Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 17

Such A Mysterious Person (1)

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Gangnam on a Saturday afternoon was very lively as always. The hill road of Gangnam Station overlooking from the second floor of the cafe was no different.

Kyung-hoon continued to watch the people passing by while drinking coffee.

Kyunghoon’s eyes gleamed as he looked at the people. A cool-looking beautiful woman was coming up the street.

She didn’t put much makeup on and her clothes weren’t flashy, but on the contrary, that figure popped out among the gorgeous Gangnam women.

The woman approaching this way was a woman Kyung-hoon knew.

She is the researcher Hyerin whom I met recently. Kyung-hoon had promised her to meet her today.

‘You’re on time.’

Kyunghoon checked the time and nodded his head. 10 minutes before the appointment time. My crush on Hyerin grew.

Hyerin looked around her as she came near the cafe. She seemed to find the cafe she promised. And she went into the cafe opposite where Kyung-hoon was.

Entering the cafe, she sat down deep in the cafe and checked her time.

Kyunghoon sat down and watched the cafe where Hyerin entered.

The front window of the cafe made it difficult to see from the outside, but to Kyung-hoon, it was no different from ordinary glass.

Time has passed. The appointment time has passed.

Hyerin checked her watch again and tilted her head.

Kyung-hoon continued to sit there and looked at Hye-rin and her street.

30 minutes passed. Hyerin picked up the phone. Soon after, Kyunghoon’s cell phone started ringing.

Kyunghoon checked the distance one last time.

High school girls who went out on an outing with a friendly lover. Classmates I haven’t seen in a long time.

I spent time watching, but I didn’t see a follower or a watcher.

Kyunghoon answered the phone.

“Where are you? I’m still waiting, but it seems you’re late.”

-Yes? I’m here.

Surprised, Hyerin looked around.

“Oh, wait a minute. Oh, I’m sorry. I gave you the wrong cafe name. It’s right across the street from the cafe. I will go right away.”

Having naturally lied, he got up with an old backpack he had left next to him.

After a while, Kyung-hoon, who sat in front of Hye-rin, apologized once again.

“You waited a long time. I’m really sorry.”

Kyung-hoon bowed her head deeply, apologizing for testing her and still lying to her.

At Kyunghoon’s apology, Hyerin waved her hand.

“no. I misunderstood. What.”

She felt sorry for Hyerin, but it was necessary for Kyunghoon.

She was a woman she didn’t know yet. She’s the first Awakener she’s ever seen, and although she shares a secret, there’s nothing wrong with being careful.

Thanks to her continued apology, Hyerin’s anger was allayed away, and her mood, which could have been in a hurry, softened.

After a while for her to make coffee, Hyerin handed her small envelope to Kyunghoon.

“I asked to meet you to give you this.”

Kyunghoon opened the envelope.

The envelope contained small beads from the shotgun’s warhead and engraved bullets.

“I found it in an elk. They knew it was a bullet shot after they died, so it was easy to get them out.”

Kyunghoon closed the envelope and looked at Hyerin. Hyerin also looked at Kyunghoon blankly.

After looking at each other without saying a word for a moment, Kyunghoon opened his mouth.

“It’s not like I have to answer something, right?”

Hyerin shook her head.

“I just returned the bullets from the elk.”

‘It’s fun.’

Kyunghoon smiled inwardly. He had felt it before, but the woman in front of him was very wise.

She must have felt something strange and brought it, but she didn’t ask at all.

Because of that, she had to delay the answer she had prepared.

After Kyung-hoon grabbed the envelope, he asked about other things.

“Did you ever find out why the dead hunter was crazy?”

Hyerin’s expression darkened slightly at Kyunghoon’s question. I remembered what happened at that time. But she quickly brushed her off and opened her mouth.

“This is confidential… … .”

Hyerin laughed out loud without giving her answer. Secret luck for this man. Hyerin started talking openly.

“I got information that the hunter ate the mutant, but I couldn’t figure out if that was the reason he changed. In fact, he found out very little about the mutation itself.”

Hyerin let out a sigh.

“Soldiers and Americans walking in and out of the lab may know something, but we’ve hit a wall.”

It didn’t seem to be progressing further than expected. Kyunghoon decided to give him a hint.

“Have you ever seen anything unusual about a mutant body? Like jewels or beads… … .”

“Oh, are you absent?”

She knew her too. But she and her team thought the marbles were ordinary stones, stones.

“It’s like a byproduct of changing your body.”

“You’d better do some more research. I got one too, and it felt strange.”

Recalling that Kyunghoon had fought the mutant alone, she nodded at his words.

“okay. I will investigate.”

Kyung-hoon was rather embarrassed by the gentle acceptance.

After that, the two talked in a slightly more relaxed manner.

Most of the time, Hyerin talked about the frustrating situation and Kyunghoon listened, but Kyunghoon knew the situation inside the government to some extent.

While we were talking like that, the sound of the TV came through Kyunghoon’s ears.

It seems that the cafe employee turned up the TV sound.

People’s eyes turned to the TV, and Kyunghoon and Hyerin also looked at the TV hanging on the wall.

A scene from a movie was unfolding on the TV.

Police cars rushed in and surrounded the building, and the cops opened fire at the building.

“Is this an overseas topic? Also, there must have been a gun accident.”

Those who watched the TV immediately turned into sullen faces. It was a scene that was difficult to see in Korea, but it was a screen that I saw a lot on TV and on the Internet.

However, the faces of the people who had been irritable soon changed.

“Huh? Was it a movie scene?”

A fireball jumped out of the building where the bullets flew and set the police car on fire.

Fireballs kept pouring out the window, and the inside of the screen turned into a battlefield rather than a gun accident.

The screen immediately turned into a studio.

[This is a terrorist scene that took place today in Ohio, USA. The U.S. government announced that the Swat team had shot and killed a terrorist using a special weapon. But amid growing questions among people about what the special weapon the US government is talking about… … .]

The announcer’s voice was buried in the commotion of the people.

“Wow, wasn’t that a movie?”

“I thought you were filming some kind of hero movie.”

“Isn’t that a weapon, not a superpower?”

Kyunghoon and Hyerin looked at each other amidst the chattering people.

They couldn’t be sure, but they could recognize the fireball as soon as they saw it.

‘Human Mutation!’


The names that came to mind were different, but the two knew that the other was thinking the same thing.

Hyerin’s expression became serious.

“Will it be more dangerous?”

They found out that there were Awakened people other than themselves, but seeing them flock to terrorists like that made me worried about the future.

But Kyunghoon shook his head.

“It was better.”


Hyerin was bewildered at Kyunghoon’s words.

Kyung-hoon felt the situation was interesting. She was obviously a smarter woman than she was, but her lack of information forced her to narrow her horizons.

“If others don’t know, you’re just a test subject, but when everyone knows, you become a person with a dangerous weapon.”

Hyerin’s eyes widened at Kyunghoon’s words.

“And when you find out that dangerous weapons are useful for more dangerous things, you know? The subject might become a hero.”

“Is that really going to happen?”

Hyerin looked at Kyunghoon with her eager eyes.

“Yes, it will be. I am sure.”

* * *

Scenes of terrorism in the United States continued to spread and heat up the Internet.

Although the US government tried to block the video, it was not easy to block it as the video was continuously re-uploaded from sites around the world after it had already been broadcast in real time.


The terrorist who was said to have died has already been given a nickname, and various rumors have been buzzing around the Internet, perhaps in the aftermath of the past.

Regardless of the circumstances, Kyung-hoon, who broke up with Hye-rin, headed to Jongno.

He was selling gold bars from his backpack.

‘20 1kg gold bars and 10 bottles of soda with the word “potion” on it.

The things that came out of the backpack exceeded Kyung-hoon’s expectations.

When I took out the gold bars and drinks, it weighed well over 20kg, and the amount was not too much.

But, strangely enough, it felt like it weighed less than 5kg in the backpack.

The backpack I brought from the other world was very similar to the inventory or space expansion bag I saw in the game.

Moreover, he couldn’t see or touch the objects inside unless he was as aware of mana as he did, so there was no better thing to carry around with a weapon than this.

After arriving at the jewelry store, Kyung-hoon went into the largest gold and silver room and sold half of his gold bars.

5 billion in cash.

There was a small quarrel because the Taegeuk mark engraved on the gold ingots seemed a little different, but fortunately, I was able to get all the money in cash.

Gold and silver banks also preferred cash to account transfers. This is because cash is more free from tax issues.

Trading bullion was much easier than expected.

By selling gold bars, Kyung-Hoon became able to understand why his wealthy people piled up gold bars in their houses.

Kyung-hoon, who sold the gold bars, put a bundle of cash in his backpack and left the gold and silver room.

When I left the gold and silver room, I saw some people with strange eyes, but Kyung-hoon was able to get away with it quickly.

Now that he earned money, he had to replenish his equipment. Kyung-hoon headed to the Dongmyo flea market.

Dongmyo Flea Market was no different from before. The [Han River Sergeant] who bought the goods was the same as before. Unlike Kyung-hoon, who has new experiences every day, the world has not changed.

“No, why are you here already?”

It was not that the world had not changed, but it seemed that time had passed.

The new shopkeeper, Eun-hye, bluntly shot at him.

He should have welcomed the guests, but the things he took were very dangerous.

There was no noisy news, but it was difficult to welcome Kyung-hoon, who had already come, as grace with a weak wall.

Kyung-hoon took out her note and handed it to her, then showed her broken silencer.

Eunhye looked at Kyunghoon with a puzzled face.

“It’s a silencer famous for being unbreakable, did you even convert your pistol into a machine gun?”

It was modified to be something other than a machine gun.

“And when I saw that they asked for this ingredient again, it said that it was used somewhere… … .”

Eun-hye looked at her Kyung-hoon, and she finally let out her sigh.

“If I’m curious, I’m the only one who loses. Anyway, I do it because I know him well. Really, what do I believe in and bring to you like this?”

After muttering for a while, Eunhye put her things in a large sack and brought it to Kyunghoon.

“It’s 750. I added a cannon phone to the existing stuff, and I brought a set of recycling cartridges and two silencers. If necessary, I will find a better silencer.”

“800 here.”

“There are many more, so I’ll just take it. I’ll do it at a price you don’t wonder about.”

Kyunghoon raised his eyebrows at Eunhye’s words.

“Are you in a bad mood?”

At Kyunghoon’s words, Eunhye scratched her head.

“My father was getting worse. He has a lot of money going around to try to cure him somehow.”

After thinking for a while, Kyunghoon took out a bottle from his backpack.

It was an unbranded strawberry flavor healing potion. He said it was good for physical weakness or regular recovery, so it seemed like it would be of some help.

“Try this once. It’s a good medicine for the body. I got it from someone I can trust, so it might work.”

Eunhyuk looked a little surprised.

“thanks. It’s been a while since I received a gift. I will definitely get the right silencer for you.”

It wasn’t that he was looking forward to it, but he was very grateful that he cared about it.

Kyung-hoon said her goodbyes to her, grabbed her sack and set out on her way. In a remote alley, he put everything in the bag into his backpack.

He was full of rucksacks, but the rucksack was still there when he had put it all in.

Kyunghoon puts his backpack on his back. He headed to a nearby cafe with a satisfied look on his light weight.

He sat in a cafe and browsed the Internet on his cannon phone.

As expected, the internet was still noisy with the video I had seen earlier.

Kyunghoon turned on his cannon phone and posted anonymously on several sites.

Mutations and Awakenings. And what the government is hiding.

It was a post that looked like a conspiracy theory like the moon landing manipulation theory, but there were quite a few people who saw it and commented on it as the time was right.

After checking the article for a while, he immediately left the cafe and headed home.

He surfed the internet with his cannon phone, so it wouldn’t be easy to find.

It was dangerous for him to become an arsonist who started a forest fire by himself, but it wasn’t that difficult to fan a forest fire that I already had.

He cheered on the blazing bulletin board in his heart.

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