Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 16

Awakener Center(2)

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Kukoku Palace.

Most of the floors on the first basement floor collapsed.

The ground was not in good shape either. The exhibition hall on the 3rd floor was also smashed, and the 2nd and 1st floors were also messed up. All the stairs collapsed, and all the elevator passages were blocked.

The Awakening Center has become a pile of crumbling buildings.

2nd basement floor.

The underground parking lot, with its entire ceiling collapsing, was a mess with wrecked cars and piles of crumbled cement.

Fortunately, it did not collapse to the ground floor, so the space was rather wide, but it was difficult to breathe because it was full of dust.

Collock, Collock

In the middle of the parking lot, from a place full of stones, a coughing sound was heard. Soon after, the large stone slab was pushed away, and Kyung-hoon got up from the spot.

“Hey, did I get hurt by the way I wrote it?”

Kyung-hoon spit blood from his mouth and twisted his face.

He probably didn’t know it, but he was very upset that he was being dealt with in the same way as a rat monster.

Kyunghoon checked his body. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. He became stronger after awakening, and it was thanks to him that he was promoted to E-class.

After ascending to E-class, a translucent film like monsters began to form on Kyung-hoon’s body.

This time, thanks to the curtain, he was able to survive being hit by a pile of stones.

Kyung-hoon got up from his seat and clicked his tongue at his surroundings.

‘Is it possible that the whole vine was one person?’

There were vines all over the parking lot. Not only the pillars, but also the walls, the floor, and the crumbled rubble were full of vines.

Kyunghoon opened his eyes. It was full of dust, but the snow, which did its job in the dark, showed me where the vines were gathering.

‘And that’s the body.’

parking lot corner. A place with a large machine that is closed with wire mesh. The vines continued there.

The wire mesh had all been torn by the vines, but strangely, the vine-covered machine was still in motion.

chin chin.

The motor was not running properly because of the vines, but it was very strange that the machine was still alive.

Above the rattling machine was a proudly written name.

[Korea’s first mana stone generator for a single building]

The place the vine monster made its nest was a generator made of mana stones. Thanks to the generator that was still alive, the vine monster seemed to have grown that big.

The vines began to wriggle and move toward Kyung-hoon.

The vines here were not forearms, but placenta the size of a human. It was like falling into a burrow full of worms.

“Sheesh, what kind of carnivorous plant is that?”

Kyung-hoon looked at the approaching vine and clicked his tongue.

He had nowhere to escape and fell into the arms of a terrifying plant-type monster, but Kyung-hoon wasn’t too concerned.

He pulled things out of his backpack and stuffed them into his new leather backpack. Emergency food, toothbrushes, first-aid kits, etc.

Having moved all the necessary things, he threw the backpack he had brought on the floor and put a new backpack on his back.

Kyunghoon with a backpack tilted his head. He was half full of things, but the backpack was too light.

Well, I didn’t know it might have felt light since the remaining items were quite heavy. Kyung-hoon turned on the time limiter and threw it on the backpack he had put down.

The vine came all the way to the front. The vines were also different from before. The cement had melted in the place the vines had swept away, creating dents.

Kyunghoon raised his middle finger toward the approaching vine.

“Fuck it.”

This time he ran away, but one day he would not run away.

Fortunately, I was able to leave a present this time.

Kyunghoon stretched out his hand toward the floor. A black hole appeared.

When the hole was made, the vines rushed in like a whip. There were vines all around Kyunghoon.

Easy profit!

With an intermittent car, Kyung-hoon jumped into the black hole.


The vines dug up where Kyunghoon was. He beat the hole too, but the black hole did not accept the vine.

One of the vines picked up the backpack that Kyunghoon had left.

The time limiter was broken by another vine, and the backpack melted little by little.

Vine took the backpack to the generator instead of Kyung-hoon.

A thin vine that looked like a tentacle appeared above the generator.

Whoa. Whoa.

A thin vine approached the backpack and touched the backpack, then opened the zipper and took out the items left in the backpack.

They looked like bricks or blocks of clay wrapped in paper. The object had an iron core with an electric wire attached to it.

The vine monster didn’t know, but the iron core was a detonator with wires attached to it.

And in the center was an electronic clock.

20, 19, 18… … .

The clock’s timer ran towards zero.

After pondering for a moment what the homemade bomb was in front of him, the vine wrapped around the bomb and gave it strength.


The clock broke and the timer stopped.

And the bomb went off.


A white light filled the underground parking lot. The blast struck the already weakened columns and walls, and soon destroyed the rest of the foundation.


The first and second floors collapsed. The Awakening Center, which had already been seen as a pile of buildings, sank.

The monster let out a silent scream, and rubble crushed the vines.

But even at that moment, the vine monster was alive. Strong vines surrounded the body and blocked the pouring stones.

However, the explosion struck other places besides the building. The vine monster had shocked the generator.

The shock overloaded the generator that was already at the limit, and the mana stones in the generator ran away.


The explosion just before exploded with incomparable light.

The monster shattered.


The remnants of the extinguished Awakening Center soared into the sky. The rubble contained a lot of vine stems that had been cut off.

The flames soared high.

Debris soared high into the sky, falling across the city, and smoke could be seen beyond the city and at the far end of the horizon.

A vibration that had not been felt for a long time reverberated through the city.

Some of the city’s dormant rulers woke up. The city, which had stood still for a long time, began to move.

* * *

Kyunghoon jumped into the hole and looked back.

The door he entered was getting farther and farther away. And at some point, the bright door suddenly disappeared.

The portal through which he entered was closed.

Kyunghoon also thought that if the bomb exploded, the portal might close.

When a bomb exploded, the ceiling could collapse and be buried, or a pile of stones could be deformed and buried, or it could be impossible to go out for various reasons.

I wondered if the door would remain if that happened, but it eventually disappeared.

It felt a little disappointing, but there were still three places we could go to.

Kyunghoon turned his head. Now it was time to check the way home.

A faint energy followed Kyunghoon as he ran through the space. It was the energy that came from the missing door.

Unfortunately, Kyung-hoon did not notice that the energy was following him. Kyung-hoon’s ability was insufficient to recognize even such an energy in this space.

After a while, energy seeped into Kyunghoon’s body, and the cell phone in Kyunghoon’s pocket started ringing.

* * *


After returning to his bedroom, Kyung-hoon leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. A strange monster appeared and it almost made work difficult.

Luckily he took pictures with his cell phone and he was able to bring a strange backpack.

However, because of his temper, he threw away all the explosives, and the damage was great.

Kyunghoon rubbed his head.

Weeing. Weeing.

Kyunghoon’s chest continued to vibrate. It was a vibration from my Mana Stone cell phone.

‘Is there no reason to cry?’

I pulled out my phone with a puzzled face. An unexpected message appeared on the phone screen.

[A large amount of mana has been absorbed. There is not much left until D grade.]

Kyunghoon couldn’t understand. The last time he checked his phone, he had only killed the moth monster.

After that, he left a bomb in front of the vine monster in the hopes of fucking him before he left… … .

‘Is the vine monster dead? No, you mean you just died from a bomb like that? Besides, I was already crossing the dimension, how did I absorb mana?’

Numerous questions surfaced in Kyunghoon’s mind. However, there was no way for Kyung-hoon to answer that question.

good was good After thinking about it for a while, he finally gave up and decided to accept it.

After making the decision, Kyung-hoon handled the next thing right away.

He transferred the photos he took with his cell phone to the computer. There was quite a bit to read.

[The first report in the United States that a monster was discovered in 1990] [Reported 1991 Awakened Discovery] [1992 Awakened and Monsters released to the general public] [Completion of Awakened Center Seoul Branch in 1994] [Establishment of the Awakened Association in 1995]

… …

The history of the creation of the Awakened Center like this, or the [Awakened Contamination] that I saw in advance.

It was too much to read in its entirety. After saving the photos in several places, Kyung-hoon turned off the computer.

Then it was the backpack’s turn.

He turned his backpack over and robbed it. Items that had been put in a while ago spilled onto the floor.

“Is it just a backpack that makes you feel a little lighter?”

There was nothing other than the spilled stuff. And the weight difference felt was not as big as expected.

‘Clearly there is a pattern drawn inside… … .’

It was a rough old-fashioned leather backpack, but on the inside was engraved with a pattern like a pistol.

However, there was no difference from a normal backpack. It seemed that things were a bit out of place.

As Kyung-hoon was about to close the backpack with a disappointed face, he saw a jewel embedded in the center of the pattern.

A jewel similar to the jewel on a pistol. It was Mana Stone.

It wasn’t unusual for a patterned object to have mana stones. However, the mana stones in his backpack were very different from the mana stones he had.

The mana stones in the backpack looked very cloudy, unlike other mana stones. It was like pouring milk into a jewel.

“Wait, where did you see this… … .”

Kyunghoon turned on the computer again and started looking for pictures.

“we are here.”

Kyunghoon was able to quickly find what he was looking for.

[Life of Mana Stone] [Mana stones, which are known to be semi-permanent, also had a lifespan. Of course, it takes a long time for the lifespan to decrease in the usual way, but if you draw more mana than necessary, it doesn’t take long and the life of the mana stones ends.] [Mana stones that have reached the end of their lifespan turn gray, and mana stones that have turned gray once do not return to their original state. Items equipped with expired mana stones can activate the magic circle again by exchanging mana stones.]

After checking the contents, Kyung-hoon was the largest mana stone he had and replaced it with the mana stone in his backpack.

Changing the mana stones didn’t change him seemingly much.

Kyunghoon looked into the backpack. The backpack was empty. Still, I grabbed his hand and tried it.


Something caught in his hand. It was obviously an empty backpack. Kyunghoon carefully took out the object.

A flashing gold bar appeared. It was crazy.

After taking out the gold bar, Kyunghoon looked into the backpack again. The backpack was empty again.

Kyunghoon put his hand into the backpack again. Again the object was caught in his hand.

He was happy to take it out immediately, and this time it was a drink. Kyung-hoon, who looked at the label with his disappointed face, widened his eyes.

[Apple Flavor Stamina Potion] [Relieves fatigue and heals weak wounds with an apple-scented stamina potion.]

Kyung-hoon, who looked at the drink bottle with a surprised face, lifted his backpack again.

He seemed to have found an unexpected treasure.

It was time to put his hand inside the backpack again, feeling his pounding heart.

gong, gong.

The phone vibrated again. This time, it was the sound of a cell phone I bought from this world.

It was a call from an unknown number. After a conflict over the phone and backpack, he finally answered the phone.

-Hello, Kang Kyung-hoon, is this your cell phone? My name is Hyerin Yoon, who helped me last time.

Kyunghoon could hear her voice and know who she was. She was a female researcher when she saw the Mad Awoken.

-Can we meet for a moment?

Kyung-hoon was then able to see several missed calls recorded on his phone. All of them were the same number that was dialed now.

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