For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 30

It’s Okay(1)

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If it was long, it was long, if it was short, it was short.

It felt like we had dedicated our lives to the title song, and after that, we felt deeply relieved to know that there are 24 hours in a day.

It must have been that God had set a day to be 24 hours so as not to die from overwork.

“If there were 48 hours in a day, we would have died sooner.”

“Are you going to wither or die from overwork?”


Looking at the members who are now accustomed to being one body with the floor, I couldn’t help but laugh.

At first, I felt sorry for the children lying on the floor full of uncool fan feelings because it hurts my heart and it seems like they are suffering so much… Now I know how precious time is to lie down on the floor and cool off.

I look like I’m going to die right now

That’s why people don’t seem to be able to know about things they haven’t experienced.

After the title song was decided, when I came to my senses, the choreography came out and I was sweating like tears while learning the choreography. Sometimes when I wake up and see the members in the same room, my hands are waving even in my sleep.

It was heartbreaking to feel sorry for the hardships of the members. Oh, I wonder if that’s the case.

But the next day, when I heard from Youngbin that I was waving her arms while muttering a choreography in my sleep, I almost burst into tears at the fact that I was not in a position to tell anyone else.

And one day, Sebin said that she was begging me to live while I called Gayoung’s name.

While I was worried that I might die like this, Ha-jun’s song and Kyung-hwan’s song were included in the album one by one, and it was discovered that I was studying composition, so I was squeezed together with the two.

I don’t think my blood has dried up like this during the last concert picketing.

More than two months passed quickly.

I have already talked with the agency, so I only attend school classes for a minimum amount of time, and spend the rest of my time preparing for my debut.

It was only now that I realized that if I had had time to think, I might have run away.

If it hadn’t been for Poing’s proper help and warm body temperature at every turning point, the people who were suffering together might have given up if it wasn’t for these people now.

Because my original dream was not to be an idol in the first place.

While filming, recording, and producing the music video, Gayoung and the A&R team robbed him until he became a dried squid, and at the dorm, he was busy mediating among the sensitive members… .

“But we did. finally.”

Youngbin rubbed the nape of her neck, looked at Hajun and us and smiled.

The music video teaser for the title song, which the company has been promoting hard, is finally released today.

I laughed when I saw the faces of the younger brothers who looked at the older brothers with mixed eyes of expectation and concern.

When you look at them like this, they look like real babies.

“But there is.”

“What is there?”

“Ah, this hyung is like this again.”

“Chan, why?”

It was Kyunghwan who was exceptionally sharp, probably because of the burden of putting songs on the album. I was worried because I couldn’t see his characteristic playfulness, but now the sharpness has disappeared even in the uttered words.

When I think of the fact that I had to press down on that temper hair and remove the jeans to soothe my grown-up… Ugh.

He was Kyunghwan who always kept his place well even during hard practice, and was heavy but playful. It was the first time he had looked so small and weak.

It makes me sad to think that he was under the pressure of that much.

“It’s usually divided by age, so it’s like the hyung line and the younger brother line. Then Hajun hyung, Youngbin hyung, and Kyunghwan hyung should be the hyung lines, but I don’t think we are.”

“Yes? What do you mean?”

As the members looked at Himchan with bewildered expressions, Himchan smiled and pointed at me.

“Don’t you think Kyunghwan hyung should go to our younger brother’s line and Jihwan should go to the hyung’s line? He’s totally old.”

“Wow, are you going to repay the favor like this?”

Applying the guilt, he attacked Himchan’s side, and he squeezed out the rest of his strength and lay down.

“Oh, that’s right! Who knows what you’re doing and guessing you’re in high school!”

“That’s a little acceptable.”

“It seems that Jihwan’s pounding on the waist shows a little bit of his age.”

“Hey, how much have I been chasing after you guys for a while!”

Oh, I think I changed my tone because I grumbled with Poing all the time.

When I looked at the members with eyes full of resentment, everyone avoided my gaze.

There was really no one in the world to trust.

I was sobbing because I wanted to eat the food I made for you, so I ate anything that could make me sleep for an hour more. So I got up and ate, picked up what I couldn’t control and threw the bed!

“Stop it. Still, it’s true that Jihwan took good care of you.”

Ha-joon, who suddenly had a compassionate expression like a high priest who had attained enlightenment, stopped us, and hearing it, we cling to the floor again.

These frivolous and nutritious conversations have become a part of our daily lives.

In the past, that is, how did the members spend their lives in the dormitory? I had a lot of conversations with the cotton balls on the subject, and they were no different from boys at this age.

We want to play games, we want to eat chicken, we joke around and laugh at each other saying we are funny.

Since everyone knows that these times are our only way to unwind, we didn’t really stop them.

Even now, as long as the words are cut off, I can hear the sound of swallowing and see the eyes loosening.

It was the moment when the music video for the title music video of Unravel’s debut album appeared for the first time in the world in 30 minutes.

“Are you okay?”

Sebin asked the brothers who had lost their mind. The slight uneasiness in that voice was of a nature that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Of course. As we saw it, it was dope. We did well.”

So I laughed and exclaimed curiously.

Because that’s my role to focus on.

* * *

At the same time, a community bulletin board was buzzing about the upcoming MV teaser.

– thump thump thump

– Don’t put sound effects on the viewer, I’m really nervous hahahaha

– Everything that was small is now grown and debuting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– Our kids are too big to be small… . haha

It was not the level of firepower that would pass every time the bulletin board page was refreshed like some well-known groups, but it was purely because of the music video teaser that fans were writing this today, not the day of the airing.

Due to Woobin’s expulsion, rumors and several cards circulated.

And at the time when the fans’ suspicions were amplified to the highest point, the company released an official position that had been delayed.

It was an announcement that the contract was abruptly terminated due to a violation of the contract, and that he refrained from making speculative comments because he was concerned that the remaining members would also be harmed.

The scheduled final member vote disappeared and the center seat vote for the debut album was held, but it was not without complaints for a while.

Woobin’s fans constantly protested against the company and raised suspicions on various bulletin boards and social communities.

Nevertheless, the company did not announce a different position, and Kim Woo-bin, the party involved, did not announce any statement, so the case was buried as it was.

There was also an opinion that he had an accident so big that he could not disclose it because even the person concerned did not mention it.

After that, the traces of Kim Woo-bin in idol creation quickly disappeared. Fortunately, however, he was receiving more love than before because of the chemistry the members showed and the episodes that occurred in between.

– Weren’t the kids at the beach last time? Is it a concept photo shoot or a music video?

– What do you think of the MV teaser for ON Enter? Is it the big picture?

– Oh, 10 minutes left!!!!

– It’s your first album, let’s do well, Gyun-jing Jeong….

Some guessed the concept or the content of the music video based on the broadcasts in the past, and another called out CEO Park Jung-gyun and clenched his teeth to say good-bye.

Amidst the announcement of the team name and various reactions, there was a heated discussion about the level of naming of CEO Park Jung-gyun, pointing out the status of the names that were revealed through filming.

As for what the name of the idol group meant, the main opinion was that it was not acceptable in the human world, not human sense.

In the meantime, some praised the members who defended the name Unravel, and there were a few opinions that the other names mentioned were disappointing.

Just as all the members of Unravel exchanged silly jokes to relieve tension, the fans who were watching them all the time and finally making their debut were gathering together in the community with like-minded people and talking about small things.

And the moment the clock finally points to midnight, a short video was uploaded to Unrable’s official site and SNS.

A white sandy beach that is not bright enough to dazzle your eyes.

The members of Unravel, who wore cool clothes, ran over them, boasting their refreshing taste to their heart’s content, and smiling, looked excited by anyone.

The entire screen shone with a brilliant color of natural light, and the scene suddenly changed to near a campfire where the members were smiling brightly.

It was a happy and warm scene where they chattered, laughed, and hit the floor, but people who watched the video had to feel an unknown insecurity the whole time.

It was because of the heavy melody in the background.

And as the screen moved further and further away from the children, the final scene ended up being a small bonfire lit up alone in the pitch black darkness.

The word that came to mind was ‘I’m OK’.

Fans who saw the video began to check the bulletin board and SNS like Deukdal.

Find people with whom you can share how you feel.

– Are you guys watching this? Why did I get goosebumps watching this…?

– What, why are the cute little kids running around and it’s scary?

– How ominous the last angle is ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Some people said it was like a scene from a horror movie, and others said that ON Enter had a plan and spent some money because the visuals were good.

– by the way… So, what kind of song is the title track?

– Isn’t the melody in the background too heavy? is that the title??

– Oh, then I guess I’m screwed…

In the midst of divergent opinions, the public relations team members who checked this reaction could not hide the raised corners of their mouths.

After all, idol creation itself was not a well-known program.

However, idol fandoms exchange numerous rumors with each other whether they like it or not, so if they stimulated curiosity, at least the primary purpose was achieved.

Of course, it wasn’t that there weren’t people who covered it and opened it, but they were all people with a mentality that could see the right lines with cloudy eyes.

“Take care of all the bad things. I have to bring it to the legal team later.”

ON Enter has always been merciless in the war against malicious commenters.

The CEO’s theory was that it would be much more beneficial for the company to spend that money, time, and sincerity on the fans than to show mercy to them.

“What are the kids doing?”

“If we were there, they would notice more, so I just slept well tonight.”

Team leader Sohyeon, who was watching the reactions of netizens together with the head of the PR team, responded with a calm voice. The look of manager Jung Woo-jin, who had completely spread next to him, felt sad, but it was only for a moment.

“I hope it goes well.”

“It will be fine. Our kids will be fine.”

Team leader Sohyeon, who was usually very good at managing facial expressions, could not pretend to be okay for this moment. But strangely, he wasn’t as worried as he thought he would be.

Simply, he had nothing to say right now other than that he believed in the members.

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