Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 7

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#007 Guys, I’m getting married.

After a simple drive.
Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ba Da sat face to face in a quiet cafe and drank beverages without speaking. The two people had similar thoughts.

How can I seduce you?’

Kim Ha Neul has a peaceful life.
Kang Ba Da wins love.
Their goals were different, but their goals were the same. To seduce each other into confessing to themselves.

“Confessing to Ba Da first is a shortcut to a bad ending.’

Kang Ba Da probably chose a contract marriage because she wanted to avoid the attention of the men around her and her family as much as possible. If you approach it first from this side, there will be a lot of rejection.
As a result, the contract will be terminated. There is a high possibility that he will be disposed of. Therefore, Kim Ha Neul thought that he should get a confession from Kang Ba Da first.

If I confess first, I’ll lose the initiative.’

Kang Ba Da had a similar idea.
Biologically, men’s sex strategy is “multiple benefits.” In modern times, it is bound by the system of marriage.However, the original instinct imprinted on DNA cannot be ignored.
However, he has lived his whole life as a member of Daehan. Rather than breaking it, it is impossible to be taken away by others.
Right now, money can tie Kim Ha Neul’s body, but in order to monopolize his mind, he needs to secure leadership in addition to economic power.


Their table was still. Their heads were spinning louder than ever.

But what should I do?’

a silent table
Kim Ha Neul kept thinking about what to say all the time, but he rarely came up with a good topic.
In the first place, I’m not very eloquent. I chose the job of a writer because it’s much easier to write than to say.

What do couples usually talk about?’

I have no idea.
You’ve never been in a relationship.
For himself, who often does not say a word a day, the mountain of selecting a topic of conversation was such a big ordeal.

‘…I must think of it somehow.’

But I can’t give up here. Kim Ha Neul tried to use his brain to pick out plausible topics of conversation.
I don’t know much about soccer, so pass.
Of course, we have to exclude high-level conversations.
They told me not to talk about the army.
Among the few long-term horses, there is nothing left after taking off the car and taking off the gun. If I knew this would happen, I should have watched the drama more carefully.

Oh, there was that.’

Perhaps because of his desperate thoughts, Kim Ha Neul, who came up with a plausible topic, smiled with remorse.

“Ba Da, did you know that Pluto is about the same size as Russia?”

How can I not be interested in the size of a star floating in space when it is similar to the size of a country?
It’s a great brain to recall the contents of a documentary that I skimmed through the crisis. Now, if you explain well, Kang Ba Da is attractive to your intellectual appearance.

“Yes, Pluto is about 17.9 million square kilometers in size. Even Pluto’s diameter is smaller than the maximum length of Russian territory.”
“Oh, and after Pluto was removed from the planet, it was downgraded to a ‘dwarf planet’ for a while. There has been a lot of controversy since then. So eventually, a new class named ‘Pluto’ was created. Here… “

Kang Ba Da, which explains excitedly with a blink of an eye. Looking at him, Kim Ha Neul realized his mistake.

‘…I majored in earth science. Oh, right.

I forgot for a moment that Kang Ba Da was a woman with abundant scientific knowledge. Sure enough, she didn’t stop talking like a fish in water.
Now, Kang Ba Da explains even the pictures of the materials that were stored on the phone. be usually stuck in a labDunny, you really seem to like science.

“But this… It’s pretty funny.’

Listening to the story of Kang Ba Da made me interested. First of all, she explained very neatly, and it wasn’t just about science.

“Look at this. It looks interesting, right?”
“It looks like a heart.”
“That’s right. That’s why it’s called Pluto’s Heart.” The official name is ‘Tombeaugh Regio.’
“Tombo? What does that mean?”
“Oh, the name of the astronomer who first discovered Pluto in the 1930s is Clyde Tombo. That’s where I got it.”

It’s Pluto’s heart.
I think it will be a pretty interesting plot if I use it in a web novel later. According to Kang Ba Da, it will disappear within 10 years due to climate change.

“I’m sure Pluto meant Hades, right?’

Hades’ love for Persephone is quite a famous story. How about connecting this with Pluto’s heart and expressing it as “deteriorated love”?

It’ll go well with the latest trend of divorce.’

Persephone was kidnapped in the first place and forced into marriage. If it’s a story about Hades getting divorced after she had an affair with an afterlife hero.
Of course, it will be difficult to catch Hades as the main character due to the material limitations, but it will be okay to use it as a supporting role in giving related quests in the Holy See.
Let’s talk about my thoughts.
Kang Ba Da nodded vigorously.

“Yes, Pluto has an average surface temperature of -248℃. I could describe it as ‘cold love.’
“Oh, I’ll write it down.”

Kim Ha Neul briefly asked for understanding from Kang Ba Da, took out his phone, and recorded the story.

“By the way, Persephone is very poor.”
“Well, that’s true. Anyway, they’re forced to be kidnapped, married, and locked underground for half the year. Still……”
“I think I’m quite happy in the category <Greek and Roman Mythology>. Most of the gods are described there as ramblers, because there is a saying that Hades is quite a lover.”

At my words, Kang Ba Da tilted its head as if interesting. So I simplified the story of Hades and Persephone.

“Hades swore to the Stix River, ‘I’ll definitely send you back later’ to appease her when the sad Persephone stopped eating and drinking.”
“Is that something?”
“The oath I made to the Stix River cannot be broken even if Zeus comes. Thanks to this, Persephone spends half of the year on the ground.”
“Well, I see.”

Ba Da nodded heavily. When Kim Ha Neul tilted her head in the suddenly changed atmosphere, she carefully opened her mouth.

“What if.”
“If Ha Neul wants to end this contract marriage.”
“It’s not going to happen.”

Because I don’t want to die.
Kim Ha Neul, who managed to swallow his last words.
His firm answer flinched Kang Ba Da for a moment, but again, with a careful tone, he continued.

“So if. If. If you want to quit this contract marriage. Please tell me first.”
“What if I say it?”
“What if you say you want to quit?”

As if he had brought it up quite seriously, Kang Ba Da could hardly open its mouth. Kim Ha Neul also couldn’t lift his lips easily due to the heavy atmosphere.
How long has it been?
Kang Ba Da raised the corners of its mouth and said.

“…I’ll let you free half of the year.”

Kim Ha Neul tried to pull up the corners of her mouth in response to the witty answer. The area around the mouth trembled so finely that it could not be seen by Kang Ba Da.

You mean you’ll never let go.’

If there is a rumor that the granddaughter of a chaebol family has broken up, it may affect the group’s image. If it’s frustrating, it must mean to go abroad for a while.

“I’m never going out.’

It is often said that the police in Korea don’t believe it. There is one country with as good security as Korea in the world.
Even if you go to China or the Philippines nearby, people’s lives are ridiculously exchanged for only a few million won. In other words, it means that it’s perfect for an accident.

If you die abroad, you can’t even find a bone.’

Kang Ba Da jokingly brought up the words, but they contained thorns. It was a kind of warning and a sharp question to ask.

I can’t let my guard down.’

Persephone had at least a reliable bag of earthly goddesses. I always have to stay on my toes because I don’t have a penny.

“Haha- How could that be?” I’m so satisfied with my life right now.”

Kim Ha Neul uses his life skills to the limit while working in the military and numerous part-time jobs. Kang Ba Da smiled softly at him.

‘Wow, you’re really bad at lying.’

How can it be so obvious?
I thought it was a line of satisfaction, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on his mind. It made me a little bitter to think so.

I think I’ll just kidnap him.’

If Kim Ha Neul is kidnapped and locked up at home like Hades, wouldn’t he someday look at himself like Persephone?
Of course, what’s the point of having such a heart? The way he lied was quite repugnant.

Well, it can’t be helped now.’

a relationship forced by money
I didn’t expect it to be smooth from the start. Whatever his purpose was, the fact that he was trying to fit himself at the moment was enough to satisfy me.

“I was excited by myself for no reason…”

Kang Ba Da resented its light mouth. I learned from the book that if you pretend not to know and listen to the explanation, your likeability will increase.
When the earth science story popped up, I got excited and talked about this and that to myself. Nevertheless, I am just grateful to Kim Ha Neul for nodding and listening hard.


When the heated conversation topic was cooling down. In front of the heavy silence that fell again, the two exchanged their eyes carefully.
Not being able to hear anything was the same as the first time, but if there’s one thing that’s different from before.

“But still.”

It wasn’t bad, was it?’

The two looked at each other and smiled awkwardly.
* * *

“It’s been a long time, boys.”
“It’s hard to meet the time because everyone is married. I should watch it as a married couple now.”
“In order to do that, heaven should send you to marry first.”
“I was going to ask you today. “I have a good friend of my wife who will be introduced to me.”
“What? Is Kim Ha Neul coming?”
“Yes. I heard it’s already around here.”

Everyone opened their eyes wide as if surprised by the words of a friend who hosted the meeting. This is because Kim Ha Neul rarely participated in the meeting.
My friends knew his situation, so I fully understood it, but it wasn’t that I didn’t have any regrets because I was a person.

“It seems that she wants to get married soon.”
Kim Ha Neul must be like that. Hey, he didn’t even look at me even if I followed him around because he liked the “White Rose” in the world.”
“Well, that’s what I thought. The novel I’m writing now doesn’t always seem like that. The title is <Life after marriage is awesome>.”
“…That’s a very lonely idea indeed.”

Friends burst into laughter at the same time. It was a joke that could be made because two of the four people gathered here, including Kim Ha Neul, were married and the other had been living together for five years.
In this day and age when everyone is reluctant to marry, Kim Ha Neul may be closer to the general case, but as always, he was a gangster.

“But when is he coming?” What happened, the one who’s half unemployed on a solo is the last one. “The world turns upside down…”
“I’m sorry I’m late. Dude.”
“Hey, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. What?”

The friend who turned his head smiling at the familiar voice from behind hardened. Not only that, but the other friends also opened their mouths wide in disbelief.
Kim Ha Neul, who couldn’t see their reaction because he was taking off his coat, sat down, telling his aunt at his hangout to add more settings.

“But you weren’t late for the appointment. You guys came out too early. My wife told me to get out of here.”
“No, you. I mean… Kim Ha Neul?”
“You’re pretending not to know because it’s been a while”.

Friends exchanged eyes with each other at Kim Ha Neul’s response. Even the friend who hosted the meeting shook his head as if he didn’t know.

“…Is the alcohol here ripened?”
“I know. I guess it’s been a while since I drank. “Kim Ha Neul looks cool and stuff?”
“Hey, you guys are like that too? That’s a relief. I freaked out because I thought LASIK was wrong.”
“Come on, let’s have a drink and wake up from our dreams.”
“That’s great.”

Kim Ha Neul stares at his friends with dim eyes. And completely ignoring him, the friends bumped into each other’s glasses.

“Yay!” “Yes, this is the taste.”
“Oh, now I’m coming to my senses.”
“Where… Oh, it’s still the same.”
“I know.”
“I’m not sober yet.”

[Laughing out loud.
They smiled at each other as if they were dumbfounded, and soon began to fill their glasses again. Kim Ha Neul opened his mouth looking at him.

“If you’re going to do the 4th verse, I’ll just go home”.
“No, damn it! What the hell is going on here! Kim Ha Neul! This is all because of you! What’s happened all this time, winning the lottery!?”
“Or get a real sash from somewhere…” What?”
“That’s right, too.”

Ggulping! Ggulping!
Kim Ha Neul filled the glass alone among embarrassed friends and emptied it at once. After repeating it about three times like that, he opened his mouth.

“Guys, I’m getting married.”

Kim Ha Neul’s bomb remarks hardened the bodies of his friends.

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