Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 5


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The building smelling of blood was being demolished, but it looked like a factory.

The ceiling was torn in half, and the windows were nowhere to be seen.

It was an ordinary ruined building, but Kyung-hoon remembered the ruins of the city he had seen a while ago.

I probably needed more weapons.

Fortunately, he found a ‘paroo’ rolling around before entering the building. There was nothing better than this to be strong.

Holding the paru, he walked as quietly as possible.

The closer we got to the building, the louder the rattling sound became.

Kyunghoon looked inside the building through the half-collapsed door.

Unlike the outside, it was dark inside, but everything was clear in his eyes.

However, from outside the door, they could not look inside the factory. Abandoned equipment was blocking the view.

The gurgling sound came from beyond the rolling gear.

Kyunghoon cautiously entered the building. Because it was a factory, the inside of the building was clear without any pillars.

He moved carefully to where the sound was coming from, avoiding the discarded objects.

The sound was coming from behind a pile of pallets.

Kyunghoon covered his nose with the back of his hand. The smell of blood intensified.

Upon arriving at the place where the pallets were piled up, Kyunghoon carefully looked inside.

In an instant, it turned white.

The back of the pallet was full of half-eaten carcasses. The carcasses of dead dogs were piled up in rows, including Sapsal dogs, Dobermans, and even hybrid dogs.

The walls and floor were covered in blood, but it didn’t even catch my eye.

In the center of the pile of carcasses of dogs, there was a still-moving beast. A beast with shiny black hair had its head banged on its corpse.

chump, chump, chump.

A large black beast was eating the carcass. All I could hear was the sound of that beast eating a carcass.

‘Damn, was the barking dog I heard earlier was a scream before death?’

Kyunghoon retreated with a tired face. I never expected it to be such a sight.

It’s good to be adventurous and to satisfy curiosity, but I didn’t want to see a scene like this.

He took a step or two and took a careful step back. Fortunately, the beast didn’t seem to notice that he was backing away.

After keeping some distance like that, Kyunghoon turned his head behind his back to check his exit.

The exit was blocked.

“Damn it, did it happen?”

Cats gathered behind the broken door he came in. Dozens of cats stood in front of the door silently and watched him.


The sound I had heard ceased. The beast with its head buried in the corpse raised its head.

‘Black Panther?’

A large, black beast stared at him.

“No, it’s more like a cat.”

I mistook it for its large size, but it turned out to be a black cat.

‘Last time I grabbed it… … . No, wait a minute, this is reality. Does this make sense?’

Kyunghoon was almost confused about where he was now.


But this time, the trouble was later. The corners of the large black cat’s lips moved upward.

It’s like laughing… … .

Then the cats heard the cry and began to approach him. The action was inconsistent. It was like a unit following the instructions of the Black Cat.

“Hey, can’t we just go back? I didn’t know you came in, can’t you just look at it once?”

He tried talking to the cats, but the cats didn’t care.

“Damn it.”

He must have fallen into a trap, but he didn’t mean to just let him down.

Kyunghoon pulled out the dagger he had hidden behind his waist. It was a military dagger engraved with a beautiful pattern.

‘It feels like the difficulty level has gone up.’

Last time I was carrying a pistol, but now I only have this dagger and paru.

However, he could not carry a long sword or a pistol in the intact Korean soil.

‘It must be eaten.’

Kyunghoon glanced at the pattern engraved on the dagger. If he’s the same guy with a pistol, it must have worked.

‘Otherwise, it won’t look good.’

The black cat who stood behind me and growled was no ordinary cat. It was something strange, like the monster mouse I saw in the other world.

‘Like me.’

Kyunghoon gave strength to his hand that was holding Paru. His muscles swelled up.

Maybe it was because he felt that he had gotten stronger. Kyunghoon could feel his breathing sinking.


Were Kyunghoon’s words a signal? The cats flew towards him.

It wasn’t just one or two. When dozens of cats flew away at once, the surroundings seemed to be filled with cats.



My heart was beating slowly. Sweat was about to drip off his hair. The flying cats approached me very slowly.

wide open mouth. There were sharp teeth exposed inside, and dozens of claws that seemed to have stopped cluttering their eyes.

The whole world slowed down.

No, the world wasn’t slowing down. He had entered the accelerated world.

A world where you can see the seams of the ball thrown by the pitcher. A world where you can see the blood on your fists swung at you.

In the world he first saw, he swung his paro.

Boo woo woo.

His own arm wielded also felt very slow. But in the still world, only the arms and Paru seemed to move.

The moment Paru collided with the flying cats, the world went back to normal.


Puff Puff Puck!


The screams of the cats echoed in the factory, and the cats hit by the paru flew in the sky.

Dumbin cats were ordinary bastards. His body was broken by the paru he wielded and he was thrown out in all directions.

They were the cats that attacked at the same time from the air, from the floor, from behind and from the side, but Kyung-hoon didn’t miss a single one.

His figure, swaying from side to side, seemed to show an afterimage.

The cats were cleaned up in an instant. The cats scattered all over the place only groaned and groaned.

Gyareung, Keek.

The quiet factory was filled with screams of injured cats.


The black cat who was watching got up. The guy seemed very surprised.

Surprisingly, Kyunghoon was the same.

He knew that his body had gotten stronger, but he didn’t expect this kind of power to come out.

It wasn’t just the body that got stronger. The senses have also changed.

‘I guess it wasn’t a coincidence that I shot well then.’

Kyunghoon’s confidence rose. It seemed like he could handle aliens with a single Paru if he were the way he is now.

Kyunghoon raised his paru towards the large black cat staring at him.


The black cat screamed and ran towards me.

“Damn, why do these monsters have all their voices! If it’s a cat, you should cry like a cat!”

Kyunghoon swung his paru towards the rushing black cat.

He ran at great speed, but Kyung-Hun did not miss the black cat. Paru hit the black cat’s head.


The iron rod and the animal’s head collided, and the sound of iron and iron collided.

The black cat was thrown aside, and Kyung-hoon grabbed the ringing paru and frowned.


It felt like hitting a thick iron plate. Also, it didn’t fit his head. The moment he hit his head, a translucent membrane over his head blocked Paru.

Paru was bent, and his arms continued to tremble. Had it not been for his strength, he might have been rather injured.


The black cat, who had been thrown out, got up with an intact figure.

“How the hell is it going?”

The unreality invaded reality. What happened in the ruined city was happening here in the world.

But it wasn’t the time to worry about that. Kyunghoon bit his lip to regain his composure.


The black cat rushed in.

Kyunghoon once again swung the paru with all his might.


This time, Paru stopped in the middle. The black cat had bitten Paru. The Black Cat didn’t stop there.



In that state, the black cat hit Kyung-hun and crushed it.


The black cat’s saliva fell on Kyung-hoon’s face. The black grave’s open mouth filled his eyes.


Kyunghoon desperately pushed Paroo up.

If Paru hadn’t been bitten, his head would have been in that mouth instead of Paru.

Savagely, Paru was gradually pushed down. I thought I was stronger than a human, but it was less powerful than a cat that had grown bigger.

Paru gradually bent and came out of the black cat’s mouth little by little.

Meanwhile, Kyunghoon desperately swung his opposite hand.

Puck, puck, puck.

A hand that didn’t hold Paru tapped the black cat’s body. He smacked his leg, patted his side, and swung it towards his neck.


The moment Kyunghoon’s hand tapped his neck, a moan escaped from the black cat’s mouth.

Kyung-hoon felt an unknown energy draining through his hand and pushed the dagger in his hand with all his might.


The sound of his muscles cracking was heard, and blood poured from the black cat’s neck.


The black cat screamed and tried to pull his body back.

“Huh. dill. Degree. net. go!”

Kyunghoon grabbed the back of the head of the black cat with the hand that was holding his paru.

A little while ago, the situation was reversed. Heukmyo desperately trying to get rid of his body and Kyunghoon who didn’t want to let go of it continued.

Kyunghoon’s clothes tore at the claws of the struggling Black Cat, and dust rose.

After a while, the black cat, who had been struggling, collapsed on Kyung-hoon’s body. He finally stopped breathing.

“Damn it, it’s so heavy!”

Kyunghoon pushed the black cat to the side.


“Huh, huh, huh.”

Kyunghoon was lying on his back, panting for his breath. He held his blood-soaked dagger in front of him. A blue pattern floated above the blood-soaked day.

Fortunately, the dagger worked. I don’t know how this pattern makes this happen, but an object engraved with the pattern was able to break through the monster’s shield.

Kyunghoon, who was breathing heavily, got up. Fortunately, his body recovered quickly.

Kyunghoon looked at his body and sighed.

The clothes I wore became rags. His skin was also full of scratches here and there. Fortunately, there were no major wounds, but no matter how you look at it, it looked like a big fight.

However, compared to the riots of the monster cat, it seemed that there were surprisingly few major injuries. It looked like he took out his claws and swung them wildly, but it was such an abrasion.

“Are you happy out of misfortune?”

Shaking his head, he looked around him with a puzzled expression.

On one side, the carcasses of devoured dogs were piled up like a mountain. Injured cats were all over the place, and a huge cat the size of a leopard was lying next to it.

“Can’t we just sneak out like this?”

Looking through his rags, he pulled out his cell phone from the front pocket of his trousers. It was originally his cell phone, not from another world.

He had to call someone. Normally it would be enough to report it to the police, but now I need help.

Kyunghoon dialed the number and dialed the number.

-Uh, sergeant, no, brother. It’s been a really long time. Why haven’t you contacted me?

Fortunately, the other party answered the phone quickly. A happy voice was heard.

“I walked because I needed help. I think you know best this way.”

– What’s going on?

The other party knew Kyung-hoon’s personality well. Immediately, his voice became serious, and Kyung-hoon began to explain the situation here.


An aura like a foggy mist rose from behind Kyunghoon who was calling. It was the energy emanating from the dead monster cat.

The energy, later called mana, permeated into Kyunghoon’s body, and the rest spread out to the world.

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