For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 40

And after that(1)

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“Hmm, let’s talk about the biggest episode in a little bit, shall we start with the little things?”

Ha-jun, who was sitting across from me, who was sitting across from my earnest eyes, asked me to bring out another episode, and Myeong-jun, who was watching it, was fed up.

“First of all, the biggest episode is Mr. Hwan, right? Hey, I wonder what’s going to happen.”

“No, it’s nothing. Please don’t wonder… .”

He looked at Myung-jun with a pitiful expression on his face, but he only smiled brighter than flowers.

“I think it was because the boys got together, so we fought a lot in the beginning.”

“Probably so, we are still fighting.”

“Still, we tend to reconcile quickly even if we fight because the hyungs keep us in the center, but when the hyungs fight, it’s really scary.”

“Hey, you can’t talk about that!”

Hajun was startled by Himchan’s blunt and open mouth and covered his mouth.

“Oh, right. When the older brothers fight, the younger brothers have no choice but to notice. What did you fight for?”

“That, that… .”

Youngbin couldn’t keep her mouth open and looked at Hajun, perhaps embarrassed to speak with her own mouth.

“Phew… I feel like I’m going to die from shame that the day comes when I bring this up with my own mouth.”

Ha-jun took it naturally and drank a sip of water in front of him as if his throat was burning.

“It really didn’t matter. Thinking about it now, I wonder what you were thinking… .”

“The beginning of the fight is really trivial. We even had a fight over the order in which we got into the car.”

“Oh, I think I know what it is. That’s pretty damn important. Well, we both me and Heath are a bit stubborn. Because of that, sometimes we bump into each other… . Ha, I’m really embarrassed to say this right now.”

“Can we talk about something else?”

“Yes, no.”

As Myung-jun refused and smiled softly, Young-bin buried her head on her table.

“When Heath gets stressed, he tends to bite some ice and eat it. The only thing I could not eat due to weight control was to compromise with ice, but I ate some of the ice Heath had frozen to eat.”

“You mean you fought over the ice?”

“that… . Yes… . It was just the timing.”

“Hey, this is pretty new again.”

Myeong-jun, who looked at Ha-jun and Young-bin with a look of disbelief, muttered.

“At that time, I wasn’t good at singing, so I was a little sensitive before the evaluation. So I opened the freezer to cool it down, but there was no ice… .”

“But just in time, I showed up in front of him with a cup of ice.”

“Aha, maybe at that time?”

“Yes… . As we talked, our feelings for each other became intense, so we had a big fight. They both went out because they were scared if they were doing that in the dorm.”

“There is a park of truth near our accommodation.”

“A park of truth?”

“Yeah, if you go there, you will sit side by side with Jun and tell the truth… .”

When I put the seasoning in the middle, Himchan was busy laughing.

I think I remembered what I was told during the first contest.

“Yeah, it’s strange to talk about the second fight in that park. There was ice when I took it… . Actually, I only brought about 5 or 6 of them.”

“Oh, there was another real culprit?”

“Yes. It turned out that the younger brother who was with me at the time called Woobin took it with me because he said it would get rid of boogie, but I was the one who ran into Heath at that time.”

“Wow, you must have been really embarrassed?”

“Well, thanks to that, I learned why Heath was having a hard time and it worked out well. ”

While Ha-jun was trying to finish the story naturally, he glanced at the live chat on the radio app that came up from time to time.

It was so strange that more people than I thought were mentioning our names.

“Oh, and you know that too. If there are a lot of people, bunk beds are usually used. The members who live on the second floor suffered a lot.”

“Yeah, it’s very annoying going up and down.”

“Yes. It’s especially difficult on days when practice is hard or when you have to go out without a lot of sleep.”

Ha-jun brought out her words, and at the remark Myeong-jun accepted, Se-bin, who was next to me, tapped her hand.

This was the part I was most worried about when discussing comments with the members in advance.

It was impossible to leave all the comments to Hajun and the other members to be like a folding screen.

Then, instead of calling all the members, the next broadcast will only call Hajun, who is good at adapting to the broadcast.

So Nana and Himchan, who are brazen enough to intervene in moderation, should take care of themselves, and besides, Youngbin, Kyunghwan, and Sebin will be able to intervene moderately.

Instead, I had to listen carefully to Myung-jun and the members who made the comments because I didn’t know when and who should intervene.

Hajun and his manager hyung were overjoyed when we brought this up.

If all the members receive questions evenly and receive interest, I think Unravel’s awareness will naturally increase.

“Sebin lives on the second floor? If you are pushed by the backs of your brothers… ?”

“Eh, no! I’ve never used a bunk bed before, so I thought I’d give it a try… .”

“We are not that bad! Our youngest Sebin is precious!”

“Yes! Our youngest is precious and must be protected!”

“… Ha, really stop.”

Only the shoulders of Sebin, who let out a deep sigh among her big brothers who shouted that her youngest was precious, only kept getting smaller.

Whether we were ashamed of ourselves or our interest, even the comments were mumbled.

Sebin, who was blushing between Myeongjun and us, smiled mischievously as she sent me her eyes of help.

She must grow up strong, our Sebin.

“By the way, if you use a bunk bed, whoever falls off every once in a while?”

“I am not!”

“Actually, there is only one person among us who can do that.”

“But somehow I didn’t tell you, but I think you know who I am.”

“Is that right? The member you think is right.”

“Himchan, aren’t you seriously injured?”

“It didn’t hurt that much because I slept… No, but why are you sure it’s me!”

When everyone’s eyes turned to Himchan, the red dye on the nape of Himchan, who was usually so brazen.

“Yes, Unravel fans. Fortunately, Himchan said he wasn’t very sick, so I don’t think you need to worry about it. haha.”

“Not me! No, I have an image too!”

“Sebin and Himchan are on the second floor, but when you think about it, who do you think would have fallen?”

“I will leave it up to the fans to decide, and I will not mention the name. haha. Did anything else happen?”

“Oh, it’s the day after our show, so it’s this morning, isn’t it?”

As Kyunghwan opened his mouth, I suddenly felt an ominous feeling.

Kyunghwan-ah, maybe you… ?

“The members are preparing to go to work in the morning, but Hwani is nowhere to be seen.”

“Oh, right. It did.”

“brother! Is it like this?!”

I didn’t expect my black history to be sold like this on the airwaves, so I desperately tried to stop Kyunghwan, but the joy that couldn’t be hidden appeared on the faces of the other members.

These demons… !

“Hey, why is Hwan trying to hide something like that?”

“Originally, Hwani is always the first to get up, take care of us and cook for us.”

“Oh, do you cook too? Do well?”

“Yes. Kimchi fried rice is really good. Anyway, I couldn’t see the child all of a sudden, so I looked around the dorm… .”

“Looking back?”

I hated Myeong-jun who put Chuimsae in the middle, so I looked at him with resentful eyes.

“I can hear faint breathing in the bathroom.”

Youngbin, who usually didn’t talk much, remembered this morning, and she was telling anecdotes happily.

“I opened the door slowly and carefully, but Hwan-i was asleep, leaning against the wall, clutching the towel. Even though my clothes were all wet from the floor.”

“Pooh, I heard you fell asleep while sitting on the toilet, but you fell asleep while washing?”

The real-time chat window I glanced at was all covered with ‘blah blah blah’, and I washed my face with a bewildered expression.

“Hey, you must have been very tired. It wouldn’t be easy to fall asleep like that.”

“Well, we are talking about something else. Haha, that kind of talk isn’t funny.”

“Isn’t it? Our writer sisters and PD-nim’s faces are completely wide open, aren’t they?”

I could see their smiling faces as if they liked our talk.

Wow, the broadcasting station is not on my side… ?

“Now that I see these friends, I think they will do very well even if they go out on variety shows. jokes are good Alright, let’s hear one last episode and move on to the next corner. Are you talking about Hwan?”

“Ah… .”

Today, it seems that we are here to spread the dark history.

“Are you saying this yourself? Or another member?”

It hurts because the members’ eyes can’t be fixed.

It was an unspoken pressure for me to speak.

“How did I raise the members and make me like this… .”

“Oh, do you tend to take good care of the members?”

“I didn’t before. Suddenly, the person changed and became like a mother… ?”

“Before, Hajun hyung was like that, but now Hwani hyung is more nagging.”

Kyunghwan opened the door and Sebin helped.

“that… . Ha, I’m sorry, manager hyung, team leader, and the company!”

“Haha, it looks like something big happened.”

“I left the dorm without permission and there was a car accident.”

“Oh, right. I think I said that at first glance during the showcase.”

I drank water for a while and shook my head, looked at the members with a puzzled expression, and then turned my attention to Myung-jun.

“I was the most likely eliminated member at the time. I couldn’t do that, but I ran out of the dormitory and was walking. I didn’t mean to run away, but… My head was complicated.”

“Were you in the idol creation program?”

“Yes. I have no desire to see the face of my only older sister. I was very against it at first. I’m cheering for you now. Then one day after the accident? You’ve lost your mind Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.”

Whenever I mention this story, I think of two accidents that happened to me before and at that time.

Myung-jun’s gaze was mixed with concern as he wiped his sweaty hands on his pants without realizing it.

You are a really nice person.

“Fortunately, when I woke up and opened my eyes, I saw the faces of the manager hyung and the team leader. I later found out that it was a hospital.”

“I’m so glad I woke up.”

“right? That’s why we appear on the radio with our members like this. After that, I thought a lot. Could it be that I’ve been doing something wrong? About what I have done so far.”

“So, did you find the conclusion well?”

“Yes. Juni hyung helped me. Isn’t there the park of truth I mentioned earlier?”

“Aha, isn’t that a very important space for Unravel?”

“Haha, that’s what I saw after hearing what you said. There, I got a little scolded by Juni hyung, and while we were talking about the inside, we changed our minds. Thanks to that, I was able to debut safely with the members like this.”

Myung-jun looked around the members of Unravel once.

“For Hwan, that car accident must have been a turning point in his life.”

“Yeah, it was a really big turning point.”

Each of the two car accidents I experienced.

Because that was the biggest turning point in my life in any sense.

“How were the members? I must have been very worried.”

“It wasn’t even a fuss. I was very upset that the child was gone, but suddenly it was a car accident and he said he was unconscious… .”

“I was angry, worried, and very complicated, but he came into the practice room unharmed. I think I’m lucky, but sometimes I’m in tears.”

“It must have been difficult for everyone because such an accident occurred at the most sensitive time.”

Myung-jun, who laughed quietly while listening to the members, ended the story.

“I debuted after such a big trick, so now I just need to walk on the flower path, right?”

“I want to. We love a lot of people and are loved by many people.”

“I can see some people, but I think Unravel will do very well. Now, up to this point, I’ve heard a few episodes that you might be curious about. Let’s listen to one song and talk more.”

Part 1 ended safely like that, and our microphone was turned off.

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