Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 14 

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#014 Our cute brother-in-law.

“I can talk comfortably, right?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Sit there.”

a generally thin body
the perfect angle of parting
Even angled glasses that make a sharp impression.
Kang Tae-yang’s first impression was a strict middle-aged image. Even though I knew it from the picture. It actually looks a lot more demanding.

‘…It looks like a dark curtain no matter how much I look at it.’

If he is featured in a web novel, wouldn’t he make a smart “Lee In-ja” character? It seems appropriate to play the role of a bookkeeper who controls a strong boss from behind.
Of course, in reality, he is a member of Daehan, and he doesn’t have to have a boss.

“Your eyes are so fierce.”’

Kang Tae-yang, sitting opposite, stared at me. If I could cut people with just my eyes, I would have been torn to pieces by now.

Are you mad that I stepped in?’

There is a high possibility.
Suppose Kang Tae Yang is running drugs and wants to hide them from Kang Ba Da. My presence in the middle would be very intrusive.
It will be difficult to completely escape the gaze of Kang Ba Da to deal with it quietly, but it will be uneasy to leave it alone.

“The best thing I can do is…”

Making a deal with Kang Tae-yang.
Instead of staying out of his business and keeping his mouth shut. You’re allowed to go out with Kang Ba Da. On the way here, I have planned some expected scenarios.

“Let’s think of it as reading the script.”

There is no need to be nervous.
I have prepared all the questions and answers. Like a go-stop, I just have to bring out the lines prepared according to the other person’s question.

What kind of questions will come out?’

recent current events or economies Or you can take out the drugs that are the main point. Either way, it’s within expectations, and there’s no reason to panic.

“I ask you straightforwardly. Are you sympathetic?”
“I asked if you felt sympathy.”

I didn’t expect this.
Did I hear it right now? Are you kidding me? One thought or another disturbed my mind.

“Why aren’t you answering me.
“You’re not with our youngest…”
“I didn’t!”
“So you mean you did it with another girl!?”

Kang Tae-yang gets up from his seat, hitting the desk. If I had a gun in my pocket, I would have aimed at my head right away.

“What is this…”

People might think it’s my dad, not my brother. I didn’t look hot-tempered at all the time. How can they be so different on the outside and inside?

“I’ve never done it.”
“Do you think I’m a fool now?” You think compassion makes sense with that face!?”

Is this a compliment?
I can’t respond because it’s ambiguous whether it’s a compliment or a curse. Well, first of all, face means pass. The preliminary round seems to have passed somehow.

“You’d better keep that sympathy until you have a wedding with Ba Da. Do you understand!? No, even after getting married……”
“Calm down, Mr. President.

At that time, the secretary, who was standing expressionless in the back, spoke out. How cold it was, Kang Tae-yang flinched and sat down again.
He was handed a handkerchief by his secretary and began to wipe his glasses. It must be a way to calm down in its own way.

“…I’m sure of the character.’

I’ll use it later.
How about appearing as a direct family member of the imperial daughter as it is? She’s cold on the outside, but inside, she’s a tsundere character who cares about her more than anyone else.

It’s not what I expected.’

It’s an absurd situation, but I didn’t feel bad unexpectedly. Thanks to this, I can clearly see what Kang Ba Da is like in the family.
It was a significant step enough to confirm that the blood of the successors was completely out of the competition.

“…You’re too excited. I’m sorry.”
“It’s all right.”
“He’s strangely calm. I thought he was unusual since I came here, but did he expect this situation?”
“To some extent, it is.”

I nodded calmly. From the first time I accepted the suggestion of Kang Ba Da, I was determined to move away from ordinary daily life.
My experience as a web novel writer is not going anywhere. I’m confident that I’ll adapt quickly even if a status window suddenly appears in front of me or if it transitions to this world.

It’s cute compared to real customers.’

The truth that I have encountered while working at all kinds of part-time jobs was beyond imagination. Compared to them, Kang Tae-yang is a gentleman.
At least he didn’t grab me by the collar or force his own opinion with ridiculous logic.
That’s why I laughed.
This is the best weapon I have.

“…You’re not jaljeong.”
“Thank you.”

Kang Tae-yang shined her eyes as she pushed up her glasses. That alone completely disappeared, and the appearance of a businessman was revealed.

‘He’s a funny guy.’

I observed him calmly.
It seems that the previous exaggeration was all acting to question me. Otherwise, such a natural change of atmosphere cannot be possible.

…Are you saying that you are a member of a chaebol family?’

It is not an exaggeration to call it the modern imperial family. If you reflect these two sides, you’ll find a pretty attractive character.
What if it’s a shadow of an empire? I think it would be perfect if you were to do things in the dark for the Empire.

“Why were you there?”
“I tried to get a distribution book.”
“There is an orphanage where I do volunteer work. I was going to put it away before harming the children.”
“Using me?”

How dare you?
Such words ring in my ears. If you answer wrong here, you will fall straight to the cliff.
My first plan was to subdue the distribution policy and hand it over to the police, and the second was to deal with it through Kang Ba Da. I shouldn’t say this straight.

“Isn’t it a perfect gift for the CEO?”
“…a robust fellow.”

Unlike what he said, Kang Tae-yang’s face had a subtle smile. As expected, I think I prefer being confident to being servile.

“It’s better than Maengtang. The youngest is so nice and soft-hearted, so I was always worried about being used by someone.”
“…I see.”
“There should be one or two people who have approached the youngest so far. Appearance, background, knowledge. He’s a kid who doesn’t fall out of anything.”
“I understand.”

He’s a total stranger. I admit that Kang Ba Da is relatively nice, but it’s definitely not a personality that anyone can take advantage of.

It’s more like the opposite.’

Of course, it cannot be denied that any man is a greedy person. In a way, it’s natural for me to be suspected.
There is only one card I can take out in this situation. Kang Tae-yang seems to think of her as her daughter, so she has no choice but to make the most of it.

“Ba Da was also popular with nursery school children. As you know, children’s eyes are very honest. But my sister stuck to me because I was pretty… “
“Well, they’re commendable.”

As expected, in stories related to Kang Ba Da, people are strangely solved. It is clear to see that there is nothing much to say even though he was secretly called “brother.”
At this point, it was highly likely that the initial strong response was not acting. It may be easier than you think to get permission from Kang Tae-yang.

“When Ba Da ssi clapped his hands, the warehouse was emptied, and I thought some fairy was doing magic. “When I was in the military, the chief priest performed a similar magic…”
“Stop, I get it.”

For about 30 minutes, I was constantly praising Kang Ba Da, but I closed my mouth without complaining. Knowing exactly when to stop is the basic skill of a gambler.

“Anyway, stay out of this. It’s dangerous, and it’s not something that outsiders can interfere with.”
“I see. But…”
“I’ll make sure to clean up the area around the nursery.”
“Thank you.”

This is more than I had hoped for from Kang Tae-yang. I don’t have to worry about this any more.

“Go away.”
“See you next time.”
“Keep your sympathy. If you don’t, you’ll die.”

Kang Tae-yang waved his hands and issued a congratulatory order. So I bowed my head and left the door.

It worked out better than I thought.’

Maintaining sympathy is a condition.
This was so obvious to me.
It has been stated in the contract since the time of the fake marriage in the first place, and the moment you break it, it will be sorted out at Kang Ba Da line.
I am very sorry to my ancestors that the history of our family, which has maintained its existence in the midst of war and turmoil, has been cut off in my generation.

‘…But the blood will continue.’

I have a younger sister.
I don’t know if I can marry that personality. I’m pretty good looking, so I’ll do anything if I help you with the wedding.

“Well, anyway.”

It’s over one big hurdle.
It will start now, but it wasn’t so bad as a first button. Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief and moved on.
* * *


Talk, talk, talk.
The room where Kim Ha Neul escaped. Kang Tae-yang knocked on the chair and fell into thought for a moment. Before I knew it, I couldn’t feel the warmth from his face when he returned as a businessman.

“What do you think of Secretary Jang?”
“It looks fine.”
“In more detail.”
“I didn’t even grovel, but I packed everything to pack. I didn’t even feel joy or sorrow. I’m pretty quick-witted.”

Kang Tae-yang raised his head as if he was surprised by Secretary Jang’s words. The corners of his mouth twitched.

“It’s been a long time since Secretary Jang gave a high evaluation.”
“It’s not particularly high.”
“That’s high enough. It’s trash all the time, you can’t even recycle. That’s the only evaluation.”
“I tend to like people who are good at self-objecting. In that sense, Kim Ha Neul knew exactly how much he was worth.”

Kang Tae-yang smoothed his chin as if he was thinking about something. This is because Kim Ha Neul was a very good impression even to him.

– Wouldn’t it be appropriate as a gift for the CEO?

Kim Ha Neul’s expression, which was speaking with a relaxed smile, still lingered in his eyes.
Even if you look at it except for the name of Daehan. You must be guessing what kind of person you are, such as running a drug or club, but you show such confidence.
At first, I was moderately scared of the disgusting guy who seduced the innocent youngest, but I didn’t expect to be shaken.

“But does he really like the youngest?”
“It seems so.”
“On what grounds? It could be a guy who’s stuck for money. Or he could be a guy who’s making a fuss trying to drop him somehow.”

Kang Tae-yang, who has seen countless such guys so far, could not easily trust Kim Ha Neul. Secretary Jang opened his mouth.

“It’s a woman’s intuition.”
“…Why are you acting like Secretary Jang?”
“It looked like fun.”
“Kim Ha Neul looked very happy when she brought up the story of the lady. I don’t think he actually recognized it.”

Kang Tae-yang swallowed his silence by Jang’s words. It was a long time later that he opened his mouth again.

“…It’s about time for the youngest to get married. Secretary Jang.”
“Let’s send a gift to our cute brother-in-law.” Pick a few good ones.”
“All right.”

A small smile spread around their mouths.

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