For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 42

And after that(3)

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“Haha, why are you there? When grandchildren come, they constantly give me food, saying, “Why are you so dry?” When you see him eating, he puts on a very happy face.”

“Yes! So when I go to her grandmother and her grandfather’s house to play, I get fat… .”

“Unravel hasn’t had a fan meeting yet, so you might not know it, but at fan meetings or fan events, when we talk briefly or play games, the fans are smiling with such a happy expression.”


He is also a seasoned player, so he knows the fans’ feelings very well.

I nodded and opened my mouth.

“You said you thought a lot about this and that after I bought it, right? To be honest, I couldn’t approach the members well until then, and I’ve been out and about for a long time. The trainees we practiced together keep changing, and there is no promise to debut. After that, should I say that I feel more comfortable not giving affection?”

This was also what the young Gong Ji-hwan thought, not me.

He signed a trainee contract with a bloated dream, but realized that the reality was a gutter.

“At the same time, the debut seemed to fly off, and all the other members seemed to climb higher than me, and the emotions were a rollercoaster every day. Then, after an accident, I thought of what good would it be if I died, and I felt the most sorry for my family and members. From then on, I will take care of our members! I thought of this.”

When I showed another heart that I had not even told Ha-jun, I could see Youngbin and Ha-jun’s eyes fluttering.

Just looking at it, did our Jihwan even think like that? it was the eyes

Whoa, how can you be so kind and live in this harsh world?

That’s why I’m obsessed with you.

“Did Ha-jun know that Hwan did that?”

“No, he didn’t even tell me that. It’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

“Then it’s our first show on our show. haha.”

“Yep! It was a senior broadcast, so I made it public. As we talked, it got long, but what is certain is that I am a fan of Unravel No. 0!”

He smiled broadly at Hajun whose voice was slightly trembling and said confidently.

All you cotton balls, I am Holiness!

It’s okay to be envious!

“Okay, let me conclude with this answer to the second question. Let’s go listen to a song for a moment before we draw our third question!”

Normally, during a corner, broadcasts are not interrupted at such an inconspicuous interval, so everyone looked at Myung-jun with puzzled eyes.

When Myung-Jun blinked at the PD, all the cameras turned, and Myeong-Jun confirmed that all the microphones were turned off and called us.

“Hey, there’s a kid who was released. My name is Kim Woo-bin.”

“Ah… Yes.”

This guy’s name, Kim Woo-bin, keeps popping up when I forget him.

I unconsciously frowned and took a small breath to manage my expression, but for the other members, it didn’t seem like it was easy at all.

It was a question that came up in the showcase reporters’ questions, so I thought that the words would come out wherever they went.

“I guess what he posted on his personal SNS. Individual fans keep popping up on the website. He continues to be aggressive in live chat right now.”

“Sigh… . What the hell did you post?”

“First of all, are you sure you went out for a good reason? Do you have any excuses for your opponent?”

“Yes. It’s hard for me to tell you in detail, but the CEO himself said that Woobin was released because he violated the contract.”

Myung-jun, who had been hesitant to talk for a moment, made a quick decision.

“Then I will continue to block and delete the post. It’s not a huge amount anyway, so it doesn’t matter, but we need to nail it so viewers don’t misunderstand. I will select the last question related to it, so answer it well.”

“Can I ask the company?”

“Yes. There’s not much time left, so check it out soon. I’ll tell the PD-nim too.”

Now it seems like you’re doing everything you can.

Because of Kim Woo-bin, we almost ended up eating our first live broadcast.

Not only Na and Ha-jun, but all the other members were also angry at this situation.

Himchan’s face, who didn’t like Kim Woobin very much in the first place, was distorted, and Youngbin, Kyunghwan, and Sebin all had bad expressions.

“Let’s take care of our faces. It’s on air.”

Himchan patted his cheek, as if he had regained his senses after giving him a low attention.

“That’s right, if I get angry over a guy like that, my energy is wasted.”

“I haven’t been able to eat before, so I’m sensitive, but it’s nothing special.”

In the future, you will meet so many different kinds of crazy people that you have to laugh at this kind of nerve warfare… . I started to worry about the mentality of the members.

“Let’s go back and talk about the rest. … And now, let’s ask a little bit about Black History.”

Youngbin, who quickly read through her members, muttered in a hoarse voice as if trying to erase her story about her ice from her head.

“But, that black history isn’t made because we don’t want to make it… .”

“For some reason Himchan said the right thing.”

“Why are you doing this to me even Kyunghwan hyung!”

“Chani hyung and Kyunghwan hyung are not wrong.”

While the members were arguing and looking for their usual condition, Ha-jun and Myung-jun returned together.

“Hajun-ah, it seems that your kids are mentally strong.”

“of course. Our kids are not ordinary kids.”

Myung-jun was worried that Unrable’s members would get hurt during his broadcast, but Unravel’s mentality was stronger than he thought.

Wait, it’s funny how much I was worried.

“Oh, bro!”

“Why are you doing that, you bastard?”

“Huh… ?”

Himchan, who was caught in the headlock, struggled as he could not bear it and touched Kyunghwan, and as a result, he touched the coffee in front of Sebin.

How much equipment do you have here?

The first thought was that if we accidentally spilled coffee and damage the equipment, we would be completely destroyed.

Absolutely not!

Sebin, who was bewildered, succeeded in grabbing the coffee cup by blowing myself up instead of me, but the problem was next.


With a clear and beautiful sound, my eyes instantly became dark.


“Hey! his blood! tissue!”

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for her vision to shake and the place to turn black and then back again.

Apparently, he fell over toward the live standing mic and put his forehead on it.

“Brother, are you okay? Can you see this?”

“… Huh. I’m fine.”

For a moment, my face turned black and I felt like I was spinning, but I pretended to be okay and beckoned to the members.

“Hwan-ah, you man!”

“Crazy? what are you doing!”

Myung-jun and the members’ voices echoed in all directions, and I felt something moist on the side of my eyes.

When I touched it, it was blood.

In the meantime, I laughed as I was holding the coffee cup tightly. The cup, which was rescued safely, was put down on the floor.

Sebin, who had turned pale, was rolling her feet with her helpless face, and the staff rushed to Myeongjun with a bundle of toilet paper.

I felt dizzy, subtly lacking a sense of reality, perhaps because of hitting my head.

Ha-joon’s face, who was screaming in anger, was also white and tired.

“You can’t spill coffee and break the equipment.”

Myung-jun was wiping his face while pressing his forehead tightly, while another artist was running with a wet tissue.

In the meantime, I looked through the open door and saw my manager hyung, whose face had turned black, was looking at me and calling the team leader.

“Jihwan-ah, Jihwan-ah. this stupid bastard What if an idol scratchs his or her face?”

Taking a deep breath, as if calmed down, Myeong-jun wiped the blood that had already hardened with a wet tissue and examined the wound.

“You go out and get treatment.”

“I’m fine… .”


The time I earned through music and advertisements was ending soon, so the members and Myung-jun hurriedly rectified the situation, and I was forcibly dragged out of the soundproof booth.

“Hwan-ah, do you really want to see this hyung collapse?”

“No, bro, that’s not it… .”

“Look at the blood again how long after the accident!”

“sorry… .”

Fortunately, the wound was not as deep as the blood spilled, so I had to ask my manager hyung, who sprayed hemostatic agent and repaired the wound, to make a mistake over and over again.

This hyung is all good, but he was very emotional.

When he came to the hospital on the day of discharge, he looked at me sadly, and he looked like he was about to cry today.

Oh, please don’t cry, bro… .

Because I feel like I’m going to be ashamed because I’m really embarrassed.

“Is it okay if I don’t go to the hospital now?”

“Yes. it’s okay. My bangs are long, so it’s perfect to cover them up.”

“her… . Even a young friend is brave. No, that coffee is what it is.”

“If we break the equipment by any chance, we will be a nuisance. I just thought I had to grab some coffee somehow.”

The PD who put on the inner friendship skill looked at me like he was absurd and finally raised his hands.

“Oh my, it’s been a long time since I’ve known such a passionate friend. I lost We will see our Unravel friends again soon.”

“thank you! I will do my best!”

“I’m Kim Myung-jin, PD. Let’s see Unravel more often with Jihwan from now on.”

“Take good care of me!”

To say your name again while asking for a handshake even though you had already greeted the group earlier, it meant that we should finish the current situation well so that we don’t get tired of each other.

It was very beneficial to get this kind of situation by seeing some blood.

After that, I left the story to my manager hyung and I healed the wounds.

After covering the wounds with a rough touch of hair and makeup, he returned without incident, and the broadcast after that was fortunately able to end happily.

The company had already set guidelines on how to deal with Kim Woo-bin-related questions.

Thanks to him, as I said with Myung-jun, he answered questions about Kim Woo-bin well, without hindrance, and resolutely.

After answering a few questions that followed, the title song ended nicely, and our first radio appearance was successfully concluded.

However, what awaited me after that was the great nagging of Myeong-jun and Ha-jun.

“Are you going to use your body like that again?”

“Nope… sorry… .”

He hung his shoulders down and bowed his head, as if he was deliberately dying.

“Why don’t you have such a sense of crisis for a kid who even had a car accident? A real idol’s body is their wealth, and their face is half that.”

“I will be more careful in the future… .”

“I’m glad the wounds were okay, but I could have done it if I had been seriously injured.”

Although it was something I did for the team, I decided to stay quiet because everyone seemed so surprised by the bloodshed.

It was understandable to hear Ha-jun nagging, but for some reason Myeong-jun was standing in the same pose as Ha-jun and nagging.

“It was only possible for a leader to have the skill of discipline as a passive… .”

Himchan, who was watching me being scolded by the two of them from a distance, muttered in a low voice that I could barely hear.

The two were so similar in appearance that I even doubted that they were actually brothers.

In addition, I understood Ha-jun’s clenchedness and patience as the place was not good to tell the members of the accident.

The faces of the members in the booth with the lights turned off were white and it looked like they would collapse if you touched them.

“Hajun-ah, if you do this, Hwani will be careful too, so let’s stop. If you do more here, you will die.”

“Ha, really, if it wasn’t for you, Myung-jun, I wouldn’t have left you alone. And Kyunghwan and Himchan, see you at the dorm.”

… … ?

I feel like I’m already dying and digging all the way to the Earth’s mantle.

I got a little embarrassed.

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