Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 18

Isn’t The Work Studio A Bit Large? (1)

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a few days later.

Jinhyuk, who entered the restaurant, saw his aunt and shouted loudly. Kyung-hoon, who followed, also greeted her aunt.

“Mom, we are here!”

“Hey, it’s been a long time since Hyuk has been a bachelor.”

“Haha, sorry. I’m busy with work.”

Jinhyuk scratched his head at the words of the aunt.

“It’s good to be busy. Is it always? Is Bachelor Kyung-hoon the same?”

“Yes, please give me a prize.”


As the two of them sat down, she shouted inward.

“Honey, Hyuk and Kyung-hoon are bachelors. Please enjoy.”

There was a ‘tak’ sound from the kitchen. It was the answer of the owner, who was less talkative.

When the aunt left the room, Jinhyuk opened his mouth first.

“You said you had a hard time.”

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes, I heard it yesterday.”

“The news is late.”

Jinhyuk sighed.

“I haven’t been able to contact you because it’s on operation.”

“That’s why you asked me to meet you?”

At Kyunghoon’s words, Jinhyuk gave a slightly apologetic expression.

“Be humble. I even stabbed him in the side to ask the team leader to ask.”

It seems that the team leader still hasn’t forgotten Kyung-hoon.

“So what happened? I heard that there was also a mutant man who went crazy.”

“No, did you hear all of that? How the hell did your security go? They made all sorts of threats to me.”

“Well, we were all working together inside, so I could hear everything. There seems to be a limit to slow blocking. The internet is a mess these days.”

As he said, the internet has been noisy since the terrorist attacks. Experiences poured out from all over the place, and various conspiracy theories and water rides were rampant.

In the meantime, Kyung-hoon was also playing more than a role.

Kyung-hoon once again told Jin-hyuk the story he had told the officials.

He was a threat and whatever, I was going to tell Jinhyuk everything anyway. Of course, it wasn’t the true truth… … .

After hearing the story, Jinhyuk opened his eyes and looked at Kyunghoon. Unlike the civil servants who did not have any doubts, he did not believe Kyung-hoon’s words.

“Did your brother just follow you around and watch you?”

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to have noticed that he was an Awoken.

“No, these monsters are running around, so what am I going to do? It’s great just to pursue it so hard.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that dead hunters became as strong as mutants, but the older brother I knew would have saved at least a researcher.”

Kyunghoon shook his head strongly.

“I. big. no.”

It was never The researcher survived well alone. No, he’s not even surviving… … .

Kyunghoon clicked his tongue and brushed away the thoughts that came to his mind.

Jinhyuk raised his hand in strong refusal.

“Yes, yes. That’s what your brother said, so it’s like that this time too… … .”

When Jinhyuk stepped down, this time Kyunghoon asked a question.

“So, where did you go so you didn’t hear the news?”

“We went up north.”

“North Korea?”

Jinhyuk waved his hand.

“Ah, please. I worked with soldiers. It was close to the GOP, so I couldn’t even call.”

“Are you involved in what soldiers do? If you hit it with firepower, that’s it. Do you need your team?”

At Kyunghoon’s words, Jinhyuk nodded his head.

“By the way, as I said before, it seems like it will be released soon. It was like researching a way to collaborate here and there.”

“So, are you catching up?”

“The funny thing is that the superiors like our method more. They complained that if the soldiers caught them, there would be no bodies left.”

Kyunghoon tilted his head.

“Why did you project firepower without pushing people in?”

“It seems that there was a serious accident while doing that. Everyone was shivering, but seeing that the stars even flew, it must have been no joke.”

They were two people who remembered the past for a moment. They both sighed.

“Anyway, you are suffering.”

“Well, what are you going to do? He must have gotten used to them.”

“I was just like that on my first hunt, is that the same again?”

Kyung-hoon glanced at Jin-hyeok.

“It’s not like I’m a jolly older brother. But, looking back, I think it would be quite frustrating for hyung to do it. It seems that the hunters have become more and more troubled as there are many people who have given up. It might be better to wait a little first.”

Food came out while the two of them were talking. With a table full of food, the aunt spoke her words.

“I have a lot to say. We have lunch, so let’s talk while we eat.”

“Wow, that’s a lot. Do you know how much I love this house food?”

“Can’t you see that guy blew his nose?”

“Haha, I’ll be back often.”

“You don’t have to come here often. I prefer being busy.”

At her words, Kyunghoon looked around the store. Even though it was lunch time, the inside of the store was a bit quiet.

“However, there are few customers. What’s going on?”

Kyung-hoon looked around her shop and sighed.

“There has been a strange rumor about something recently, and the atmosphere is not good. It will subside after a while.”

“What’s going on?”

“There was a mass death of cats and dogs in the inner factory complex a while ago. It was noisy as an official car just passed by that day.”

Kyunghoon and Jinhyuk looked at each other. It was a story about two people.

“It looks like they got rid of it somehow, but there are rumors that a cat ghost is coming out, and there are people saying that you can hear a cat cry at night. Anyway, I’m not in a good mood. That’s why I try not to come this way.”

It was a dark rumor in an ordinary city. She was hard to help, and she said it just took time.

“Because of that, the people who had been fighting over the factory complex for the past few years have also made fun of it. It seems that things got even more complicated because the owner of the factory who had an accident just gave up and dumped the factory. I sold it at a bargain price, but I don’t know who will buy it.”

“Do you know how much the factory cost?”

At Kyunghoon’s question, the old woman smiled.

“I wonder if Bachelor Kyung-hoon wants to buy it?”

She said it as a joke, but the answer was no joke.

“Yes, I think if the price is right, it will be fine.”

“Is your brother alive?”

She wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Jinhyuk also opened his eyes wide and looked at Kyunghoon.

“No, was your brother that rich?”

“What is rich?”

The two parted immediately after dinner. Kyung-hoon left Jin-hyeok, who was curious, and headed for real estate.

The real estate agent looked up and down Kyung-hoon with a puzzled expression, but there was no reason to refuse the person who said he lived.

“The president offered it for 700 million won. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for this factory complex to get a small business loan.”

However, he talked back to saying that if you don’t have money, don’t even think about it.

Kyunghoon laughed inwardly. I only have about 400 million in my hand right now, but I was able to make more than 700 million.

“Look at things. If you like it, I will sign a contract right away.”

A brilliance rose from the eyes of the real estate agent who had been speaking bluntly.

“Please wait. I will drive you straight to my car.”

He bowed his head nearly 90 degrees and ran out of Burinake. He went into the store next door and asked for help.

“Kim, take a look at this store.”

“Oh, are you here?”

“that’s right. Hogu… … No, it’s a big deal.”

“okay? If it goes well, treat me to you.”

Thanks to the reinforced ears, the whispers of the neighboring store could be heard. With a grin, Kyung-hoon headed to the factory complex with the real estate agent who returned immediately.

The factory was kept clean. Although it was demolished, the factory-like atmosphere remained, but upon closer inspection, there were not many places for repairs.

“You won’t be able to find something like this in Seoul. Transportation is good, and it is easy to cooperate with other factories when the factory complex is operational again… … .”

They were talking excitedly next to him, but Kyung-hoon didn’t listen to the real estate agent and just let it go.

At that moment, a middle-aged man strode into the factory. He looked pretty exhausted, but he didn’t make a bad impression.

“Is there anyone who wants to buy it?”

“Ah, the boss is here.”

A real estate agent ran to a middle-aged man. It must have been the owner of this factory.

“This is Yongjun Oh.”

He extended his hand to Kyung-hoon. Kyunghoon also grabbed his hand.

“I’m Kang Kyung-hoon.”

He looked at Kyunghoon and nodded his head.

“If you came to return to the factory, I was going to stop you, but I’m glad.”


The startled voice of the realtor rang through the factory.

“It will be difficult for the factory complex here to be operational again. All of them had a lot of fun fighting for redevelopment, and those who wanted to run the factory have already sold and left.”

He spoke with a bitter expression.

“I’m the only one who has endured so far by any chance.”

He confided in all the circumstances despite the reluctance of the realtor.

“I was thinking of selling it to the locals before going to auction anyway, so you have to know it well before buying. The money will be tied up for years or more before it is redeveloped.”

He seemed to see Kyung-hoon as a real estate investor.

“Then, can’t we use the factory itself?”

“It’s not, but wouldn’t it just die and be useless? Connections between factories are also impossible. There is no such thing as a restaurant. The driveway is all broken.”

The factory owner looked at Kyunghoon with a suspicious look.

‘Are you planning on running a factory?’

But Kyung-hoon rather liked the situation he was talking about.

A factory alone in an empty factory complex. There was no better way to keep security.

“I make a contract. If it’s cash, will it be reduced?”

Yongjun turned into an absurd face.

The contract was made right away. The down payment was handed over, and the balance was to be completed as soon as the paperwork was completed.

Unfortunately, there was no reduction in cash.

After completing the contract, Kyung-hoon called a builder to get an estimate for repairs at the factory.

It felt like it came out a little more than expected, but Kyung-hoon decided to proceed with the repair immediately after taking over the factory.

Now, progress was more important than little money.

That night, Kyung-hoon started a chemical experiment again in his bedroom.

‘This is the last time here.’

The next homemade bomb would be manufactured in the newly acquired workshop.

The new studio was in a very good location.

He was alert and didn’t need to feel the gaze of those around him. Moreover, there were also bad rumors, so even if something strange came out, it could be buried.

It was enough to study not only bombs and weapon modifications like today, but also things brought from over there.

Moreover, there was no need to worry about getting things caught because there was a space-expanding backpack.

After making a bomb and sleeping for a while, Kyunghoon made a hole in his bedroom.

“Creating dimensional corridors.”


A black hole was made in the middle of the room where the morning sun was shining.

‘Next time, I have to move from the factory.’

The door needed to be made in several places. It was definitely something I realized during the last dimension shift.

Kyunghoon checked the internet one last time. Now the rumors are out of control.

[Adventure A] [This mutation is a lizard-type mutation. A color-changing mutation… … .]

└The adventurer’s words are the truth.

└Is it a seed of interest? I believe it has to be plausible.

└ Look at the water on top. If the adventurer is making fun of it, are you saying that this riot is going to get worse now?

└Honestly, compared to other people, Adventurer’s words are more consistent.

└Ah, I don’t believe it.

└… … .

There were also numerous comments on his post. At first, he went from a person who posted nonsense to a person who is now the center of this issue.

Kyunghoon didn’t plan on posting any more. If the tail is long, it will be trampled on.

Kyunghoon turned off his cannon phone and put it in his backpack. After checking the inside of the house one last time, he grabbed his backpack and jumped into the hole.

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