Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 10


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The way back beyond the dimension was not different from before. The last two doors haven’t changed either.

One door leads back to one’s own room, and the other is a door where you don’t know where you’re going.

I didn’t think it was strange before, but now that I see it, I was wrong.

When going to the ruined world, the underground laboratory and the above-ground conference room, respectively. Because he knew where the two doors were going.

I was curious to see what was behind the door with an unknown destination, but I had just finished exploring.

Kyung-hoon stopped his curiosity and headed for his own room.

The back room was cozy. The tension that had been going on all day was relieved, and right away, Saksin started to hurt.

In this world, I was able to work out all day long, but in that world, my whole body became tired after half a day.

Still, it has become less of a habit.

Still, it was better than when I first came back. After taking a light shower, Kyunghoon took out the items in his backpack.

A few leftover homemade bombs. Most of the money spent in one explosion was gone.

A half-burnt magazine and a small gem called a mana stone.

Kyunghoon picked up the jewel. It was a small jewel that could be worn on a ring. A translucent little gem that scatters a mysterious light.


Kyunghoon swallowed while looking at the jewel. The more he looked at him, the strangely he felt like eating.

But he came from a monster he had never seen before. He couldn’t eat it casually.

Kyunghoon put the mana stone deep in the desk along with the magazine.

The first expedition is over.

Kyunghoon checked his cell phone.

[One. Name: Kang Kyung-hoon] [2. Mana Rank: E] [3. Trait: Dimensional Mover] [4. Affiliation: None] [5. Unregistered status: Please register at the Awakening Center.] [80 hours left until the next talent is activated.]

He didn’t bring many things, but he wasn’t on the low income side.

He also brought mana stones and magazines, killed a monster rat, and raised his rank.

He thought it was pretty good for a first expedition.

He didn’t reach the Awakening Center he was aiming for, but it seemed like he could get there with one more move.

“I need some information.”

He brought mana stones, but it was difficult to find a way to use them himself, and it was difficult to find out more in the magazine.

However, he could not reveal his abilities.

Judging from the contents of the magazine, it was perfect for the first-time Awoken to go to the laboratory.

“Can’t do this, can’t do that.”

Kyunghoon sighed.

Of course, he had no thoughts of saving the world or becoming a hero. He just didn’t want to miss it because the world had changed and the opportunity came to him.

Besides, this job suits her personality more.

‘If I gather some information later, shall I post it on the Internet? No, that too will be tracked.’

I’m not an expert in that area, so there was no way to know for sure.

After scratching his head, Kyung-hoon decided to do what he could now.

‘Jinhyuk told me to come, so let’s go and see the atmosphere. The government is also investigating something, so we can figure something out.’

Asking him to remove his horns in a short time, Kyung-hoon called the next day and made an appointment for a visit.

* * *

Kyung-hoon got used to his body, which had become stronger through exercise, and two days later he rode the KTX to Sejong City.

This is because the animal quarantine headquarters, which had been created recently, was located in Sejong City.

The animal quarantine headquarters was located in a newly built five-story spacious building near the government complex.

Kyunghoon stood in front of the building and looked at the entrance with a puzzled face.

The sight of the people passing by the front door of the shiny new building didn’t suit me.

Occasionally, there were people who looked like civil servants in suits, but most were middle-aged men in priestly uniforms and work clothes.

Kyunghoon could tell what kind of people they were by looking at their clothes and atmosphere.

‘Are they hunters?’

I don’t know why the hunters came and went here, but I followed them inside.

The office where Jinhyuk’s team was located was on the 3rd floor.

[Field Response Team]

Kyunghoon headed straight to the office.

The office was surprisingly ordinary. There was an iron grate door that looked like an arsenal inside, but the inside was no different from an ordinary office.

The team members I saw at the scene last time were also sitting in their seats, wrestling with papers.

“Come on! I was waiting.”

When Kyunghoon entered the office, the team leader was more pleased than Jinhyuk.

“nice to meet you. My name is Yoon-tae Lee.”

“I’m Kang Kyung-hoon.”

It was too kind. The team leader acted as if Kyunghoon had even joined the team.

I had no choice but to draw a line.

“I was curious about where Jinhyuk is, and he asked me to visit it, so I came.”

At Kyung-hoon’s words of keeping his distance, the team leader’s expression turned into a disappointment.

“Haha, I guess I went too far.”

Jinhyuk also smiled brightly, and Kyunghoon sighed inwardly.

After that, team leader Yoon-tae Lee boasted a lot about his team.

His salary is not bad, even after he comes in, he is recognized as a public official with special service, and he can fully utilize Kyung-hoon’s past military experience.

Not long ago, if he had been Kyung-hoon, he might have accepted it right away.

But now I think differently. Kyunghoon picked up the shortcomings.

“I heard from Jinhyuk, but he said there were a lot of mobilizations.”

The team leader glanced at Jinhyuk.

“That is true. That’s why we need more people.”

There were traces of people in the sparsely vacant seats in the office. It was clear that the position was missing due to injury or retirement.

“I recognized Kyung-hoon through many people. Everyone had a good story. He is strong in his improvisation, his shooting skills and fighting skills are good. Even though he felt uncomfortable with his social life and tight life, he said that he had a good relationship with his colleagues… … .”

Really, he seemed to have figured it out.

“As the saying goes, it is not easy to adapt to corporate life.”

Rather than living in a company, he couldn’t stand the absurdity that flowed into it. However, there is no way for him to have an absurd company, so it was no different than being unable to adapt to business life.

“This place is an anti-government official, but I still go to the field a lot, so it’s okay.”

Kyunghoon bowed his head at the continued appeal.

“Let’s think about it some more.”

I thought I just wanted to say no, but there was still something left to figure out.

In response to Kyung-hoon’s answer, team leader Lee Yoon-tae glanced at Jin-hyeok, then took a step back.

“haha… … I look forward to a good answer. It’s almost time for dinner, so Jinhyuk will guide you.”

“All right.”

The two left the office, and Kyunghoon sighed.

“Haha, was it hard?”

“You’re pushing too hard.”

Jinhyuk glanced to the left and right, and answered softly.

“I can’t help it, two people left this month alone. They were all out of the job due to injuries. There are too few people.”

I understood. It was obvious that he would not have been able to survive there if he was also an ordinary person.

Every time the people working here went to the field, it seemed like they were going to war.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s about saving people. It has to be hard.”

save people

It was Jinhyuk’s goal and motto after saving his life in the army.

“I haven’t been able to pay the price of my life from my brother yet… … .”

It sounded cool, but to Kyung-hoon, who was the one who saved him, it was just a sound of chicken flesh.

The two sat down in a coffee shop on the first floor.

The coffee shop was made of glass inside and out, so people passing by the lobby could easily see it.

Kyung-hoon watched the hunters pass through the window.

“There are a lot of hunters.”

“right? I was surprised too.”

“What happened?”

Jinhyuk drank a cup of coffee.

“I said last time that the Animal Quarantine Agency was created by integrating several departments, right?”

“It did.”

“Among them, extermination of harmful wild animals has been integrated into the Animal Quarantine Service here.”

“Oh, that hunting association?”


“Why was it merged?”

“It’s not just livestock or pets that become mutants. When wild animals mutate, it’s a lot harder than other animals.”

Livestock, pets, and abandoned dogs lived near people, so it was easy to catch even if it was dangerous. However, it was difficult to find and catch wild animals.

“The mutant wild animals are being caught in cooperation with hunters. It’s not easy because everyone is out of the way, but there is no other alternative right now. We can’t send in the army now.”

Kyunghoon couldn’t help but agree. Of course, to be honest, it would be nice to send in the military, but for those who do not know the world beyond, the military is the last bulwark.

“Moreover, the people at the lab want wild animals more because the specimens need to be diverse.”

Jinhyuk pointed to one side with a straw.

People in white doctor’s gowns and research suits were passing the lobby.

“There seems to be a lot of pressure over there, too, because they are trying to follow the scene. Hmm… … I haven’t found anything, so I’m just joking around.”

Young men and women, mainly middle-aged men, followed him.

Kyunghoon’s eyes continued to move after the woman in the middle.

“older brother! Is there any girl you like?”

“Oh, no.”

She was a pretty girl, but she wasn’t in love or anything like that. For as she passed, a strange sensation passed by that touched his senses.

But that feeling quickly disappeared. At the same time, Jinhyuk seemed to be thinking of something.

“Oh right. So how about registering as a hunter first?”


“If you are not comfortable joining our team right now, please register as a hunter and start activities. You can carry things like guns and swords in your car, and you can get money if you catch a mutant.”

Kyunghoon tilted his head.

“Isn’t that a lot of complexity?”

“no. Coming together with us has made it so much simpler. Moreover, if I recommend it, a case like your brother will pass quickly.”

It seemed like a pretty good story. I didn’t know if the pistol I had now would also be registered, but it was necessary for the sword registration anyway.

As Jinhyuk said, Kyunghoon decided to register as a hunter first.

As Jinhyuk said, registration didn’t take long.

He luckily was able to register the long sword. The modified K-5 could not be registered due to the gun law, but long swords and daggers engraved with patterns can now be carried in the car.

Kyung-hoon couldn’t register the modified pistol, but instead bought a cheap hunting shotgun. He seemed difficult to deal damage to mutants, but it seemed possible to stop them for a short time.

And after a while, an announcement flew through a cell phone message telling the hunters to gather to Mt. Chiak. Although not stated otherwise, it was likely that a mutant wild animal was found in Mt. Chiak.

Kyunghoon decided to participate as an experience.

He had to hide his abilities, so it wouldn’t help in this mutant hunt, but he was sure he had something to learn from others.

If he had something to learn, he would follow it wherever he went.

* * *

In the dark forest at the foot of Mt. Chiak.

“No, Si X, then why are you touching your temper? If I had just listened, none of this would have happened.”

A middle-aged man was filling the soil with a shovel and complaining.

“It’s been over five years since we did this together. I’ve been sticking around for a while, but what the hell is this?”

He clicked his tongue at the half-covered pit. In a pit that had not yet been covered with earth, two human legs were sticking out.

He laid out his horses again, pouring dirt into the pit.

“If we had both stopped when the strange beasts appeared, as you said, this might not have happened.”

He was a man of disappointment, but the corners of his lips were raised.

“But he wouldn’t have been able to get this power. It’s your fault for stopping me.”

He swung the shovel at the tree next to him, not covering the pit.


A tree was cut straight away with a shovel that was wielded lightly.

“Besides, the arthritis is gone, and I am able to work at night again.”

He again carefully covered the pit.

“This time, another one appeared. I got this kind of power by eating the guy that appeared last time. How strong will I be if I eat this time?”

He shoveled the pit filled with dirt.

“If someone stops me, I will be buried in the ground again like you.ね… … You wait there for someone else to come. A lot of people will be going there soon.”

Hunter Park smiled as he recalled the message he had seen on his cell phone. The hunting time has come again.

Heavenly taste and aroma. The flesh of a beast as strong as a monster gave him the same power. What kind of power will the fish you catch this time give you? I couldn’t help but hope.

Therefore, he had no intention of forgiving anyone who disturbed him.

He didn’t think he was wrong. It was a different way of thinking than before, but he only believed that it was because he had the power and gained confidence.

But when he turned around, his eyes were red and saliva was dripping from his mouth.

he was crazy.

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