For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 39

So What(5)

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While Unravel was picking and matching songs, the blue music note writers’ frustration was skyrocketing.

It was nothing else, and a newcomer bought and hit a situation where the script had to be changed.

“Our sisters are suffering a lot.”

“Hey, don’t talk. How did you get those guys to debut?”

“Chun… It’s too hard.”

Lee Myung-jun, the leader of Golden Hour, Ha Gyeom, introduced himself as a personal character, Lee Myung-jun, only on the radio.

Thanks to that, he was nicknamed Zhundi by listeners, and naturally within the broadcasting station, he was called by the nickname Zundi.

Myung-jun, who has been firmly maintaining his position as a radio DJ for 4 years, is accustomed to comforting the writers and handing them out coffee.

“By the way, fortunately, you were hired by another group, didn’t you?”

“There were rookies who were originally scheduled to appear in about two weeks, so I had a deal with the team leader there.”

“Who is the rookie?”

“They debuted yesterday as Unravel.”

“Aha, that’s why I didn’t know the name.”

It was a group that Myung-jun, who thought he had seen it all at least once, didn’t even know about it. Myung-jun thought that he hadn’t studied for a while, but he was relieved to hear that it was a group that debuted yesterday.

“Then I will look at some information about those friends.”

The reason why Myung-jun created a corner for a rookie group was simple.

Myung-joon, who debuted in his teens and experienced the bitterness of a rookie, wanted to give potential juniors a chance to be mentioned even by name.

The saddest times for Myung-jun were the days when he had to be alone with the members in the practice room because there was no place to call him even though he worked hard to promote it.

“I want these guys to be a little better.”

Myung-joon’s gaze, searching for Unravel with his laptop, became serious.

* * *

“Oh… .”

“Then why are you hanging out there?”

“I thought I was going to get hit.

“Still, the full swing was too much!”

Himchan, who was busy going out of the angle to play with on the GIVE app, was eventually beaten in the back by Hajun.

This time it was a full swing, so my back will tingle for quite some time.

Hajun sometimes punished the members by hitting them in the back when they joked around or flirted too much.

Because it was the first communication broadcast with the fans, the crime of trespassing was added and the intensity seems to have risen a little more than usual… Thanks to you, I’ll be less fussy on the radio.

maybe… .

He decided on a song, delivered it in advance, and checked the script he received right before departure.

Live song 1, team introduction, self-introduction, debut impression, episode from trainee days, future aspirations, and a few questions from the live broadcast, live song 2.

The order of progress has already been released, and only rough guidelines have been set for the answers.

“We are finally meeting other celebrities besides the company people… .”

“If it was Hagyeom sunbaenim, wasn’t he the model of a boy’s head?”

“It was famous for carrying it on a variety show that I went out alone and raising the group’s awareness.”

“You are quite famous as a producer now.”

Instead of sharing the car with the team leader and manager like before, we were all riding in the company-provided van, which was also quite unfamiliar.

“Guys, when you go to the radio, call your real name as much as possible. Hagyeom is very attached to the radio and wants to separate the work from the group.”

The manager hyung, who was driving, was generously giving us tips for our first radio appearance.

As soon as I left, I asked the new people to just say hello to not only the producers and writers, but also everyone at the broadcasting station.

When we went to the broadcasting station, we realized once again that the bottom floor of that huge pyramid would be our seat.

Himchan, who was nervous, was speechless, and Sebin took my hand next to me.

Fortunately, our eldest hyungs are tall and stand behind them, so we are well covered?

It took me quite a while as I walked out saying hello to everyone I met.

Thankfully we didn’t meet many people and we finally arrived at our destination.

“Oh, hello! Seniors!”

“Oh, are you Unravel?”

The first person I met when I arrived was Myung-Jun Lee.

As soon as I saw it, I said hello first, the members followed, and Lee Myung-jun asked us to shake hands first.

“They are very fighting friends. Just by looking at it, there will be a lot of beagle beauty.”

“Haha, our kids like to joke around a bit, but they’re not bad guys.”

Watching the manager’s shield, not the shield, the members’ eyes brightened again.

Whenever I see other celebrities, my eyes shine like that. When will you realize that you too are celebrities… ?

For me, who knows the scenes of the senior Unravel in the past, the unravel like a chick right now was just as cute.

“Isn’t this friend Hwan who mediates between the members?”

“Ah yes. I am Unravel’s arbitrator Hwan.”

I asked with a smile on my face, and I was smiling broadly without knowing it.

Then he heard Himchan’s voice whispering from behind.

“Look at her smile. He pretends to be serious every day only to us.”

“It’s because my brother keeps running rampant.”


I could not hear it, so I coughed and closed the mouths of the two sentient beings, but I couldn’t stop the laughter of the person in front of me.

“Foot. Oh, I think I can see why you’re the mediator. Hello Unravel. Is this leader Hajun? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one member like this as a leader?”

“Hello, senior! haha… . Would you?”

If you laugh and say so awkwardly, who will believe you, Jun-ah? huh?

While talking in a friendly atmosphere, Myeong-jun naturally introduced us to the PD-nim, writers, and sound engineers.

The manager hyung, who should have done the job, follows him with a smile from behind.

“Aww, it seems that our Jundi liked these friends. Let me introduce myself.”

“My friends greeted me well and it was fun.”

Thanks to Myung-jun, we greeted each other relatively smoothly, and we checked the script with the writers once again and entered the radio booth.

“I saw that you debuted yesterday. I am still very nervous.”

“I have no mind. It’s my first time at a broadcasting station. Huh… But, senior, can’t you speak more comfortably?”

It was so new for Ha-jun, who was always so relaxed and warm in front of us, to treat Myung-joon with a nervous look.

So it was very cute.

Is it the privilege of the person who can be the best friend right next to you?

“Is that so? If I was respectful, it would be a little uncomfortable. Heath is right next to Hajun right now, right? I watched the show and the high-pitched sound was good.”

“Thank you, senior.”

“Isn’t this friend very shy? I think he’s the type of person who gets nervous when he’s with people he’s not close with.”

“Wow, how did you know? Heath-hyung, I’m very nervous right now!”

The reason Myung-Jun was able to solidify his domain as a radio DJ for a long time was also because he was a person who made guests feel very comfortable and knew how to lead a radio show.

He invited Unravel, who had been dying in his last life, and treated him very comfortably, and thanks to that, he made friends.

Himchan, who quickly became accustomed to the sad Myeong-jun, was nervous and forgot what he had noticed before, and returned to his own pace.

He simply asks for help from Hisman Ha-jun in the middle with his eyes.

“Myung-jun, please prepare Unravel!”


“Take care of you today, guys.”

And the radio broadcast started.

“I had a cup of coffee while watching the rain after a long time not long ago. It was so relaxing to do nothing and just stare at the scenery outside the window. All my thoughts disappeared. Time to let myself rest. Sometimes I think I need that kind of time in my daily life. Hello everyone. It is the myungjun of blue music notes.”

Where did the people who laughed and joked with us until recently went, and the calm, low-tone voice that calmed them down greeted the viewers affectionately.

Following the PD’s hand gestures, we stood in front of the stand microphone and looked at each other once again, calming the tension.

As soon as Myung-Jun finished greetings, the prelude to ‘Our Night’, a duet song of the same group members that Myung-Jun produced, came out.

This was one of the two songs we chose.

“The day just ended like this again. I feel a little tired today, because I had a lot of work.”

It started with Ha-jun, who quietly recited.

“It feels like something is leaking out of my chest every time I exhale. Is it okay to live like this?”

Himchan’s husky voice sang as if asking a question.

“As many as the number of nights I’ve been awake.”

Youngbin shouts with affection,

“As much as the weight of the breath you exhaled that night.”

Sebin’s clear voice accepted her heart.

“Don’t be sad, I’ll be with you on your night. We are with everything that does not sing of eternity.”

And I added my voice, reminiscing about the countless nights that I passed away soaked in emptiness.

On the way home from work, on a tiring night, on a sleepless day, it was a song that brought tears to my eyes when I closed my eyes and listened to it.

So, it was a song I had often listened to in my previous life, and it was a song I recommended because I thought it would fit well with the late-night radio.

Fortunately, the members showed off their stable singing skills without being shaken with their hearts more than usual.

“Today, from the start, we have very special people. These are the people who sang with excitement a while ago, and it couldn’t be warmer than this! Those who debuted just yesterday. Unravel, welcome!”



“Yes, Unravel Hello. Can you say hello to the people you don’t know yet? Does Unravel have a group slogan? Please greet me with that.”

“Yep! two three! Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

“Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

“Hey, it’s so hot that it’s full of energy.”

“thank you!”

After that, greetings by members followed naturally. Every time I introduced myself, I was deeply moved by the appearance of Myeong-jun looking at each member and making eye contact.

It was as natural as someone who had known us before.

Perhaps this kind of effort is the basis for successfully leading the program for 4 years.

When asked about their feelings when they debuted, they shared about their own experiences, so we all united with one heart and one mind.

“I know that even before my debut, I reached out to my fans through a program called “Idol Creation”. This is our first live broadcast, right?”

“Yes. So now we are very trembling.”

“Really? I don’t think I’m trembling at all.”

“I’m so nervous right now, I think my hands are going to sweat.”

Ha-jun and Myung-jun continued a friendly conversation, and Himchan gave a laughable comment in between.

When Myeong-jun was talking, the members who were nervous and looked only at Myeong-jun were amazingly aware of Ha-joon’s eyes and answered.

“But I guess Ha-jun is usually a scary leader. Do you have the military in your hand?”

“Is it possible? You’re wrong. Guys?”

“Our leaders are not afraid.”

“Who will believe you when you say it like you read a Korean book!”

Myeong-jun’s eyes, who naturally induced our reaction with a story that relieved tension in the middle, shone slightly.

“Come on, let’s get to the official question, can’t we just listen to it?”

“What kind of question are you here to ask… . It’s our newcomer. Please be quick.”

Myeong-joon, who was smiling brightly as he looked at Ha-joon who was crying, brought up a scary story.

“It’s only been a few days since I took off my trainee ticket, so it must still be green. Shall we talk about some episodes of our trainee days?”

Then all the eyes of the members turned to me.

No, guys, don’t… .

For some reason, it felt like a cold sweat was running down my back.

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