women’s accommodations at MT, I had a chance to have a “male-only conversation.” Then I heard this and that from the lab people.
From what I heard at that time, Kang Ba Da had never taken a vacation for personal matters. It was the first time we had a department store date.

– Actually, everyone was a bit worried.

– That’s right. Ba Da has some walls without knowing. I never told you about my personal reasons.

– If I’m hooked on something, I’ve been locked in the lab all day and looking at the data, but it was hard to talk to.
We are very close, but no one has ever had a sincere conversation enough to reveal their true feelings. Regardless of gender.

– But something has changed recently. Can you feel my soul? It doesn’t mean anything weird, but it feels like something’s alive in general.

– I wasn’t the only one who felt it.

– It’s been like that since I met Ha Neul.

– That’s right. The timing is perfect!
Most of them were conversations in this context.
I’ve heard a lot of other things. There wasn’t a single bad story. Everyone thinks of her like her own brother.

‘………You said everyone who saw Ba Da as their opposite sex left the institute, right?’

It’s a story that circulates like a kind of ghost story in the research institute, and it was a difficult topic for me to laugh as I knew the truth.
Well, even with that in mind.
Kang Ba Da is more enthusiastic about her work than anyone else, and it is quite cute to explain her field diligently when she comes out while talking.

“I just like that all the parts are piled up. It’s hard to pick just one. Everything looks pretty to me.”

I said everything I had prepared.
I added a few things without realizing it, but it was never a bad thing. Lies are supposed to be hidden in the truth.
But my family, who were supposed to respond, were looking at me with their mouths open. Kim Gu Reum opened his mouth first while he was embarrassed for a moment because he thought he had made a mistake.

“Wow, you’re good at saying such embarrassing things.”

Parents who turn their heads in vain and Kim Gu Reum shakes their heads as if they are dumbfounded.
Ba Da of a river with a red face like a very angry person. The moment I met her expression, I thought to myself.

“… Was that was too much?’

Everyone has a plausible plan.
until put into practice

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