For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 38

So What(4)

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It was the first communication broadcast as Unravel who graduated from idol creation, so we were in trouble.

Do you want to show it with a beautifully decorated figure or show you are preparing hard?

“Will there come a time when the fans will like what I look like?”

Kyunghwan muttered amid the divided opinions.

“Those who are already fans of Unravel will appreciate everything we show.”

It wasn’t as sharp as it was when preparing the album, but for some reason, I looked around the members who were busy, soothing Kyunghwan, who seemed to have lost his energy.

I didn’t know that my feelings of wanting to always show my fans only a nice, good-looking, and pretty side were welling up.


“I think it would be good to show that we are working harder. If yesterday was like trying hard on stage, today is the way I usually prepare for that stage.”

“I think it would be better for me to greet him in the practice room like Jihwan hyung.”

When Sebin and I suggested that it would be good to shoot in the practice room, Ha-jun, who had been thinking about it, made a decision.

“First of all, I’ve already done my makeup, so I’m going to tidy up and put on my clothes.”

It was fortunate that I wasn’t wearing a sweatshirt because I was filming the last episode of Idol Creation.

I was wearing it casually, so I thought I could take a picture like this.

With minimal preparations to meet the fans, we connected our manager hyung’s cell phone for filming to a selfie stick and checked the time.

I learned how to operate it from my manager hyung several times in advance.

I remembered my previous life. Some idols showed cute appearances because they could not operate the machine properly, but because of that, the contents of their conversations were unintentionally broadcasted.

Rather, there were many misunderstandings that would not have occurred if the conversation had gone well, so I tried to reduce variables as much as possible.

It was my little effort to protect the image of our members who had just debuted, even a little.

In this lifetime, I will get rid of scenes where Kyunghwan and Sebin get scolded by Hajun while they think the broadcast is off.

“Are you all ready?”


“I’ll turn it on!”

It took a lot of effort to keep the members from smiling even after seeing them all gathered in front of the screen.

“Did it happen?”

“Can you see it?”

As the members stared blankly at the number of fans and hearts rising one by one, in the end, I had no choice but to stab Hajun in the side.

Ha Jun-ah, what if you can’t even come to your senses!

“Ah, everyone, it’s our first time broadcasting on the GIVE app, so it’s difficult. sorry.”

As countless comments saying it’s okay were posted, Sebin’s eyes widened even more.

“Wow, everyone! Messages are very fast… .”

“Hello everyone! Do we look good?”

“From our greetings… please.”

Himchan thought the tension would rise by himself again, so he quickly kicked his shin and muttered a little.

Hello, I have to say goodbye. Guys.

“Guys, let’s say hello. two three! Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

“This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

Fortunately, Ha-jun caught on and started to lead the broadcast.

“We were a little surprised now because more people came than we expected. Did everyone come to see you on social media?”

Various answers came up to Ha-jun’s question.

Words that they searched for the GIVE app in advance and set notifications, replies that they were waiting for a notice, etc.

“thanks. We were a little nervous. What if no one comes?”

Ha-jun’s soft eyes were curved beautifully, probably because he’s relieved his mind a little now.

“Those who know will know, but for those of you who don’t know, I will greet each of you. Guys?”

The members, who had been staring at the chat window for a moment, looked at Hajun in unison. The chat window sped up again as Ha-jun said, “I have to say hello to the members one by one.”

“This is Unravel’s leader Hajun. Nice to meet you, everyone.”

“This is Heath, who is the main vocalist of Unravel.”

“This is C.I who raps. I missed you.”

The eldest hyungs calmly talked about who they were and waved their hands, and I focused on that member’s face each time.

“Hello! This is Unravel Chan!”

Himchan smiled broadly, probably because of meeting the fans.

“Hello, this is the youngest Sebin.”

“Bin-ah, if you bow your head, it disappears!”

Thanks to Sebin, who politely leans towards the camera and bows, I had to move the camera urgently.

“Hello, I’m Hwan, the moderator of Unravel.”

After saying hello to everyone, even me, I raised my arms to put all the members in the angle again.

This is a lot harder than I thought. Guys, I’m sorry I’ve been feeling sorry for all this time… .

“Today, I miss you all, and I turned on the broadcast to tell you about an event.”

“I really miss you! It would be nice to see it on TV more often.”

The wild Himchan was dangerous in many ways.

Ha-jun, who needed the means to force him, blinked at Young-bin, and Young-bin, who nodded her head slightly, hugged Him-chan from behind and pressed her down.

“We think Chani is more like the youngest than the youngest. Haha, sometimes I have to press like this. There is so much energy.”

Before turning on this broadcast, my manager hyung gave me several precautions.

Never feed aggressors.

Not only fans but also reporters may be watching, so be careful.

Of the many cautions, these two were the most important.

All kinds of conversations were already coming up in the chat window.

“First of all, let’s talk about the event after hearing a little bit of everyone’s stories.”

Fortunately, Ha-jun was leading the conversation well.

“We practiced what we would practice today as usual, and we filmed the last minute of idol creation. Are you sure you want to see it?”

“I also left a video letter to you all.”

Hajun and Kyunghwan managed to lead a subtly calm conversation.

“Especially, our youngest has made a decision this time to leave a video message, so please check it out!”

“Ah, Hwani hyung!”

I put a comment in the middle so that the conversation doesn’t sag too much. In the meantime, it was cute that our Sebin was surprised and surprised every time he teased me.

Seeing a lot of tears and cute words coming up in the chat window, as expected, it seemed like my baby was cute no matter who I was.

“How was your debut showcase yesterday? We wanted to do better… Looking at it again, it was not enough.”

“I think I’ll do better if I do it again, but I’m sorry.”

When Himchan pretends to cry while wearing Youngbin on his back, the chat window is covered with ‘blah’.

“It’s amazing that he’s so cute with such a big body, isn’t it?”

“I think Chani will have to ask him to get the copy again. I can’t believe she’s older than Sebin Lee.”

“No, why?! There is no one more like you!”

“Yes, the next Himchan Choi.”

“Don’t call me by last name! Creepy! Do you know that? If Jihwan gets a little angry, call him with his last name!”

The showcase story suddenly turned into a war of revelations, and in the end, Ha-jun touched his forehead again.

Hahaha, there’s no such thing as too much chaos.

“I get a lot of questions about what a mask means yesterday. Can Heath answer me?”

“Well, we turned our fears into masks. I said it was a very vague feeling, but it was good that you made it well.”

“You can guess who is in charge of what.”

Hajun took good care of Heath, who doesn’t talk much.

“Ah, there are a lot of people who have seen us wince. haha, forget it Now, if I clap, I will forget!”

“Please do something cool instead of cute!”

Various emotions such as the message that it was cute to wince at the sound of shouting, how cool it was, and how it was good, disappeared from the screen quite quickly.

There were also aggressive messages in between.

There were words about Woobin, and there were people who continued to talk while calling out certain members.

Each time, the legs and hands of the members who couldn’t be caught on camera twitched, so I tapped my arm once in a while.

Don’t be fooled by this, guys.

don’t get hurt These things are just nothing.

A few more questions passed and Ha-jun, who had a friendly smile again, opened his mouth.

“Everyone, I told you that there will be an event. That’s right, we’re going to vote to decide the names of our fans.”


“Clap clap!”

Everyone clapped in line with Ha-jun’s remarks, and my mouth was replaced by my mouth, my arms were busy holding the camera.

“Please vote for the very precious names of all of us that we will continue to call in the future. More details will be posted by the fan cafe managers. After voting, please take a photo and tag it on our official cafe or social media.”

“We are going to select a few people and send them a small prize, so please participate.”

Youngbin, who had been blinking while staring at her chatting window with serious eyes the whole time, received Hajun’s words and continued.

However, it seemed like he was reading the script too much, so Himchan laughed in the end.

“Ah, our Heath hyung is still shy to talk with everyone!”

“Heath hyung is a bit shy. If he fights with being shy, the extent to which Heath wins over Sebin slightly?”

It was Youngbin who used her long arm to cover Himchan’s mouth, telling him not to do it, but Himchan is Yiyap! He groaned and grabbed her arm and rolled over.

He couldn’t defeat Himchan, the strongest of the members, and Youngbin’s long arms struggled pitifully.

“Don’t go out of the camera! Chan! Heath hyung!”

“Leave it. Let’s play with our fans.”

Thanks to that, I was busy with the camera, but Kyunghwan, who casually took the camera stick, caught only 4 people on the screen.

“What should I do if the fans think we are weird kids because of my brother?”

When we were together, I couldn’t give up the habit and when we hit the bar, Sebin muttered with her sullen face, and Kyunghwan patted Sebin’s shoulder.

“it’s okay. Heath hyung and Chan are the only weird ones.”

“Everyone, don’t get me wrong. We’re not always like this… I don’t.”

No one could hear the poor leader’s voice trying to fix it somehow.

After that, a lot of nonsense words and questions came and went, and the time came to finish this long GIVE app.

“I’m sorry, but I think I have to end here today.”

“But after a while, it appears on Blue Music Note, so we can see you again!”

“Are you going to come back and listen to me again?”

“Okay then, I’ll greet you all. two three! I’m OK! It was unravel! thank you!”

“I’m OK! It was unravel! thank you!”

After the noisy first GIVE app broadcast, the members drooped in their seats, and I quickly checked whether the app was turned off properly.

By any chance, this bullshit should not be broadcast!

“Is it okay if we just talk to each other like this?”

“it’s okay. We’re still rookies. During the rookie period, you will be generous. And if you write a script, it’s too much.”

He smiled at Sebin, who looked at us as if he was worried inside.

“But it’s really exciting. A lot of people watched it.”

“right? I was a little surprised because they watched more than I expected.”

It wasn’t a long broadcast, but for some reason, I lost a bit of energy.

“It’s really fun to talk to the fans… .”

Sebin looked at the screen of her phone, which was now turned off, with a slightly recalled face, and Hajun summoned Youngbin and the other members who had been scattered.

It was at a level that could be taken positively that the schedule was created right away in the busy rookie days when he had to show his face as much and often as possible.

“From now on, we have to prepare a song and move, so let’s move.”


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