Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 6


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Boo Woong.

Cars flocked to the abandoned factory complex. They were vans and trucks with the words “Animal Prevention” written on them.

Cars stopped in front of the factory complex, and people got off the van in the front.

“Move quickly! Don’t relax until we’ve made sure it’s safe!”

With black body armor, helmets, and guns in their hands, they looked like a counter-terrorism unit or commando unit.

They entered the complex quickly, bordering the key.

Kyung-hoon, who was standing in front of the building and watching the car come in, raised his hands. He must have chosen the wrong place to report.

“I’m just going to report it to the police.”

The people who seemed to be the commandos approached quickly, and the person in the lead asked Kyunghoon a question.

“Are you the one who reported it?”


“Where did you find the remains?”

Kyunghoon pointed to the factory with his raised hand.

“Lead entry.”

After checking Kyung-hoon’s hand, he sent the two men into the factory.


“Oh my gosh.”

A suppressed scream was heard from inside the factory. Then the team members also entered the factory, but the moans only increased.

After a while, the people who had entered the factory came out.

Some members of the unit took off their masks and vomited, others turned white. They saw many bad scenes many times, but the scene inside the factory exceeded their expectations.

“Are you okay? Aren’t you hurt?”

The man who asked the question bluntly a while ago asked with a completely different expression.

“Yeah, it was a little chapped, but there were no major injuries.”

He looked at Kyung-hoon’s clothes, which had become rags, and looked at him with admiration.

“You suffered.”

Now that he had properly said hello, he pulled out his radio.

“Internal verification has been completed. It is safe.”

When he called, people got off other vans and trucks.

It was a civil servant wearing an armband called “Animal Prevention,” and people in white protective suits.

* * *

The abandoned factory complex was crowded after a long time.

Trucks and vans lined up to one side, and dead dogs and cats were transported by trucks.

People in protective clothing were walking around and tidying up, and outside the factory complex, locals gathered and chatted.

“Well, dogs and cats died in groups.”

“I cried so loudly these past few days, what was wrong with eating?”

“Oh my gosh, that’s not good.”

“But now that everyone is dead, do you want the neighborhood to be a little cleaner?”

Some took pity on the dead animals, but many of the villagers seemed to be fine.

Due to misinformation, people didn’t take much of what was happening inside the factory. If everything inside the factory was cleared up today, it was obvious that I would soon forget it.

While people were chatting, the body of a monster cat was loaded into a black van. It was wrapped in a white cloth, so the people outside did not know what was being carried.

Kyunghoon stood in the corner and watched the scene. He was wearing a jacket with the words “Animal Prevention” written over his ragged clothes.

Kyung-hoon was sweating hard to make a statement to a public official a while ago.

He couldn’t tell the truth. Then he had to talk about how he had changed, so he had to explain that he was caught up in a fight with animals.

But even that explanation didn’t seem to make sense. The official held him for a long time and did not let him go.

Fortunately, the military successor whom I had called a while ago arrived, and he saved me from the boring statement.

“Brother, it must have been a long time since you worked hard.”

“What the hell is going on? I called you on the way to report it to the police, did you change your affiliation? What is animal quarantine?”

“Haha, it was absorbed as the livestock quarantine department expanded. Thanks to you, you were able to go to work right away, didn’t you?”

A large, muscular man looked at Kyunghoon and smiled wildly. It was Park Jin-hyuk, who was the successor of the military and became a close younger brother after being discharged.

Unlike the others, he was wearing casual clothes.

“But it seems that your skills haven’t died yet. I’ve heard he’s been involved in fights, but there are some guys that don’t work well with bullets.”

“Is it possible that something like this happened again?”

At Kyunghoon’s question, Jinhyuk looked around. Everyone was busy, so no one cared about this. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

“After this, let’s have a drink. It’s off-duty, so it’s time.”

He was on a day off, so he couldn’t go out together.

“They say we need to do more research.”

“Oh, wait a minute.”

Jinhyuk went to the car with the official and talked a few words, and he said that it was handled well.

The two walked out of the factory complex shoulder to shoulder.

At the entrance of the complex, the soldiers who had entered the factory earlier were resting. Jinhyeok, who was leaving the factory, gave a salute.

“Loyalty, I’ll go in first.”

“Loyalty. It’s off-duty, but it’s a lot of trouble.”

The team leader who spoke to Kyung-hoon earlier received his salute.

“Ah, the person next to you, are you from the same unit?”

“Yes. He was the senior I looked up to.”

“If you have time, bring me to the unit.”

“Five! All right.”

The manager saw him and saluted him.

“Hello again. You’ve been through a lot. Loyalty.”

Jinhyuk smiled as he walked out of the complex after being greeted.

“Brother, are you popular? It’s really the Madonna of the sergeants.”

Kyunghoon shook his head. He had no desire to be popular with the soldiers.

The sun was slowly setting. He’s out for lunch, but it’s already dinner. The day was too short.

After going back to his room and changing his clothes, Kyung-hoon and Jin-hyuk headed to a nearby meat restaurant.

jiggle jiggle.

The pork belly was cooked on the fire, and the commotion at the dinner party heated up the whole restaurant.

Two people sitting in an ordinary meat restaurant collided with beer glasses.

“It’s been a really long time. Why haven’t you contacted me? Sometimes I’m too lazy to call you, so I can’t even call you.”

Kyunghoon couldn’t help but smile bitterly at the words he took out after drinking the beer.

Thanks to his help in the military, he was a successor who kept in touch even after he appeared in society.

However, his successor joined the police commando immediately after being discharged from the military, and as he continued to fail to find a job, he slowly began to distance himself.

Well, it was a little brother who would not care about such a thing, but he was also bothered by the constant calls to come to his place of work.

“I’ve seen it before, but it seems that the team leader fell in love with hyung. I got a call again. Would you like to come and see it?”

Well, today was no different.

“Before that, I was just saying it out loud, but this time, I’m also recommending it properly. The atmosphere is strange these days.”

The story didn’t stop there. Kyunghoon pushed his body forward. He seemed to get the story he wanted.

“That’s what I want to ask. What is the giant cat you saw earlier, and what is the animal quarantine? I’ve heard of livestock quarantine, but I’ve never heard of animal quarantine.”

“By the way, how did you kill that monster? The guy who doesn’t even get bullets is the placenta. Even my brother, who flew and crawled in the military, would have been too much.”

Kyung-hoon had no choice but to repeat the story he had told officials in the factory complex.

“You said you were involved in a fight. Because I was the only one who got involved in the sound of cat fighting.”

Jinhyuk, who was in disbelief at Kyunghoon’s words, nodded his head.

“Well, if your brother is like that, it must be.”

Jinhyuk turned the meat over and continued.

“As I said before, the ‘Animal Prevention Department’ is a department created by recruiting from various departments such as the Ministry of Health, Livestock Prevention and Prevention, Police Special Forces, and the Forest Service. It hasn’t been long. six months?”

“So what are you doing?”

“Well, the original livestock quarantine business continues to do that… … . Anyway, that has nothing to do with us. We deal with mutant animals that have emerged recently.”

“A mutation?”

“You saw my brother during the day too. A very big cat.”

“Are there many like that? Enough to create separate departments? You’ve never heard of such a thing?”

“There are quite a few. I’ve already met him more than 10 times.”

Jinhyuk shared his story while eating meat.

Jinhyuk didn’t even know when the mutation appeared. The police commando, to which he belonged, was transferred to a new division six months ago, where he was dealing with mutant animals instead of humans.

“At first, the hunters seemed to have suffered a lot of injuries and died. The police are also hurt a lot. We were pretty dangerous too. It was only possible to catch them by pouring slug rounds into a medium-to-large rifle.”

Looking at it now, Jinhyuk’s face was stained with fatigue.

“Before, there weren’t many people who came down to private houses, but these days, I see them in private houses too. The damage to the general public has increased. Looking at it today, it seems that the abandoned dog and the abandoned cat have also changed… … .”

“It’s not just Korea, is it?”

“Is it possible? There are also significant links between countries. We are blocking an official announcement, but all the big countries are moving together. Of course, the U.S. is controlling it.”

“Can’t you figure out why?”

“Well, I take a corpse every day and try to capture it, but it doesn’t seem like I can get a sense of it.”

Jinhyuk looked at Kyunghoon and continued.

“That’s why I’m telling you to come and see my brother. I was just about to call you, but I don’t think this is going to end like this.”

Jinhyuk’s expression looked serious as he spoke.

“As you know, it’s all confidential. It seems that broadcasting and articles are blocked as much as possible. It seems like the topic is a bit out of date. I don’t know if everyone is this bad.”

Kyunghoon replied that he would think about Jinhyuk’s words.

After that, the two drank alcohol while talking about life in the world.

They drank to the brim and parted around midnight. Jinhyuk told him to think again until the end and took a taxi, and Kyunghoon waved at him.

After breaking up with Jinhyuk, Kyunghoon returned to his room. He sat in his chair and stared at his desk. On the desk was a mobile phone that kept moving even when not charging.

Is it because his body has changed? The alcohol I had been drinking was quickly gone.

What should I do?

After returning from a strange world, Kyunghoon’s worries continued. He was constantly fighting with himself, who never thought about dangerous places, and his curiosity and adventurous spirit.

In the meantime, the side that said not to go to dangerous places had always been victorious.

Adventure was good, and it was good to solve questions, but there was no reason to risk your life on it. Living in a safe world, especially in Korea, I had no intention of doing any more dangerous things after the army.

But what happened today changed that thinking.

It wasn’t safe here either.

It has been a long time since mutants appeared. Moreover, the appearance of the mutant was very similar to what he had seen in the other world.

In that world, I thought I would know what was going on.

In the end, the weight of worry was tilted in the opposite direction.

Kyunghoon held the phone in his hand.

*Please enter your personal information.

A text was flashing on the screen.

Kyunghoon tapped the keyboard.

[Kang Kyung-hoon]


As I entered my name, my phone screen lit up.

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