Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 24 

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#024 Classic is forever

“Please stand in line with Jin!”

At the referee’s instruction, the people split into two sides. Each wrist is wearing a bracelet made of blue and white and white.
A total of 21 people participated in the research center MT, including Kim Ha Neul, and 22 people. After forming a team of 10 people each, the remaining two decided to be referees.
In our team, we make a couple again in pairs. As the proportion of men is higher, there are naturally male and female couples.

“It’s rather good.
“Couple kills everything.”
“All the injuries are ours.”

All male and female couples were only looking at the “Best Couple Award” (MVP). This is because the compensation given to the couple was large.
Best quality Korean beef gift set.
They even give two sets for couples to share well. Just by getting that, this MT is like pulling out a mulberry.

“Are you confident?”
“Do you call that a horse?”

But that’s the same for other couples. In particular, Ko So-mi and Park Seung-min had no doubt that they would receive MVP.

“Just in case you make a mistake.”
“You think about what to eat when you go to Jeju Island.”

The two were going to suppress Kim Ha Neul’s energy through a sports competition. I didn’t think I would lose at all, as I picked only the events that were favorable to them in advance.

“Now, let’s start with the group game ‘Bodyguard Dodgeball.’ Everyone, please move to the location!”

Bodyguard dodge ball.
The rules are relatively simple.
Same as the existing dodge ball.
The man is out only on the ball that the man hit. The same rules apply to women. However, if one person is out, the partner will also be eliminated.

“For male and female couples, you can wear fluorescent vests!”

After all the preparations are done.
All personnel were prepared according to the referee’s instructions.
Let’s start with a jump ball.
Captain Kim Ha Neul and Park Seung-min faced each other in the opponent’s camp. Park Seung-min said with a relaxed smile.

“You must have worked out before”.
“I’ve never really learned it.”
“Then I’ll take it easy on you.”
“It’s no fun to make excuses already.”

Park Seung-min’s expression hardened slightly. On the other hand, Kim Ha Neul raised the corners of her mouth. He spoke in a low voice enough to be heard by his opponent.

“Do your best. Don’t make excuses later.”
“Are you ready?”

When Park Seung-min was about to open his mouth, the referee intervened. Park Seung-min, who closed his mouth tightly, stared at his opponent with fierce eyes.

“A cheeky bastard.”

For herself, who has loved sports since childhood, dodgeball is a children’s housekeeping game. I also played as a student volleyball player when I was young.
I’ll put a spike on your twitching face. Then the arrogant nose will find its place.

“Then get ready.”

The ball flew into the air with the referee’s whistle. Park Seung-min, who was preparing in advance, jumped high with his feet tightened.

The ball is a little high. If you do this, it’s me! Thank you!”

When I tried to reach out with confidence. Suddenly, a shadow fell over Park Seung-min’s head. As he raised his head in doubt.


Kim Ha Neul, who jumped much higher than himself, was covering the sky. white teeth visible under the cast shade He was smiling.
Kim Ha Neul lightly hit the ball. Park Seung Min’s gaze follows the ball without realizing it. At the end stood Kang Ba Da.
The rules don’t allow a jump ball player to hit.
However, any accident is possible.


Thanks to waiting in the correct position, Kang Ba Da snatched the ball even before it fell, and threw the ball toward the opponent without any delay.
The ball shot like a shell passed by Park Seung-min. The ball hit the female team member who was standing blankly and fell to the floor.


Out sign as soon as it starts. Park Seung-min, who did not understand the situation, opened his mouth, and someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“You have to go back to your coat.”

Kim Ha Neul pats Park Seung Min on the shoulder. He opened his mouth to Park Seung-min, who was staring blankly at him.

“Or else you’ll die?”

Park Seung-min, who felt something was wrong, swallowed dry saliva.

This is ridiculous!’

Ko So-mi looked at her opponent with shocked eyes. The game, which I thought would be a simple landslide, went against my expectations.
Puck! Puckling!
The ball thrown by Kim Ha Neul hit the team member’s body and bounced off. The bounced ball hit another teammate and fell to the floor.

“Hey, I can’t see the ball!
“No, this doesn’t make sense!”

Because it was a bodyguard dodge ball, four people quickly escaped. Before I knew it, there were only himself and Park Seung-min left on this court.

“This is the last game…”

a best-of-five victory
Among them, he has already given up two games in vain.
In the meantime, Park Seung-min fought hard to reduce the opponent’s power, but the Kang Ba Da couple never caught it.

She’s better than I thought!’

Above all, the harmony between the two was so good. Kang Ba Da predicts the opponent’s attack and avoids the position, and Kim Ha Neul blocks the path exactly.
Then, you can guess Kim Ha Neul.
I was going to use the strategy and gave up the previous two sets for free. Kim Ha Neul never missed a ball that came to him.

Once, I’ll knock it down!’

Victory is already out of the question.
Then you should take care of your mental victory. If you don’t eliminate that couple even once, you won’t be able to sleep with your legs stretched out.

“You have to aim for Kang Ba Da.”
“I know.”

Park Seung-min picked up the ball that fell on the floor and handed it to Ko So-mi. Even if you throw it forward, it will be blocked by Kim Ha Neul, so you have to aim for a gap through a pass.

‘…I saw it!’

Is it because I got used to the previous two games? The movement of Kang Ba Da began to be visible.
Ko quickly exchanged the ball with the outfielder and threw it with all her might. The expression of Kang Ba Da, which was embarrassed, caught my eye as if I was caught off guard.

“It worked!”

a ball that bounces off the hand of Kang Ba Da
The moment when Ko So-mi and the couple were sure of victory.
Kim Ha Neul, who threw himself on the court, made a miraculous save. That is not the reflexes allowed in humans. At a time when everyone was shocked.


The ball, which flew with great force, hit Go So-mi’s face. While everyone was distracted by Kim Ha Neul’s super save, it was a ball thrown by Kang Ba Da.
The ball hit Ko So-mi’s face, who was completely off guard, and red liquid flowed down her nose with dizzying pain.

“… uh, uh!”
“Blood! My nose is bleeding!”
“Hurry up and get the first aid kit!”

a rush of people
Ko So-mi saw it in a shaky view. The little smile hanging around the mouth of Kang Ba Da. I told you to avoid it. The shape of your mouth.

“That Xiang…”
“It’s cheap, double nosebleed!”
“Don’t tilt your head!”

Maybe it’s because my blood pressure went up.
The nosebleed burst like a waterfall.
Since then, the KangBa Da couple’s dominance has continued. No one stopped Kim Ha Neul’s overwhelming physicality and the movement of Kang Ba Da that perfectly assisted him.
And doubles badminton.
And a three-legged race.
All won by Kang Ba Da couple.
Of course, the team score was tilted toward the KangBa Da couple. It didn’t happen until the end that the scale flipped over.

“The best couple award is Kang Ba Da couple!”
“Wow! It looks good on you!”
“You two were so cool!”

Clap, clap, clap.
Applause poured out with thunderous shouts. This is because he didn’t even feel unfair about his overwhelming skills.

“Then please tell us how you feel.”

Kim Ha Neul, who came up to the stage, was handed a microphone. In the other hand, he holds a gift set of premium Korean beef, an MVP product.

“Thank you all for your congratulations. Thanks to you, I’m having a very happy time, so I want to share this joy with you.”
“We decided that it is right to return it as it is a product prepared for the researchers. Ba Da ssi was also willing to allow it, so we will distribute the prizes through a lottery from now on.”

As soon as the words ended, the researchers who grasped the meaning shouted together.

“A river ocean! A river ocean!”
“Kim Ha Neul! Kim Ha Neul!” Kim Ha Neul!”

No matter how much the heart of a person was, there could not be any bitter feelings at all.
However, when they said they would return the product, everyone now looked at the two with a close look of respect beyond goodwill.

‘…It’s over.’

Ko So-mi, who was watching the scene from a distance, lowered her head. It was beyond unfairness to the point where I was dumbfounded.

“It’s Somi.”
“Don’t talk to me.”
“But we’re still going on a trip to Jeju Island, right? “I’ve booked all the pension and plane tickets…”

Ko So-mi’s head turned. She raised her voice while looking at Park Seung-min with fierce eyes.

“Why do you say that?” You didn’t win a game!”
“Hey! Is it all my fault?”
“Shut up, you loser.”
“Loser? This is really…!”
“They look good together.”

Just as angry Park Seung-min’s hand was about to go up, Kim Ha Neul appeared from somewhere.

“What did you just say?”
“You two look good together.”
“This punk has been…”

Kim Ha Neul grabbed the wrist that stretched toward him. Park Seung-min immediately tried to pull out his hand, but he did not budge how strong his opponent’s grip was.

“Do you still live like this?”
“How dare you pretend to know me! You’re not going to let go of this?
“Park Seungmin, a freshman at Pungnam High School.”

Park Seung-min flinched at his unexpected call to class. Forgetting the pain in his hands, he opened his eyes wide and stared at Kim Ha Neul.

“You really haven’t changed a bit.”
“You, what are you!?”
“This is disappointing. I recognized you at a glance.”

Kim Ha Neul’s lips caught in his ear.
As soon as I faced that cool smile, the dark memories of Park Seung-min, who had been buried in the past, appeared on the surface.

“Come to think of it, that guy’s name…”

Kim Ha Neul.
He had the same name as someone he knew. I haven’t recognized you because your impression has changed so much so far, but I can’t help but recognize that evil smile.

“Really that Kim Ha Neul?”’

Rumors of “Hanam Bloodbath,” which were circulating like legends at the time. It’s an incredible story that not only did he pick a fight with himself, but he also hit a gangster who was looking after him.
Other school members dismissed it as a dog sound, but all the students who attended Pungnam High School know it. That the rumor is real. He was none other than a party to the case.
Memories of the day played back in my head as if I had waited. Park Seung-min’s face turned pale.

“You remembered, right?”

Kim Ha Neul let go of his hand. Park Seung-min, who was released, ran into a wall while stepping backward without realizing it.

“…Whoa, what do you want?”
“Think for yourself.”
“You have to think about what I want. You’re on the smart side though. I’ll use my talent to become a researcher.”
“You understand what I mean, don’t you?”

Park Seung-min nodded cautiously. When Kim Ha Neul, who confirmed this, lightly chinned, he ran away without looking back.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

Ko So-mi tried to catch him belatedly, but Park Seung-min, who roughly shook off the hand, left his seat without even answering.
Ko So-mi’s body, which was left alone, hardened. As soon as she turned her head to the stare, she faced Kim Ha Neul’s cold eyes.

“All, don’t come near me!”
“I didn’t even move.”
“…You, I will sue you!”
“It’s worth your name. What are you going to sue me for?”
“Attack, intimidation, sexual harassment, attempted rape! I’ll attach everything I can and let you go!”
“Do you have evidence?”
“Sigh, a few drops of tears are enough even if there’s nothing like that these days. There are a few kids I’ve sent so far. You’re screwed now! I’m screwed!”

Gosomi, who couldn’t beat the right timing, but Kim Ha Neul’s gaze was indifferent. The moment she raised her hand in anger at this.
Suddenly, I felt a burning pain in my left cheek. Ko So-mi looked up blankly as if she didn’t understand what had happened to her.

“Go, river beach?”

There stood Kang Ba Da with a cold look on its face. The eyes were so fierce that Go So-mi stepped back without realizing it.
Gosomi bites her lips as she looks at herself right after. She raised her voice as if to drive out fear.

“Do you know who I am!?”
“I don’t know, I’m not interested.”
“Please introduce yourself.”

Ko So-mi was speechless.
Kang Ba Da approaches her easily.

“Or should I give it a try? Introduce yourself.”

Kang Ba Da, which was just around the corner, whispered in a low voice that only Go So-mi could hear. As time passed, Ko So-mi’s face turned blue.

“…I’m lying.”
“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not. Of course the buck stops with you. Just know that I hate people who are light-mouthed.”

Ko So-mi’s eyes shook. This is because I instinctively realized that the words of Kang Ba Da were not false.
Leaving Ko So-mi standing blankly as if a fuse had left, Kang Ba Da held Kim Ha Neul’s hand.

“Let’s go.”
“Do you mind if I leave it like that?”
“It won’t be that brainless.”

a slight tremor felt in the gripping hand In response, Kim Ha Neul followed her out of the open space without a word.
* * *

“Usually, a man gets hurt at times like this. “Isn’t it a cliché if we put bandages on each other?”
“So, are you sad?”
“A little bit.”

Kang Ba Da pretending to be okay and joking. In the meantime, I could feel a slight tremor in her hand, but I didn’t bother to show it.

Is it your first time hitting a person?’

I committed it in anger, but I don’t think I’ve been able to control my emotions yet. It would be better to keep up with the rhythm here.

“If you do that these days, you’ll be criticized by readers for being cliche. How heartbreaking it is as a writer.”
“Then what should I do?”
“But I still have to use it.”
“Classic is forever.”
“…I really can’t live.”

As he shrugged his shoulders with exaggerated gestures, Kang Ba Da burst into laughter. I think I’m a little relaxed thanks to a light joke.

“What were you going to do if I didn’t show up?”
“I’ve prepared it myself.”

I took out the pen from my shirt pocket. When I pressed the button hidden above, everything Ko So-mi said so far was played.
Even a micro-action camera came out in the part connected to the button. Kang Ba Da shook its head as if it were absurd.

“…That’s amazing. In many ways.”
“It would have been perfect if I had been slapped.”
“I don’t like that.”

said Kang Ba Da, emphatically.
I’ve lost the right time to answer because of my never-before-seen seriousness Then Kang Ba Da looked into my eyes and opened its mouth again.

“Don’t ever get beaten anywhere. I’d rather knock it down. I’ll solve all the small things.”
“Yes, I will.”

Only then did Kang Ba Da relax its expression. I, who looked so cute, burst into laughter, and she stared at me with cold eyes.

“And, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed today.”

Is that so?.
I didn’t use violence, but it wasn’t a scene to show anyone else. I could understand her answer.

“Why don’t you ask why?”
“Well, why?”
“He went alone without telling me.”

Kang Ba Da stared at me with an exaggerated look on its face. There was a slight smile on her face as she spoke.

“I can’t believe I’m trying to enjoy such a fun thing alone. You almost got late.”
“What, why are you laughing when a person is angry?”
“Because I like it.”

Kang Ba Da stopped.
She’s putting silent pressure on this side as if to say it again. I shrugged my shoulders once again and continued.

“You were awesome today. Ba Da ssi.”
“That’s not what you meant!”
“Did I?”
“I did!”
“I guess so.”
“Hey! Aren’t you two playing with each other too much?”

Just in time, a voice came looking for us from a little distance. This time, I walked forward holding the hand of Kang Ba Da.

“A, suddenly hand…”
“I saw earlier that there were some insidious guys. Let me be clear at this point.”
“You’re a good talker anyway.”

Kang Ba Da, which shed a smile, quickly followed me.
* * *

“I’m over the hump again.”

Since then, the MT has been completed successfully. Ko So-mi and Park Seung-min disappeared somewhere, saying something urgent happened. After that, he voluntarily left the research institute.
There was a lot of talk about him, but they all disappeared without a sound. People went back to their daily lives as if nothing had happened.
And me too.
I sat in front of the keyboard again.

Shall we adapt this case?’

Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do!
I came up with a pretty good idea and started tapping the keyboard without hesitation.

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