Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 16 

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#016 There’s only one way.

“It’s reassuring to have Ba Da.”

I quickly added words to the sharp glare of Kang Ba Da. I brought it up in a hurry, but it’s not a lie to say that it’s good.

It’s better to have at least one adult.’

The size of the nursery is so small that there are about 10 children, but we should not ignore the amount of activity of those who resemble wild animals.
In particular, it is too much for one adult to handle two or three children, especially in places where children go crazy, such as “Lego Land,” which will soon be visited soon.

“Well, I’m not lying.”
“Do you do mind reading?”
“Not to that extent. “Just because I’ve been exposed to various humans since I was young, my eyes naturally increased.”
“What kind of person am I?”

Kang Ba Da turned to me in my question. She rubbed her chin as if she were seriously contemplating, and then carefully answered.

“…It’s a pseudoscience.”
“It was rather credible. Ha Neul, have you never taken MBTI test?”
“There is.”

Since MBTI is so popular, I thought it could be used in web novels.
Although he has never appeared in a novel directly, he is still using it well when making characters.

“What did you get?”
“It’s INFJ.”
“See? I’m a great judge of people.”

a shrugging sea of rivers
Sometimes I doubt if this person is really a researcher, but I laughed moderately because it was so cute.

“What about me?”
“Please guess this time, Ha Neul.”
“Mmm… ENTP?”

Kang Ba Da with wide open eyes must have been surprised by the exact match. Seeing the wise reaction, I felt rewarded for studying in advance.
I combed through Kang Ba Da’s SNS as part of a data survey, and one of the information I got was her MBTI.
Computers also collect big data to provide personalized services, and this effort is natural.

“Although you can’t grasp all of a person’s personality with such a simple test……”

Much better than not knowing anything.
Extroverted (E) or Introverted (I). Intuitive (N) or Sensory (S). You can see which side the main tendency of Kang Ba Da is closer to.

Information superiority is important.’

Getting information means that you can gain an advantage in dealing with an opponent.
In addition to MBTI, the food that Kang Ba Da likes and the atmosphere of the restaurant. There was quite a lot of useful information that I got from exploring her SNS.

I had a lot of followers.’

1 million followers.
How surprised I was at the number of slap in the face of so many celebrities. I don’t think I’m working hard either.
Once a week, you only posted selfies or pictures of your cat at home. Her popularity was astounding.

I don’t know why you chose me.’

The more I learned about Kang Ba Da, the deeper the question became. It’s ridiculous that someone like this likes me, and there must be a good reason.

“What are you thinking about?”
“I’m just kidding.”
“…What, I was surprised.”
“Well, I’ll have to plan the wedding soon.”
“Oh, are you two getting married?”

Then someone burst into our conversation. Park Mi-kyung was in charge of the education and nutrition of children at the nursery school.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes.”
“Oh, I envy you. That’s why I said sesame seeds are pouring out. It’s so nice to see good men and women.”
“Oh, my. Thank you.”
“But is it okay if you don’t live together?”
“Do, cohabitation!?”

Kang Ba Da raised its voice as if embarrassed by the sudden word. Mr. Park smiled mischievously at him.

“Why, young people these days live first and get married. There’s a reason why the divorce rate is so high. I’ll have to see if my lifestyle is right, too.”
“Cow, quick-witted…”
“I heard that young people these days try it first and go out with it. Oh, by any chance, are the two of you still here?”

Kang Ba Da’s eyes became meaningful because of the rich woman’s talk. As soon as I saw that expression, cold sweat flowed down my back.

I think it’s going to cause some kind of trouble.’

My crisis detection sensor, which has been built up after years of reading the room, has long exceeded the criminal. I have to step up before it’s too late.
But very unfortunately.
The reaction rate of Kang Ba Da was faster than mine.

“Why are you asking me that? It’s embarrassing.”
“Right? There’s no such person in the world these days. Unless it’s a fake marriage. Hohohohohoh.”
“Of course! Go, it’s not even a fake marriage. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

As soon as I heard the words of Kang Ba Da that followed, I felt dizzy. I didn’t say yes directly, but it’s actually an acknowledged level of answer.

“…This is dangerous.’

Mr. Park is a light-mouthed type. Talking to her isn’t much different than screaming into a loudspeaker.
There is no reason for the proverb to say, “A horse without feet goes a thousand miles.” The moment the harsh sound enters the second brother’s ear, I’m dead.

“Teacher, such a question is a bit burdensome…”

I tried to cover Mr. Park’s mouth first, but someone slapped her on the back first. I hit it so well that my back hurt.

“Ack! Mr. Director!”
“Mr. Park, stop talking nonsense and go sit down. They’re adults too, so they’ll take care of themselves.”
“What do you mean! Mind your own business.”

Before I knew it, the director who returned with the children slapped Mr. Park on the back of Mr. Park.
Mr. Park went back to his seat in tears at the sight of the director with a stern look on his face.

“Ha Neul, you may start now.”

The director winks at me and Kang Ba Da. Then we started the car with an awkward smile.
* * *

Do I look weird?’

Kang Ba Da became complicated in its head. This is because Mr. Park’s suspicion came closer because he was already paying attention to the touch.

– Ba Da, I heard you have a boyfriend.
– Oh, what’s up to you! What kind of person is he?
– How far did you go? What do you think? Am I good?
At a meeting I went out not long ago, it was Kang Ba Da that I could hardly wake up to the pouring questions of my friends.
I haven’t even held my hands properly yet, but everyone put on the basic premise of inner compatibility. It was even more so because everyone was a married mother.

– My husband is weak these days. My legs were shaking on my honeymoon, so I couldn’t even go outside.

– In that case, you have to feed him first. Last time, my in-laws took care of me for a while, so I fed him bokbunja liquor with eel. It’s been a while since I’ve seen some stars that day.

– Really!? Tell me the brand. My mom said she’d take care of him next week.
In fact, we’ve talked about this a lot since a long time ago. When girls get together, they even talk about trivial things.
However, whenever such a story came out, the position of Kang Ba Da, who had no male experience, was always the same.

– You can’t be loose just because you have a baby. It’s perfect if you wear event underwear.

– Oh, as expected, Ba Da of course.

– I don’t regret getting married, but when I look at Ba Da, I think I did it too early.

– I agree. I should have enjoyed life more.
That’s right.
Among his friends, Kang Ba Da’s position is a relationship master. It was also a true pacifist who loved without racism.

“I don’t want to be called an old maid!”

Although he had no experience in men, he was acting thoroughly using by-products collected while swimming in Ba Da of information.
At that time, the crisis was somehow passed, but when someone asks a question like Mr. Park just now, the accident stops because he is embarrassed.

– Did you kiss your brother?
Moreover, even Ye Na, who is only five years old, is getting ahead of herself. The heart of Kang Ba Da grew a little by little.

“…How can I seduce you?”’

I think I’ll do whatever I do, whether I make progress or not once I get a confession is required. However, this tactless human showed no sign of it at all.

You’re just going to kiss me first!’

I heard most of them will fall for it.
The eyes of Kang Ba Da turned to Kim Ha Neul’s lips.
Kim Ha Neul, who was driving in full swing, looked different. As if concentrating, the slightly frowned brows and tightly closed lips caught my eye.

“…You’re cool.”

Driving such a big car.
It was also good to look at the children through the rearview mirror in the middle. I’m glad I followed this trip by questioning my second brother.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“I’m sorry, but could you take the sunglasses out of my bag? The sunlight is stronger than I thought.”

That’s why you were frowning.
Finding the reason, Kang Ba Da hurriedly found Kim Ha Neul’s bag. But the bag is thick and heavy enough to make you think it’s weird.

“Why did you bring so many things?”
“I just brought the essentials. Clothes to change, toiletries, lotion, and emergency medicine.”

Even so, when did emergency medicines become essential? As I opened my bag, swallowing my doubts, a more surprising scene unfolded.
It contained all kinds of items such as towels, hair dryers, multi-tap, charger, and auxiliary batteries. To the point where I wonder if it’s this thorough.


In fact, he says he is spontaneous, but from the perspective of Kang Ba Da, it seemed that the standards for himself were just.
He is surprisingly clumsy, so if Kim Ha Neul fills in these details, he may become a good couple.

“It’ll be quite down there. I should have left it out in advance in anticipation of this situation ….”
“How can a person expect that far? Hold on a second. I’ll find you in a minute.”

Swirl, swirl, swirl, swirl.
Since the car was moving, I couldn’t even take out the goods, so Kang Ba Da was struggling with her bag and looking for the sunglasses case.

“Is this it?”

After searching hard, a box-like object was caught in my hand. Ba Da quickly pulled it up.


First of all, the box is correct, but it’s not a sunglasses case no matter how you look at it. I looked down and saw the number “003” on the surface.

“Did you find it?”
“Oh, not yet!”

The embarrassed Kang Ba Da quickly pushed the box back in. Afterwards, I was able to find the sunglasses case by displaying a superhuman sense.

“It’s better now. Thank you.”

Kim Ha Neul, wearing sunglasses, smiled. But Kang Ba Da had no time to care about him.

F, that was a condom, right?’

It’s a number that often came out when friends talked.
When I first heard it, I thought it was a code name like 007, but I didn’t know until later that it meant “0.03mm.”

‘Why, why, already!? We haven’t even kissed yet! Did the honeymoon I mentioned earlier mean this!?’

Wasn’t Kim Ha Neul thinking this was just a contract marriage in the first place? Don’t tell me you’re going to share a room with another girl.

“Ba Da, are you getting motion sickness?”
“…an animal.”

What do you mean?
How dare you try to deceive someone with such an innocent look. It must be a lie to say that you have never been single before.
When I go back, I should order him to investigate Kim Ha Neul’s past immediately. I’m sure something will come out.

What underwear am I wearing today?’

As time went by, it was a Kang Ba Da that made my head complicated.

“Guys, don’t go alone at the rest area. You have to stay with teachers”.
“Then I’ll buy you a delicious snack.”

The rest stop arrived after many twists and turns.
The children, who were excited by the word “delicious snack,” were all clamoring to get off quickly.
The children who follow the director and teacher Park out of the car. Kim Ha Neul, who was watching him, turned his head toward Kang Ba Da.

“Are you okay, Ba Da?”

I was wondering if I was in a hurry to go to the bathroom because you were suddenly quiet, but I guess it wasn’t necessarily like that from the smell.

“What is this?”

I don’t think I did anything wrong. Was it unpleasant to ask you to take out your sunglasses? At that time when I was wondering about this and that.

“What about Ha Neul?”
“One has to guard the bus.”

There are teachers, but you’d better leave the door open because you don’t know when the children will be back. I don’t really need to go to the bathroom.

“Then I’ll just……”
“Huh? Ye Na, did you get off yet?”
“I want to eat a big potato.”
“If you follow the director, he’ll buy it for you.”
“Ye Na wants to eat with you.”

Since tying each other’s hair, Ye Na has been sticking to Kang Ba Da like a gum.
Today, I was on my way to get rid of the fact that I wanted to go sitting on the lap of Kang Ba Da.

“Go ahead.”
“It’s lonely to be in the car alone.”
“I’m used to it. If so, please buy me a drink on the way here. Something cool.”

Kang Ba Da, which had been agonizing over Kim Ha Neul’s words for a while, eventually rose from its seat. She grabbed Ye Na’s hand and got off the bus.

“I’ll be right back.”
“You can come slowly.”

Kim Ha Neul, who sent out Kang Ba Da, watched her back until she disappeared from view. Soon after, he quickly began to search his bag.

‘There is obviously a problem here.’

Given the timing and circumstances of Kang Ba Da’s silence, there was definitely something wrong with the bag. For example, underwear.

“I definitely put my underwear in the back zipper.”

I couldn’t see it properly because I was driving on the highway, but I’m sure Kang Ba Da only had the front zipper open. There is no contact with underwear.
Kim Ha Neul, who found the cause of the problem while searching the bag like that, touched her forehead.
It’s a condom.
It’s a bundle of three boxes.

“…Kim Ha Neul. You idiot.”

Kim Ha Neul often travels alone as a data survey, but since it is annoying to pack every time, a “basic package for travel” is always prepared.
In a bag containing basic travel items such as toiletries, they start by changing only underwear and towels. Of course, it came out like that today, too.

“Jingu, you useless punk…”

When I went to a pension with my friends one day. It has been said that there are many people who meet and marry at travel destinations.
At that time, Jingu forced me into my bag, saying that I should always pack a condom for a “hot balm.”
The problem is that I didn’t rule out the possibility completely because I’m also a man. Thanks to that, I kept carrying it around and completely forgot.

– a beast of prey
That’s what you meant.
No wonder he covered his body.
I fixed my eyes on the front because I thought I was aware of the chest sticking out because of Ba Dat belt, but I didn’t expect it to be a more serious problem.

What should I do?’

Even if you change your position and think about it, you will have no choice but to misunderstand. If you think there was an impure intention, it is a clear breach of the contract.
The word “Bad Ending” was faint in front of my eyes. Kim Ha Neul was deeply troubled by rubbing his temples.

“As long as this happened…”

There is only one way.
Kim Ha Neul’s face was filled with determination.
That’s awesome.

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