Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 13


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A door leaf with the words [Animal Prevention] stuck to the ground.

The van crashed into the ground and only the wheels turned over. The car was broken in half. Even if they were wearing seat belts, it didn’t seem like they would be safe.

The researcher’s hand in the passenger seat was hanging out of the window, and the female researcher driving was lying next to the car. It looked like the car was thrown out when it collided.

The mutant elk was also stunned by the shock. The red-eyed man jumped over the staggering mutant.

He climbed onto an elk and grabbed his head and went mad.

“thank you for this food!”

Park Hunter opened his mouth wide. His fangs had stretched out to his chin. He put a fang in the neck of a mutant elk.

Break up!

The shield that stretched over the mutant’s neck was broken. Park Hunter’s teeth pierced the membrane and lodged deep in the elk’s neck.

Woo woo woo!

The elk screamed in surprise. A gust of wind blew around, but Park Hunter did not release his hand. He violently sucked his blood.

The elk ran even more wildly. They smashed trees and smashed parked cars.

Park Hunter, who had been sucking blood for a long time, raised his head and shouted.

“delicious! Now I’m going to be stronger! Come on, strength, come to me. Rise, strength to kill all those who ignored me!”

Park Hunter, who was shouting excitedly, made a bewildered expression on his face. He hadn’t changed at all. I sucked blood until my stomach burst, but there was no strength, just nausea.

“Should I eat flesh too?”

He tried to put his teeth back in, but the mutant wouldn’t stand still.

The mutant ran into an overturned car and slammed the car with his back. The van was thrown into the bushes, and Park Hunter vomited blood and rolled on the floor.

The mutant did not miss an opportunity.

puck! puck! puck!

Mu woo woo!

A mutant elk frantically trampled on a gourd hunter who fell to the ground. His blood splattered and his flesh was crushed.


At that moment, gunshots rang out and blood rushed to the elk’s head. A bullet fired by Kyung-hoon passed through the elk’s head.

The two of them were so wild they couldn’t get close. No matter how skillful he was, he couldn’t hit it accurately with a pistol at this distance.

widely. widely. widely.

The bigger problem is that the bullets run out. I still had one more magazine left in my bag, but I didn’t have time to reload it.

Mu woo woo!

The mutant no longer ran away. A mutant elk started running towards Kyung-hoon.

“Damn, will you end up using it?”

Kyunghoon pulled out a sword from his waist. He was the first appearance of the long sword, which had only been a burden. The power called mana drained out of Kyunghoon’s body.

The pattern engraved on the blade seemed to shine.

“Come on, I’ve never missed a goal I’ve been aiming for!”

The mutant elk collided with the Awoken with the sword.


Hyerin woke up to the loud crashing sound. She opened her eyes as she recalled the memories of her just before her. At that moment, pain rushed through my legs.


I looked down and saw legs covered in blood under ripped stockings. His leg was injured when he was forced to get out of the car.

She looked for the car she had pulled out of. The car was overturned in an unexpected place. He must have seen it falling to the side, but he was stuck in the thicket for a long time.

Moreover, it was much more broken than the last time I saw it. The senior I was riding with seemed difficult to live with.

After checking the car, she looked for the mutant that had crashed the car.

Mu woo woo!

A mutant was snorting her from a distance. In front of the mutant, an unexpected person stood with a sword.

‘Obviously, he was the man who had dealt with mutants alone.’

I looked at her for a moment, but she remembered it well.

Surely he was something different. He was still fighting the mutant with his sword.

Mutants were also bleeding here and there.

‘The van was blown up, so there’s no way it’s going to be okay.’

To be honest, there wasn’t any blood in the blood when I broke the van, but Hyerin didn’t know that.


Then, she heard her moan next to her.

A man covered in blood was moaning. It wasn’t the senior sitting next to him. I couldn’t tell exactly because of his messed up body and face, but it was definitely the hunter I saw in the morning.

His legs were cut off, and his chest was dug out so that his intestines could be seen. It was hard to live by just looking at it.

While Hyerin looked at him with a sad expression, the hunter opened his eyes.

“Ah! Ah! It hurts! I need blood! The meat… … I need meat!”

Her red eyes twinkled and she looked at Hyerin. In her eyes filled with madness, she flinched involuntarily.

“Cool. It smells, it smells delicious. bird.”

He leaned on her body with a broken arm and crawled towards Hyerin.

“What, what?”

Surprised, Hyerin tried to avoid it, but she collapsed again at the pain she felt in her leg.

“Heh heh… … caught.”

Holding Hyerin’s leg, the hunter smiled bloody.

“Ahh… … let it go, let it go Let go!”

Hyerin shouted at her, but the hunter only made a happy expression. He grabbed her legs, pressed her back, and then her neck.

The hunter’s mouth was wide open. Red blood poured out and fangs grew long.

Hyerin screamed at the unrealistic sight.


Kyung-hoon, who was facing the mutant, heard the scream and clenched his teeth. The hunter he thought was dead was alive. Moreover, he this time he was attacking people. too late. His neck was already being squeezed.

Kyunghoon raised his sword and ran towards the mutant.

He looked hard to find a woman. But he didn’t know what the mad hunter was going to do behind the scenes. He had to kill the mutant before it was too late.

mu woo woo.

As Kyunghoon rushed in, the mutant screamed. At the same time, an unknown power emanated from the mutant’s body. It was the ability to fly cars, dogs, and leaves and dust.

Kyunghoon felt the energy approaching with the dust. He knew what energy was coming. power flowing through his body. And the power felt from the monsters. It was Mana. Although strangely changed, he could feel the mana in the dust.


He swung his sword towards the approaching force.

It wasn’t a sword he wielded while thinking about something. He just picked up the sword, and it felt like he had to swing it now.


The dust cracked. The power that was approaching was cut off by the sword.

Dust passed by his side. Stones flew away and trees fell.

His eyes widened at the sight he had created. But now was not the time to be surprised.

Kyunghoon ran through the dust that had been cut away. A mutation appeared before his eyes. The mutant’s eyes were looking straight at him.

The size and appearance changed slightly, but the eyes of the mutant were the same as those of a sad elk.

But Kyunghoon didn’t stop. Kyunghoon’s sword went towards his eyes.


The shield was broken. It pierced the black elk’s eyes and penetrated deep into his brain.

And at that moment, the last suffocating flurry was heard from somewhere else.


It was the sound of where the woman and the gourd hunter were. Kyung-hoon tried to run quickly, but he stopped his steps with a surprised face.

It wasn’t the woman who screamed. It was the gourd hunter who strangled her.

The gourd hunter who was strangling the woman a while ago was floating in the air. He was already dead. Hanging in the air, his neck was broken into a corpse. The hunter’s head was sobbing as it hung in the air.

Kyunghoon looked at the scene with a sullen face. It was unexpected, and it was a terrifying sight.

It seemed the same for women.

“no. This is nonsense. It’s not like this.”

The woman gibberish and crawled behind her.


A corpse hanging from the air fell to the ground.

“No, how did you hide it? It can’t end like this What do we do? I didn’t mean to kill you. I shouldn’t be caught I can’t be the test subject. What do we do? What do we do?”

The woman was in a panic.

She didn’t even know that Kyung-hoon had arrived.

Kyung-hoon, who was watching the woman losing her mind, swung her hand.


I slapped him on the cheek and I heard a strange sound. The sensation in his hand was also different than expected. It felt like something was resisting.


Anyway, she came to her senses. She stared blankly at Kyunghoon.

She was obviously a woman researcher I saw in the morning, a while ago in a government building. When she first saw her, she had a strange feeling.

Besides the Mad Awoken, there must have been one more Awoken here.

“Awoken, no human mutant, right?”


“You shouldn’t be caught being a mutant, right?”

“Yes? Yes! Yes! You can never get caught!”

She blankly asked Kyung-hoon’s words, but she became terrified of her.

Kyunghoon nodded his head. She was the Awoken, and the Awoken had to hide. If so, you should move right now. It wasn’t something I really liked, but there were times when I had to do it.

“All right. Wait here.”

Kyung-hoon left her behind and looked around her. Items from the tent and from the car were scattered.

The woman blankly watched what Kyunghoon was doing.

Kyung-hoon found one of his iron skewers. He came with an iron skewer, smeared the blood of a dead gourd hunter, and held it once in his hand.

He then wrapped the iron skewer in Park Hunter’s robes and shoved it deep into the eyes of the dead mutant. It was the spot where Kyunghoon’s sword had been pushed into.

He pierced his iron skewers several times, crushing all traces of his sword.

And after he stabbed him one last time, he returned to the woman.

“Hey, are you out of your mind?”

Fortunately, she was somewhat conscious. Seeing what Kyunghoon did, she stuttered and asked.

“Are you going to pretend that I, that person died fighting a mutant?”

Kyung-hoon was a little surprised at the woman who recognized it right away. She seemed to be a stronger, smarter woman than expected.

“Yes. The dead hunter seems to have gone crazy after being mutated. He made a riot from above. That’s why the mutation has come down here.”

In fact, Kyung-hoon’s gun might be the biggest reason, but I was going to keep it a secret.

“Everyone has seen the gourd hunter changed, so no one will ever doubt it. Just say that the mutant comes down and destroys the car, and then the hunter died fighting the mutant. No one has ever seen you, and no one will ever doubt you unless you know you have changed.”

The woman, Hyerin, looked at the man in front of her.

“Someone has seen it.”

Except for a senior researcher who must have died, one witness remained. Kyunghoon laughed at her words.

Kyunghoon pointed to the mutant.

“Who would have killed the mutant if the hunter didn’t kill it?”

Hyerin’s eyes widened.

“no way.”

“Yes, that is the case. I am also a mutant. And we are accomplices.”

Kyunghoon held out his hand. Behind him lay the forged scene of the incident.

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