Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 12


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bruise! bruise! bruise!

Dogs were besieging an animal and building like crazy. It looked like he had driven his prey like other hunting days, but the barking of the dogs was different from usual.

The barking was very urgent. It sounded more like a barking of fear, not of fear.

Conversely, the animals surrounded by dogs were very relaxed.

It was an animal that looked like a deer without horns, no, an elk, but it was the size of a large bull. It was the mutant elk, the goal of this hunt.

The mutant didn’t care about the barking dogs, only looking behind them.


Gunshots were heard again. But before the gunshot could be heard, the elk’s neck moved slightly.


Fireworks exploded in the elk’s head and the bullets bounced off.

“Damn, is that a beast? I was aiming for the eye, did you avoid it?”

“You made eye contact earlier, but to no avail!”

“I still think you care. If you shoot them in the eyes, they try to avoid you!”

In the direction the elk was looking, hunters were hiding behind trees and shooting.

Hunting with a gun while hounds tied up prey was the most common hunting method for catching wild animals. It wasn’t much different when it came to catching mutants.

Of course, the bullets didn’t work well, so I had a hard time catching them, but sometimes with quantity and other times, I’ve been looking for weaknesses and catching mutations.

But this time, it seemed that it was not easy to find weaknesses and solve them with quantity.

I tried shooting all over my body, but I couldn’t see where the strange membrane broke, and there was no sign of it breaking even when I fired with a shotgun. Rather, as time passed, the damage to the dogs only increased.

When the gunshots were heard, the dogs ran at the mutant again. He bit his leg with his teeth and tried to get on his back by flying his body.

woo woo woo!

However, when the mutant elk made a strange noise and shook its body, the dogs flew away.


It was like being hit by an invisible hammer. The flying dogs fell to the floor, covered in blood. The corpses of already dead dogs were scattered around the fallen dogs.

More than half of the dogs have already died. As much as they die, support continues to come and be replenished, but at this rate, all the dogs seemed to die.

The hunters’ faces darkened. After all the dogs died, they were also in danger.

“Damn it, all our dogs have been beaten! It wasn’t like this! What are my cubs doing?”

“Let’s face it, let’s face it, let’s face it. Just tell everyone to come this way!”

“I sent it by radio! They are coming!”

“Damn, it’s different from last time! this is my last time This is not hunting.”

bang! bang!

While the hunters shouted and fired, two more hunters came to support. It was a hunter, Mr. Park, and a novice hunter, Kyung-Hoon Kang, who participated for the first time this time.

“Hook, hook, hook.”

The hunter Mr. Park stopped his steps a little further away from the other hunters. He squatted down on his seat, breathing heavily in his breath. He was a breath full of excitement.

Kyung-hoon, who arrived immediately after, hid himself a little further away from Park with a serious face.

Kyunghoon looked at Park’s back.

That hunter was strange.

I had a strange feeling from the first time I saw him, and as soon as the hunter ran, Kyung-hoon realized that he was no ordinary human. Hunter Park dropped Jung Hunter who was following him, and then ran down the mountain like a plain.

Even as a hunter who hiked a lot, he had speed and endurance that an ordinary human could not achieve. Kyung-hoon also had to run as hard as he could in order not to fall behind.

At first he was glad that he seemed to have met another Awoken, but the more he followed, the more his suspicions grew.

The way Park ran was different from the way people run. It was like a two-legged beast running.

Besides, he never looked back. He was obviously in the same group, and he would have known he was following, but he didn’t care at all.

And Kyung-hoon could now see the red-tinted eyes of the gourd hunter. His eyes were burning with madness. Obviously he was doing something wrong. It seemed like things were going to get messy.

And things got twisted up faster than Kyung-hoon expected.

While Kyung-hoon was thinking about it, Hunter Park jumped into the battlefield.

bang! bang!

He fired a shotgun and blew his body.

“This is my meat!”

He let out an incomprehensible sound and ran towards the mutant.

“crazy! That’s a bummer!”

“Park Hyung! did you turn? What are you doing!”

“Don’t shoot! stop!”

With the voices of the startled hunters in the background, the dogs began to fly.


Dogs bounced off at Mr. Park’s kick, and dogs were thrown around at the startled mutant’s headbutt.

Even the bullet that Park fired could not penetrate the mutation. But Park didn’t care.

“Ahahaha, I finally found it. How helpful would you be?” He grabbed the shotgun in front of the mutant and swung it with both hands.


The shotgun was shattered, and the mutant was tossed behind him.

what eh

The screams of the startled mutant echoed around.

People were surprised in a different way than before. It was because Park Hunter was the first to knock down a monster that couldn’t even get through bullets.

“Woah, what’s going on?”

“Do I have to help Park Ga?”

“Wait a minute!”

The fight between the two became more intense as the hunters scrambled to and fro.


The mutant elk that had been lying around got up right away, screaming and running.

“Kyahahaha, come on! Char-grilled!”

Hunter Park raised both hands to welcome the running mutant.


Park Hunter was hit by the mutant’s head and bounced back.

“Hahahaha, there’s no point in looking at it like that!”

As he smashed a tree and threw it back, his mouth did not stop. In a state of bloodstaining, he ran to the mutant again.

What eh eh!

“Pu ha ha ha!”

The screams of mutants and the laughter of Hunter Park echoed through the forest.

More than the hunters were surprised, Kyung-hoon was also surprised.

“Aren’t you crazy?”

No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t a fight between humans and animals. Two monsters engulfed in instinct were fighting.

‘No, the mutant one looks better.’

Kyung-hoon watched the fight with a puzzled expression. No matter how you look at it, it was unreasonable to intervene now. The shotgun didn’t seem to have any blemishes, and I couldn’t even get into a dog fight like that.

But he couldn’t help but keep watching. The aftermath of the fight was crazy for the hunters. The gourd hunter bounced among the hunters, and the mutant rushed towards it.

“Run away!”

“Park Ga is crazy!”

“Park Hyung, calm down!”

The hunters who had been watching the fight in hopes of fear fled frantically.


However, it was difficult for ordinary people to avoid the movement of the mutant monster. The hunters caught between the Park Hunter and the Mutant saw the mutant rushing to their face and died.


At that moment, gunshots rang out.


And the membrane that seemed like it would never break was broken.

What hey hey!

Blood spattered on the mutant’s shoulder, and the mutant elk screamed.

“Damn it. It went wrong.”

Kyung-hoon made an impression with a smoking pistol. I was in too much of a hurry to have time to aim properly. Had I known this would happen, it would have been better to take it out in advance. I wasted my time arguing about what I was going to shoot anyway.

I tried to continue shooting right away, but the elk screamed first.



Fallen leaves and dust rose in all directions.

Kyunghoon muttered, covering his face with his arms.

“I wonder if this is his trait?”

From the experience of the other world, Kyung-hoon knew that even monsters had unique abilities. Some lizards clinged to walls like Spider-Man, and some rats cut steel with their claws.

Seeing it repelling dogs and people and blowing dirt and leaves in all directions, the elk monster’s ability was to bounce things in all directions.

The mutant monster disappeared before the dust and leaves settled. The guy started running away.

“at there! You will become my flesh and blood!”

And Park Hunter’s voice got smaller along with him.

“Damn it.”

Kyunghoon had no choice but to follow. Kyunghoon started running through the dirt.

After a while, only the hunters were left in the dusty field. The hunters looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

– Beneficial. Be patient. Arrive right away!

The walkie-talkie rang, and a commando immediately appeared on the spot.

Originally, they had been waiting for the hunters to drive down below. But when he heard that the situation had become urgent, he ran to this place.

The commandos gasped. Submachine guns, machine guns, and even grenade launchers. He was heavily armed just in case, so he was exhausted from the short mountain march.

“What happened? Where are the mutations?”

Seeing the mess around him, the senior shouted, and a hunter paused to answer.

“That’s it, it ran away.”

“Did the bullet work?”


“Then why did you run away?”

The hunter looked at the other hunter. Because I didn’t know what to explain.

“No, which way did it go?”

At the next question, the hunters pointed in one direction.

The commandos looked in the direction the hunters were pointing and frowned. It was in the direction of the camp set up in the morning. Only researchers now remained in the camp.

The commando hurriedly raised the radio.

Then, a hunter arrived with two dogs.

“Hey, it’s hard. You have just arrived.”

Hunter Jung looked around with a puzzled expression.

“What happened? Hey, where did Park Ga and the newbie go?”

Unfortunately, there was no one to answer Jung Hunter’s question now.

* * *

– Chiik, run away from the camp immediately. That’s where the mutant went.

The two researchers, who sat in the tent and listened to the gunshots, were shocked by the sudden contact.

“what is this sound. Why are the mutants coming here?”

When the male researcher muttered with a bewildered expression, the female researcher left her seat and stood up.

“You’ll hear what happened later.”

“Uh, is that so?”

Muffled at her words, the male researcher stood up.

Her female researcher immediately ran to her car, and her male researcher yelled at her.

“You have to bring your equipment. What if I just go?”

At the words of the male researcher, the female researcher frowned.

“Is the equipment a problem now? I can’t ride right now!”

“Uh, uh, yes.”

A male researcher got into the car, tired of her abstract words. The female researcher started the car immediately.

“No, how the hell do you work? I thought it was an easy outing, but what the heck.”

The male researcher continued to grumble, but the female researcher stepped on her accelerator as she checked her rearview mirror.


“No, take it slow.”

Although the male researcher shouted in surprise.



Hearing the screams coming from right behind, she changed her words. A mutant monster was breaking the tent and running towards the car.

“Step on it! Step on it!”

However, it was not enough to outrun the running mutant in the car that was just starting out.


A mutant elk crashed into a car. The car was thrown into the sky.

In the mid-air car, Hyerin had an absurd thought.

‘Did you get roadkill for the first time in the world by an elk?’

Then she heard the man’s harsh laughter.

The car fell to the floor.

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