Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 28

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#028 Let’s go eat.

– What should I wish for?
Since a few days ago, Kang Ba Da has been in deep agony. It was to determine the purpose of the “wish right” obtained thanks to Kim Ha Neul’s grand prize.
Of course I don’t mean to ask for anything ridiculous, but I want to make good use of what I’ve already gained.

– Why don’t you ask me to travel with you?
– Isn’t that too early?
– Give me a hug, kiss me…

– How can you say that!?
Ba Da buried its face in the pillow. This is because listening to the nanny’s words stimulated my imagination for no reason, and my skin heated up.
I searched the Internet before asking my nanny, but I turned it off right away after seeing a few posts.
[Title: What do you want to use if you have a wish coupon?]]: I got a wish coupon from my boyfriend this time, but I’m not sure what to ask. Is there anything special you can’t do normally?
└ Sex.
└ I do that on a daily basis.
└ Then add a taste.
└ For example?
└ You can dress him in a costume, or tie him up tightly.
Perhaps because it was anonymous, most of the content was this high. It’s not my first time, but I can’t watch it because I’m embarrassed because it’s my story.
You don’t have to show that you like it too much, but you can fill up your satisfaction. What’s the way to use a full-featured wish ticket?

– How do you call each other?
– Just Ha Neul and Ba Da.
– Then why don’t we change the title? For example, call me “nuna.”

– ……!!
As soon as he listened to the nanny, Kang Ba Da seemed to be struck by lightning in his head. After making a decision, she immediately made an appointment with Kim Ha Neul.
thus present
Kang Ba Da ordered Kim Ha Neul to call him “sister.” Then his visibly distorted expression.

“Are you serious?”
“Of course.”

Seeing Kim Ha Neul’s face in trouble, I thought he chose it properly. If you make that face, I want to bother you more.

“Hurry up and do it.”
“…That’s your real wish?”
“Why are you taking so long?” It’s not that hard. Now, follow me. No. I.”
“Yes, sister.”

At that moment, a question mark came to mind in Kang Ba Da. It’s definitely what I wanted to hear, but it’s a little different from what I thought.

“What is this?”

What she wanted was a cute figure that Kim Ha Neul was shy, calling herself an older sister, which she usually couldn’t see.
But now, I’m just like an older sister. It’s just like calling an older woman.

“It’s okay now, right?”
“Would you like to try one more time?”
“Noona, nuna, nuna, nuna, nuna, nuna.”
“Hey, it’s a hard-earned wish coupon. Do you really think this will work?”
“…That’s enough.”

A mischievous smile hanging around Kim Ha Neul’s mouth. Kang Ba Da pouted at the sight of it saw it. He’s doing that on purpose, knowing for sure.
It’s a wish coupon I got for the first time in a long time, but I didn’t expect But as a member of the Daehan group, I can’t say it at once, so it’s a complete defeat of my own.

“…I’m the fool who expected it.”
“Huh? What did you say?”
“No, nothing.”
“Don’t do that and feel free to say it. What’s the “Real Reason” that called me today?”

Kim Ha Neul’s expression became a little serious. Maybe he thought he called him out because he had something to discuss.

“I just sang it because I missed you.”’

I couldn’t bear to be honest, so Kang Ba Da quickly spun its brain. To find the most appropriate answer in this situation.
Nursery doesn’t make sense.
It’s kind of iffy to call it a celebration.
What’s the topic that matches that serious look?

“I think I should see Ha Neul’s parents soon.” We should see each other at least once before we meet-and-greet.”
“… hmm.”

After a moment of contemplation, Kang Ba Da found an appropriate question. It’s time for a serious discussion about marriage.
The marriage registration signed by Kim Ha Neul is quietly asleep in the safe, but it is also true that it is time to proceed with the work.

Before Ha Neul doubted it.’

It’s already been more than two months since I signed the contract. There’s been quite a lot of things, but it’s also weird if there’s no action at this point.
If something happens that Kim Ha Neul has to take off a copy, he will also be caught that he did not submit a marriage registration.

I’d like to file a marriage report together.’

I wanted to submit a marriage registration together like ordinary couples if possible. The atmosphere with Kim Ha Neul is not that bad these days.

“Don’t you think you should get your eyeprints before the wedding to look natural?”
“Every time I talk on the phone, you sing because you miss Ba Da…”
“I’m free this weekend.”

In fact, since I began to meet Kim Ha Neul, I have always left the weekend empty, but it was a Kang Ba Da that I had no courage to be honest.

“That’s great. My father is also leaving the hospital this weekend.”

Kim Ha Neul’s father, who suffered from severe back disc, originally planned to undergo surgery, but changed his treatment plan after moving to the hospital.

– Disc surgery is really the last resort. I don’t want to recommend you.
With the consideration of Kang Ba Da, he was diagnosed by the best specialist in this field, and after that, he only focused on rehabilitation. The symptoms have improved remarkably.
Thanks to this, taking medicine made daily life possible, so from now on, I decided to exercise at home and treat it.

“Then let’s set Saturday as rough…”

The two quickly filled the schedule. Thanks to the almost identical directions of each other, the schedule was sorted out in an instantaneously.

“Shall we wrap this up?”

Kang Ba Da nodded.
The story proceeded a little suddenly, but it was a mountain that had to be crossed at least once anyway. It’s better to get a slap first.

“Then let’s go eat dinner.”
“Oh, I’m fine.”
“I don’t feel like eating today.”

Ba Da grumbled for nothing. Although he knows he is childish, he still felt sorry that he lost his wish in vain.

“All right.”

Kim Ha Neul, who had been agonizing for a while, rose up. Then, without a word, he passed by Kang Ba Da and disappeared somewhere.
At that moment, Kang Ba Da was shocked as if it had been hit in the head with a hammer. I was so surprised that I couldn’t even think of turning my head.

Did he really go away?’

Of course, I’m the one who rejected it first, but I think I can recommend it one more time. People who are quick-witted usually.
Disappointment flooded in like a tidal wave. I know Kim Ha Neul doesn’t feel more than a contract, but isn’t this a little too much?
Talk, talk.
Then someone tapped Kang Ba Da lightly on the shoulder and whispered in a low voice in her flinching ear.

“Let’s go eat together, sister.”

Kim Ha Neul coughed for no reason because he was embarrassed. He quickly disappeared with an empty coffee cup on the table.
Kang Ba Da left alone Her face flushed red with the unknown emotions flooding like a flood.

“…What is this, really?”

You’re so good at it.
It was Kang Ba Da, determined to make a bet again soon.
* * *

“Mother and father. Hello!”
“Welcome. I saw the picture first. My baby is so sweet.”
“Your mother is so beautiful, too! “I was wondering who Mr. Cloud looked like…”
“Ho-ho. How can you say it beautifully?”

Weekend to ask Kang Ba Da for understanding.
The planned meeting with my parents took place.
It was my first time introducing an acquaintance to my parents, so I was worried because I didn’t know how they would react. The atmosphere was much softer than expected.

– What do you like, Sae-ah?
– How shall we dress?
– Don’t you feel pressured when you’re close?
I’ve been contacted since I told you that I’ll visit you on the weekend. How much of a fuss was made, Kim Gu Reum complained to me.
He looked nervous checking his clothes until just before I went to pick up Kang Ba Da, but now he is speaking quite comfortably.

‘It’s all thanks to you, right?’

Both of you have a sad personality, but you’re a bit shy at first. Ba Da seems to have relaxed thanks to its friendly approach.
I felt grateful for her and swallowed a smile.

“Here we go again.”
“What do you mean? My insidious eyes as if I’m about to attack you.” Ugh! Mom!”
“Don’t say useless things in front of your new sister.”
“…My mom always blames me.”

Kim Gu Reum, who was beaten on the back, stepped back in a daze. Kang Ba Da smiled lowly at the sight.

“I’m sorry. My kid’s a little strong.”
“No! It’s so nice to see because it seems like a good family.” And it’s not that I don’t know how you feel because I’m the youngest.”
“Oh, how many siblings do you have?”
“There are four people above me. Starting with the eldest brother… “

Families talking naturally. The faces of the family looking at Kang Ba Da showed little sign of laughter leaving.

“Hmm. Shall we talk about the rest over dinner?”

My father urged me rarely. You must be bored because you’ve been eating at the hospital for a while.
It’s not that other foods are prohibited because your back hurts badly, but I’m afraid to order something from the hospital.

“Dad, let me help you!”
“That’s okay. We’ve already prepared everything, so we just have to enjoy the meal.”
“Please leave it up to me!”

The father smiled vainly as if he felt better just by looking at his daughter-in-law, and the atmosphere of his mother or younger brother was also friendly.

‘I wish this was real.’

However, I felt a little distant while watching the scene. Because I know it’s all just a contract.
It was bitter that this happy sight in front of me was all just a fantasy.

“What are you thinking about?”

Kang Ba Da suddenly came next to me. She whispered in a low voice that only I could hear.

“Are you tired?”
“You seem strangely less energetic than usual.”

You’re quick-witted.
It’s hard for my parents to see through my mask, which has been trained by years of part-time work. Kang Ba Da is so easily recognized that it is vain.
What is this warmth felt in the eyes and voice of Kang Ba Da at first glance? Is this just a concern as a colleague, or…

“Didn’t you sleep last night?”
“No, thank you.”
“Are you sure you’re okay? It’s too much… What?”
“It’s really okay.”

As I was about to return to my place, Kang Ba Da suddenly put my hand on my forehead. Then she tilted her head.

“Do you have a fever?”

The bracelet cold in Kang Ba Da shook and made a shallow metallic sound. Her warmth through her skin gave me a strange sense of stability.
Looking at the face of Kang Ba Da just around the corner, I had all kinds of thoughts.

“Is it greed?”

I’m sure it is.
It’s like reaching for the stars in the night sky. That’s how far the two of us are. Yet.

“Your forehead is really hot!” It’s okay, right?

“Ba Da ssi’s eyes are light brown.”

The movement of Kang Ba Da stopped suddenly. But this side was only looking at her eyes all the time, so she didn’t miss the slightly trembling pupils.

“I told you, didn’t I? If you look away for a moment, the two of you just……”
“Are you jealous of my daughter?”
“Mu, what nonsense!”

When have you had such a friendly conversation with your family? It was also a long time since everyone gathered. It wouldn’t have been possible without Kang Ba Da.
I held her hand carefully.
Embarrassed by the unexpected physical contact, Kang Ba Da looked at her family for a while and carefully held my hand.

“Ho-ho. I’ll see my grandchild soon.”
“Hahaha. Just looking at us from the past…”
“Don’t talk nonsense, just put down the bowl.”

Everyone burst into laughter when they saw their father pouting his lips. Contrary to my initial worries, I thought it would be a pretty pleasant day.

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