Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 18 

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#018 As if it’s the last one

“Great job!”
“Oh, thank you.”

Kim Ha Neul, who safely finished the drop on his own, took a breath while drinking a drink handed over by Kang Ba Da.
Even so, it was not easy to take the children on the line ten times, so they were slightly out of breath.


Watching Kim Ha Neul wiping his sweat indifferently, the eyes of Kang Ba Da also lit up. In her head, the sight she had just seen was being repeated indefinitely.

“Why is your physical so good?”’

Surprisingly, Kim took the overwhelming first place in all 10 previous games.
Even when a young father in his mid-20s appeared, or when a muscular man appeared. Even when he started his tenth climb.
Kim Ha Neul, who everyone thought would slip once, did not lose a single time.

“I’m sweating here.”
“Thank you…”
“I’ll wipe it for you.”

Kang Ba Da took out a handkerchief and wiped Kim Ha Neul’s sweat. In fact, I hardly sweated, but it was to show it to the people around me.

“How dare you…”

This is because the eyes of women around Kim Ha Neul have been unusual since earlier. There weren’t always married women in theme parks.

‘No, married women are dangerous, too.’

The woman’s instinct in her DNA speaks. Everyone here is a competitor. That’s how attractive a male is in front of you.
Kang Ba Da secretly rolled up her sleeves to show off her couple bracelets. Kim Ha Neul needed to score points and solidify his position.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“Wait a minute. Here’s my eye booger…”
“It’s really okay.”

Kim Ha Neul tapped the forehead of Kang Ba Da. While she was mesmerized for a moment by the huge echo, the children approached them.

“You’re so cool!”
“Can I touch your arm?”
“Me too! I want to touch it!”

Children flocked to surround Kim Ha Neul was surrounded by Kim Ha Neul. Kim Ha Neul smiled lightly and patted the children.
That alone.
I felt the reward of my hard work.

“Good job, Sky.”
“Don’t mention it. Where shall we go now?”
“No, you should take a rest, too. I talked to the children while you were working, and I think we need to divide the number of people.”
“The number of people?”

The director nodded lightly. Then the children naturally lined up behind the teachers as if they were in sync.

“We’ll take a look around and come back.” Take it easy.”
“What? No, I……”
“You two can take care of Ye Na, right? If anything happens, call me!”

The director and Mr. Park disappear with the children without any time to stop them. Ye Na approached Kim Ha Neul, who was left alone.

“Ye Na, I want to play more.”

Ye Na held Kim Ha Neul’s hand.
On the other side, he held the hand of Kang Ba Da.
The scene of the three people was reminiscent of their families around them, so Kang Ba Da and Kim Ha Neul burst into laughter at the same time.

“Yes, I’m here to play for the first time in a while, but I’m going to take out

On one side, it is a place that is criticized for being too expensive for its size and facilities, but you need to play harder.
Even if it was all money from Kang Tae-yang’s pocket, it was the same. I’ll use it as much as I got it as a gift.

“Well, I mean, let’s try everything here.”
“Ye Na, you want to get some mulberry, too!”
“Yes, let’s do that’s right.

The three began to walk around Legoland holding hands.
* * *

“Whoa, whoa…”

Two middle-aged men sighed at the same time. The two felt a great sense of homogeneity the moment their eyes met.

“Did you meet him?”
“You too?”
“…Yes. We saw blood in the free creation section. They made Tyrannosaurus look like a formal figure.”
“Huh? Wasn’t it originally there?”
“No. The employees left it as an exhibit because it was a waste to break it down. They told me to just keep it when I pay for it.”
“Oh, my God.”

Mom, dad, daughter.
This trio of “truck family” was sweeping Legoland. Are they even sharing their locations through SNS to avoid overlapping routes?

“And you?”
“At the fire truck experience……”
“Huh? Isn’t that a team of two?”
“You must not have seen it properly. The woman next to me is no joke. Just pump to see how well they work together. Oh, my god.

The man who was lamenting took a breath. This is because the family in question passed before their eyes.

“Hmm. Then I’ll go ahead.”
“Cheer up.”
“Yes, fighting over there, too.”

The old men scattered in different directions, leaving support for each other. Kang Ba Da glanced at their backs.

“Isn’t it quiet around us?”
“If a truck comes running, we should avoid it, not block it.”
“…That’s a metaphor like a web novel writer.”

Kim Ha Neul shrugging his shoulders.
They also fully understood what had happened. It wasn’t that I couldn’t hear what people around me said.

‘Well, what can I do?’

I just tried hard.
It’s just that Kim Ha Neul is involved in physical devices like “Munky Clime,” and Kang Ba Da is crushed in cerebral areas like “making Lego models.”
I press it everywhere I go, so I can feel the signs of sneaking away when I see the party even in the section where there is no particular competition.

“We’d love to, well.”

I didn’t mean to kill other people, but I was grateful that it was becoming a pleasant sightseeing eventually.

“Thanks to you, I’ve done everything here.”
“Ye Na seems to be satisfied, too.”

Ye Na was sleeping soundly with Kim Ha Neul on her back. The two took turns participating in the game, but Ye Na never took a break.

“I’m sure you’ll wake up soon.”

The scariest thing about children is that they charge fast. It was clear that Ye Na would quickly get up again and run around.

“Shall I join your group?”
“I should. It’s closing time soon.”
“Now I have to say this, but it was in the bag…”
“It’s all right.”
“Well, a man could carry some condoms. There’s a saying that if you carry it in your wallet, you’ll get money. It was a little too much to say so.”
“Ah ha ha haha.

Kim Ha Neul smiled awkwardly. Then Kang Ba Da turned its head and made eye contact.

“But you can’t cheat on me. You know that, right?”
“Of course, of course.”
“That’s all right then.”

He seemed satisfied with his unhesitating answer. Kang Ba Da turned again and moved forward.
A line of questions passed through Kim Ha Neul’s head as she looked at her back.

“…Is it all right if I don’t cheat?”

Does it mean that you’re okay?
Is this green light?

“Today’s mood wasn’t bad.”’

Of course, it was physically difficult, but it was a fun day that Kim Ha Neul himself put down the calculator. If Kang Ba Da did the same.

“Let’s not anticipate kimchi first.”’

He is a person who also did educational volunteer work at university. It is too early to jump to conclusions with this kind of behavior. Enlarged interpretation is dangerous until a clear signal is received.

“What are you doing there?”
“Here we go.”

Kang Ba Da that was ahead stopped. Looking back, she waited for Kim Ha Neul for a while. Kim Ha Neul quickly walked next to him.

“It’s very hard. Should I carry him on my back?”
“It’s all right. Can I have a drink, please.”
“Here you go.”

Kang Ba Da brought a straw with a drink to its mouth. Kim Ha Neul took a drink and swallowed a light smile.

“…Ye Na….Success.”

Then suddenly, Ye Na, who was on her back, talked in her sleep. The two people’s eyes met in the air as they talked in their sleep.
Then, I burst into laughter without saying who came first. Kang Ba Da sneaks back and scatters Ye Na’s face.

“Ye Na is smiling brightly. You must be having a funny dream.”
“Yes, wait a minute. I’ll take a picture and show you!”

On their way back to the hotel, the smile didn’t leave their mouths.

“You worked hard.”
“The director suffered more.”
“Hoho, did you have fun?”
“Thanks to you.”

When we came back to the hotel, the director welcomed us. The smile made me feel somewhat at ease.

“What about the others?”
“I’m doing a treasure hunt in my room. The interior was also well decorated, so he seemed very excited.”

It is said that you can do a ‘treasure hunt’ once in each room here. If you open the safe after solving the given problem, there is a prize inside.I.
700,000 won a day.
A more expensive room costs 1 million won.
It’s a place you’ll never go if you pay my money to go in, but it’s not a bad place to enjoy with other people’s money.

“I’m glad you all like it.”
“It’s all thanks to the two of them. What do you want to do now? You can look around the hotel, or you can go into the room and rest.”
“I need to take a break first. What about you, Ba Da?”
“Me, too.”

I’m old enough to be beaten if I say I’m old, but unlike in my early 20s, it was these days that I felt heavy every year.
Now that I’ve driven a bus and completed a theme park, I’ve been suffering from tremendous mental fatigue. Maybe Kang Ba Da, too.

“Anyway, all the children are in the room, and when the door opens, the hotel checks and calls me. So you two should also rest comfortably.”
“Thank you, hmm?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Are there not enough rooms?”

Since you said you wanted to rest in Kang Ba Da, shouldn’t you give me two keys? I’m sure Kang Tae-yang got enough room for me.

“Huh? Weren’t you two sharing a room?”
“I’ll do it…”

No way.
I was going to say this.

“I think so! I should!”

I tried to refute it with that mind, but Kang Ba Da suddenly hit me from the side. She even poked her side as if to match the horse.
Of course, it’s not that I don’t know the meaning. I’ve already told you on the bus that we’re about to get married, but it would be weird to use separate rooms here. but.

‘…I’ll never be able to open my eyes if I sleep in the same room with you.’

Why did Kang Tae-yang get enough room? Whether it’s buying employees or doing something. It is certain that they are paying attention to the dynamics of this place.
In the midst of this, you spend a night in the same room as Kang Ba Da? It’s like an express train to a bad ending.

“There are many rooms, but do you have to…” 100 million!

At that moment, Kang Ba Da, which clung to my side, pinched my side without the director knowing. I managed to suppress a burst of screaming.
Perhaps without many years of experience as a movie theater smileist, his expression would have collapsed immediately.

“Ha Neul, you’re very tired, aren’t you?” Let’s hurry up and go home and rest.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Come on, come on.”

As if he would not allow a rebuttal, Kang Ba Da snatched the key from the director’s hand and pushed me by the shoulder. Because Ye Na was still hanging from her back.

“Ye Na, I’ll take you.”

The director reached out to me to get Ye Na. During that moment my mind spun quickly.
Now that we’re driven all the way here, it’s inevitable to share the same room. Of course nothing will happen inside, but who would believe it.

‘…We need a shield!’

Ye Na is cut out for the role.
What will happen when a child is with him. A living witness, the purest shield in the world is now hanging from my back.

“Director, we’ll take Ye Na with us.”

At my words, the director and Kang Ba Da burst into question at the same time. If you don’t come up with a plausible answer, of course the plan will fail.
In that case, I will be buried alive by Kang Tae-yang. I had to work my head out of this situation desperately.

“Ye Na was really good at following Ba Da today. “You didn’t try to fall off at all.”
“Well, that’s true.

The director’s response is not bad.
In fact, Ye Na kept holding the hand of Kang Ba Da while she was awake. If you saw that, of course you would have reacted like that.

“I thought I might find Ba Da ssi when I wake up. The director should keep walking around and see other children. Since you worked hard all day, we’ll take charge of Ye Na for today.”

A gentle smile formed around the director’s mouth. My face, which confirmed the expression, also caught a smile of remorse.
Then, half of it was successful.
Now all you have to do is persuade Ba Da ssi.

‘… hmm!?’

As soon as I checked the expression of Kang Ba Da, I flinched. Because her expression was cold.
Of course, he immediately returned to his usual smiling face, but the cold expression that passed by in a moment was stuck in my mind.

“Oh, that’s nice. Let’s do that.”

I swallowed my dry saliva without realizing it. Unlike the smile on the lips, the eyes of Kang Ba Da are completely hardened.
Are you dissatisfied with the fact that you want to take a rest comfortably, but you brought your work right away? But I don’t see a way to survive except this way.

“You don’t have to do that…”
“It’s okay, director. We can’t help it if Ha Neul talks like that.” I also like Ye Na.”
“Then I’ll ask you just for today.”

Finally, with the lively tone of Kang Ba Da, the director went back to check on the children. An awkward silence fell between us.

“Shall we go in then? With Ye Na.”
“…You’re not mad, are you?”
“What? Why am I angry?”

Kang Ba Da with a smile on one’s face
The problem was that the expression did not feel warm at all, like the laughter of a psychopath killer in a horror movie.
Whatever you say is out here. I’m just thankful that I survived for another day, and I can’t help but hope that I’ll solve the problem in the future.

“You decorated the hallway beautifully. Ye Na would’ve loved it if she saw this. Oh, I’m excited.”

Using the warmth felt behind his back as the only support, he silently passed through the thin ice-like hallway. a room so barely arrived

“Oh, oh, oh, yes.

This time, it’s the ocean of Kang Ba Da that really exclaims. Looking at the scenery inside, I also felt that it was a great place in many ways.
In line with the name of the theme park, the room was filled with all kinds of character props, and even the hotel room made it feel like part of an amusement park.
Although it is not a room that stimulates the emotions of adults, it was enough to understand why nursery school children stayed in the room quietly.

“Ye Na and I will use this bunker bed here. Ba Da ssi, use the big bed over there.”

Fortunately, it’s a space made for families. There was a two-story bunker bed and a king-sized bed separately.

“Lay Ye Na down here.”

Kang Ba Da led me to King-Size Bad as if I were talking about something.

“Nae-neul and I use bunkers.
“Will you still be all right?”
“I don’t know what Ha Neul thinks of me, but I’m an adult, too.”

I see.
There is an image that ordinary rich people use beds that are much bigger than the king’s size in a spacious house. I thought that would be uncomfortable, too.
Putting Ye Na to sleep in a big bed is the best answer. Except I sleep in the same room as Kang Ba Da.

“But since it’s divided into floors,’

Rather, this side may be comfortable. When I reached that point, I laid Ye Na on the bed.

“Ye Na should wash up too…”
“Ha Neul, wash up first and come out.” I’ll wash up with Ye Na when she wakes up.”

I hope so.
I want to believe that it won’t be such a horror development that Ye Na disappeared after washing up.
But I didn’t have the courage to open my mouth and ask it myself. I said yes and got ready to wash up right away.

I don’t know anymore.’

I sweated quite a lot as I continued to work hard, and the fatigue I accumulated from driving is formidable. I want to leave my body in hot water right away.

Oh, there’s a bathtub.’

I don’t have a bathtub in my house, so I want to go inside and enjoy a lower-body bath if possible.
I turned the tap just in case, and the water poured out. I think it will be full by the time I finish taking a shower.

All right, let’s have fun.’

Like today is the last day.
Maybe it’s really the last time.

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