Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 26

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#026 Shall we make a bet?

“Is this a date request?”
“It’s a date request.”
“As expected, right!?”

When the nanny affirmed her words, Kang Ba Da jumped up. She spoke, leaving the corners of her mouth shivering.

“Then do you like me!?”
“Shouldn’t we wait and see?”

Ba Da of a river that soon loses its cool
The nanny burst out laughing at her. She doesn’t express her feelings very well, but I didn’t expect her to be this girly.

“Don’t just laugh!”
“It’s likely a sign of appreciation for allowing the photo. That much is possible even between businesses … No, it’s rather a matter of course.”
“Order must be important.”
“What order?”
“How many times did you call the lady? You can figure out the likeability according to that.”

Order. Order.
Kang Ba Da murmured like that and fell into agony. I understood what the nanny was saying, but there was no way to confirm it.

“Then first, contact the base station……”
“My lady.”
“You can’t?”
“No. If you find out later, you’ll be upset.”

Kang Ba Da caught my jaw. Since then, I have worked hard on my brain, but I have no idea at all. I can’t even peek at the phone records.

“It’s too hard.”
“Why don’t you ask them yourself?”
“That’s absolutely not possible.”
“Then it’s too obvious that I like Ha Neul. I heard men don’t feed all the fish they’ve caught.”

It was a subject that was difficult to affirm or deny, so the nanny closed her mouth for a while. What advice should I give here?

“Why don’t you change your clothes first?”
“Oh! What should I wear?”
“I think it would be okay to wear the clothes in the picture you picked for me last time.”

There were still about two hours left until the appointment, but it was very tight compared to usual. With the help of the nanny, Kang Ba Da quickly prepared.

“Why don’t you roll up your sleeves a little and show off your bracelet?”
“As expected of a nanny!”

After completing all the preparations, Kang Ba Da left the house after checking her outfit for the last time.

“Then I’ll be back.”
“You don’t have to come home today.”
“Because you never know. Hohohoh.”

Kang Ba Da, who once stared at the nanny at a mischievous joke, stepped back.
As if to live up to her mood, Scarlett let out a powerful exhaust.

“Ba Da ssi!”

Entering the cafe, Kim Ha Neul raised his hand. Kang Ba Da, which found him, felt like his heart was pounding.
This is because Kim Ha Neul was smiling brightly in the world. For the first time seeing such an expression, the immune system did not exist at all.

“You look like a puppy!”’

It was not that there was no such aspect at all. But it was a Doberman-like image, not a gold retriever.

“So cute…”

Trying to control the heart that began to leap, Kang Ba Da walked proudly toward the table as if nothing had happened.

“I ordered the drinks in advance.”
“Hmm? Mine, too?”
“Vanilla cream cold brew, tall size, right?”
“Oh, yes, yes.”

What, did you remember?
When his exact taste popped out, Kang Ba Da was a little embarrassed. I was very happy, but she tried to pretend nothing happened.

“What’s going on?”
“There’s something I want to show you.”

Kim Ha Neul, with a meaningful smile, took out a crater container from under the table. Immediately, carefully take out the paper that was in it.
As Kim Ha Neul unfolded the paper, a poster large enough to cover the table appeared. Seeing it opened the eyes of Kang Ba Da wide saw it.

“This is…”
“This is an illustration of ‘The Imperial Princess’ modeled after Ba Da.” Ba Da, you don’t know much about the empress, do you?”
“I did look into it.”
“Oh, you read it.”

In fact, I went in five minutes before the upload and checked it every second, but I couldn’t say “I’m the empress” with my own mouth.

“It’s a shame compared to the original because it was urgently picked by a nearby printing company. I really wanted to show you in person.”
“Is this why you called me?”
“…Do you not like it?”

Kim Ha Neul’s eyes became cautious. It was cute because it looked like a scared puppy. For some reason, it seems that if there was a tail, it would have been droopy.

“How can you not like it?”

The illustration itself was already confirmed by the mail shared by Kim Ha Neul. Not only that, he even asked an expert to hang it as a frame in the room.
But that’s not the point now. It was also the first time that Kim Ha Neul sang it first, and the point is that he picked and brought the work he made thinking about himself.

‘…Your expression is so lovely.’

I want to take a picture and frame it. It’s just heartbreaking that I can’t. Kang Ba Da tried to hide her feelings and opened her mouth.

“It came out pretty.” I like it.”
“Because the model is so good.”
“Hmm! But did you decide on the illustration composition and outfit?”
“Yes, that’s right. This part is based on the picture sent by Ba Da and the usual atmosphere …”

Kim Ha Neul explains with great excitement. When this person works, and when someone recognizes it. I like it like a child.
Kang Ba Da didn’t hate that kind of look, so I was in trouble because I naturally smiled like a mother when I was absent-minded. The only thing that bothers me is.

“… Do I usually have this high-handed image?”

The illustration was as if the empress looked down on the main character emotionally.
Aside from the lack of vitality in the eyes, the overall atmosphere looks like a very picky woman.

“Oh, my. Do you want to see my sketch?”

Still can’t lie.
Kim Ha Neul, who is rarely embarrassed and turns his words around. I predicted to some extent from the appearance of the empress in the novel, but it was a little shocking that this was how he looked at himself.
I think you treated me well. The fact that there is still this much distance came as a heavy pain.

Let’s not be in such a hurry.’

You can’t run away in surprise. Pretending to be moderately uninterested, like when dealing with herbivores, will come first. That’s how I learned it on the Internet.

“Can I take this picture?”
“Of course.”

But I’m going to take care of what I need to take care of what I need.
With permission, Kang Ba DaBa Da carefully rolled the poster back and put it in the crater bin.
Of course, the quality of printing was lower than that of experts, but it is meaningful that Kim Ha Neul picked it himself thinking of himself.

I should change it and hang it up.’

After the table was cleared up to some extent, Kim Ha Neul took the tablet out of the bag.

“It’s a sketch I drew.”
“…You drew this yourself?”

Kang Ba Da was speechless for a moment while looking at the screen that Kim Ha Neul put out. There was a picture of his face from many angles.
Basically, it was a ‘drawing’ in black and white and depicted in monochrome centered on light and shade. It was of great quality as if it were taken in a picture.

“…Why on earth does this person become a writer?”’

That’s how good he is. But it was a shame to kick up before that.

Did you observe me this closely?’

Even though the same composition as the picture he sent me was unexpected, there were so many different images. The pages go on endlessly.
Later, the body was added.
From plain clothes to medieval aristocratic clothes. The images of applying them step by step through the painting caught my eye like a panorama.
It was a part where I could feel how much effort Kim Ha Neul put into drawing illustrations.

“…That’s great.”

Without realizing it, honest admiration burst out. The embarrassing feelings I heard at first disappeared, and respect rose.
I felt how sincere he was about his work. Apart from personal feelings, I thought it was really cool.
Kang Ba Da, who took over the tablet, began to turn the page as if he was possessed by something. This is because his appearance from Kim Ha Neul’s perspective was very fresh.


All of a sudden.
Then suddenly, the hand of Kang Ba Da stopped. Feeling strange in her reaction, Kim Ha Neul checked the tablet.
Immediately afterwards, embarrassed Kim Ha Neul reached out, but Kang Ba Da was faster. She gently pushed Kim Ha Neul’s hand to protect the tablet.

“Ba Da ssi, listen to me first.”
“Stay quiet.”
“I’ll explain everything…”

Kim Ha Neul eventually closed his mouth at the blue eyes of Kang Ba Da. She took the tablet in her hand and began to flip it around.


Whenever a long exclamation popped out, Kim Ha Neul flinched as if he had committed a sin. He rolled his eyes in an unusual fidget.
How long has it been?
Finally, Kang Ba Da took its eyes off the tablet. She said, twisting the corners of her mouth as if she had found a funny toy.

“You drew everything yourself?”
“Even your underwear?”

Kim Ha Neul’s tablet also had many high-level paintings. It’s an extension of human body drawing and clothing design to get the composition right.
I didn’t even describe the face in detail, but it wasn’t to the point where I couldn’t recognize Kang Ba Da. It was a problem because her body shape was almost the same as hers.

“It’s a misunderstanding. It was only to design detailed clothes that fit the historical evidence, never ….”
“You didn’t mean that?”

Come on.
The eyes of Kang Ba Da getting sharper for some reason. Looking at him, Kim Ha Neul felt sick. If you say it like this, it would mean that you didn’t feel any attraction as a reason.
Kim Ha Neul, who had been stabbed inside, quickly turned the line. In the face of a lifetime crisis, his brain began to spin faster than ever.

“It is an objective fact that Kang Ba Da has excellent charm as a reason. It would be a lie to say that I had no black heart at all.”
“Hmm! So what?”
“But I’m a professional. I never instill personal feelings when I work.”
“In spite of that, this posture and outfit…”
“I rule out ‘possible’ personal feelings.”

[Laughing]Kim Ha Neul, who quickly modifies his words. Kang Ba Da burst into a small laugh at him. Today, I seemed to see this person’s cute appearance a lot.

‘You must be very happy.’

Today’s best 1st place!
Although I’ve never done a series myself, I can’t fully understand what his mind is like. The fact that he was very excited was conveyed to his skin.
Perhaps that’s why Kim Ha Neul had unusually many loopholes. It came as another attraction for Kang Ba Da.

“I’ll let you slide today. Instead, please send me these picture files.”
“What? Why did you do that?”
“It’s interesting to see myself from the perspective of others.”
“Well, if that’s the case.”

Kim Ha Neul nods as if he’s convinced. Looking at him, Kang Ba Da swallowed a smile of satisfaction. Thanks to you, I got some pretty good information.

“This is your preference, Ha Neul.’

It’s more extreme than I thought.
It’s not that I don’t like this side either.
It must have been difficult for him as a man to draw such detailed women’s underwear, so there must be some reference somewhere.
If you investigate what it is and get the same real thing, you will be able to surprise Kim Ha Neul when you hold a big event in the future.

“I sent it.”
“Thank you.”

Kim Ha Neul immediately did her favor, and Kang Ba Da designated the photos she received as protective files to prevent the situation.
After double-checking whether the painting was saved correctly, Kang Ba Da suddenly became lost in thought. Now that I’ve got this much, I want to do something for you.

“Is there anything you want?”

Did I ask too openly?
Kim Ha Neul is tilting her head as if she’s asking why. Looking at it, Kang Ba Da, which was in pain, quickly added words.

“What is it?…” I heard that you won first place on Today’s It means that you worked that hard. I’m proud of you!”

What do you mean, commendable.
Kim Ha Neul is not a child, but he inadvertently used a strange expression.
But already spilled water.
If you reverse it now, it will seem even more strange, so you have no choice but to push ahead with it as if you are calm here.

“Is there anything you want to get?”
“Come on, being No.1 on TXT is nothing.”
“It’s great enough! It’s number one out of thousands of works. “Aren’t you going to win the grand prize?”
“It’s probably hard. The paid grade is more important than the ranking. Still, is it worth aiming for the grand prize?”

In other fields, Kim Ha Neul is always confident, but he seems to be a little intimidated whenever he talks about web novels.
Perhaps it’s because the results have not been good compared to the efforts he’s I hope we can overcome it through this contest.

“Then shall we make a bet?”
“What bet?”
“Whether Ha Neul receives the grand prize or not. I’ll bet on the ‘receive’ side.”
“You’ll regret it.”
“You won’t know until you see it.”
“Well, that’s fine.

Kim Ha Neul nodded coolly. Kang Ba Da continued, shouting joy inside.

“The loser grants the winner’s wish.”
“Will it be okay?”
“What do you think I’ll ask you?”

Kim Ha Neul slightly raised the corners of his mouth. It’s the look he usually makes when he plays mischievous pranks.
It was a Kang Ba Da that would have flinched normally, but it was different today. She raised the corners of her mouth calmly under the gaze of Kim Ha Neul.


Kim Ha Neul’s expression, which had been relaxed all the time, was distorted. That alone was Kang Ba Da that had already achieved enough targets.
And a few days later.
Kim Ha Neul won the grand prize like a lie.

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