Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 19

Cheonggye River (1)

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The sky over the ruined city was very cloudy as if it was about to rain.

The signboard of Namdaemun Market was still buried in the ground, and the lizard monster corpse was now left with only a few bone fragments.

Kyung-hoon confirmed the disappearing lizard monster and hurried his steps.

The disappearance of the corpse was a story about monsters in this building that ate lizard monsters even to their bones.

As the Awakening Center was buried, it passed through the Namdaemun Market portal. But it wasn’t safe either. After all, it was impossible to find a safe place in this city.

After checking the navigation system, Kyunghoon started walking northeast. It was in the direction of Cheonggyecheon.

He was planning to head to the [item manufacturing complex] located at Cheonggyecheon 3-ga.

After finding out the location of the Awakened Facilities at the Awakening Center, he pondered whether to go to [Awakened Training Center] or [Item Manufacturing Complex].

[Awakened Training Center] was quite attractive, but unfortunately, the training center was located south of the Han River. It was too far away, and I couldn’t figure out what condition the Han River and the Han River Bridge were in.

Kyunghoon decided to go to the nearby [Item Manufacturing Complex] first.

If he had departed from the Awakening Center near City Hall, he would have been within easy reach, but here at Namdaemun Market, he had to go 1km.

Still, it was far enough to reach before evening.

Of course, if there is no obstruction.


However, as soon as we got out of the Namdaemun Market building, it started to rain.

“It is raining.”

Kyunghoon hit the rain with a curious expression. The rain was no different from the world out there. But he couldn’t keep hitting him like this.

Kyunghoon pulled out a raincoat and put it over his clothes.

Also, the priest was good. It wasn’t that different from being wet, but it was much more mobile than a poncho raincoat.

It was time to put on a raincoat and hurried to walk again.

pudding pudding.

Countless flaps of wings were heard in the sky, and the dark sky grew darker. Surprised, Kyunghoon looked up at the sky.

“A flock of birds?”

Many flying animals were flying this way. Kyunghoon could see the flying guys with his strengthened eyes.

‘Are you guys in the building?’

They looked like flying squirrels that I saw sporadically in the Namdaemun building. They were flying in groups of tens of thousands or more.

‘Is it possible that I could fly?’

At that number, it seemed that it could eat not only lizards, but also dinosaurs.

Kyunghoon started running in the rain. If I stayed near the Namdaemun Market building, it seemed that no bones would be left behind.

It wasn’t the original time for them to come back, but it looked like they were coming home because of the rain.

Then, the flying guys suddenly scattered in all directions.


At the same time, a thunderbolt fell from the cloud. Thunderbolt did not fall to the ground miraculously, but struck the flock of flying squirrels.

Beep profit!

A scream filled the sky, and hundreds of flying squirrel monsters fell down.

At that moment, a huge monster appeared through the clouds. It was the dragon-like monster you see in fantasy movies.

If you include the wings, it was a monster that looked tens of meters higher. As the monster crashed down, it looked as if a large passenger plane was falling vertically.

Sparks still flew from the monster’s forehead, and the monster’s mouth grew incomprehensible.

Then the monster snatched the little ones that fell and went back into the clouds.

It was as if a hurricane had passed.

Kyunghoon looked up blankly at the sky. At first glance, huge black shadows were moving in the clouds.

“It’s also a crazy world.”

As I got stronger, my confidence, which had grown a little, shrank again. It was here that he had to realize once again that he was a weak person.

After a while, the scattered little monsters flocked to the building again, and Kyung-hoon carefully moved away from the building.

The sound of rain obscured the sound of his movements, but he was as careful as possible.

* * *

that afternoon.

“Is this Cheonggyecheon?”

Kyung-hoon stood by the old road and alternated between navigation and the road.

Obviously, there should have been Cheonggyecheon here. Although it was made of cement, there was supposed to be a river, but what I saw in front of me was just a road.

And then to the broken overpass. Everywhere I looked, it was just a street in the city center.

Kyunghoon scratched his head.

‘Is the Cheonggyecheon destroyed before it was restored as a river?’

As Kyung-hoon, who did not know the exact time of restoration, it was just an unknown thing.

The correct answer was to delay the unknown first. Kyunghoon compared the number of the navigation system with the actual location.

He looked around with a frown on his face and sighed when he saw the ground full of rubble.

The site of the item production complex in Cheonggyecheon 3-ga was filled with only the wreckage of a collapsed building.

It was the ruins of a building that looked even more gloomy due to the pouring rain.

“How lucky are you so far?”

Both the first building we arrived at and the Awakening Center we arrived at next maintained the building’s shape. Thanks to you, I was able to find something useful… … .

Moreover, whether it was the rain or the careful movement, I was able to not run into any monsters while coming here.

But that good fortune could not last.

‘If I had known this would be the case, I would have gone straight to the Han River.’

Taking a deep breath, Kyunghoon walked towards the pile of buildings. Since I came here, I had to get something.

Time has passed. Fortunately, the monsters were nowhere to be seen, but there were no usable items.

At the last moment, Kyung-hoon, who was about to give up, saw the stairs leading to the half-collapsed basement. Looks like the luck wasn’t over yet.

But Kyunghoon couldn’t go down the stairs right away.

‘Isn’t it supposed to be a trap?’

One encounter at the Awakening Center left this passage beyond doubt.

He continued to stare at the stairs. After staring at him for a while, he suddenly smiled.

“You bastard, are you scared?”

He pounded his head with his fist.

The fence seemed to have gotten smaller due to the sight I saw in the morning.

There was no need to come to this world to worry about such things. There was no need to buy a factory, and it was enough to live a normal life with the money selling gold bars.

Kyung-hoon took off his raincoat and checked his weapon.

Holding a pistol that could not fill his magazine and a long sword engraved with a pattern in his hands, he checked the dagger on his waist.

Inside the backpack were the shotguns I had bought last time, and homemade bombs were also prepared in several bundles.

And some additional equipment.

Preparation was sufficient.

After checking the silencer on the front of his pistol once again, Kyung-hoon started going down the stairs.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The stairs were cold and damp. Water continued to run down the walls and ceiling of the half-collapsed staircase.

‘Is it because of the rain?’

It was like entering a deep cave.

Kyunghoon tilted his head as he went down the stairs.

‘Isn’t this the surviving staircase by chance?’

There were signs of tampering on a pile of buildings that had half-blocked the stairs.

Traces crushed by force and traces cut by tools. It was a rough trace, but it was not a natural trace.

‘Maybe, who broke through here after it collapsed?’

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a recent trace, but the traces that appeared after the building collapsed made us expect a little bit.

Kyunghoon’s pace quickened a little.

The long staircase ended. A stairway led to a small half-open door.

Of course, there was no light here either. Kyunghoon carefully checked the inside of the door.

[Cheonggyecheon Item Mall] [2nd basement floor]

Thanks to the sign next to the door, Kyung-hoon knew he had come to the right place.

The hallway looked pretty precarious. There were cracks in the walls, and large and small holes were drilled in the floors and walls.

Fortunately, however, the spacious doors on both sides of the hallway were lined up intact. They were large doors that were often seen in factory-type buildings.

[Isomorphic Blacksmith] [Production of SS-class hit items. Restoration] [Sungil Hitech] [Silla Blacksmith] […] … .]

A variety of names were written on the doors, from childish names to old names.

Fortunately, it seemed to have turned out well. It was clear that this was a place to make items engraved with patterns and items.

‘I hope it’s not a bang here, is it?’

Although the bag on his back was saved, only empty shops remained in the Awakening Center. He was not relieved even when he saw the business names unfolding in front of him.

Kyunghoon cautiously made his way down the hallway. Unlike the stairs, the corridor did not flow, but it was still damp.

All the doors were also rusted, and the floor was covered with a mucous membrane that looked as if it had been made by flowing rusty iron doors.

Kyung-hoon avoided the holes and approached the first door.

[Isomorphic Blacksmith]

Fortunately, the half-closed door opened easily.

There were collapsed parts and holes, but the appearance inside was really not that different from the forge he knew.

On one side, there was an oven with a thick flue so that the fire could be extinguished and various tools were hung.

Kyung-hoon immediately searched the forge.

“Oh, there it is!”

Kyung-hoon was able to quickly discover the items engraved with patterns. On one side of the smithy were piles of items engraved with patterns.

Kyung-hoon looked at the items with joy and was soon disappointed.

Unfortunately, the items here were not normal items.

The patterns engraved on the shield were still unengraved, and the spear engraved with the patterns was greatly curved.

“Are things that are only broken or made?”

It was very disappointing, but it wasn’t bad for the first income.

It wasn’t the right thing, but the engraved pattern itself was useful. You could also study patterns or scrape patterns and reuse them.

Kyung-hoon put the items engraved with the pattern into the backpack one after another.

Surprisingly, this backpack allows you to take out anything you want right away, so it doesn’t matter how you put it.

With his regrets behind him, Kyunghoon moved to the next shopping mall in turn.

Some doors could not be opened, and some were completely buried. However, many shopping malls have maintained their original appearance.

Some shops had modern machine tools, and some had old blacksmiths.

Kyung-hoon searched the shopping mall one after another and eventually burst into anger.

“What the hell happened? Why are there only junk left!”

All the things that could be found in the shopping malls were all incomplete.

The owner may have taken them all with him when he left, but apparently important tools were still there.

The traces he had seen on the stairs came to mind in Kyunghoon’s mind. Traces of someone passing through a blocked wall.

“Maybe, did that person take it?”

He liked to find traces, but the results were rather disappointing.

He sighed and entered the inner shopping mall without expecting much.

The mall also looked dangerous, with holes in it, but the items remained intact.

Tools, objects and drawings engraved with broken patterns.

Kyunghoon cheered. There were drawings.

“There was, too. There’s no way you can’t have drawings to make things.”

He ran to the place where the drawings were, and began to check the drawings one by one.

He didn’t have to be disappointed this time.

All drawings were correct. They were drawings of the dimensions and patterns of various items.

Excitedly looking at the drawings, he suddenly stopped moving.

Gooooo! Guess what!

An unfamiliar sound was heard.

There was no single place the sound came from. Kyunghoon’s eyes turned to the side.

There was a sound coming from a hole in the wall. And he wasn’t the only one who had a hole in it while he got here.

“Maybe, where was the hole leading to?”

* * *

in the dark. The Cheonggyecheon stream was covered with a lid in the past and is now buried in the ground. Numerous toad monsters that had been sleeping there woke up to the instructions of their owners.

Gooooo! Gooooo!

– An intruder has entered.

At the master’s instructions, some toads began to move, and one of the resting scouts got up.

thick and long tail. elongated mouth. A scale-covered monster with thick legs and strong arms began to move.

thud. thud.

As the monster over 2m moved with a sword, the toad monsters moved aside.

-Check the intruders and kill them!

The owner’s voice was heard.

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