Picked It From Different World MTL Chapter 4


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Thanks to fine dust that has been improving little by little for a while, the Bukhansan promenade has been booming since early in the morning.

a person who goes hiking. a person who exercised. People heading to the spring. Unlike people living in Seoul, most of them looked relaxed.

The vacant lot next to the mineral spring in the middle of the promenade is equipped with exercise equipment such as iron bars and parallel bars, and has always been crowded with people exercising.

Although there were many people today, they were not gathered to exercise.

The exercise equipment was empty except for one parallel bar, and the people gathered were looking at the parallel bar.

A man was doing parallel bars.

swish. swish. squash.

Following a big swing, standing on the hand tree and then turning in midair. The scene I saw at the gymnastics competition was unfolding in the empty lot next to the mineral spring.


Every time a difficult movement unfolded, people unwittingly burst out in admiration, and the number of people watching increased.

“It’s very good. He must be a gymnast.”

At the words of an old woman, the uncle, who is the head of the herbal medicine store, shook her head.

“It’s too much for a gymnast. The rod material is different.”

Unlike parallel bars for gymnastics, which are made of wood and have good elasticity, the parallel bars here were made of solid steel pipes. I didn’t know about the swing or handstand, so the mid-air rotation was unreasonable.

“He is doing well.”

“Iknow, right.”

However, the uncle could not find any words to answer her aunt’s question.

“Wow, it’s been a while. Doesn’t your arm hurt?”

“Before that, you used to do more than a hundred pull-ups with an iron bar, didn’t you?”


The man who had been watching from an early age was busy telling the people around him what he had seen, and the people’s surprise grew even bigger.

‘Why are you so noisy?’

Kyung-hoon, who was working hard on the parallel bar, was bewildered by the commotion around him.

Surprised, he descended from the parallel bars and this time he was greeted properly.

match! match! match!

“Wow! Great!”

He was startled by the crowds around him and the applause.

He was so focused on exercise that he didn’t even notice his surroundings.

People looked at him curiously, and some people came up to him and tried to talk to him.

Kyunghoon avoided the seat behind him. People’s gazes and cheers were not so bad, but now was not the time to receive attention.

He started descending from the mountain at high speed.

“Wow, you’re not an ordinary person, are you?”

“I just run on a mountain road like a flat ground. What kind of athlete are you really?”

People from behind were once again startled, but as he ran, he was lost in thought.

Yesterday, Kyung-hoon, who fell asleep right away due to fatigue and stress, only woke up near dawn.

Whether it was because his physical condition had changed, or whether he had slept for a long time, when he woke up, fatigue and stress were all gone.

Whether it was because of the change in his body or the refreshing feeling, he couldn’t stay still. Eventually, he decided to go out for a morning workout.

He put on his gym uniform and left the house and started running. 1 km, 5 km.

He ran for a long time, but he couldn’t breathe.

In the end, he ran up to Mt. Bukhan, which was quite far away, and he had been exercising until now.

Contrary to his initial idea, he moved to the point of unreasonableness because he wanted to know how far he had changed.

‘It’s not a sprint, but I don’t get tired even if I run more than 20km, and I’ve achieved the Guinness Book of World Records with the iron bar and my parallel bar skills are comparable to that of a gymnast… … .’

Returning to his bedroom, he took off his coat and looked at his body in the mirror.

As expected, his body was different from before. He’s a lot taller than he was when he was in the prime of the military, with tighter muscles and a little bit more stature.

His physical powers have gone up unbelievably, so his body couldn’t be the same as before.

Kyung-hoon, who looked at his body, glanced at the inside of his panties.

“I don’t know about anything else, but this one is really good.”

Kyung-hoon was able to smile satisfied for the first time.

He looked at his body and after a while he looked down at the bottom of his bed. The things I brought yesterday were hidden deep under the bed.

Considering what happened yesterday, he didn’t want to see much of it, but at the same time he was curious.

gun and cell phone. All of them were clearly incomprehensible over-technology items. It was an uneasy thing to put under the bed as it is.

Using that reason as an excuse, he pulled out the things he had hidden under the bed.

Body armor, dagger and long sword. A pistol, a magazine, and a cell phone.

He first picked up a pistol. It was a gun that looked similar to the K-5 pistol, but it was a gun with a completely different power.

From the first time I shot it, I wanted to disassemble it.

After making a decision, Kyung-hoon immediately started disassembling.


Disassembly wasn’t too difficult. No, it was easy enough to close your eyes.

It was because the inside of the pistol was not so different from the existing K-5 pistol. As much as I had done countless times while in the military, I was able to line up the pistol parts on my desk in an instant.

Many parts were similar, but not at all.

The inner barrel of the gun was engraved with a pattern engraved on a pistol bullet, and the interior space of the modified gun contained a small jewel.

‘Then, did these patterns and gems increase the performance of the gun?’

The only difference was that, so it was a reasonable reasoning.

Kyunghoon looked at the long sword and dagger placed next to him. They both had the same pattern. It could have had a similar effect.

I glanced at the sword swinging, but unfortunately, I didn’t feel anything different.

‘Is this far?’

Unfortunately, there was no way to find out any further. This ideal was beyond what he was capable of.

But now I didn’t want to take it to anyone else or to the police. There were people who were close, but it was not easy to confide in such nonsense.

Shaking his head, he put the gun back together. And after confirming that the gun was properly assembled, he turned on the phone screen.

[Awakened] [Mana Rating: F] [Talent: Dimensional Mover]

*Please register your personal information.

[79 hours left until the next talent is activated.]

No personal information has been registered yet. Thanks to this, I couldn’t see the proper screen, but I couldn’t put personal information into an unknown machine.

‘The problem is the text on the bottom line.’

There was a phrase similar to the phrase I saw before returning yesterday.

After the phone screen said [Estimated talent activation time has come], he was able to create a hole for his return home.

He couldn’t feel that feeling now. He remembered how to do it, but he couldn’t feel the power itself on which he was based.

‘Is it like a game’s cooldown?’

I couldn’t figure out why the time was different, but it was clear that 79 hours later, if I followed that phrase, I would be able to make a hole into the ruined city.

‘But it’s too dangerous.’

Kyunghoon turned off the phone screen and placed it on the desk.

I was very curious about what happened, but it was too dangerous to answer the question like the proverb ‘curiosity kills the cat’.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like it was forced to move, so it seemed like it had to be buried deep for now.

bruise! bruise! bruise!

The untimely cries of dogs could be heard through Kyunghoon’s ears, who sighed.

* * *

After putting things away, Kyung-hoon returned to the life of an ordinary retiree.

He applied for unemployment benefits on the Internet, browsed his job search sites, and looked for job openings.

He still had some money left in his bank account, and he wasn’t in a position to get a job right away, but he had no choice but to get unemployment benefits.

When he looked at Gu In-ran, he only sighed. He faced the danger of life in a strange world as much as the reality was formidable.

It was lunchtime on the third day, when I worked out in the morning and tried to ignore the internet. He decided to go out to dinner after a long time.

As the time gradually decreased, it was not stable in the house.

He goes to a small restaurant on an old street a little far from his room. It was a soup restaurant that was considered a gourmet restaurant in the neighborhood.

“Mom, I’m here.”

Small restaurant with 4 tables. Kyung-hoon entered the restaurant and waved his hand toward his kitchen.

“long time no see. What’s going on at this hour? What about the company?”

We don’t come here often, but we’ve been regulars for a long time, so we knew each other’s circumstances to some extent.

“It was cut. What.”


The happy old woman softly clicked her tongue. It was common in today’s world, but it was unavoidable to feel sorry for it.

“Wait, I’ll cook you something delicious.”


This restaurant, run by a blunt uncle and a hot aunt, was the place where Kyung-hoon could feel his affection in this desolate Seoul.

After a while, a generous prize was set in front of Kyung-hoon.

“I didn’t do this much.”

“Because it’s been a while since I’ve been here and I’m shooting. Eat it.”

To Kyunghoon’s words, the owner’s uncle answered bluntly.

“Ha ha, yes.”

Through my experience, I knew well that this kind of kindness should not be rejected. Kyung-hoon happily accepted the kindness of the two.

“Kung Kk K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K!”


While he was eating, the sound of a dog barking could be heard in the distance.

It wasn’t just one or two.

As I raised my head with a puzzled expression, I heard the angry voice of an aunt from the inside.

“What the hell is going on today? I heard a cat scream before, but this time it’s dogs?”

Kyung-hoon was also puzzled by the sound of the dogs screaming, but he soon cut his nerves. Fortunately, the dog barking didn’t last long.

“I really enjoyed the meal.”

“Be strong! You will get a job soon!”


Even though I knew it was not easy, my aunt cheered me on, and Kyung-hoon smiled and said goodbye.

‘With people like this, I would be able to live well in Seoul.’

But Kyung-hoon knew it was difficult.

Anyway, it was time to move forward with a happy heart.

A strange feeling tickled Kyunghoon. It feels like the wind is rustling, or it feels like it’s tickling with down. It was the first energy he had ever felt in his life.

He looked back. The energy was flowing from far behind. A sweet sensation as if seducing him.

He stared at the road with a serious expression on his face, and came to a conclusion after a while.

‘Let’s go.’

I felt like I would have ignored it normally, but I couldn’t ignore this feeling because of what happened a few days ago.

Moreover, it was not a strange world full of dangers, and thanks to his stronger body, he had a lot of confidence.

He moved in the direction the dogs had been barking a moment ago.

* * *

After chasing the feeling for a long time, he came across an old abandoned factory complex.

Dozens of tattered banners were hung in front of the factory complex.

At a glance, it was a factory complex that had been twisted due to land issues. It was the same Seoul, but here in Gangbuk, there were still quite a few places like this.

He stopped in front of the factory complex. A small noise was heard from within the factory complex.

Whoops, whoops, whoops, whoops.

It was the sound of something crushing and chewing.

It was so small that it was inaudible to the average human ear, but it was clearly audible to his ear.

He passed away with regret.

‘Is this the place where abandoned dogs and abandoned cats live?’

It was because the smell of animals in the factory complex was felt along with the sound.

He thought he might discover something new, but it wasn’t in that strange world and it couldn’t have happened.

He turned around with a sad expression on his face, but at some point he stopped standing tall.

He frowned and wrinkled his nose.

It was because there was a different smell between the body odors of the animals.

‘Smell of blood?’

The incense of blood was only flowing from the factory inside.

He put his hands on his waist. A hard feeling was felt in his hand. He came all the way here and he couldn’t stand back without seeing something.

He decided to go inside and have a look.

Dr. Sabak.

Kyung-hoon walked towards the factory where the smell of blood was flowing out.

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