For The Flower Road Of My Idol MTL Chapter 27

Don’t Forget(2)

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Even at the time when all the members of Unravel were embarrassed, the team leaders were busy.

The thought of the children’s eyes widening with surprise faces made me laugh out loud.

In many ways, Unravel members were giving Sohyun pleasure.

Of course, they don’t know.

“Captain Sohyun, what’s so fun?”


Sohyeon and Jooyoung, who passed the interview together, were the motives for joining the company.

So-hyeon instinctively knew that Joo-young was the opposite of her, so she didn’t want to get entangled with her, and fortunately, her team didn’t have much to face after training on her basic duties.

However, since both of them were the people who caught the eyes of Director Jeong Yoon from the interview, the company used to put pressure, not pressure, to keep friends with each other.

Then, one day, the company suddenly started a project to create an idol group, and Sohyun was unexpectedly in charge of the team and got to this point.

I took the kids one by one and came to the front of the debut, and when I came to my senses, this was the person I had to bump into the most.

Joo-young was already a bit fussy, so she tried not to get involved, but, as always, the world did not roll as she intended.

Sohyun sighed deeply, remembering her long and long company life, and Jooyoung, who was walking side by side, asked.

“What about the kids?”

“I like it very much. It’s not even an open room and a fuss.”

“I think it would be better if the kids were a little more active… .”

Sohyeon handed out a piece of paper on which the children’s opinions were written to Jooyoung, who was muttering as if she was lost in thought while talking.

“What about the title?”

“It’s not easy. I caught something too difficult. under… Were you too greedy?”

“Our children’s lives are at stake, so please take care of them.”

I know that it is not easy to make bread from the title without a large agency and without a group of idols to attract attention, but… greed arose

“I have to do my best. If you have a song written on by the kids, please email it to them.”

“Yes, I did.”

* * *

“Hello… ?”

“Hello… .”


After a moment of silence, Ha-jun, who barely came to his senses, greeted the people in front of him.

And like a conditional reflex, me and the other members followed Hajun to greet him.

If this is an advantage of injection-type education, is it an advantage? ?

Even if I let my mind go in embarrassment, my body did a good job of greeting me as if I had been trained up until now.

These people who greeted us with lively greetings were the hottest group ‘Dawn’ on the idol version.

It was a group where the members took charge of all the songs from the first album to lyrics, composition, and production.

As a talented group, they were also famous for turning the charts backwards by gaining popularity with the public just by word of mouth without entertainment or other advertisements.

A group that started as a band with friends and grew through a small entertainment company, a so-called jackpot.

A group that suddenly became a military leader when the members suddenly enlisted in the army when they were doing well.

Although the modifiers used to refer to them were unpredictable, the members of ‘Dawn’ were free-spirited enough to not care much about the situation.

The members who did not understand the situation and I hesitated and gathered in one side of the conference room.

“Who knows what this is… ?”

“If you don’t know, who knows.”

“Wow, team leader Sohyun is in control… .”

We put Ha-Jun in front of him, and we whispered a little behind his back.

“I came here because Uncle Jeong Gyun asked me to help out after talking with my friends here in the conference room.”

“Ah… sorry. Even when we have guests, we can’t get our minds off of it.”

Then Ha-jun, noticing how things were going, nodded at them, and we followed that leader again.

Looking at our children who look like jjuguri along with worries about how we will look now, it made me feel a little sad that I felt like I was flying somewhere.

Please, I hope you didn’t make your first impressions on the seniors in the music industry.

In the midst of crazy, the only person we could trust was the leader.

Ha-jun’s back in front of him looked more reliable today. He is also a true leader of this era.

When I was trying to recover my mind while watching Gayoung, the leader of Dawn, calling the CEO like the name of the man next door and smiling, something flashed in my head and a streak of lightning struck.

Huh… ?

The song ‘Dawn’, which was the first song that Unravel previously had topped at a certain broadcasting station, was made by a composer, and that the meaning of Dawn was dawn one after another came to my mind.

no way?

The feeling of the second time in life was violently ringing the alarm.

I need to catch this guy. It is said that Unravel can make a successful debut only if he receives the song from this person.

“Please sit here!”

I, who was sticking my face out from Hajun’s back, quickly came forward and suggested a chair to the members of Dawn who were still standing.

I felt the eyes of our children behind my back, but I decided to ignore it neatly.

Guys, this is all for you.

Our children’s future will be different depending on what kind of song we make and what kind of music video we shoot, but this kind of gaze didn’t matter.

With the conference room table in the middle, we guided the dawn team to the seat opposite us, and seated our children, who were still puzzled, one by one.

“We were not in a good mood, so there were valuable guests, but they didn’t even give us a seat.”

“it’s okay. Wow, he seems to have a very good personality.”

“I was so surprised that I didn’t recognize it right away, but it’s the sunbaenims at dawn, right?”

“Huh? Do we know?”

“I don’t know how. I really like the seniors’ song ‘Gray Tree’.”

In order not to make a mistake, this time, I worked hard to remember the title of a song that existed before this time, and that leader Gayoung’s favorite song.

“During our vocal training, we practiced a lot with the seniors’ songs.”

“That’s right, my teacher praised us a lot for being a well-balanced song.”

“Really? Oh, I’m so ashamed… .”

The members who watched me blankly came to their senses only then, and they started looking at the seniors on the other side as if they had met a celebrity they liked at an interview.

The dawn members, who read the eyes of the members with their beating hearts, such as wonder, longing, and envy, also smiled softly.

Fortunately, Sebin, who was usually shy, also started to reveal her fan spirit by illuminating her eyes.

At first, Ha-jun, who couldn’t figure it out because he was bewildered at first, found his usual pace and was helping Se-bin.

“Thanks to the CEO, we are doing this.”

“Ah, you’re floating too much. Just take it easy, take it easy. He actually invited me to talk with you guys and get along well.”

I didn’t know that the 30 years of life would see the light of life in this kind of place, but it was on my side that was disappointing.

Fortunately, the dawn members were famous for their good personality, and since the members are not shy, I remembered an interview in which they liked people who approached me in a sad way.

If my memory is correct, in the past, Sebin also posted her cover songs with her affection for this group, so she became friends with them.

Because of that, I naturally said, “It’s a song recommended by my child,” he said.

There were songs with emotional lyrics and melodies that evoked loneliness, and there were songs where you could enjoy the dazzling performance of the heart-pounding bass and electrics.

It’s a belief based on pure fandom that our kids are friendly and that the person they like is not a bad person.

Having hardened my mind, I smiled and talked to them first to relieve their sense of distance, and I was a little more nervous, so my fingers on my lap kept creaking.

“I’m really nervous to see the seniors I like.”

“Being a senior, it’s too hard. I call him hyung, not senior. Gayoung hyung, like this.”

“Gayoung hyung… ?”

To be honest, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel anxious.

In the entertainment world, there were also people who had completely different personalities from their publicly known image. I didn’t know if it would be right to put together my fragmentary memories.

Besides, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to call someone younger than my age in my previous life, but I called him by name carefully as he asked.

I still call my members hyung when I call them, but it was a new challenge in my own way, as it was difficult to think like that in my heart.

Did you like the way I tried to be friendly? Gayoung smiled brighter than expected.

And immediately at dawn, the youngest member of the team, Keith, started to bruise.

“saw? That’s what a good little brother looks like. How gentle and kind.”

“Oh, little! It’s embarrassing, so don’t be shy outside, hyung.”

“Are you like this in front of people you meet for the first time?”

“You know that my image is being slaughtered because of you?”

It was not unfamiliar to me for some reason to see the youngest child resentful and scolding the leader and Sebi smiling emptyly and pretending not to know.

For a moment, the images of our members who were looking at the seniors with bright eyes and their usual appearance overlapped and passed through my head, and I was able to quickly agree.

It’s all the same everywhere. haha… .

“We came here to get to know each other, but if there is something that can be helpful to our friends, we share it, and that’s what we came here to do. Probably because we went through it first.”

After that, the quarrel between the leader and the youngest did not end for a long time after that, so Sebi finally decided to ignore them and spoke to us in a soft voice.

“During our indie promotions, we met by chance with CEO Park Jung-gyun and were taken care of many times.”

At the time, CEO Park Jung-gyun, who had no intention of planning an idol group, said that he connected them with a reliable agency he knew, and that he has been close ever since.

“Now, ask me anything. I will tell you to the best of our knowledge.”

Gayoung, who had already shaken off the kiss of the youngest, smiled at us.

But there’s one thing everyone forgot for a while, and that’s… .

“Hey, I’m sorry… .”


“Because we didn’t introduce ourselves… Can I start talking with my kids first?”

“Ah… . We… .”

Ha-jun, who could not hide his red face, asked cautiously with an awkward smile.

‘… !’

We only exchanged greetings, and without even giving a full name, we were giving and receiving compliments to each other.

His face flushed with embarrassment.

It’s like walking down the street and seeing a friend’s back and cheering him on the back. . A similar feeling swelled up.

It was fortunate that this embarrassment was large enough for everyone in the conference room to share.

There are no nonsense like this in the world.

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