For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 29

Don’t Forget(4)

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Because me and the members had to get used to the camera, I was additionally learning how to handle gazes and things to be careful about through the seniors of the agency and other teachers.

Also, spring break was over soon and I had to go to school.

Why is there an endless amount of things to learn and more and more things to do… .

I was so tired that I barely had a shower, and the thought of taking a log revolved around me.

However, because of their different bodies and minds, they were already glued to the living room floor like the other members.

“No, why do you keep leaving the room and doing everything here?”

Ha-jun, who came out of the shower first, sighed deeply as he saw Young-bin lying on his leg and Himchan lying on his stomach.

“Guys, go in and rest… .”

“Wait a minute… .”

“It’s very comfortable right now.”

“Okay, let’s go out after a while.”

“You bastards, please listen to me!”

No matter what the leader said, we were still on the spot, but the news of the title song made us all stand up.

Finally the title song!

The case was like this.

Gayoung, who had fun playing with us that day, went back and continued to read the concept setting material that she had handed over through her team leader, and suddenly the song came out.

A song is just like that, right? It was possible to come out like that… ?

I was dizzy, wondering if this was the difference between a criminal and a genius.

When we heard about it, we all jumped up and ran around together, asking if this was real.

‘The title song has been created.’

The magic of turning the green onion kimchi-like children resting in the kimchi cans into vivid kimchi with just one phone call from the team leader.

“Wow, that sounds crazy.”

“Does that make sense?”

“It’s not that hyung, what song is just popping out?”

He said he wanted to hear the members call because he only got a guide, and the call ended with the news that Gayoung would come to the office tomorrow.

“The real Gayoung hyung must be a genius!”

The excited Himchan grabbed Youngbin and shook it, and our poor Youngbin was shaking helplessly.

Those members were so cute and fed up with them, then they turned their head to see the emotions of the moment that happened to pass by Hajun’s face.

Is it disappointment, worry, or relief?

It was the kind of thing that I couldn’t figure out what it was, but I didn’t use the skill hastily to pretend I didn’t know.

I was about to compromise with myself so as not to read the members’ inner thoughts.

It was because I was reluctant to lose that color because of the pure curiosity of my heart, who had purely supported and longed for Unravel.

“Aww, I’m so out of my mind. I’ll take a log and come back.”

He said he was looking forward to what the title song would be like, and, avoiding Kyunghwan and Himchan, who were rolling on the living room floor and expressing joy with their whole body, moved to the room as if performing acrobatics.

Thinking of this small, transparent screen, which I had become quite familiar with for a short time, and the countless people beyond it, I stared blankly at the camera lens for a moment.

“Um, today is just… What emotions have I been feeling lately? I want to talk about those things.”

Many times, I was trying to choose a word, so my lips were moist and I was fiddling with my hair for nothing.

I put my hand on his lap, and while hesitating, I worked hard to choose what to say.

“You and I are still looking at each other through the lens of this little camera, right? I was originally a person who was there where you are. The physical distance is so far and far away, but it seems strangely close. Am I saying something weird?”

A deception towards myself with a bit of truth and a secret I can’t tell anyone.

Perhaps, the fact that I, who is unable to find a way between me and the former idol trainee, is saying these words itself is a deception towards the pure fans who look at us.

“I want to meet you soon. We also want to show what we are preparing. We feel so close without seeing each other, but I wonder what it would be like to meet.”

Is it okay for the current Gong Ji-hwan to say things like this to those who liked the former Gong Ji-hwan?

“Everyone is working hard to prepare the album, and I’m rolling hard too. Then suddenly last night? I thought it was too hard, but I was blaming myself for thinking like that right away.”

The lips he touched with his hand raised a bitter smile.

“Then, during the day, Youngbin told hyung about this. I can’t remember what I was talking about, but my brother suddenly stroked his hair. And then my brother did. I want you to be on your side too.”

Youngbin would not know how much comfort the words that I loved and the voice that I loved gave me so much comfort.

I was tired of accepting things I hadn’t done in my life at once, but I was told what to do if I had a hard time with this kind of thing that came to life after death, and pushed me to say that I was full.

“Youngbin hyung is not very talkative. Well… . Do you sometimes get poked at the core? That story lingered in my head all day. That’s a bit too much for me… So, it tickled me here.”

She smiled, pressing her heart against her chest.

In fact, I felt like I was tickled not only on her chest, but also on her fingertips and the inside of her throat, so I almost hugged Youngbin.

Although she was shy and quit.

“So I wanted to tell our fans as well. Let’s all be on our side. And we will be on your side.”

I remembered Kyunghwan saying something similar in a reality show before.

It’s a harsh world, and they said it would be too sad if I didn’t support myself.

A gentle, gentle boy, who was like a big dog, smiled softly and said those words, and that was a great comfort for me.

The fact that there are people like me who lived helplessly as much as possible, and there are people who support me even though they are not my blood.

“Ah, I’m not afraid to talk today. right? Since I talk to everyone before going to bed every day, I think you’re comfortable and used to it, haha. Oh, but I think I’ll have some good news soon. can i tell you can’t it? I was scolded by hyung for giving so many spoilers. I’ll ask my manager hyung tomorrow and tell him!”

Not knowing whether or not it was okay to say what the group’s name was, I tilted my head for a while and then closed my mind. Because I don’t want to get angry.

“Okay then, I’ll stop here for today. I can’t really stroke my hair, so… ?”

He pretended to be stroking the camera and smiled.

“There are people who don’t like other people touching their hair, so we only do it with our video. is this ok? Then I’ll go get ready for myself. Hi!”

When I turned off the camera and went out to the living room, I saw a bunch of clumps still occupying the living room floor.

“No, why the hell are you still doing this? .”

“You lie down here. This makes me feel very comfortable.”

I wondered if I would really be at ease with Ha-jun’s resigned expression on his face, but Kyung-hwan, who beckoned him to come quickly, was cute, so he pretended not to win and fell on Him-chan’s stomach.

“Hey! Hey, relax and lie down!”

“Oh, sorry. It was too selfish.”

When I lay down, Himchan squirmed with a strange sound, and Kyunghwan and Sebin laughed when they saw it.

Ha-jun and Young-bin were smiling like the Buddha who put everything down at this immature appearance of us.


I’ve lost all my strength and it’s drooping, but it’s actually more comfortable than I thought, so I even thought that it would be good to sleep like this.

“It turns out that the human body temperature has a stabilizing effect.”

“That’s why the monkeys seem to be sticking together like that every day.”

“Aren’t we at the level of monkeys?”

“I’m sorry if I stabbed you.”

“Children, let’s sleep in bed… .”

We all had so much to do and learn from day to day, so we had to live at work from dawn until late at night, but as Hajun always emphasized, we went back to sleep and slept.

Ha-jun said to sleep in the dormitory, he must have been sleeping in his own bed, but today, I thought it would be good to fall asleep while just sharing nonsense like this.

“Hey, Baek Kyung-hwan. wake up Hey! Youngbin-ah, please take Sebin to the bed. He sleeps.”

My condolences to my brother Line, who is struggling to raise his younger brothers who don’t listen. haha.

* * *

We gathered in the conference room again and are now getting used to the conference room as much as the practice room.

“Isn’t it a bit scary to get used to the conference room?”

“Uh, little. Well… I don’t think this is it.”

“I think a practice room or studio is better… .”

We stretched out on the table in the conference room and looked sadly at Kyunghwan and Sebin, who were still asleep and couldn’t even open their eyes properly.

These two were the members who always had a hard time pulling them out because they slept so much, but last night we slept late because we were tangled up in the cramped living room and joking around, so it made me sleepy.

“That’s why I slept in bed, you bastards.”

When Ha-jun woke Se-bin, the team leader and Ga-young opened the conference room door and entered.

“Hi guys!”


Unlike the energetically opened door, dark circles on Ga-young’s face descended down to the tip of her chin.

What the hell was this guy doing in between?

Contrary to her lively voice, she trembled at her face that even looked somber.

What, I’m scared of him… .

“We got the sample file first and listened to it among ourselves, but the company decided that this song would suit your title well.”

We pricked our ears when the company said it was almost confirmed.

Kyung-hwan and Se-bin, who had been almost asleep until recently, also came to their senses and listened intently.

“Ah, the lyrics still need a little more time. I just got the line. But I didn’t know if this would fit your voice.”

“That’s why I called you right away last night. First of all, I think I need to see a rough feeling with humming. Now, guys, let’s go.”


And we, who did not know Gayoung’s tendencies, could not get out of the studio for a long time after that.

It was very impressive to hear the members’ voices several times and check the instruments that fit them while writing lyrics on the spot.

“I don’t think this would be bad enough?”

“OMG… .”

“It’s very good, but isn’t this bad enough?”

“If I touch it any more, I feel like I’m going to die right now.”

After hearing the title song, the team leaders and managers of each team took the files with satisfaction, and I had a foreboding that my life would be shortened if I got close to this person.

I’m scared, good-natured and cheerful hyung, where did you go… .

Still, my hard work to receive Gayoung’s song seemed to be worthwhile, so I spread proudly over the bodies of the other members spread out on the sofa.

“Ji-hwan? How are you now… So, you look like you’re going to be successful.”

These were the words left by the cheerful older brother, who had barely lost the madness from his eyes, looking at my face.

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