For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 32

It’s Okay(3)

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“Guys, get together.”

Maybe he couldn’t see the members who seemed to have gone crazy, so Ha-jun called all of them together.

I should have an interview with reporters soon, but if I kept my mind like this, I would have been bitten and ripped off, leaving nothing behind.

Right now, I was repeating a situation where my soul seemed to come out of my head, but Poing just slapped me hard on the back of the head, so I didn’t catch my breath.

As soon as I woke up, all I did was ask Poing to check how many reporters were waiting and what they were talking about.

When I saw the members who gathered around Ha-jun, behaving like zombies, my heart swelled up.

“We worked very hard to get here. Yes?”

“Yes… .”

“Did we not do enough? Do you feel like you are worse than others? i don’t think i am I know what you guys worked for.”

“Hajun hyung… .”

Himchan looked at Hajun with gloomy eyes, and I said to Himchan firmly.

“do not Cry. makeup is removed If you’re going to cry, let’s finish the stage and cry.”

“A sweet child.”

“Jihwan is right. We have nothing to despair and we have nothing to cry about. You just have to do as much as you practice.”

“It is, but… .”

Hajun stepped forward and read through the members, and his tense eyes subsided.

It was so unique and beautiful to see the leader become so determined and resolute that he reads deeply, so he couldn’t hide his heartfelt laughter.

“Hajun hyung and Jihwan are smiling strangely again.”

“Leave it… . I’m glad he’s awake.”

It was shocking that he murmured about his dream earlier, so Ha-jun seemed to let him go no matter what I said.

“Reporters, don’t worry. Anyway, the question I ask rookies is obvious. Do you have the preliminary questionnaire that the team leader gave you before? As long as you take a good look at it, you’ll be fine.”

The manager hyung also came forward and encouraged the members who were relaxing their necks by checking the choreography again so that the body did not harden.

In the meantime, I couldn’t help but laugh inwardly after hearing many stories from Poing, who had been spying on reporters.

We came here because we worked hard to promote that a rookie was coming from ON Entertainment, but in reality, most of us were yangbans with no expectations at all.

Rather, it was fortunate that That way, the intensity of the question will be lowered even a little.

“The music video begins. Please prepare for Unravel.”

A music video is played for reporters, after which the full-scale interview begins.

The album is scheduled to be released after the showcase today, so in a way, the reporters were the first people to hear the title song.

‘Poing, come and see the reporters’ reactions.’

‘You’re using me very sparingly… .’

I couldn’t help but laugh at Poing’s slightly resigned voice.

* * *

When Poing stuttered and arrived at the place where the reporters were waiting, he couldn’t hide his puzzlement at seeing the reporters looking at the music video with serious eyes, unlike the first time.

Reporters who came with infinitely light hearts were beating their laptops while watching the music video with serious eyes. Poing was quite puzzled, but he wasn’t too convinced when he thought of the music video and title track.

As Poing watched and analyzed numerous idol music videos for Jihwan, he gave constant feedback, and based on the contents, Jihwan continued to provide ideas to the company.

The music video that came out like that made the director, staff, and members quite proud of their faces throughout the filming.

* * *

On the beach, where it was not bright and dazzling, the members in cool clothes were playing in the water and running around the sand.

Above all, the members’ smiling brightly as if they were happy made the viewers’ hearts warm.

The children, who were tired of playing, sat around the vacant lot at the beginning of the forest, a little far from the beach, lighting a bonfire, sipping hot tea, and chatting.

It is clear that he is happy, but as in the teaser video, the heavy melody in the background made the viewer feel an unknown feeling of insecurity.

Eventually, the sky turned black, and one or two children, unable to bear their drowsiness, leaned on each other and fell asleep, and the screen gradually darkened.

Then, suddenly, one person raised his head and hurriedly started waking the children around him, and the heavy melody gradually changed more and more rapidly. The children couldn’t get out of the forest and started running inside.

The cry of an unknown beast, the harsh breathing, dried branches crumbling under their feet, and unknown grass being crushed.

And the children, who were eventually scattered, tried to protect each other somehow, but their gaze from high places flickered like an old, noisy screen.

Eventually, the screen went black, and a scribbled logo appeared on the screen.

[Unravel – I’m OK]

I thought it would be okay to wander and hesitate a little.

A slightly low-pitched voice came out as if it were self-help. Two children in school uniforms, with their shoulders drooping, were walking down the dark road with trembling steps inside the screen.

It was Ha-jun and Kyung-hwan with tousled hair and wearing old school uniforms.

everyone said

It’s something everyone goes through anyway, so what’s the big deal?

When the screen was a little closer, the faces of the children were visible, and some reporters who saw it frowned involuntarily.

The children’s faces were all covered in scars.

They grimaced as if the wounds were sore and applied ointment to each other’s faces, passing by so indifferently.

The fears I have are things that anyone can go through,

Point your finger at me without even knowing it.

When the two rappers of Unravel confided their stories in their voices with less strength as if they were complaining to each other, the screen was changed to a luxurious interior building.

A piano is placed in a large room. Sebin’s face, sitting in front of him, was pale.

They say you can’t put it on if you don’t try, I know.

So, how much effort do you have to put in?

Sebin’s immature voice, which opened her mouth while pressing her piano keys, resounded, and her gaze turned to the camera.

It’s like asking people off the screen.

Sitting on her old sofa, Youngbin’s bleached hair was a mess. He was holding a letter in his hand and crying.

It gave a bizarre feeling, just like a mannequin, with tears streaming down his face without changing his expression.

She easily says she loves me,

Farewell easily,

make it easy to believe

It’s so hard for me to believe.

was it that easy for you

The harmony between the high notes of the voice and the low voice forms a duet, and the screen illuminates Himchan sitting alone in the Han River.

His distorted face was full of resentment, and the book he was holding in his hand was wrinkled and torn.

I’m OK. Are you all right?

There were people who believed this.

I’m OK. Are you all right?

yes it’s ok because it’s nothing

A heavy voice echoed through the air, and the crumpled book disappeared over the river.

The screen, which shook like a wave, reflected the other child again.

Ji-hwan, who was walking on the railing precariously, had boredom that was not appropriate for his age, and a ticket was waving in his hand.

Too big a world, too big a duty.

The infinitely small me inside.

It’s hard for us to breathe, so why don’t you just know it?

The screen flickered black. The scene changed to a scene where all the children passing by were holding a single ticket, and all the members gathered at the marina under the clear sky were smiling at each other.

It doesn’t have to be okay, so I’ll just do it.

I’m afraid to cry, but I’ll believe it anyway.

At least we’ll be together.

The screen went black with the back view of them all boarding the boat, and after that, six masks appeared in the air.

The mask, which had a somewhat eerie feeling, cast its eyes on the people on the other side of the screen, and then fell to the floor.

The music video ended as the phrase [Are you all right?] appeared blurry on the screen and then scattered like smoke.

* * *

“Ugh, what kind of music video was shot like a movie?”

“There are rumors that ON Entertainment poured money into it, but is it true?”

The reporters exchanged stories among themselves, and in the meantime, the inside of the event hall brightened and tables were set up for members to ask questions.

“two three! Hello! This is the future Unravel that we will solve together!”

Without any mistakes, everyone greeted each other with one voice and was given a brief time to introduce themselves.

Fortunately, there were quite a few different kinds of curiosity in the eyes of the reporters, and I was able to put the tension down a bit.

who had said The scariest thing in the world is indifference.

There was nothing more frightening than indifference to idols who had to grow up eating the public’s attention.

Having memorized all the reporters who sweared or sweared in advance through poing, I gathered the members while the music video was playing and told them not to answer any reporters’ questions as much as possible.

To the members who looked at them with puzzled eyes, he said that he had heard stories from people in the bathroom.

I don’t have any specific questions, so if I have to take any questions from those reporters, I’ll take them.

The members, who sat neatly, took out their pens and notebooks, and looked at the actor of the agency who took charge of the host while making up their minds.

It was the choice of the company because he was a senior with a good age and well-known reputation, so he would be able to properly filter out reporters.

“Thank you to everyone who came to Unravel’s showcase stage. I am Jang Ki-joon, who is in charge of hosting today.”

The senior, who laughed softly with the sound of applause, continued the process smoothly, and the reporters raised their hands one or two and started asking questions.

“I am reporter Lee Tae-ho of the Shinjeong Shimbun. The music video was quite impressive, please explain the concept a bit.”

Ha-jun, who picked out reporters who were neither negative nor positive about idols, picked up the microphone.

“At the concept meeting, what we talked about together with the company was that we need to empathize when we sing so that the listeners can also empathize. So I found the one I could sing best at this point in time, and that was the feeling of ‘fear’. We had a lot of scary things about our debut.”

Ha-jun’s unobtrusive reply gave a heart-wrenching sound.

Hajun used to be hit by his younger brothers every day for playing the role of a leader in the team, but for now, he was answering with a softer smile on his lips than anyone else.

The current figure was the Unravel leader Hajun that I remembered.

“Isn’t fear a very abstract emotion?”

“Yes. So, the members embody the fear that each member can express, and this is the mask you saw at the end. I think it will help you enjoy the music video to find out who is in charge of which fear.”

Ha-jun, who immediately nodded to the reporter who asked the question, continued to answer, and there was no distraction to the extent that people who didn’t know looked at it and thought he was relaxed.

His clenched fists under the table were trembling a little.

“This is reporter Choi Joo-young of the Taeyang Ilbo. It’s his debut album, and I heard that there are members’ songs in the b-side tracks. Please explain what kind of song it is.”

“Hello, I’m C.I. The song I composed is called ‘Blink’. Just like a flashing light is a flashing light when you are in a dark place, this song contains the desire to help you follow the road a little more comfortably. If you are curious, please check the album that will be released at midnight today.”

The press conference is being broadcast in real time on the official website and WeCam, so it seemed to be able to make a good impression on the fans watching.

The appearance of Kyunghwan, who sits in a much more reliable manner than usual and responds calmly, was even new to me.

“This is Kim Min-ki, a reporter for general sports. I heard that something bad happened on a program called “Idol Creation”. There are many fans who question Kim Woo-bin’s departure.”

The question that the company was most concerned about finally came up, and I gave the members a glance and then picked up the microphone.

“Hello, I’m Hwan, the lead vocalist of Unravel. We understand that it is better not to comment in detail for the sake of each other’s honor, so we have reached an agreement with the company. Even though Woobin hyung had to leave, it was a big shock to us because he was the hyung we depended on a lot until then.”

The question of whether you are hiding something was not difficult to respond to as it was in the expected question prepared in advance.

Anyway, after all, only Kim Woo-bin was robbed, and we were the victims.

All I had to do was be careful not to spit sparks.

However, before the important debut stage, I decided that it was my job to protect the mentality of the members so that they did not have any blemishes.

Poing, who looked at me among the reporters, gave an unusual expression to see if the facial expressions were well managed.

No, why are you so special to me… .

There were a lot of sharp points in the questions that followed, but fortunately, I was able to snatch the microphone first and send it back reasonably well.

Quite a few reporters were pounding hard without taking their hands off their laptops, but Poing confirmed that there was nothing that could cause any major problems.

Thinking that this was the Poing Cheat Effect, I smiled and came down the stage, Himchan patted me on the shoulder and asked.

“Wow, how are you not trembling at all there? I was very afraid of those eyes.”

“Would he be afraid of that? Ande said everything she had to say even in the presence of the CEO.”

The tension seemed to have relaxed a little then, and the members who smiled a little were so special that when we looked at each other, everyone got terrified and avoided their bodies.

“Again! look like that! That’s exactly what it is Grandma’s expression looking at a fully grown chicken!”

“What is it?”

When Himchan shouted a strange noise, Kyunghwan, who was changing into his stage costume, turned his head with a bewildered expression, and I had no choice but to punish Himchan after hearing the answer.

“Why, when you go to that country house, her grandmother raises native chickens to catch her grandchildren when they come. She’s her grandmother and we feel like those native chickens. Ahh! Hey! My clothes are ruined!”

When I was talking nonsense like this, all the tension seemed to have been relieved, and I couldn’t ignore the imaginary mind, so I pressed Him Chan’s shoulder tight and tight.

The appearance of Himchan screaming in pain, his clothes are broken, was not my part-time job.

This is all for you Himchan.

The manager hyung, who smiled and turned away from Himchan’s hand asking for help, informed us of the real beginning.

“Guys, we have to go see real fans now, so let’s prepare.”

The press conference was held at 4 o’clock and the stage in front of the fans started at 6 o’clock, so I had to match the line and check the comments one more time before that, so time was tight.

Finally, the time has come for us to go meet our own fans.

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