Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 23 

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#023 Do you think your boyfriend will be different?

“It’s pretty.”
“Every day is new.”

The day I go to the lab MT.
The men gathered in front of the bus looked sideways at Kang Ba Da and said together. It was because it was her plain clothes that were rarely seen.
Originally, he was half a goddess, but it was new to see him wearing a dress shirt and a gown all the time, and to see his fresh plain clothes.

“It’s nice over there, too.”
“Well, it’s great.”
“It’s the opposite of Ba Da ssi.”

If Kang Ba Da is like a child of an antique aristocratic family, Go So-mi is like a cute girl who just came to Seoul from the countryside.
Originally, it was the one-top stay of Kang Ba Da, but the composition changed subtly as Go So-mi came in.
Compared to Kang Ba Da, which does not participate in private gatherings well, Go So-mi was warm and friendly. We talked a lot at the drinking party.

“It’s hard to approach Ba Da ssi. “It’s the same with my appearance, but I wonder if I can feel a wall even though I always smile and talk.”
“There are many seniors who confessed and quit because they were rejected.”
“You guys be careful, too. It’s hard to go further.”
“You said you have a boyfriend.”
“So be more careful.”

Since then, men’s minds have become complicated. Anyone can tell that Kang Ba Da is like a celebrity. What kind of person would she be dating?

“The 3rd generation of chaebol?”
“You have to put that on the ground and go in.”
“I think he’s a celebrity”.
“If that was the case, wouldn’t this kind of place come out? Even because of the scandal, the agency will oppose it.”

I thought about this and that, but I couldn’t get an answer. What is certain, however, is that people do not come out earlier than the appointed time.
I still have about 10 minutes left until the departure, but seeing that I can’t even see the shadow. He didn’t seem to be a very relaxed person.

“But I’m craving coffee. At this time, I would have had at least two cups of plastic wrap.”
“Did anyone bring anything?”
“I brought the mix, but there’s no place to boil water right away. Should I go to the academy?”
“No, I want something cold. I stopped by a coffee shop on the way… What?”

People’s eyes were turned to the exhaust sound from somewhere. The only one left is my boyfriend in Kang Ba Da. Everyone’s eyes were full of curiosity.

“…See? The third generation of chaebol is basic.”
“I don’t know what it is, but it looks expensive.”
“Porsche 911. You can think of it as 200 million.”
“You’re rolling something more expensive than our charter.”

The car stopped.
Kim Ha Neul opened the door and got off.
At that moment, a scream broke out from the side.

“Is that Ba Da’s boyfriend?”
“Awesome, what’s the style? Are you a model?”
“That’s why you refuse all blind dates!”

Female researchers, who had already been half way from the time the car appeared, were extremely excited as soon as they checked Kim Ha Neul.
Casual yet neat outfit to match the situation of MT. Above all, it stood out more because it was a “similar look” that matched the tone similar to Kang Ba Da.

“…That’s the worst.”
“It’s a dirty world.”
“I’m sure the cockles are small.”
“Yes, that’s the balance.”

Kim Ha Neul, who got out of the car, greeted people lightly next to Kang Ba Da, and naturally, his eyes even reached the men.
When his eyes met, he gave a light salute, and suddenly opened the passenger’s door and took out a large amount of coffee.

“You have a good sense.”
“I want coffee, too.”
“Hey! Don’t move on!”
“What do you mean, move on? Why are you raising a blade when you’re not the enemy in the first place. Not even children.”
“Still, dude! Huh?”

Suddenly, Kim Ha Neul asked people around him for understanding. Kim Ha Neul approaches the men with both hands full of coffee right after.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kim Ha Neul. Jincheol, Junhwan, and Jooheon, right?”
“What’s our name?”
“We’ve only seen each other in pictures, and now we’re talking. I heard from Ba Da. They are always thankful people who help me kindly.”
“Did you do that?”

When Kim Ha Neul knew the researcher’s name and face accurately, everyone’s vigilance eased. Kim Ha Neul held out coffee as if he was aiming for this moment.

“I placed the order in advance, but the boss seemed to be doing it alone in the morning. Thanks to you, it’s slower than I thought. I’m sorry.”

Kim Ha Neul distributes coffee with a clean apple. Unconsciously, they shared coffee and unconsciously kissed the straw.
Because it’s coffee like oil from researchers. Naturally, it is inevitable that it is sensitive to taste. If you think it doesn’t matter what coffee it is, you’re mistaken…

“Is this ‘Art 21’?”
“You recognize me right away.”
“…Oh, my God.”

When the first coffee addict who spoke up threw up his flag, people looked back at him with questionable eyes.

“What’s that?”
“It’s a famous hand drip coffee shop. The menu changes every day, and using the high-quality beans that come in at that time …”
“A glass costs 24,000 won.”
“…Oh, my God.”

Everyone bit the straw in their mouth with a simple and simple explanation, and later everyone’s expressions were relieved by the unique taste of wrapping their mouth.

“Coffee can taste like this.”
“It’s so expensive…”
“I prepared it because I wanted to express my gratitude to you somehow, but I’m glad you seemed to like it.”

Kim Ha Neul gave a cool smile. in a manner not seen in the slightest hostility Eventually, the men burst into laughter.
On the other hand, accused of watching him in a little away from the inconvenience.

“What’s that?’

The complaint was usually a comfortable view of Kang sea. It will be right to say, “Music Core” will be right.
I always answered, but I don’t know that I can’t recognize the distance, but I can’t recognize the distance. You can even even know how well it’s going to sleep.
However, the atmosphere of Kang sea has recently changed. A person who did only study all day, and often watched their mobile phones and often burst into laughter.
A real laugh that is clearly different from a hospitality smile when dealing with people. I wondered who the man made the arrogant Kang Ba Da smile.

‘I thought it wouldn’t be normal.’

I’m not even the main character of the drama, but I didn’t expect to show up with a red sports car from the moment I appeared.
Appearance and style are impeccable. Even his speech was not bad, so he quickly caught the people in the lab with a cup of coffee.

“Somi, don’t you drink coffee?”
“I don’t feel well…”
“Oh, come to think of it, Somi was similar to me. Did you bring enough sanitary pads?”
“Yes, I’m fine!”

Ko So-mi bit her lips, leaving behind a research worker who was talking to her without noticing. At the end of my gaze, I could see Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul, who were having a pleasant conversation.

“Do you two look good together?”
“…I see.”
“I was wondering what kind of person Ms. Ba Da would date. As soon as I saw him, I got the feeling that he’s this kind of person. I’m so jealous.”

I wanted to sew up my mouth, which was talking as much as I wanted, but the image I had accumulated while trying to please at best collapses.
Ko So-mi, who slightly cracked her tongue, tried to keep a smile and calmed down. Now that it’s like this, we have no choice but to go to Plan B.

‘Well, men are all the same.’

Ko So-mi had confidence that she could fall over whoever her opponent was. It doesn’t matter if the opponent is a handsome man or a chaebol.
All that matters is a little effort and a sense of timing. Moreover, Ko So-mi was confident that she would do both well.

Do you think your boyfriend would be different?’

Ko So-mi’s view was filled with two people smiling brightly.

“Wow! We’re finally here!”
“Oh, awesome. It’s cleaner than I thought.”
“Let’s unload together first!”

The people who got off the group bus began to move busily. Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul, who moved separately by car, also moved quickly.

“Food inwards.”
“The box would be better here.”
“Ha Neul ssi, what about this?”
“Hmm. My afternoon schedule is a sports day, so I think I’ll use it soon.” Give it to me. I’ll move it all at once.”

Among them, Kim Ha Neul stood out by far. He conducted people skillfully as if he had planned MT.

“Why are you so good at this?”
“I was an executive vice president when I was in college.”
“That’s unexpected. Don’t you hate things like that?”
“I have to get a score from the professor to get a scholarship. There’s nothing more than an exaggeration to increase contact points.”
“…That’s very Ha Neul-like.”

Ba Da shook its head and moved its luggage. With Kim Ha Neul’s skillful command, the luggage arrangement was over in an instant, and it led to lunch.

“I’m glad you have Ha Neul.”
“Really… When a moth the size of a palm came out of the room, I thought my heart was falling.”
“He doesn’t change his expression at all and just takes care of it. She’s someone else’s boyfriend, but how can she look so cool. Did Ba Da fall in love with that?”

Kim Ha Neul, who became a troubleshooter in just a few hours. When the praise poured out for him, Kang Ba Da smiled pleasantly and responded.

“Where did you meet them?”
“You know, I was wondering where my sister, who lived in the lab all day, met someone like that. Oh, SNS?

At that time, Ko So-mi, who was measuring the timing, intervened. As an interesting topic emerged, everyone around him was listening.

“Do you do SNS, too?”
“Of course, I have a million followers!”
“Wow, there’s more than a lot of celebrities, right?”
“I have a lot less follow than my sister, but I get a lot of difficult messages. “I’ll pay you a lot every month, so you ask me to go out with you.”

Kang Ba Da flinched unknowingly. It was a very fine movement, so no one else could see it, but Ko So-mi, who had been staring at her all the time, did not miss it.

“Oh, is this…”

It was a light jab.
The reaction of Kang Ba Da is alarming.
Ko So-mi, who caught the goal, opened her mouth again.

“Ba Da, don’t you have anything like that?”
“I didn’t see the message at all.”
“Well, I see. Where did you meet Ha Neul?”

As if Kang Ba Da was in trouble, he looked at his face to face. Ko So-mi’s lips twisted after confirming him.
The sense she has built up so far is giving her confidence. The relationship between Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul is not normal. Now, as long as you figure it out…

“I met this person for the first time at the nursery.”

Then Kim Ha Neul stepped out.
Kim Ha Neul naturally grabbed the hand of Kang Ba Da next to him and continued to talk with an unwavering expression.

“I go to the nursery every weekend for volunteer work. But one day, Ba Da ssi comes through the main gate, right?”
“I don’t have time for that…”
“It seems that he came even if he didn’t have time.”
“Oh, so what?”

Ko So-mi, who noticed something was going wrong, tried to tackle, but was blocked like a knife.
Kim Ha Neul put his hand on the desk, and the researchers who found him made a fuss and urged the next story.

“The moment I saw it, I thought it was him.” But he rarely opened his heart.”
“Our Ba Da has an iron wall. How did you attack that?”
“But did they say that sincerity works?” From that day on, I often ran into him at the nursery, and I waited until he opened his heart.”
“Yay! What should I do?”

His gaze fixed on Kang Ba Da as he spoke. It was the image of a man who fell in love without fail.
Hold it tight.
He wiggled his hands in the middle and even clasped his fingers. Researchers who saw it laughed and chatted with each other, saying it was a good time.

‘…I can’t do this subject.’

There is something suspicious about it, but if we came this far, it was obvious that this side would look like a strange person even if we attacked more.
For now, the first thing to do is to stop the fast-growing favorability of researchers. Of course, all measures are prepared for this.

“If you’re done eating, should we get up now?”
“What? Already?”
“I think we need to have a sports day to meet our schedule, right?”
“Yes, it’s a problem if it’s delayed.”

Someone defended Go So-mi’s words. One of the male researchers at the institute was Park Seung-min, who Ko So-mi sprinkled rice cakes in advance.
Ideal height of 183cm, solid muscles above the T-shirt. Everyone’s eyes were on him as he rose.

I’m going to calm down a bit.’

This sports competition is in the form of partners, and men and women will play in pairs. Park Seung-min, who has been promised his gift, will do his best as his partner.

“Ha Neul, are you okay?”
“Of course.”

Kim Ha Neul nods to Park Seung-min’s gaze. Their eyes met in the air.

‘Let’s see how long we can laugh.’

Ko So-mi smiled as she gently grabbed Park Seung-min’s arm.
* * *
After cleaning up the restaurant.
Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul left first. They whispered in a low voice that only one could hear.

“It’s coming out as expected.”
“How did you know?”
“It’s a pattern. Cliché is a novel.”

[Laughing]Kang Ba Da burst into a small laugh at the novel’s metaphor. She slowly opened her mouth looking at Kim Ha Neul.

“We must win, according to Cliché, right?”
“Of course.”
“But Park Seung-min, that person is also formidable. I heard that you play triathlon as a hobby before.”

I was sometimes told that I was a member of the athletic club before I went to college. It’s not that Kim Ha Neul is lacking, but it was clear that he was not an easy opponent.

“Ba Da ssi, do you know why I don’t have a red line on my ID card even though I was involved in a lot of incidents in school?”
“The sports team teachers desperately blocked me. I heard he has to play for the national team.”

What do you mean?
Kang Ba Da, which had been mulling over Kim Ha Neul’s words for a while, looked at him with a look of wonder.

“I’ve never lost in my life. At least for exercise.”

Even though it was a joke and a joke, Kang Ba Da couldn’t say anything. This is because Kim Ha Neul’s eyes were full of confidence.

‘Ugh, this is a lethal dose.’

Ba Da bit its lips.
It was her who was already firmly tied up.

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