Successful Life After Marriage MTL Chapter 5

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#005 This sister will seduce you.

“Try this on.”
“Do you want to try this on?”
“Put this on top.”
“That’s good, too.”
“Sea, don’t you think you’re buying too much?”

Kim Ha Neul could not hide his embarrassment when he saw a department store employee following him. Because there were shopping bags full of his hands.
The staff had already been replaced because it overflowed once, but Kang Ba Da shook its head firmly.

“I’m not even halfway around yet.”

At first, I asked Kim Ha Neul to choose on his own, but he chose the same black T-shirt and jeans that he wore today. This is why Kang Ba Da came out.
Since then, Kang Ba Da has been trying to put on all the clothes that come into his eyes. I just bought the ones that the mannequins were wearing.

“I think I’ve bought all the clothes I’ll be wearing for the rest of my life.”
“What you bought today is for Ba Dason”.

Kim Ha Neul’s expression that seems genuinely embarrassed. Just looking at it is enough to make the clothes I bought now worth it.
Kang Ba Da quickly turned its back on it because the corners of its mouth kept wriggling.

‘…But I’m in big trouble.’

Kang Ba Da clearly understood what he was doing. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop.
The snow of Kang Ba Da’s sea swept through the sky. He shuddered at the sight, but her eyes were not shaken at all.

‘… Everything looks good on you!’

This is the problem.
Kim Ha Neul pulled off any style, including casual, street, modern, classical, dandy, and minimal. I’m going crazy wondering how far it’s possible.

“It’s all his clothes. How can I not buy them?”’

I thought this was the bean pod that people commonly call, but even if I exclude such feelings as much as possible, the overall body proportion is quite good.
Once put on it, it’s too bad to take it off, so you’ll drag it to the next store.

I’m gonna look like a crazy shopper, right?’

In fact, she usually buys one or two pieces when she comes to the department store, but rarely buys them in a whole like that.
Of course she had her own cause. Kim Ha Neul didn’t seem to have much to wear.

I’m sure there’s only that black shirt in the closet.’

Such doubts are inevitable, because Kim Ha Neul was wearing the same clothes the last time I saw her. Besides, the department store chose similar clothes.

You can’t do it because you feel bad.’

If you buy enough clothes for each day of the week, you’ll be dressed up next time, even if it’s for your sincerity. I’m buying everything with that thought.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, don’t I have money?”’

I was scolded by people around me for living too frugally. You have to spend as much as you earn so that the economy can circulate.
Furthermore, you must have a boyfriend now. It’s much better to use it like this than to buy a lot of clothes that you don’t use and put them in the closet.

“But I bought it very frugally.”’

I considered Kim Ha Neul’s character as much as possible. You can match the top and bottom easily, and I chose clothes that you can wear for as long as possible.

“At least I’ll pay the bill…”
“It’s a necessary expense. Ha Neul, you can wear anything by yourself, but I can’t do that now that you’re my husband. Otherwise, our group will be criticized.”
“It’s a little too much, though.”
“Not at all. It’s not enough.”

I know it’s a ridiculous excuse even if I think about it. However, the coat Kim Ha Neul is currently wearing is 1.5 million won.
Although Kim Ha Neul is selecting a popular brand because he seems to be burdened, the price will be considerable by his standards.

I don’t want to cut my pride for nothing.’

I bought it for her to dress nicely, but I didn’t want to see Kim Ha Neul intimidated by it.

“Then buy just this much. There’s no place in the closet anymore.”
“Didn’t you hear what the manager said earlier?” “It’s been a long time since you’ve had a holiday, but you came out for us, so I’ll take care of you that much…”
“Ba Da ssi.”

Suddenly, Kim Ha Neul grabbed Kang Ba Da by the shoulder. Surprised by this, she raised her head and immediately made eye contact with Kim Ha Neul.

Hey, this street is dangerous!’

The scent of the perfume I sprayed earlier was mixed with Kim Ha Neul’s body scent, showing off his presence like crazy.
A sweet and dangerous scent permeated the nose of Kang Ba Da, and soon began to spread through her veins.

“This is enough. Do you understand?
“Oh, I see. “Please do this…”

As if it was not an intentional action, Kim Ha Neul quickly widened the street. Although Kang Ba Da seemed fortunate, I was deeply embarrassed to feel the regret flooding at the same time.
The dizzying smell of perfume lingered on the tip of her nose and disturbed her mind.

Wasn’t it too cool just now?’

This is enough.
The way he spoke resolutely was different. Is this what people say about the unexpected charm, “Lower Night” that they only heard about?

“…Is this okay?”

I heard men get sick of it quickly if it’s too easy. If you look at the novel, isn’t it time to play hard to get? The mind of Kang Ba Da became more and more complicated.
* * *
After many twists and turns, shopping is over. I breathed a sigh of relief when I returned home. My whole body was relaxed and I almost collapsed in my seat.

How much did he buy?’

It didn’t even fit in the trunk, so I even asked them to send the rest by courier after selecting the clothes to wear immediately.
I’m not an idiot.
Although Kang Ba Da purchased it as if it were choosing items at some mart, it clearly knows how much these clothes are worth.

“Just what I’m wearing right now…”

The ship will be more expensive than the sum of all the cost of clothes you have spent your entire life. If you put it on a used market, you don’t have to worry about living expenses for a while.
If we hadn’t told our employees that we’d get a bonus as much as we bought, we’d have reduced our shopping bags by at least half.

“It would be beneficial to each other if you write a lot.”

People like Kang Ba Da should spend money. The amount of money I spent today will probably come into my account when I wake up after a nap.
I’m also a human being, so it feels good to wear luxury goods that I’ve never thought of wearing in my life. There’s a degree to that, too.


I took a deep breath and calmed my running mind. After folding the clothes finely and organizing them, I took a shower to cool my head.
(Singing “Shouting”)
I organized my thoughts as I was hit by the pouring water. About what happened yesterday and today and the future direction.

“First, Ba Da ssi…”

It was pretty.
I thought so when I saw it in front of the subway station. The sweet smell that tickled my nose and the soft feeling when I put my arms together…

“No, this isn’t it!”

Swing, swing!
I shook my head quickly to shake off my thoughts. A very difficult physical reaction almost occurred.


It’s a normal thought and reaction as a man in his mid to late 20s, but I’ve seen several people who have been defeated by instinct.
In a world where there is no evidence, everything cannot be messed up with a single stroke. There’s too much on my shoulder for that.

You said you already moved the hospital room, right?’

She’s such a woman of execution.
The voice of my parents, who were looking for me urgently, is still ringing in my ears.

– Oh, my God. What the hell is going on here? Suddenly, a man in a suit came and moved his father’s hospital room to a magnificent place!
– …
– That’s what I’ I heard that you won by writing our story, but you can’t believe it in this world these days. You’re not doing anything dangerous, are you?
At the time, I was shopping with Kang Ba Da. When I turned my head slightly, she overheard the phone call and smiled.
It was very scary because it was like a laugh that meant, “Your family is already in my hands,” but I couldn’t show it openly.

– It’s not like that, so don’t worry. You can just stay comfortable. I’m going to support your hospital bill until you leave the hospital.

– Really? Really?
– Yes.

– That’s a relief. You are a good son. You’re a good son! You should’ve told me in advance.
Only then did my mother’s voice glow. My anxiety wasn’t completely gone either, but my parents would do more if I were. I forced myself to raise my tone.
Talk, talk.
At that time, Kang Ba Da, who had been eavesdropping on the phone, suddenly touched my hand, and when I turned around, she said with her mouth shape.


…I almost screamed.
The memory of somehow finishing the call by swallowing it passed through my head.
(Singing “Shouting”)
The stream soaked my body. At that moment, I had an urge to dip my hair, but I couldn’t do it because I was afraid my perm would come off.


How long has it been? I slowly awoke from my thoughts. In the meantime, I have clearly grasped the situation I am in.

‘Yes, I’ve already set foot in the abyss.’

Like the game that was popular in the past, “Making a Princess” game. I became the main character in the game of Kang Ba Da.
But it’s really scary that it happens in reality, on a larger scale. Anyway, it’s definitely the way I chose.
Death is the only way out of this game.
But if you endure it, everyone becomes happy.

“Kim Ha Neul. You’ve got me”.’

When I went to a daycare center with Daldongne to use it as a web novel material. I went out with curiosity and came back empty-handed.
It was because I thought that I could not digest their fierce lives as a mere playground.
There are many people in the world who don’t come to “opportunities” in their lifetime. Now I’m afraid of this situation, like a child whining about side dishes.

‘Yes, as long as my family is happy.’

That’s enough.
What more reason is needed.
I turned off the shower and came outside. After changing clothes, I sat right in front of the desk and turned on the computer.


As soon as I entered the web novel serial site as a habit, I was a little embarrassed. Because the notifications were piled up.
Of course, about 20 at the most. The life of an unknown writer is feared with only two or three notifications a day.

“…Did you get a decadent?’

Desiring writers often refer to themselves as “wannies” as a double expression. There are many cases where they fail to pay for it several times and turn black.
The blackened mangsaengs relieve their stress by leaving malicious comments on other artists’ works, and my heart was already pounding because I had been hit a few times.

“Phew. But I’ll still check.”

No matter how strong your mentality is, it’s really rare for a writer not to be completely damaged by malicious comments. Sometimes it hurts more to curse your child than to blame yourself.
Therefore, there are many writers who don’t read comments at all, but I thought comments were feedback and humbly accepted them.
After taking a deep breath, I checked the notification with a firm will. After checking the comments like that, I hardened for a while.
[Fighting][Write it down][Why isn’t there a next episode?]What’s this hot reaction?
It’s all a friendly comment. Even Pungshin Warrior, one of the guardian spirits of the web novel site, left a comment.

“…And did you get sponsorship?”

[Title: Hwangnyeo sent a donation]: Hwangnyeo sent you a donation with warm heart. If you cheer up and write a good article, I think Hwangnyeo will like it.
Of course, it’s not the first time I’ve received it. However, the limit for ordinary sponsorship is 500 won to 1,000 won. This person sent as much as 10,000 won.

“Is this the happiness of 10,000 won that you’ve only heard about?”

You can’t settle it right away, and even if it’s settled, it’ll disappear in one meal. It simply cannot be expressed in money.
It was really thrilling to feel that my babies were recognized by others.

“I need to write right away……” Well.”

My gaze, which was trying to tap the type in excitement, suddenly reached my phone. Naturally, Kang Ba Da came to mind, and what she said played back.

– Take good care of your health.

– Please come out in full condition tomorrow. I’ll let you drive yourself then.
Maybe it’s because I took a shower for too long.
When I looked at the clock, it was already past 10 p.m.
After thinking for a while while looking at the monitor, I turned off the computer and picked up my phone. Shortly after, I pressed the chat room that was floating on the top.
: Ba Da, did you get home safely?
I sent a text message carefully, but the number “1”, which means I checked the message, did not disappear.

“Are you sleeping?”

You must be tired after walking around for a long time. Whatever the reason, you’ve worked so hard for me, so it’s right to say thank you.
: Thank you for today.
: I’ll wear the clothes you bought for me.
After sending it, I think it feels too hard. After much thought, I decided to make a bold investment.
: [A guy’s emoticon that throws a thumbs up]The painting definitely became less stiff. Emojis were purchased as a product with a huge discount, so the cost-effectiveness was doubled.

“This should be enough.”

I lay on the bed with a satisfied smile. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to sleep even if I die, but I felt like I could fall asleep today.
* * *

“Hahaha…” If you do, then yes.”

The corner of the mouth of Kang Ba Da, which was checking all Kim Ha Neul’s messages with the notification, ascended to heaven.

If you check it right away, it’ll look like you’ve been waiting, right?’

That should not be the case.
Dating is playing hard to get.
Kang Ba Da, who decided to honestly acknowledge his love for Kim Ha Neul, changed its route at all.

– Ba Da, you’re part of Daehan. Even if you have someone you like later, you should never give them the initiative.
My little sister’s teaching passed through my head. I thought Kang Ba Da was a word that made sense enough.
In love, the person who likes it more has no choice but to carry it in. But if you keep being dragged around, the other person quickly gets sick of it.

‘That’s never going to work.’

Love is nothing but the action of hormones. Eternal love cannot exist biologically in this world.
However, rather, there are parts that can be controlled. If we realize the principle of love, we can have a happy marriage.

“I’ll seduce you!”

Still, fame is the first relationship, and it will be the last one with a high probability. I wanted to get a confession from Kim Ha Neul at least once.
Thanks to this, she desperately suppressed her desire to answer quickly and turned on the ‘plane mode’. Even if you go into the chat room, “1” doesn’t disappear from the other person’s screen.

“…What does this mean?”

The content of the message was okay.
The emoticon I sent long after was the problem. A man raised his thumb and slashed my neck. a gesture almost like a murder notice

Did you get caught?’

Kim Ha Neul, who noticed his mind, is drawing a line. Did you notice that he was playing hard to get? Or did you notice that I’m an “Imperial Princess”?

Is it because the amount of sponsorship is too small?’

There were too many poisons.
Having a complicated mind, she eventually couldn’t resist and turned off the airplane mode. Her hand became urgent as she tapped the phone.
: Ha Neul?
: What does this mean?
: Excuse me?
However, ‘1’ did not disappear no matter how long I waited. I don’t think you’re sleeping at this time because of insomnia. Why aren’t you replying?
Just, just like that!
Kang Ba Da, which was biting its nails, ended up staying up all night that day.

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