Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 22 

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#022 This is why I can’t help but like you.

“…My post came up in the long run?”

a genre novel gallery
It is one of the top domestic community sites, and it is a space where all kinds of readers who read web novels gather and talk freely.
Due to the nature of the anonymous community, both net and dysfunction exist at the same time. Usually, when a work is mentioned in a gallery, it is overwhelmingly bad.

“Did anyone consider my work?”’

It is often referred to as ‘gorosi’ to create a malicious image by referring to a specific work in the community. It’s one of the things writers fear the most.
The initial indicators are likely to collapse due to curiosity, and the comment window may go crazy as malicious readers flow in.

You said it wasn’t a bad thing.’

I couldn’t help being nervous. With that mind, I carefully checked the review, and the first emotion I felt was “relief.”
[Title: Pick one for the contest]: “Life after marriage will be a hit”. Even the old people are fascinated by this show. The “contract marriage,” which is commonly used in female orientation, is reconstructed into male orientation. The main readership is in their 40s and 50s. The content is rather a novel that is close to the taste of teenagers and 30s.
└ I’ll miss both lol
└ Hmm. I read it for a second and it really looks like pure love Ranobel. Why is this good?
└ Honestly, I read it to curse, but it was more fun than I thought. It smells like mold, though.
Contrary to what I was worried about, it was a pretty good response. Now that I see it, the sudden influx seems to have been largely influenced by this promotional article.
Of course, there were some words that hit the bone. Due to the nature of Munpia, there are almost no people in their teens and 30s who come down to the deep sea. Inevitably, people in their 40s and 50s will be the main players.
In the meantime, it is not good to say that the taste is close to those in their teens and 30s. This is because there are cases where both sides are missed like comments.

‘The opposition is almost revolution.’

If it is a work that can absorb all readers in their teens and fifties, it goes without saying its ripple effect. Maybe this piece is really lame.

“It’s unexpected.”

I was also a writer who had few names, so I once considered promoting it directly to genre fiction galleries.
However, I gave up because the general preferred genre over there was usually “regret, fatigue, and obsession.” Quite the opposite of my work.

‘No, not necessarily?’

Come to think of it, isn’t the Imperial Princess character in <Life after marriage> quite obsessed with the main character?
Even the main character is devastated by infinite regression. It is natural that regrets have piled up in the process.

‘…may have created a terrible hybrid.’

Will it captivate all readers and pioneer a new genre in Munpia? Or will it be shiny and buried like so many writers.
We’ll have to wait and see which way it will be. Anyway, I was truly grateful to the people who read and enjoyed my work.

“…But this hurts a little.”
“The writing says it smells like mold. I’m still in my 20s.”
“As expected, people’s eyes are all the same. I was suspicious because I felt like I was of the same age when I talked to you.”
“What, what if you stare?”

I sighed and let go of Choi Jin Cheol’s reaction. This old man tends to get tired quickly when he is sincerely dealt with.

“Are you going to go?”
“I have to go. They push me to the back like that.”
“Yes, you have to row when the water comes in. Go get your writing out of the box. If possible, do some annual meetings.”
“I’ll try.”

I know it’s hard to attend a year’s meeting because I’m the type to do it for a long time. If I see anything really fishy, I’ll have to grind my soul.

I feel good.’

That people talk about my work and even refer to it as “fun.” That alone filled my hand holding the keyboard.
Yes, it was this.
The reason why I quit my decent job and became a writer. The childlike heart that wants to move people’s hearts through writing.
It’s been a long time since I felt it.
A smile was drawn around my mouth without realizing it.
* * *

“…Is this all you have?”

Kang Ba Da frowned while looking at his smartphone. I sent a selfie to appeal various charms according to the advice of the nanny, and to recognize Kim Ha Neul’s taste.
: I pick number one and five.
Only one sentence came like this.
In addition, what Kim Ha Neul chose was simply the height of ease. Things that don’t deviate much from the level of posting on SNS sometimes.

“…Shall I?’

For example, a picture of a swimsuit taken at a pool villa pension owned by a friend. If I show my bare skin, won’t I get a response?
When I was thinking about it, the phone rang again.
: Personally, I like them all, but those two look good if you’re going to do it as a profile. People around you, including Ba Da’s family, are also watching.
[Laughing]You cute little thing. It was an ambiguous answer to the point where I thought he was playing hard to get with himself.
It’s a long sentence that fills the page. Typing alone would have taken a long time, but even attaching a reason to each picture.

‘…You mean you looked that closely, didn’t you?’

I was ashamed to think so. These are the photos that were filtered out, filtered out, and even left natural photoshopped by an expert. I feel anxious for some reason.
: Can I set it as a background picture?
After confirming the new notification, the body of Kang Ba Da hardened. What does background picture mean?

Are you talking about your profile?’

No way.
Kim Ha Neul’s profile was ‘basic’. Literally, it is hard without any profiles, status messages, or background photos.
I’m a person who doesn’t do SNS in the first place, and I’m not very interested in decorating my appearance, so it’s natural if it’s natural. Suddenly, it’s a background picture?

“…That’s only for couples, right?’

Hanging a picture of your lover on your profile. It’s an act of announcing ‘I have a girlfriend’ to all my connections.
Of course, these days, there are cases where multi-profile is only shown to certain people, but it is unlikely that Kim Ha Neul will even use it.

You liked my picture that much?’

As expected, she’s a nanny.
The best woman of this era with a wide view like a hawk in the sky and the wisdom of a fox at the same time. Her resourcefulness worked!

‘… Of course, this is part of acting.’

It’s time to get ready for the wedding. If you send an invitation without any excuse, everyone will start to doubt like Kim Gu Reum.
On that day, I had a conversation with Kim Ha Neul and finished the discussion to some extent. Let’s slowly leak information about two people around us.

“But you’ll still choose the one you like the most, right?”’

What kind of picture will it be? Kang Ba Da, which had been in a happy imagination for a while, immediately opened a message window after confirming that five minutes had passed.
: Well, go ahead.
Kang Ba Da, who sent the message, checked the change by going in and out of Kim Ha Neul’s profile in real time. When you’re tired of the picture that rarely changes.


Kim Ha Neul’s background picture finally changed. After confirming it, the brow of Kang Ba Da narrowed. Is this guy playing around?
For now, it was the same that there was no profile and status message of Kim Ha Neul. Literally, only the background picture has changed. The problem is that the picture…

When did you take this picture taken?’

It’s a picture taken from the back when I was holding Ye Na. His face was barely visible, and only the hair tie that Ye Na tied tightly stood out.

“Really… I can’t live.”

It’s a hell of a mess. This would make you look like a mother of a child, not a girlfriend. Ba Da pouted its lips.
Even so.
I don’t feel so bad.
What should I say? It’s so Kim Ha Neul-like that I feel empty. Considering his personality that he usually doesn’t decorate at all, this is also a great development.

“Is this you?”

Then a voice suddenly came from behind. Someone was peeping at the smartphone in Kang Ba Da with their heads slightly raised.
a savory taste
I’m a new researcher. Overall, he is popular with men because he is friendly and obeys his appearance. For men.

“That’s right.”

Kang Ba Da made up her expression by hiding her bitter feelings. At the same time, I was trying to put my smartphone in, but Ko So-mi suddenly grabbed my hand.

“Unnie, did you have a kid!?”
“No, I took this picture when I went to a nursery school volunteer.”
“I see. I thought you were hiding your child again.” You scared me!”

On the contrary, it is not popular with women. It’s because it’s a daily routine to pretend to be innocent and sharpen it. Do you think I can’t tell?

“Oh, but this is a background picture. It’s not yours. Do you have a boyfriend?”
“Ba Da, you have a boyfriend?”
“Is that true?”

It secretly raises its voice to attract the attention of the people in the lab. As expected, Go So-mi is the type that gets tired when she is together.

“Yes, that’s right.”
“Awesome. What’s your job?” How old are you? Are you a celebrity?”
“I’m a layman.”
“Oh, you’re lying. You?

Look at you.
Ba Da’s eyebrows wriggled.
Ko So-mi covered her mouth as if she couldn’t believe it and opened her eyes wide. She looked natural as if she had practiced a lot, but she could see that it was acting in the eyes of Kang Ba Da.

“Should I clean it up?”

For a moment, such thoughts passed through my head. After a short thought, it was concluded that it was not.
It’s not hard to clean up Gosomi in front of your eyes, but you’ll find out that she’s a group member of the lab.
I didn’t want to blow away the ordinary human relationships that I’ve been trying to build for years. So Kang Ba Da smiled.

“Yes, he’s a cool guy.”
“…Hoh. I’m curious because you say so. “Do you have any pictures with your boyfriend?”
“There isn’t.”

Kim Ha Neul is not ashamed. Rather, I can be confident that most of us here will understand if I show you the picture. But.

“I don’t want to get caught up in gossip for no.

Especially savory.
I want to avoid mentioning Kim Ha Neul in her mouth.
Then I think I’ll bury him in the front and the wholeheartedly.

“Does that make sense?”
“I don’t like taking pictures.”
“Still. At least one picture we took together…”
“I don’t have any”.

Annoyed by Ko So-mi’s persistent penetration, Kang Ba Da’s voice rose without realizing it.
As soon as she realized her mistake, Ko So-mi already started acting. She backed away with a wounded look on her face.

“I’m sorry. I’m being presumptuous again…” I’m just curious about my sister’s boyfriend.
“Ba Da, don’t you need to be angry?”
“Yes, I could ask out of curiosity.”

The fools possessed by the queen bee stood up. The atmosphere in the lab becomes strange.
It is natural that Kang Ba Da, which has been driven into a sensitive person in an instant, has become very uncomfortable. But that wasn’t the end of it.

“Oh, no! It’s all my fault. It’s my private life, but I acted too tactless, right? I’m sorry, sir!”

Gosomi who quickly gives an apology and bends down at the same time. With that alone, he took the image of a “good junior who apologizes to sensitive seniors.”
The view of Kang Ba Da from around is getting hotter. The reason why he hates humans explodes like a flood.
The appearance of the trust accumulated over the years collapsing like a sand castle has gone beyond irritation to despondency.

“If this is the case, everything…”

I can feel it. I’m nervous.♬
Then suddenly, the smartphone of Kang Ba Da rang. Kang Ba Da, who was holding his phone tightly, unknowingly pressed the call button.

– Ba Da ssi.
…Oh, my God.
It was ridiculous.
What on earth is this, the anger that went to the top of my head subsides in an instant. I couldn’t understand it at all even when I thought about it myself.

– You can’t hear me? Ba Da ssi?

“I can hear you well.”
– Well, what’s the matter?

– If it’s hard to talk on the phone, you can do it next time.
Is it an illusion to feel that Kim Ha Neul’s voice contains worries? He is strangely quick-witted in this regard.

“Oh, is that your boyfriend!?”

Then Ko So-mi cut in on the phone.
The person who said sorry a while ago continues to talk with a smile on his face about where he went. Kang Ba Da is about to stand up.

– Who are you?
Kim Ha Neul’s answer was faster.
Ko So-mi, who was closely listening to her smartphone, answered with her eyes sparkling.

“I’m ‘Kosomi’ who works at the same research institute with Ba Da.” Excuse me, but if you don’t mind, would you like to go on a trip with us?”
“Hey, what are you doing?”
“Everyone here is so curious about your boyfriend!”

I can’t do this.
This is clearly over the line.
The expression of Kang Ba Da cooled. She quickly found a way to bury Gosomi in her head, as her head gets colder as she gets angry.
The moment you try to put it into practice without having to put it back. Kim Ha Neul’s low voice came from beyond the phone.

– Sure.

“Ha Neul ssi! You’re busy at work, so you don’t have to do that…”
– It’s okay. I was also curious about the people around you. If you let me know the schedule in advance, I’ll adjust it.

“Really!? See you then!”

Gosomi that comes in without any time to stop her. Researchers who were inferring the conversation through her also nodded in unison.

“What kind of person would it be?”
“Are you really a celebrity?”
“Ha Neul ssi? The name is unique once.”

Researchers who are starting to talk wild. Kim Ha Neul’s participation, which has already become a fait accompli. Kang Ba Da seemed to have a throbbing head.

– I’d like to talk to Ba Da now.

“Wait a minute.”

Kang Ba Da rose from its seat and moved to a deserted place. Soon the surroundings became quiet, but Kang Ba Da, which was uncomfortable, did not open its mouth.

– Ba Da ssi.

– I’m sorry. I just accepted it.

“No. What Ha Neul should apologize for is……”
– I thought it was a difficult situation. I’m not bragging, but I have a lot of similar experiences.
It’s a similar situation.
What do you want to say? How far did this guy get from just a quick phone call? The mind of Kang Ba Da became complicated.

– Did you say Gosomi?

“…Why? Are you interested in her, too?”
– Of course.
Crack, crack, crack.
The sound of a break in reason reverberated in my head. Kang Ba Da is trying to raise its voice to the unknown emotion that makes my heart stuffy.

– I can smell my twin girls.

– Finally, I have a chance to pay off my debt to Ba Da ssi. Please leave this matter to me.
Two years.
It’s the first time I’ve heard Kim Ha Neul say such harsh words. Thanks to this, Kang Ba Da, which was stunned for a while, listened to Kim Ha Neul’s voice blankly.

– I said it quite confidently, but Ba Da ssi needs your help. I don’t know much about fashion, so if you tell me the style I’m going to wear that day…

– What?

“Hahaha! Ah, Jeong-ma-al-!”

Kang Ba Da burst into laughter at Kim Ha Neul’s voice, which was endlessly serious. I laughed so hard that I couldn’t stop crying.

– You don’t like my plan?

“No, I don’

The best.
That’s why I like you.
Kang Ba Da wiped away her tears and returned to her usual expression. Having regained her complete composure, she cleared her voice once.

“Shall we meet and talk?”

I missed Kim Ha Neul.
Right now.

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