Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 14

Who Is He(1)

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The researcher in the passenger seat was out of breath as expected. Herin was shocked again, but she held up well.

After checking with the researcher, Kyung-hoon smashed the black box and memory attached to the luxury car along with the window. Anyway, the cars were messed up by mutants. There was no distinction.

And finally, the mutant body was identified. He wondered if he could collect the bullets, but it was impossible to get them out in a short time. Kyung-hoon sharpened his shotgun at the dead mutant.

bang! bang!

When Kyung-hoon fired the gun, Hye-rin flinched. She looked at Kyunghoon with a surprised expression, but she didn’t ask. Kyunghoon also didn’t ask Herin anything.

Shortly after the shooting, people came down to the camp. People came down later than Kyung-hoon expected. The hunters were afraid to move, and the commandos could not move quickly because of their heavy equipment.

Those who came down to the camp opened their mouths at the unbelievable sight. A messed up camp and wrecked cars. Dead people and mutant corpses.

People shook their heads at the news that Park Hunter and the Mutant both died fighting each other. It was a very absurd story, but it was not an unbelievable story because I saw a gourd hunter who went crazy.

“Is it possible that someone got caught?”

“Is it really an epidemic?”

The hunters whispered a little. The commandos also frowned. Until now, people thought they were safe. If humans were also contagious, the problem would be serious.

“Didn’t you say something like that earlier when Park Ga eats?”

“Did a crazy human eat mutant meat?”

“Mr. Park often ate the meat he hunted. Isn’t it like this again?”

“Is mutant meat contagious?”

The hunters approached the truth little by little through conversation. But they only mumbled to one side and never approached the gourd hunter or the mutant carcass.

Hyerin was escorted by a commando and explained the situation, and Kyunghoon was baptized with questions by hunters.

Kyung-hoon explained the situation again as he had told Hye-rin a while ago.

“I just ran hard. It was my first time, so I ran with the thought that only Hunter Park was chasing after him. But it was too fast and I missed it on the way. When we arrived, Hunter Park and the monster had both been knocked down. Just in case, I shot the monster and pulled the person out of the car.”

“Hey, you had a hard time at the beginning. It’s all an experience.”

“I’m young, so I’m in good shape. If we win well this time, we will be able to do enough for one person.”

Perhaps because of the hard work, the hunters treated Kyunghoon better than in the morning.

Hyerin seemed to have explained it well. The commandos listened to her story and let her rest Hyerin. Their eyes met as if passing by in the middle, but they both looked away.

After a while, the straggled hunters arrived, and officials came up from the bottom of the mountain. Officials had been drinking and their faces had turned red. They went down the mountain while hunting and wore one drink at a time.

The expressions on the public officials’ faces were mixed with gratitude for avoiding dangerous work and fear of being reprimanded for not keeping their seats.

Regardless of the expression on his face, the officials quickly settled the matter. He gathered hunters and threatened to keep them secret, requested assistance and transported the mutant and the corpse of Park Hunter.

Kyung-hoon had to go down to Sejong City on that day and the next day to make a statement. Fortunately, the statement ended that day, and I never made a statement about it again.

As expected, no articles appeared in the newspapers and broadcasts. The internet was also quiet. Kyung-hoon was once again surprised by South Korea’s control over news coverage.

* * *

A bloody man came closer, with blood pouring from his mouth. Two teeth gradually grew out of the man’s mouth. The man grabbed her by the neck and pressed her teeth against her.


Hyerin screamed at her and opened her eyes.

The morning sun was streaming through the blackout curtains. It was an ordinary morning.

Hyerin drank the water that was placed by her bedside.

wiggle wiggle.

Her startled heart calmed a little.

The shock of that day continued to lead to a dream. It had only been two days. She killed someone, so there was no way she could be okay.

‘No, no.’

Herin shook her head. She was in self-defense. And now it has been erased.

She took a deep breath and Hyerin got out of her bed and opened her curtains wide. The morning sun was dazzling. She headed to her bathroom. It was time to wake up.

The room she left was cozy and bleak.

Many dolls were gathered on the bed and on one wall to create a bright atmosphere, but other objects were hardly visible. On the dressing table, only cosmetics for basic makeup were visible, and there were no pictures or frames. The wardrobe was also ripped out. There were only a few clothes in place.

After taking her shower, Hyerin wrapped a towel around her body and stood in front of the sink as usual to brush her teeth. The memories of her dreams gradually faded away. Now it was no different than usual.

She turned her empty left hand to the side.


The cup placed in the sink began to move by itself.

She filled the empty cup with water flowing from the faucet. A cup full of her water floated in front of her.

Hyerin, who was taking her hand to her floating cup, distorted her face.


The cup fell and water spilled on the floor.

She grabbed her sink with both hands and looked into her mirror. Her pale, tired woman was looking at her.

“no. never use it Hyerin Yoon, come to your senses. Are you going to get caught?”

She shot hard at herself in her mirror. She looked into the mirror for a long time and sighed.

If she hadn’t been involved, she wouldn’t have to worry about this. She just didn’t know she was happy and proud. Of course, if I did, I might end up with her mutant corpses lying on the floor in the lab… … .

“How did you know that man?”

Hyerin remembered the man she had met that day. She’s a mutant human like her. He was the man who hid everything about her in place of her who had lost her mind. Thanks to that, she was still living a normal life.

Until we parted that day, he didn’t ask for anything or give out his name or phone number. Was it just a favor? Hyerin didn’t know.

But it was a very wise move. She was Hyerin, who didn’t judge others very well, but the man thought it great enough.

Hyerin stopped her continuous thoughts. She had to hurry. The pressure from the professor increased when another specimen appeared. The excuse of being at the scene of the incident no longer worked.

The entire annex building attached to the Animal Prevention Headquarters building was being used as a laboratory. It was a laboratory that conducted livestock quarantine research and experiments on wild animals.

And in the basement of the laboratory, there was a separate laboratory to study mutations.

The underground laboratory has been busy and noisy for the past few days. It was because a human mutant corpse had entered.

A soldier with several stars came to visit, and a high-ranking person who was embarrassed by the public officials came. And there are blonde white people coming and going. The laboratory seemed to have become a marketplace.

Professor Ahn, who is Hyerin’s doctoral advisor and project manager, was busy hosting visitors.

He was originally a professor who showed more ability to get projects than research, but that ability seems to have blossomed here. Therefore, most of the work was devoted to his students, especially Hyerin.

Sitting in her break room outside her laboratory, Hyerin sighed.

Obviously, she was a veterinarian. But for the past few days, she has been dissecting humans, not animals. She, of course, was accompanied by a visiting surgeon, but she couldn’t be left behind thanks to her animal studies so far.

Of course, she would have liked her, too, but her problem was that she hadn’t figured out anything. She could detect physical mutations and changes in the brain, but she had no idea what the cause and how she would use her mysterious powers.

Rumor has it that she is also conducting separate experiments on the military side, but Hyerin, her ordinary researcher, could not know more than the rumors.

However, he could be confident that if a living human mutant appeared, he would become a subject loved by everyone.

A male researcher entered Hyerin’s break room, where she was resting alone.

“No, why would you destroy a test subject by shooting a dead body? I don’t understand what hunters do.”

He groaned and walked in, holding a plate with bullets in his hand. Hyerin stared blankly at the plate.

“What is it?”

“Ah, a bullet from a subject that came in with a humanoid mutant. I liked her because I thought she might have been shot while alive, but she shot me after she died. We have to throw it all away.”

She listened to the explanation, but Hyerin couldn’t take her eyes off her plate.

“Can I take a look?”

“of course. look. There are also engraved patterns on the bullets here.”

She was a cold-hearted and shy Hyerin, but men were weak in beauty. The researcher meekly gave Hyerin her plate.

Inside the plate were a mixture of bullets from both ends. Dozens of small iron beads from bullets and shotguns engraved with patterns. Hyerin saw the bullets she had engraved on, and she recalled her memories of a few days ago.

A man who fired a shotgun at a dead body. And among the shouts of the mutant, gunshots were heard.

“I will give it up. May I have one bullet as a souvenir?”

“of course. I’ll throw it away anyway, but I’d appreciate it if you did.”

At Hyerin’s kind voice, the researcher just nodded her head.

She went out with her plate and set aside all her bullets.

This bullet could contain a secret that the man he met that day wanted to hide. By returning these bullets to her as he helped her, she didn’t know if she could repay him for his help, at least a little.

Hyerin headed to the building next to her with her happy heart. It wasn’t difficult for her to get a contact. She was so diligent in keeping her secure, but inside her department there was a hole in it.

She called right away, but unfortunately her Kyung-hoon didn’t answer the phone all day.

Hyerin thought her phone was off, but Kyunghoon’s phone wasn’t.

He was in another world where he couldn’t answer the phone now.

On the roof of a ruined building.

“Is that the Awakening Center?”

Kyung-hoon’s eyes lit up as he looked at the half-broken building.

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