Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 17 

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#017 You’re shy.

It’s not easy.’

There is nothing good about the psychological distance from Kang Ba Da. Moreover, if this news goes to Kang Tae-yang, I will be dead.

What if I use the old saying?’

There is a myth that money comes in if you carry a condom in your wallet. Can’t you put some sauce on it and gloss over it?
I thought about that for a moment.
I had no choice but to shake my head soon.

I’m sure Ba Da ssi will look it up.’

Due to her curious nature, she is sure to search for such a myth for herself. Then things get worse.
[Title: Put condoms in your wallet]: You know, if you put a condom in your wallet, you’ll save money, right? I asked my mom, and she said, “The condom that a high school girl put in for the original relationship will turn into money after work.” Is this for real?
└ Mother, how do you do that?
└ Wasn’t it intended to prevent pregnancy?
└ Fact: If you carry a condom in your wallet, it will be damaged by friction.
The community post I saw once passed through my head. It’s not a difficult article to find, so Kang Ba Da will definitely see it.

“Water balloons…”

You have to say something that makes sense.
There’s no turning back if you bring that up.

‘It’s best to just be honest.’

Of course, it’s not something to talk about in front of the kids. I should take the opportunity to tell you later when it’s just the two of us.
As I was working on the script while doing image training in my head, the children began to return one by one.

“Hey, here!”
“Thank you, Ye Na. I’ll enjoy it.”
“What you’re going to eat…”

Ye Na, who returned with Kang Ba Da, pushed potatoes into my mouth. It felt very sweet because I used my brain right before.
However, I couldn’t help but choke when I pushed in a whole potato. She handed me a cup of coffee when she saw Kang Ba Da.

“Thank you…” What?”
“This is hot…”
“So what?”
“No, I’m not.”

I’m the sinner.
I calmly drank the hot Americano Kang Ba Da gave me. It was so thick that I could feel how many shots I added.
The sensation expanded as a huge concentration of caffeine was injected into the brain. At the same time, I felt a strong scent that stimulated the tip of my nose.
Forbes ranked No. 1 in the subway’s most delicious smell. The fierce temptation naturally made my head go in. It was in the arms of Kang Ba Da.

“Just one…”
“I’m not going to give it to you.”
“It doesn’t taste good when it’s cold.”
“I’m going to eat it all before that.”

You’re very angry.
Should I think it’s a good thing that they accept my words? I pulled myself up, swallowing a bitter heart.

“One, two, three… We’re here. Let’s go.”

After checking, I was at the wheel again. I wanted to hurry back to the accommodation and rest.

‘Everyone’s asleep.’

How long did he drive?
When I peeked into the rearview mirror, all the children were asleep. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited the day before. Both the director and teacher Park were closing their eyes.

“…Do you want one?”

Then Kang Ba Da spoke to me. In her arms, there was a bag of Delimanjoo that she had not even touched.

“It’s all right.”

I think you’re asking for a settlement in your own way. Even though I’m a sinner, I feel somewhat hurt to take it right here.
Then, I noticed Kang Ba Da, which was restless while pouting its lips. If you’re going to do that, why did you joke around?

“Your face is like a cheat key.”

Doing something that doesn’t fit in with a face like a car girl, my heart melts without realizing it. This is not the area of calculation.

“Then can you give me one?”

Kang Ba Da thrust out a delimanjoo toward me. I naturally reach out my right hand and try to eat it.
Then suddenly.
A sense of playfulness came into play.

“Put it in your mouth.”
“I’m driving right now.”

I’m driving on the highway. There is nothing much to manipulate on a straight road, and it is not difficult to get a short delimanjoo.
However, I wanted to play a little prank because of the bitter taste of Americano that still lingers in my mouth. Surprisingly, Kang Ba Da ocean isn’t immune to things like this.
Kang Ba Da staring at this side to see if my prediction was wrong. I couldn’t see it properly because I was looking sideways, but I felt a hot gaze.

‘Well, I’ll leave it at that.’

If you miss the timing while teasing more, you can’t even make up. It is dangerous to bully too much from the standpoint of still having something to explain.
I’m trying to grab the steering wheel with my left hand and get the deli manju with my other hand. Suddenly, I felt a soft touch on my lips.


Kang Ba Da spoke in a small voice that I could barely hear. At that moment I stopped all thinking.

“Hurry up and do it.”

As if to rush me, Kang Ba Da brought up the words. At this, I opened my mouth reflexively, and Delimanjoo came through the gap.
One bite, sweet custard cream inside spread throughout the mouth.
How hard Kang Ba Da was hugging, Delhi Manju, which still maintains its warmth.
I’m sure it was the sweetest food I’ve ever tasted.
* * *
At the time when Kim Ha Neul and KangBa Da shared Delimanjoo. There was one gaze looking at the two with faint eyes.

“Ye Na, success!”

Ye Na, who was secretly watching the two, wriggled the corners of her mouth. The only thing she’s interested in lately was those two.
As much as she kept watching, Ye Na, who noticed the subtle atmosphere flowing between the two, tried to reconcile the two.

“You’re shy.”’

Kang Ba Da is disingenuous. From the beginning, I bought Delimanjoo to give it to Kim Ha Neul, but I kept holding it in my arms.

Ha Neul needs to marry Ba Da.’

I’ve seen it before.
Another child in the nursery disappeared holding the hands of strangers. That day, the director briefly explained about ‘adoption’.
When a man and a woman get married, some of them take their children from nursery schools. Everyone becomes a family and lives a happy life.

“Ye Na wants to live with you.”’

Originally, I wanted to get married, but the director said no. This is the only way to be Kim Ha Neul’s family now.

“Ye Na is Cupid!”

Wouldn’t it be good if you connect the two? The “Ah-” strategy I saw in the drama was that I came up with my brain so desperately.
When the director demonstrates, the children of the nursery school often follow along. Ye Na’s operation, which originated from that appearance, succeeded really beautifully.

“Oppa and unni!” Love, love! Love!”

Ye Na raised the corners of her mouth as she watched the lovely atmosphere of the two. After that, he quietly set up his next strategy in his mind.
* * *

“…I’m finally here.”
“You had a hard time driving.”
“This is the beginning.”

Kim Ha Neul’s eyes swept ahead.
There were dads who looked like they were out of their minds. They were all walking around like zombies, led by children.

It’s brutal from the entrance.’

Legoland, located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, is a global theme park with the theme of Lego toys, as its name suggests.
the largest in Asia
It is the second largest in the world.
The size is also large, but the problem is the ‘rides’. Since it is a family theme park focused on children, there were many manually operated rides.

Did they call it a voluntary drop?’

It’s a miniature version of Gyro Drop that existed in the existing amusement park. It is a devil’s ride where adults and children ride together and pull up the rope themselves.
Of course, children lack strength, so the driving force is entirely up to the father. Of course, I’m the only one who will play that role in our group.


Sniffing! Sniffing!
After taking a deep breath, Kim Ha Neul took out the energy drink he had prepared in advance and drank it at once.
Shortly afterwards, he couldn’t turn his eyes over the window, so he shouted sternly at the children who seemed to break.

“Come on, let’s go.”

A thunderous roar broke out. Kim Ha Neul led the children off the bus. Kang Ba Da followed suit, swallowing laughter.

“You can enter this way.”
“Thank you.”

Thanks to Secretary Jang’s neat work, we were free passes everywhere by name.
The hotel at the entrance is said to have a lot to see, but the eyes of the children who have already witnessed the ride have turned, so we immediately entered the theme park.

“Oh, it’s better than I thought.”
“I know. The kids will love it.”

a castle made of Lego
an animal made of Lego
Ninja made of Lego.
The children’s eyes went wild. That’s how busy the eyes of adults have become, because children quickly become lost the moment they miss out of sight.
No matter how young you are, you have different tastes, so you’re all hooked on different things. It was perfect to lose if left blank.

“Mincheol, come here!”
“Let’s go there together later!”

Thanks to this, we had to spend quite a lot of energy just attracting children. However, no one in the party frowned.

“The kids love it.”
“It’s my first time coming to a place like this. You look happy, too.”
“I’m also happy to see the children smile. But Mr. Park. What about Mincheol?
“Oh! Mincheol!”

Although it was hectic, it was a meaningful trip enough to have joy in the eyes of the children who were dead black.

“Ye Na, I want to ride that.”

At that time, Ye Na grabbed Kim Ha Neul’s skirt. At the end of her gaze is none other than ‘self-drop’. The official name is ‘Munky Clime’.
I saw a tearful scene in which proud fathers of Korea sacrificed their bodies for their children’s laughter.

‘It’s time to come.’

Other children also focused their attention on whether the drop seemed to have caught their eyes on themselves.
In response, Kim Ha Neul took a step toward hell with a serious expression.

“What is it? Is it a daycare center?”

There’s only one man.’

“How are you going to pick them up?”

As soon as I entered the entrance, a wary gaze poured out toward Kim Ha Neul.
Most of them are in their 30s and 40s, so they are instinctively nervous about the appearance of young blood.

“My dad is the best!”
“Dad, you can win first place, right?”
“Use the useless exercise here.”

Fathers who were pushed by their children’s expectant eyes or by their wives’ backs lit their eyes.

I’m not dead yet.’

I can’t let my son down.’

It’s a helchang life that I’ve lived only for this day.’

(Singing “Drum roll”)
There’s a strange tension between the fathers. Kim Ha Neul, who stood at the center, warmed up lightly.

“May I help you, Ha Neul?”
“It’s all right. Please lead the children.”
“…But wouldn’t ten times be impossible?”
“This is easy.”

Fathers who listened to confident Kim Ha Neul swallowed their laughter. You can’t be pretentious in front of a girl.
Although it looks good at first glance, it is never easy to lift a ride with the weight of oneself and the child added.

‘…Ah, the first one is Nagari.’

I’ll meet you around the third time.’

“It won’t even come my turn.”

Fathers’ joy and sorrow for calculating the order of confrontation with Kim Ha Neul were mixed. No matter how good the physical is, it was a self-evident fact that it would get weaker as time went by.
Whether or not, Kim Ha Neul boarded the balloon with Ye Na. After simply checking the safety equipment, I grabbed the rope.

“All right, get ready. Three, two, one! Let’s go!”
“Oh my god!”

The sound of fathers’ strength filled the surroundings with the signal of the guide.
At the same time, equipment carrying the children began to soar upward. No, it was time to.


Hook, hook, hook.
Kim Ha Neul climbed the rope at an overwhelming speed and literally shot the ceiling in the blink of an eye.
How powerfully he stretched out, I didn’t think he could do that even if he was on the line alone.


Is that a person?’

I thought it was a gorilla.’

The fathers, who had not even started yet, looked up at Kim Ha Neul blankly and burst into a despondent smile.
Kim Ha Neul even waited for Ye Na to fully enjoy the scenery, holding the line at the highest point.

“Wow! You’re first place!”
“Is this enough?”
“…I want to stay a little longer. The others are waiting too!”
“Yes, Ye Na is nice.”

Kim Ha Neul held the rope with one hand and stroked Ye Na’s head with the other.
The fathers swallowed their astonishment when they saw it, but Kim Ha Neul only came down slowly controlling the speed so that Ye Na wouldn’t be surprised.


Kim Ha Neul is calmly changing personnel as if this is nothing. The father’s faces, who were waiting for him, turned black when he was out of breath.

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