Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 6 

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#006 How dare you…

“So, what is that emoticon after all? Are you asking for a duel?”
“…It’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t know it was moving. I should have used emoticons before.”

I didn’t think the emoticon I sent was a murder notice, not a thumbs-up. Why are you selling such a cranky thing for money?
I was grateful for sleep disorders today. I woke up in the middle and was embarrassed to see the messages of Kang Ba Da piled up.
How should I reply?
It’s early in the morning. Can I call you?
While I was thinking about this and that, I suddenly got a call from Kang Ba Da, so I picked it up quickly.

– Ha Neul, are you okay? Are you sick? If you’re kidnapped, don’t answer and stay still. Get security right now.

– Wait, wait, wait!
Because of this happening, all the rest of the sleep ran away. What kind of life do you usually live, and you worry about that because you couldn’t contact me for a while?
Since then, the dawn has passed easily to soothe the crying Kang Ba Da, perhaps because of the relaxation. What I learned from that is that she has a “trauma.”
I was more confused than I thought, so I didn’t bother to dig it out, but judging from the situation, I guess it was probably related to kidnapping.

Is that why you went to psychiatry?’

I thought it was just insomnia, but if it happened, the problem is more serious than I thought.
This is a sensitive subject for others to approach hastily, so it’s better not to touch it for nothing.

“Are you tired now, Ba Da?”
“No, I don’

Kang Ba Da that turn their heads resolutely
However, even though he was wearing sunglasses, he could not hide the dark circles that fell below his eyes. Looking closely, I think I’m a little swollen.

“Shall we go for a drive?”
“…No. We decided to make a story today.”

As she said, today is the day she decided to match what she would say when dealing with her family or people around her.
For example, the first place we met, or the two of us met and did something. It’s basically about what you need to know if you’re married.

“When my head is stiff, I can’t write no matter how much I sit down.” At times like this, you should take a walk and ventilate.”
“Don’t you just want to binge watch Scarlett?”
“Was it that obvious?”
“…Mr. Lee, are you really going to do that!?”
“Just kidding. Just kidding.”

In fact, it’s not that I didn’t feel half that way, but it’s also true that I can’t make progress even if I sit down like this.
Kang Ba Da stared over the sunglasses. She sighed and took out the car key as she took the gaze deftly.

“Are you feeling okay?”
“Of course it should be okay.”
“In any case, only the appearance has grown.”
“…Here you go. car keys.”

Good job!
Kang Ba Da put a car key on my hand. There was a cute key ring in the shape of a bear. It is a “bear brick” that is crazy about figure collectors.
Based on the bear shape, famous characters like Marvel and Disney that we commonly know, of course. It is also a product that collaborates with famous artists around the world.

“Do you like Bear Brick?”
“… Just. It’s one of my hobbies. Someone gave me one as a gift when I was young.”
“You’re a very sensible person. When Ba Da was young, this brand wouldn’t have been that famous.”
“He probably gave it to me without much thought.”

Kang Ba Da turned its head as if it didn’t want to answer more. I know what to do at times like this through countless drama inputs.

I’ll have to feed him something delicious.’

When women are annoyed or angry, it is the truth to feed them sweet things first. I got up straight from my seat.

“Shall we go now?”
“Where are you going?”
“You’ll find out when you go.”

When I didn’t say it right, Kang Ba Da rose from its seat, pouting its lips. I took her to the parking lot.
Ring ring!
As soon as I started the engine, I heard Scarlett’s grand answer. When I pressed the button, the ceiling opened and it became an open car.

I never thought I’d be watching this all at once.’

So far, the only cars I’ve driven have been the Korando Sports, which I caught when I was a driver, or the mid- to low-priced cars that I sometimes rent.
Feeling excited, I quickly drove out of the parking lot. Shortly afterwards, I laughed in vain at the ridiculously comfortable driving. The cars got out of the way on their own.

‘That’s not the only thing.’

From exhaust sound to engine sound to shift. I was embarrassed by the unexpected softness. unwavering comfort It’s like driving in bed.

“Do you like it that much?”
“Honestly… Yes, that’s right.”

The desire to possess, which had been suppressed, has risen. To the point where I want to work hard to have this car.

“It’s a ride that makes me wonder what the cars I’ve been driving so far have been. Especially this softness from the 8-layer PDK… Oh, I’m sorry. Am I the only one who’s excited?”
“No, it’s nice to see.”
“Yes, thanks to you, I feel a little better, too. I’m glad I drove.”

I thought you were just saying it.
Seeing the expression of Kang Ba Da smiling softly while looking at the Han River seen from outside the window, it seemed sincere.
It looks like a picture. I glanced at her, forgetting even the feeling of driving a dream car.

“But how did you know about this driving course? Is she your ex-girlfriend?”
“I’ve never been single before.”
“…I told you not to lie, right?”
“It’s true.”

I’m busy making a living on my own, so what kind of relationship would I be in? There were some weirdos who clung to me saying that I was passionate, but I couldn’t afford it.
It’s a little better now, though. The future is still uncertain, and I’m stuck at home all day, so I don’t have a place to meet a woman.

“Have you never been to a night club or a night club?”
“I don’t like to be loud.”
“Well, I see.”
“What about you, Ba Da?”

Perhaps I didn’t expect to get the question back, Kang Ba Da swooped toward me and turned its head.

“Have you ever been to a club?”
“…Well, I’ve been there for my friend’s birthday party. It wasn’t such a good memory.”
“Why? Did something happen?”
“It turned out that the club was one of the businesses that my younger brother managed. Five minutes after I entered, I was grabbed by my hair and dragged out.”

How much wider will the world view of Kang Ba Da family be? It was clear that the “little brother” was also an extraordinary person.

“…Kang Ba Da caught my head.’

At first glance, she doesn’t look like she’ll get beaten anywhere. And yet being dragged out unilaterally, it was a very bad sign.
Besides, “club” is usually related to shoulder brothers. A stream of cold sweat flowed down my back.

“If you make a mistake, you’ll really bury your bones in the ocean.”

Until now, I thought it was half a joke, but it is becoming a reality and is approaching my eyes. You have to behave well.

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. He’s a really nice person.”
“Yes, maybe it’s because we have an age difference. Other than that, I’ve never fought with my brother. He played with me well when I was young.”
“Are you old?”
“The eldest brother is 45, the younger brother is 42, and the older sisters are 36. And I’m the youngest.”

Oh, God.
I ended up praying to a god I didn’t even believe. Oh, brother and sister from a rich family. Even the youngest of them was born as the last child.

Ba Da was definitely 29 this year, right?’

She is two years older than me.
That means the age difference between siblings is at least 7 and 16 years. It’s not brother and sister anymore, it’s another parent.

It’s a mountain beyond a mountain.’

The mountains that blocked my view in the distance seemed to hint at the many hardships I had to overcome.
He said he was managing his facial expression, but I guess his face was noticeable. Kang Ba Da hurriedly opened its mouth as if it had noticed that my expression had hardened.

“Mo, they’re all good people!”
“Of course it is.”
“I’m telling you! They can’t even control the management. “

That’s why it’s more of a problem.
What’s the point of not loving a younger brother who doesn’t threaten his stake and has a big age difference? The difficulty is getting higher.
I don’t care about the ride anymore. I don’t think I’ll just have to struggle to survive on this floor.

“Should I take a groom class?”

If such a thing exists, I really want to apply. Because I want to live as long as possible.

“If you quit now…”

– How dare you scratch our youngest on the subject of commoners. a cheeky fellow Go to hell and reflect on yourself.
My imaginary little brother kicked me. My whole body is chained up and I sink into the deep sea.
I think I’m dying.
Alas, if I could turn back time, I wouldn’t have been blinded by money and made the wrong choice. Out of consciousness, ending credits come up.
Bad End.
This is my first ending.

It’s impossible to go into hiding.’

In the first place, my family is in a hospital under Daehan Group, so it is out of the question. Even if I throw everything away and run away, I’ll use CCTV all over the country to find it.
As much as I’ve been through it once.
This is an absolutely impossible option.

What are the other cases?’

Web novel writer Jjam-bab is not going anywhere, so countless other endings passed through my head.
Bad. Bad. Bad.
However, no matter what choice I made, there was no positive ending. Except for one option.
While the car was stuck at the traffic light, my eyes reached her. Kang Ba Da tilted its head as if asking what was wrong, and I slowly opened my mouth with a deep breath.

“Ba Da ssi.”
“Do you want to go on a date?”

The only way I’ll survive.
It’s just what makes a Kang Ba Da a real lover.
* * *

“CEO, I’ll give you a weekly report.”

A middle-aged man in glasses nodded. He listened to his secretary’s report, keeping his eyes on the papers.

“The ‘cleaning’ you ordered last time has begun to be outlined to some extent. We’ve identified the main transport, so we’ll be able to find the base soon.”
“Take a careful approach. There must be a connection with the local police.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
Secretary Jang will take care of it on his own. What’s next?”
“We’ve noticed something unusual about your brother.”

Come on.
The man who kept looking at the documents finally raised his head. He asked Secretary Jang, pushing his glasses.

“What’s the special thing.
“I think your brother has a boyfriend.”
“Kangbyeol, you punk! I thought I’d make an accident someday, but how dare the wind…!”
“It’s “Fan ID.”

Kang Tae-yang’s body, the second of the Kang family, hardened like a stone. He barely turned his head and looked at Secretary Jang.

“Kang Ba Da? The youngest?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Falling down!
Kang Tae-yang slumped to his seat. Then, Secretary Jang handed him the data that he had prepared in advance.

“…Kim Ha Neul? What’s he doing?”
“I’m a web novel writer.”
“Didn’t they infiltrate you?”
“It seems unlikely. Would you mind looking at the last chapter?”

Kang Tae-yang’s brow, which quickly passed the documents, narrowed. Soon he threw away the documents as if he were in trouble, and began to wipe his glasses in a hurry.

“…It’s him.”

A few years ago, the youngest got angry with the chairman. I looked it up because I was curious about the reason, but it was mentioned at that time.

“What’s the reason for your relationship?”
“You went on a department store date with me today.”

The frame of the glasses held by Kang Tae-yang broke without enduring the momentary force. He took his spare glasses out of the drawer.

“Look into this guy thoroughly. How I’ve lived, what drinks I like, and what brands I wear underwear. All of them.”
“All right.”

Secretary Jang left the room tactfully. Kang Tae-yang, who was left alone, buried himself in a chair and lifted the documents he had thrown back.

“…How dare you seduce our innocent youngest?”

A picture of expressionless Kim Ha Neul.
Kang Tae-yang stared at it for a very long time.

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