For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 41

And after that(2)

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– Shock! Ice Prince Hiss, actually bite the ice.

– lol

– What’s a kinsman hahahahahahahahaha

– They said we had a fight because of the ice ??????????

– Himchan, even if you fall off the bunk bed, you’ll be fine if you fall asleep!

– Viewers, are you really excited today?

– Who is the creator of Unravel’s Black History? Hwan: It’s me!

– After all, sleep in the bathroom is sweet – Jihwan

– Yay hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

– The park of truth, that shocking reality! A place where everyone becomes reverent!

– I’m going to die laughing.

The newly created Unrable’s bulletin board was crowded with fans who have been cheering for them since they were created.

After the GIVE app aired, they were excited to watch the live radio broadcast today and admire the real-time video of the members.

The first song performed live tickled their hearts calmly and warmly. At the real-time chat remarks that his voice was okay for a new idol, he smiled satisfied and secretly tried to do business.

Fans of Unrable’s bulletin board, who were excited about Unrable’s story of black history, listened to Jihwan’s story.

Most of the fans already knew through yesterday’s showcase video, but listening to it again, I was nervous for nothing.

– Break your head, all the little birds you used to call Shujak. Oh… .

– I was just talking and my face turned pale. I must have been scared ㅠㅠ… .

– Hagyeom seems to have a really good personality, so he is worried about our little hwan ㅠㅠ

The public relations team, who had been watching the bulletin boards and social media, also sighed in relief when they saw the good response from the fans.

Although Unravel’s awareness is not high enough that it has even been published in articles yet, it can rise higher only when the basic fan base becomes core fans.

It was not for nothing that CEO Park Jung-gyun adhered to the policy of not negotiating with malicious commenters.

When my actors, my singers, and my idols are cursed, the hearts of the fans who watch it are heartbroken.

It hurts even if you are cursed for something you did wrong, but have you been cursed for something you did not do wrong? If you are a fan, it was natural for your instincts as a fighting nation to open your eyes at that moment.

Moreover, the better the cohesion of the fans, the stronger the celebrity’s awareness. Some people in the entertainment world who overlook it are to the point of questioning the level of their brains.

“Fortunately, the kids are not trembling and are doing well.”

“Anyway, as soon as the GIVE app broadcast ended, the guys just took care of each other. Hajun and Jihwan took care of the members and thought about their comments, right?”

“Hajun was a sincere and reliable kid, but Jihwan has changed a lot. it is not so?”

“that’s right. He’s very personable. I’m glad what.”

It’s only been a day, but I have to say it feels good for some reason.

Meanwhile, the PR team breathes a sigh of relief. Myung-jun was praising the members while the requested songs and advertisements were playing from the soundproof booth.

“It’s our first live broadcast, and everyone is doing well.”

“It’s because seniors took good care of you.”

“Hey, don’t start your social life already.”

I had been suffering because of the black history until now, but I decided to turn on the skill after thinking for a while, having solidified my will to sacrifice this one body if I could increase the number of fans.

A good start is a good way to start the future.

[I think it’s more fortunate that they called you? Shall I call you again next time… .] [Leadan’s mask is fine and his voice is fine.] [Oh, I want to leave work early… .] [I’m hungry. Do you want chimaek for dinner tonight?] [It was better to get rid of Jeron, Jiron, and Nabal.]

Using the skill ‘I Hear Your Voice’, I looked around and remembered the name I was introduced to. Only after checking the staff’s inner feelings, I was able to turn off the skill with a sigh of relief.

There were more fragmentary stories than malicious words or complicated thoughts, so I didn’t feel sick or tired.

When I saw the positive response, I was a little worried.

In the beginning, I used the ‘inner acquaintance’ skill for a while to increase intimacy with the members, and soon afterward, I got them all.

It was because I felt so proud and cowardly from a position where I was virtuous about borrowing the power of my skills and buying the hearts of those I liked and admired.

But wouldn’t it matter to people who aren’t our members?

As long as our kids do well, other people know what?

It seemed like a lot of selves were fighting in my head, but in the end I decided to use a skill.

I thought that it would be good in many ways if we could use the skills of the producers or writers to make us look a little prettier, and that ultimately won everything.

Anyway, I lived 30 years without a conscience. Now come what.

You have become conscience and you just have to keep your heart!

After I had made up my mind, I felt much more comfortable.

In fact, I almost didn’t know how to use the skills.

It was at the end of my debut anyway, so I didn’t have time to worry about that.

“But do you have a phone?”

“Ah yes. We got a present from our CEO today!”

Sebin took out her new phone with a shy smile and joy filled her face.

There’s little time to hold her in her hands, but there’s something about a person’s mood.

“The CEO of ON Entertainment said he was a free person, so it seems true.”

“Hehehe, when you’re angry, you’re really scared.”

“Then let’s exchange our numbers now.”

“Huh! Really?”

I was so excited.

A senior idol mentions exchanging numbers!

Myung-Jun was excellent at handling and networking well enough to survive on this floor for a long time.

Moreover, even among the fans, rumors spread that he had good manners, so it was an unconditional advantage to become close.

“I’ll give you my number. Save it. As the commercials are over, after the broadcast is over, I send you a message with your number.”

Joy overflowed from the faces of the members who quickly saved their numbers.

Anyway, I got my number from the members early in the morning and everyone was excited. After receiving positive reviews from Myeong-jun, our children were all looking at Myeong-jun with bright eyes.

“Ah, I’m going to talk nonsense to you from the second part. It’s good for you too if I’m more friendly.”

“thank you… .”

Seeing Myeong-jun winking at Ha-jun somehow reminded me of Ga-young, but I quickly erased it.

Gayoung is… I was so scared.

She seemed to revitalize Ga-young throughout the recording.

When he came to his senses while recording as instructed, he was lying on the sofa and babbling.

To think of Ga-young from such a kind senior, I was wrong.

“Ten seconds ago!”

Everyone regained their minds at the staff’s cry that the advertisement was running out.

Myung-jun, who returned to Zundi again, skillfully introduced the song and led a friendly atmosphere with a few comments, and the writers posed questions from fans who had been asked throughout the broadcast through the website.

“For our friends who debuted yesterday, Unravel knows a little bit about broadcasting. I guess these guys are born. It’s different from mine.”

“Hey, if you keep complimenting me, I think it’s true.”

“Is it true? Especially Hajun and Hwani.”

As the friendly atmosphere continued, the PD’s face suddenly frowned over the soundproof booth.

What? Meanwhile, the youngest writer hurriedly ran in and handed Myeong-jun a note.

Myung-joon’s face hardened for a moment as he glanced at the note, and then became soft as if nothing had happened.

“By the way, aren’t you curious what kind of questions the fans were asking? Fans tend to resemble their favorite idol groups. Let’s see what our Unravel fans do.”

“We trust our fans!”

“The fact that they like us is proof that they are very kind.”

At Kyung-hwan’s words, Myung-jun continued to ask questions with a single smile.

“Why do you think so?”

“There’s no way it’s not nice to take care of children who are clumsy and a bit melancholy like us.”

“Fuha, Kyunghwan, should I call you C.I? C.I is quiet, but I have a shot.”

With a serious expression on his face, Kyunghwan just revealed the truth of what I was saying. Thanks to that, it was clear that the manager hyung, who was watching from the outside, was still in a panic.

Now that it’s a broadcast with a harmonious atmosphere, it would be fine, but Kyunghwan’s remarks were the perfect prey to use maliciously.

Of course, whatever you say, if you go through the devil’s editing, they can all become human garbage… . Having seen the poops of giraffes in the past, I thought that I should pay more attention to the members’ comments.

“Okay, then we will reveal the questionnaire sent by the kind fans! Oh, I get the most questions about the album as well. The question is asking you to tell us the meaning of the mask. Who will answer?”

“Well, the identity of the mask is a spoiler, so it’s hard to say exactly.”

When Ha-jun, who had a troubled expression, answered in a very sorry voice, Myung-joon did not care and accepted it.

“If I could roughly say it without spoilers, what would it be?”

“As those of you who have read the album description will know, what we want to sing is the fears we felt in our lives. Masks are the embodiment of that, and we plan to talk more about that topic in the future.”

“Are you saying you’re going to release an album or a music video through storytelling?”

“Yes, that is correct. I prepared really hard. I hope many people see it.”

Rather than trembling, Ha-joon’s face, who had a firm faith, was touched by the repressed heart.

Even when Unravel did not appear or when it did, Hajun’s trust in the members was absolute.

And to that extent, the other members rushed even more recklessly and struggled to live up to Hajun’s belief.

“The next question is from Hwani. I’ve been a fan since the idol was created. Sometimes Jihwan smiles at the Buddha, but is it really Buddhism? Buddha smile? What is this?”

“Huh… . First of all, I am agnostic.”

Myung-jun raised the question and looked at me with a puzzled expression, but I could not understand this question, so I only tilted my head.

What is Buddha’s smile?

“Ah! I think I know what that smile is. Why, sometimes, Hwan-i smiles happily when he sees us. just like Do you think so?”

uh? it?

When the members nodded their heads as if they understood and looked at me, Myung-jun gave me a look that needed an explanation.

“that… C’mon, um. It’s because I like our members.”

“Yes? Do you like the members?”

“Yes. The characters are bright, and the singer is good at singing… It’s a shame that the dorms aren’t cleaned well, but… .”

“Shh! Protect our image to our fans!”

“It’s already too late, Chan-ah.”

When I gave a firm answer to Himchan, who still had futile hopes, after thinking deeply, Myung-jun, who was watching us, clapped his palm.

“Oh, I think I know what this is. This is the same expression Time used when our members were talking nonsense.”

The time Myung-jun said was the name of the fandom of Golden Hour.

It was a name given by the agency to mean that the fans would spend all their time together.

“There is nothing wrong with our Hwani.”

“Hwani is our younger brother’s line, and sometimes it’s like my brother’s line.”

“It may have a slightly different meaning, but it’s true that the members laugh because they like it.”

They seemed to understand each other in different ways, but they decided not to care.

I said I’m going to hit my stone. why, what

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