Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 20

Cheonggye River(2)

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Whoops! Gooooo!

I hurriedly took the drawings and ran to the hallway, but unfortunately there were already toads encamped in the hallway.

From toads the size of a fist to toads the size of a rice cooker, toad monsters were no different from the original toads, except for their dark red body color.

It didn’t look too dangerous, but Kyunghoon stopped right away. If they were one of the monsters, they couldn’t be normal.

It was just as Kyunghoon thought. As Kyunghoon stopped walking, a red line flew towards him.


It’s funny to see color in a world without light, but it looked like a red whip was stabbing in Kyung-hoon’s eyes.

He was a speed that an ordinary person could not avoid, and he would not have noticed because he was in the dark, but Kyunghoon was able to avoid it.


As Kyung-hoon evaded, the whip punched a hole in the iron door and returned to the toad’s mouth in an instant.

What appeared to be a whip was a toad’s tongue.


The toad was not alone. Several whips flew at the same time.

Kyunghoon swung his sword sideways, avoiding him.


Even the iron gate was pierced by the tongue, but the sword engraved with the pattern could not stop it. Several tongues were cut off simultaneously, and blood gushed from the cut tongues.


Toads with their tongues cut off screamed, and blood spattered everywhere.

“Damn it.”

Kyung-hoon, who was trying to prepare for the next attack, staggered in sudden vertigo.

It was a dizziness felt with a sour smell after the blood had been sprayed.

‘Is blood like a hallucinogenic substance?’

Kyunghoon covered his nose with his hand and stepped back behind him.

“I didn’t know I was already writing… … .”

After a while, he pulled the gas mask out of his backpack. The gas mask was one of the newly added equipment.

There were all kinds of monsters among the abilities of the monster, so there was no guarantee that there would be no one spewing poison gas.

I brought it just in case, luckily it was not too late to prepare.

He put a gas mask on his head. The gas mask obscured my vision a bit, but what was lacking was how to solve it with mana detection.

Since the toads did not attack, Kyung-hoon was able to fix the gas mask in no time.


Kyung-hoon fixed his sword again and stepped forward. If you don’t attack, it’s enough to attack from this side.

Tongues shot again at Kyung-hoon as he approached. Kyunghoon calmly cut off his tongue.

Scratch! Scratch!

Blood was splattered again, but now there was no reason to back down.

Kyung-hoon continued to advance, piercing his toad’s head with his sword.

As he drew near, the toads threw themselves at him. Both the toad with his tongue cut off and the intact toad rushed in, but they were cut together by his sword.

His body was covered with blood. Perhaps that was what the toads were looking for.

It would have been dangerous without the gas mask.

Kyung-hoon, who was going forward while handling the toad, frowned at him.

Because he kept toads protruding from the holes he had drilled.

The attack of the toad was not very dangerous, but it was impossible to continue to mow in an area full of these hallucinogenic substances.

‘Let’s get out.’

He tightened the straps of his backpack and started running. Tongues flying from all sides of him stopped at least a little and kept moving forward.

By blocking, trampling on the toad monster, smashing it, and jumping over the hole, he was able to get through the emergency door at the end of the hallway.

But he had to stop his steps in front of his steps.

Gooooo! Gooooo! Gooooo!

There were toad monsters all over the stairs. The stairs were covered in slime from the toad monsters, and the stench of the monsters was enough to penetrate the gas mask.

It seemed difficult to pass through in such a short time. It was clear that the toad monsters kept holding him in order to block the stairs.

As I always thought, these monsters were so clever.

‘Should I blow it up with a bomb?’

Kyung-hoon had to put aside his thoughts immediately. Here, if he detonated a bomb, he would only be buried alive.

thud! thud!

It was then. A hammering sound was heard from behind.

When Kyung-hoon, startled, turned his head, a door that had not been opened was shaking violently.

simplicity and honesty! bang!

And the door swung open with a shattering sound.

thud. thud.

A large person appeared with the sound of heavy footsteps.

No, it wasn’t a person.

“A walking crocodile?”

A scaly body, a long tail, and a pointed snout like a crocodile.

He was clearly standing on two legs, but his overall appearance resembled a crocodile.

It didn’t look like the crocodile was forced to stand. Obviously, that body type is a beast standing on two legs. In particular, they looked like humans.

‘Is this the kind of humanoid monster written in the exhibition hall?’

[Recently discovered humanoid monsters have given many scientists a great headache. Its morphology is similar to that of animals on Earth, but it cannot fit anywhere in the evolutionary loop… … .]

The contents of the panel came to mind one after another. Most of it wasn’t important. What we needed now were things about the characteristics of humanoid monsters.

[Humanoid monsters appear to be able to use tools, give instructions, and devise tactics and strategies.]

A monster resembling a crocodile approaching him was holding a sword in one hand. A sword engraved with a pattern like the sword that Kyung-Hoon possesses. A light energy was flowing through the sword.

[Humanoid monsters basically appear to use their abilities in a similar way to the Awoken. Strengthening the body and using mana. It was because of these humanoid monsters that ordinary humans began to be pushed out of the fight.]

While Kyung-hoon was searching for his memories, before he knew it, he had arrived in front of him.

All the toad monsters surrounding Kyung-hoon retreated from a distance, and the two faced each other in the hallway like players on the arena.

Perhaps because it was in a dark place, the eyes of the crocodile monster looked very cloudy.


The crocodile monster roared loudly in front of Kyung-hoon. It seemed to be celebrating the victory ahead of the match.

Seeing this, Kyunghoon spit out cursing.

“You act like a head.”

bang! bang! bang!

He fired at the roaring crocodile monster.

One for the neck, one for the mouth, and one for the eyes.

Can, can, can.

Unfortunately, all the bullets he fired were blocked by a translucent membrane.

‘Isn’t it like a head-to-head thing?’

It was a blow of conversion, but it seemed to provoke anger.

Without finishing the roar, the crocodile monster swung his sword at him.

Boo woo woo!

Kyung-hoon, who had only human richness in mind, was startled by the elongated arm. The sword came in front of him.

Kyunghoon quickly raised his sword.


Flames flew, and the energy attached to the sword swayed. The crocodile monster’s eyes widened. It looked a little surprised.

But Kyunghoon was not in the mood to be surprised.

Obviously, the opponent didn’t seem to have given much strength, but the sword was being pushed.

While Kyung-hoon forcibly blocked it, an even more surprising thing happened.

The crocodile monster’s sword ran down Kyung-hoon’s sword. Kyunghoon was shocked.

‘Damn it! What kind of swordsmanship is this!’

Kyung-hoon, who had only learned about daggers in the military, had no way of knowing such advanced techniques. At this rate, he would come in with a sword and cut off his chest.

Kyunghoon clenched his teeth and fired his bullets.

bang! bang! bang! bang! chin.


Thanks to his bullets, he was able to barely open the gap, but in the meantime, all the bullets were consumed, and Kyung-hoon’s side was torn long.

It left a scar on Kyung-hoon’s waist in the short time he retreated.

Kyung-hoon looked down at the damp feeling and realized that he had been cut by a sword.

“Like X.”

When I checked his wounds, only then did the pain creep in.

it was so different The gun did not work, the strength and speed ran, and ironically, he was also pushed back in the swordsmanship.

Humanoid monsters were able to use tools better than what is written in the exhibition hall.

While Kyunghoon patted his side, the crocodile monster stepped back and shook his head.

A bullet fired by Kyung-hoon struck his head. After confirming that his body could not be penetrated, Kyung-hoon focused on attacking only his head.

He earned some time, but it wasn’t very meaningful. The crocodile monster came to his senses quickly.

The crocodile monster roared and approached Kyung-hoon. Now there was no roar, no show-off.

It was a crisis. Kyung-hoon shoved his hand into his body armor pocket. Cell phone in hand.

Kyung-hoon immediately pulled out his cell phone and pointed to the approaching crocodile monster.


He frowned and pressed the button.


The flash went off. A bright light filled the dark hallway.


The toads around were startled, and the crocodile monster covered its eyes with a hand holding a sword.

As expected, these guys were weak against bright light. As I continued to live in a dark place, I had a hard time even with the slightest light.

Kyung-hoon thanked the mobile phone company. He gave me the ability to take pictures without turning on the screen. He decided to buy another one when he returned.

While the monsters were screaming, Kyunghoon ran away.

‘The stairs are blocked.’

The toad monsters were still encamped on the stairs.

Avoiding one of the rooms next to the hallway would be self-defeating, and there was only one way left.

Kyunghoon jumped into the wide open door. It was the door where the crocodile monster came out a while ago.

It is likely to be a den of monsters, but if the prediction is correct, there was a way to live inside.

And the scene inside was not different from Kyunghoon’s expectations.

A long underground plaza with no end in sight, with columns erected here and there, was greeted with great honor.

This is the basement of Cheonggye-ro. It was a covered Cheonggyecheon stream.

Swallowing the potion, Kyunghoon ran down the dark Cheonggyecheon Stream.

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