Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 13 

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#013 I’ll serve you

“What’s going on?”
“I don’t know exactly, but I heard that a strange person is walking around around here these days. Maybe that’s why fewer people came to volunteer.”

He’s a weirdo.
In fact, it is inconvenient to come and go because it is an underdeveloped area without streetlights or CCTVs, but it would be difficult to access it if the security is bad.

“You’ve never seen it yourself?”
“Not yet. But the children seem to have seen it a few times.”
“Children in school are so sensitive to rumors. I heard it for the first time through the kids, too.”

Apparently, there are people who stand for a long time staring blankly at the sky, or stumble as if they were drunk in broad daylight.
Fortunately, he doesn’t talk to or threaten others. I don’t know how long it will last.
Everyone’s face became quite serious. In particular, Kang Ba Da and the director’s expressions hardened noticeably.

“Do you know anything?”

From the reaction, it is clear that he knows something about this situation. But he doesn’t seem to have any intention of talking first.

“First, I should contact the district office and ask them to increase the number of CCTVs and streetlights around me.”
“I will also tell the police to patrol the children in time for school.”
“Yes, please.”

Kang Ba Da also only comes up with countermeasures. There was no sign of speaking out about the cause.

“…What’s the reason?’

Someone who looks at the sky blankly, or stumbles from day to day. It’s common to see people who have wasted their lives on alcohol.

“If that was it, there wouldn’t be a rumor like this.’

One’s instincts are superior to what one thinks. If the other person simply looked like a “drunk,” he or she would not have called him a “weird person.”
While pondering over the cause, I suddenly remembered a documentary I watched recently. It was about the streets of Kensington in Philadelphia, USA.


Kensington’s streets are flooded with thousands of drug addicts, and they all behave strangely.
They look at the sky blankly, or they hold on to the street lights and spin around. Like a zombie. So the nickname given is Zombieland.

“Korea is not a safe zone.”

I remember doing data research to make the police the main character before. It was known as a drug-free area in Korea, but it wasn’t necessarily like that now.
Drug-related incidents have been popping up steadily since a few years ago. About 20,000 drug offenders are arrested annually, and the actual number is 10 times that.

“The most representative distributor of drugs is…

A noisy and hectic environment and a natural drinking culture. Therefore, it is easy to poison the opponent secretly and easily trade.

“And Kang Tae-yang runs a club.”

Drugs, clubs, river reaction. Judging from these circumstances, Kang Tae-yang is somehow involved in drug distribution.

No, maybe it’s the whole Korean group.’

Otherwise, the reaction of Kang Ba Da and the security chief cannot be like this. The two must know something about this, too.

“Director, please take Ye Na.”
“Yes, yes, I see.”

As if my atmosphere was different from usual, the director received Ye Na from Kang Ba Da and entered the room. The director also left his seat tactfully.

“Is it related to the little brother?”
“…Really, Ha Neul is only quick-witted in strange places. Well, I’m not sure yet. However, there has been a strange rumor recently.”
“Yes, I heard that a famous drug manufacturer (Drug Designer) abroad smuggled into Korea.”

a drug designer
It meant people who would enhance drug hallucinations but at the same time change the ingredients so they wouldn’t be detected by drug tests.
The “synthetic drugs” manufactured in this way are cheap enough to be purchased for less than 10,000 won. Therefore, it is relatively easy to find the poor, such as the homeless and students.

“Don’t get me wrong. My brother has a strong dislike for drugs. We are also thoroughly blocking distribution within the club.”
“In the meantime, a new drug has been discovered.”
“Yes. The power seems to have increased in an instant.” Even the police said they couldn’t move easily.”

You can’t fully believe what Kang Ba Da says. If you think of it as normal, it’s much easier to distribute it on the side that manages the club.
Maybe she doesn’t know Kang Tae Yang’s real self behind the sign of family. I just hope what Kang Ba Da says is true.

It’s not something I can solve anyway.’

I’m a normal person, obviously.
The situation is not relaxed enough to care about what happens in the other world. There’s no reason to burn with a sense of useless justice.
But touching people around me is a different story. Whether it’s a drug designer or a drug addict. If you come over the fence, I’ll kick you out.

I’ll have to make time to look for it.’

For the safety of children, we should find out who the rumor originated. It will be difficult to handle it yourself, but it will be easy to pack for someone to eat.

“Don’t worry too much. My younger brother is working hard to solve the problem. A lot of people will come and go during the remodeling of the nursery.”
“Thank you, Ba Da ssi.”
“This is basic. How expensive my time is.”

I smiled lightly at the joke of Kang Ba Da.
* * *

“I found it.”

A few days passed again after visiting the nursery with Kang Ba Da. I patrolled around the nursery periodically, as the children were concerned.
Meanwhile, I finally found a “strange person” in the rumor. The opponent was a younger man who looked more distant than expected.

“…You’re younger than I thought.’

a black beanie on one’s hair
Gray hoodie and padded vest.
Down to ripped jeans.
I often thought of an image of a drug addict, so I thought he would be in his 30s and 40s. His eyebrows were frowned upon at the age of a young man far below expectations.

I heard high school students take drugs these days.’

I heard that there are many cases of dealing drugs through SNS. It’s even more unfortunate that the person in front of me looks my age at best.
I gazed out at him from afar. It didn’t seem normal to anyone to keep hitting his head on the telephone pole like a woodpecker.

Where do they get the drugs?’

Considering that it has not been seen in the neighborhood for a few days, there is a high possibility that there is a separate place to stay. The clothes were relatively neat to be a tramp.
It won’t be easy to go far away at that rate, and that doesn’t mean you’re ordering drugs by delivery. There is a high probability of getting it around here.

“Drug or not, it’s none of my business.”

If you run out of money one day and you can’t get drugs, there is a possibility that you can pretend to be crazy and rob your surroundings crazy. It would be a lot easier to intimidate children.
In the worst case scenario, there is a possibility that children will have access to drugs. Therefore, it would be better to rule it out in advance.

‘The police won’t come forward first.’

Simple drug addicts don’t have much performance, and it’s hard to impose plausible punishment even if they catch them. By comparison, the risk is high.
Drug addicts literally don’t see anything, much less their families will be in danger if they make a wrong distribution plan.
If there’s no clear evidence, everyone knows and shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The best thing I can do is wrap them up nicely and hand them over to the police.

“… hmm?”

How long have they been waiting?
About an hour later, a man with a deep hat approached the drug addict. I was instinctively convinced that he was responsible for distribution.
Sure enough, he searched the inside pocket without saying anything, and took out a black envelope. The addict pulled out a wad of bills.
The transaction took place in a short period of less than five seconds, and the distribution plan

“Follow me slowly, ball…!?”’

When I was trying to chase after the distribution books. The movement behind me made me swivel in a hurry.
At the same time, I punched my opponent’s jaw, hitting my hand that was reaching for me.

“…Your hands are quite very sour.”

The security chief who blocked my fist smiled bitterly. He bowed his head with an embarrassed face, as if he had not expected to be counterattacked.

“I’m sorry to surprise you. I had no choice but to intervene because I thought you were trying to do something dangerous.”
“That guy…”
“Don’t worry about it.”

the chief of security who gives a glance
When I turned my head after him, I saw a distribution plan caught by the big guys. They’re not the security guys I saw before.

“They’re from CEO Kang Taeyang’s side.”
“I see.”

This means that Kang Tae-yang is not the one who sprayed drugs around here at least. Of course, it’s too early to think he’s clean.

It may be removing competitive forces.’

When new drugs come in, the forces that held the existing market will inevitably become unstable. Of course he’ll try to clean up his opponent.
In the end, it is not known what kind of person Kang Tae-yang is unless you meet him in person. At the time when I was calmly organizing my thoughts, someone approached me.

“Are you Kim Ha Neul?”
“Did the CEO find it?”

The opponent’s brow wriggled.
It seemed to be more of an “interesting” emotion than unpleasant. He made a slight eye contact with the security chief, and bowed his head at me.

“Let me invite you.”

Anyway, I have no choice but to run into the family of Kang Ba Da. If you can’t avoid it, it’s much better to meet one by one when you have a chance.

“Let’s go.”

After paying the bill, I followed him gently.

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